tagErotic HorrorThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 11

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 11


Cassie heard Mark's sorrow, but stayed focused on Michelle. She absorbed the details of Michelle's torture, and of the interrogation, as objectively as she was able. She could see the thoughts in Mark's mind turning around- he was rage now. Pure and utter fury. There would be no stopping him when he came out of this hospital; he would rend and tear and hurt. She could feel it already; his mind was ranging outwards, as his heat grew. He was absorbing information at an incredible rate, and she stood there. She would have to be the objective one in this. It would do nothing for Michelle if Mark was killed.

Mark got up, no longer crying. His eyes glittered, first yellow, then green. He seemed to flick through all the colours he thought of: orange, blue, purple. He settled on a deep blood red. Red was fitting. It suited his mood. It suited the destruction he would wreak.

Cassie started, when she heard a snarl.

"There is one Here. How Dare They?" his voice came out as a whisper, yet everyone heard it. The doctor took a step back, and looked uneasy. Mark marched out of the room, with Cassie full on his tail.

He wasn't using his eyes. He saw the walls, the people, as heat and reflections. As he passed, everyone experienced a flush of body heat, as he stole some of their essence without being aware of it.

He stalked through a doorway, and into a patient's room. He looked down, onto the patient in the darkness. This was a long term patient, on life support. Cassie picked up the chart; major brain damage, and limited brain activity. This man was damn near dead.

Mark stopped for a second, able to recognise a quandary when he saw one.

"Cassie, what can you sense from this man?"

She looked at the patient on the table, and saw multiple things. Firstly, she saw his muscles, and how the time lying down had atrophied them. She saw the damage to his mind, but also saw that his brain activity was being actively suppressed.

"Mark..." he started, turning around. It was a whisper, barely anything at all. It sounded like the wind. "Mark..."

Mark looked at the man on the bed, and used his eyes for the first time. He saw the lips move.

"Mark..." the man said, his eyes not open, but his lips moving. Mark moved closer.

Suddenly, the man's body seized up, and gripped Mark's forehead. He felt a current pass through his mind, and he blacked out.

"Mark... You can hear me, I know it."

Mark opened his eyes, and saw that he was in a brilliant white room, sitting in a white chair, across from an individual sitting in an equally white chair, wearing a white robe. The effect of all of this whiteness was sheer sensory overload.

Mark shut his eyes for a second.

"Come on Mark, we both know you're stronger than that."

"Who are you?"

"I am known by many names-" "And we both know that that particular phrase has been used more times in fiction than any other, and that it's a dirty great cliché. Seeing as I like clichés, I'll let you off this once. Now, get to the point." Mark said, with his eyes shut, before opening them and wincing.

"Could you have picked a better- or at least dimmer- spot for this little get together?"

The man burst out laughing. "That's what I always like about you, Grigori. You always knew exactly what to say to screw something up. It's like a talent. I'm the ultimate fallen angel. I'm Lucifer. We're here to talk about you little pet, Michelle."

Mark got serious in a hurry. He controlled himself, holding his emotions inside.

"What is there to talk about? Your pets raped her, and damn near killed her. So I'm going to fuck them until they're dead. Simple. I would have thought that you got that."

Lucifer leaned in. "It is definitely not that simple, Mark. You do not understand what you did, in making Michelle the way you did.

"She is neither a possessed human, or a Grigori, as you and that pretty one are. She is a human with a soul, who is possessed of powers that even I cannot match in the corporeal world. Speaking of possessed, though; she is still quintessentially human, and can still be possessed and damned as a human. She is the turning point, the one who can win the world for me, or can close the doors to the Divine for all of us. No heaven, no hell. Us demons would be shut in our little furnace, humans and their Watchers stuck on Earth, and God and his celestial big band up in his little theatre, still blowing their own trumpets. Now, I ask you, what can I do to convince you not to fuck with me? My girl, Lilith, used a particular sort of... well, I suppose you could say, magic, when she took Michelle, and it planted the seeds of evil in her. No," he said, seeing Mark start forwards, "Not pregnant, but probably much worse for you. She feels all of the sins around her as pleasure. She will grow to enjoy murder, and torture, and pain. She will get off on innocent pain. She will love to feed and feed until she kills, and she will revel in it." He sat back in his chair, satisfied in what he saw in Mark's face.

"She will become better than a succubus for me, in her collection of souls, because she cannot be dismissed, and she is stronger even than you, boy. Hell, she's stronger than me too. Like I said, you've changed things. And now, you're going to have to pay for them.

"Here's my deal. I can remove Michelle's taint, and I can make her as she was before the accident. The tradeoff is that you have to leave my activities on the earth alone. I deal in souls, and come the end of days, the man with the most bodies wins. God has a head start on me, and I need to really start kicking up my activities, which I can't do if you end them. Furthermore, you have to destroy the machine which made Michelle the way she is, so that you cannot create more of like her. One who can destroy the balance is plenty for me."

Mark sat back, stunned out of his rage. "Does that mean that you will ignore us, if we ignore you?"

Lucifer smiled. "No. I reserve the right to try to capture Michelle as often as I want; think of how much I would enjoy it if she made the world mine even without the End of Days? She closed the door between heaven and the rest of the world, and made mine and this one the only realities? No, Mark, I will not agree to leave you and yours alone. You are to valuable a player to be left alive, and Michelle is the key to instant success."

Mark stood up.

"Then fuck you and your deal, Lucifer. I will find another way to heal Michelle, even if it requires my life. I will destroy every last remanent of your cult, and make sure that there is no way for you to get souls from this world."

Lucifer's smile grew wider. "What if I modified the deal? What if, instead of Michelle having the taint, what if you could take it into yourself? With no strings attached? You can continue to hunt us, and we will be less able to stop you. But here's the rub; with every person you kill, I get their soul. You will be the exact same as an incubus, except that you have a choice not to kill. But imagine, having that piece of hell inside of you, twisting your view around? "

Mark sat back down. "Why are you so confident? You are offering me a way out."

"Because Mark, you are likely to live until the end of days anyway. You are far, far more powerful than any servant I have had in the past. And, frankly, I like you. You and your little group make my heart cockles warm. The main reason the Grigori forgot who they were was due to their loss of self worth in their fall. I fell deliberately, because the big man up there thought that I should bow to a meatsack. When they fell, for a much crappier reason than I did- for pussy- they lost most of their divinity, and so they despaired. They were absorbed into the human race, and the two hundred of them lost their minds and their bodies. Then we have you, the most ignorant Grigori I have ever seen, protecting humans like you were supposed to. You are a Joke, Mark. How can I not find you funny?"

Lucifer began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Mark looked stonily at the him, while he thought in overtime. Did he think that he could deal with the taint within himself better than Michelle? Michelle was definitely smarter, but she wasn't quite as- well- moral as he was. The end justified the means for Michelle, and if all potential for good were withdrawn from her she could become a wrecking ball.


He stopped laughing. "Yes Mark?"

"Transfer Michelle's taint to me. Let her live free of your filth."

Lucifer started laughing again, until Mark's ears burnt. His head began to spin, and he felt his body seize up, as he left the white room for his body.

Michelle's eyes widened, and her wounds healed instantly. She could still remember the rape, and how it felt, but the way she had wanted it, wanted it all had left her. She felt free of all of the evil that had spent itself within her, and she could have gotten up and danced.

Cassie caught Mark's body, before it hit the floor, but as soon as he did, she saw his eyes open.

He smiled, but there was a darkness to the blood red of his eyes that wasn't there before.

"Cassie, my dear," Mark whispered, and he raised his hand to her face, caressing her jaw.

"What happened to you Mark? Are you ok? That guy just grabbed your face, and..." She trailed away, as she felt Mark's other hand wrap around her waist. She looked at his face again, and could feel his erection.

She wanted him as much as he wanted her. She drew aside her underwear, and lifted her skirt. She pulled down his zipper, and took him down her throat, wetting his hot shaft in her saliva. He tasted different; not quite so sweet now as he was before, more a salty, guilty sort of a taste, one which made her pussy pulse.

He grabbed her hips, and brought them to his face, covering her lips in kisses and bites. He was far, far rougher than he had ever been in the past, and she felt the pain as keenly as the pleasure. But soon the orgasm she felt overwhelming her senses made for forget the pain, and she screamed out, his cock still deep inside her face. He thrust up into her as she came, his cock forcing Cassie to gag.

She raised her head, and started to say, Mark, what's gotten into you, but she never got the chance. He flipped her over, and fucked his cock into her pussy with one hard deep thrust. She ended up screaming "MARK!!!" as a substitute.

He thrust into her, completely oblivious to anything she could have said. He had her hips in his hands, and raised her off the floor slightly to meet his cock harder. He then tried something he had only just thought of.

He left her body as he pulled back from his thrust, but propelled his cock whole and hard into Cassie's asshole, and he felt her accept his cock completely. This was the advantage of fucking Cassie; as she was not human, her ass was as tight or as easy to enter as he wanted it to be.

She loved it, already having lost herself in the sex. The thrust into her ass hurt a little, but then as he alternated, one thrust into her pussy, the next into her ass, she built far higher than she could have if he was just thrusting away at one of them. His momentum increased, and increased. He was moving so fast that, for Cassie, it seemed that there were two cocks fucking her. Both her ass and her pussy tightened, as she came again.

Mark had the fortune to feel her begin to clench up, and he felt his own orgasm building. He timed it so he would thrust hard into her ass, and he erupted whole and hard into her ass.

It was coming, but it was not as good as it had been before for Mark. It was barely relief. He knew now that he would only truly come if he hurt someone, or took their soul, and not just their energy. He got up from Cassie, and walked away.

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