tagLoving WivesThe Cum Bucket

The Cum Bucket

byTony King©

Pete and Cath had been married for eleven years and were both really content. Pete considered himself lucky, with a nine inch cock he knew he was well above average in that department and Cath was always more than happy to take him on, no worries about her being unfaithful. He was also a heavy shooter and after a good fuck they would marvel at the amount of fresh spunk dribbling from Cath's love hole. Like most couples in their 30's, they made love 3-4 times a week and life was great.

It all started to change after Cath had to undergo a hysterectomy to remove some lumps in her womb. The doctors had warned her that one of the side effects was loosing the ability to lubricate freely and that some women lost their sex drive altogether. They gave her some hormone tablets to stabilize her system but Cathy wasn't taking any chances and unbeknown to anyone she took twice the recommended dose.

Six weeks after the operation and she was feeling randy as hell. As usual, Pete went down on her and was amazed at how much she came, "so much for drying up," he told her. Their sex life was back to normal, if anything Cath was even randier than before. This was great to start with but eventually Pete found difficulty in keeping up with her demands. He discussed the problem with his mates down the pub but the unfeeling bastards suggested that if he wasn't up to it then he should stand aside and let them have a go. Of course they all laughed but no one really knew what Pete was going through.

That night when he got home, Cathy was waiting for him at the front door. She was a beautiful woman, tall at just over 5'9" with long auburn hair hanging over her shoulders. She kept herself in trim by swimming several times a week and by far her best features were two lovely big 36" tits. They were perfectly formed and stood out even without a bra.

She opened the door as Pete approached and stood back. "Bloody hell," he said stepping through into the hallway. Cathy was dressed to kill. As Pete looked her up and down he just couldn't believe that this was his wife. Her hair was pilled high on her head leaving her long slender neck exposed. As he worked his way down he took in her fantastic tits supported by a black under the nipple bra. Her nipples were erect as though she'd been playing with them. A matching suspender belt held up a pair of sheer black stockings, pulled high up her thighs until they were level with her cunt and minute black panties finished the set, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. On her feet she wore a pair of platform shoes with ultra high 6" heels shaping her already exquisite legs even more and making her look seven feet tall.

As he stared into her lovely brown eyes, a wicked grin came over her face. "Well, do like the slut look?" Like it, he was all her in seconds and they ended up making love on the stairs. Exhausted, but happy, Pete heard the familiar plop as his prick exited Cathy's sloppy cunt. She lay back on the stairs with her legs wide open revelling in the freshly fucked feeling she loved so much. "Hey Cath, what have you done with it all?" They both looked at Cathy's cunt, not so much as a trickle. "Must be all those bits they chopped out," she said laughing. "Yeah, I suppose so. Wonder how much you could get up there?" The both laughed and Pete watched lustfully as Cathy's arse waggled up the stairs in front of him. Ten minutes later and she was sucking his fat cock demanding he fuck her again.

This time Pete got on top and took her with long deep strokes. "You know what," he said, casually easing his cock in and out, "What," Cathy said trying to match his strokes. "Well, I was telling the lads down the pub how randy you had become and they suggested I let them have a go, I was just thinking, I bet that would fill you up."

"You bastard," she said, hitting him playfully and laughing, "this is your job mate so don't think your getting out of it that easy." No more was said but the thought of his lovely wife dressed like a slut with her legs spread wide while his mates took there turn fucking her soon had Pete coming again, unfortunately it took Cath by surprise leaving her unsatisfied. "Oh no, Pete, not yet, I'm not ready …….you bastard, you fucking selfish bastard." She was furious and he knew it. He rolled off and offered to finish her off with his mouth or fingers but Cathy wanted cock. For the first time in their lives they argued about sex and Pete drifted off to sleep listening to his wife finger herself to orgasm.

The next night the same thing happened, no sooner was he through the door than she was dressed up demanding to be fucked. Pete was tired from a hard day at work and hadn't eaten since the night before. "C'mon love, at least give me time to get in the door." Cathy was having none of it and was busy undoing his belt trying to get his trousers off. She was dressed as before but this time had left her panties off. Taking Pete's hand she pressed it against her cunt. "You like master?" she said playfully. The feel of her freshly shaven cunt had his cock poking through his flies like a rocket. "Hmm, something likes it," she purred. This time they made it to the bedroom and throwing Pete on his back Cathy straddled his big cock and fucked him like a woman possessed. As she grinded her ever wet cunt hard down on his cock, Pete played with her nipples, pulling them hard and rolling them between finger and thumb. This sent her overboard and she screamed obscenities as her orgasms tore through her. Pete held back until she had cum several times before finally exploding himself.

An hour later as he was eating a sandwich, she was all over him again. "Please Pete, just once more, c'mon Hon, I really need to feel that big cock up me again, pleaseeeeeee." Still dressed like a slut she knelt in front of him and pulled his fly down to reveal his long flaccid cock. "Don't you like to see me all slutty, sucking you lovely big cock, hmmm?" He watched as her ruby red lips closed round his helmet. "Cath, if you don't let me finish eating I won't have the energy for anything."

"C'mom baby, just onc more time, I'm really juicy just thinking about it."

"Cathy," Pete snapped, "I'm not a fucking machine, now for Christ sake give me a break." She stood up, her big tits shaking with anger, "I bet your mates down the pub wouldn't turn me down, they'd know how to treat a lady."

"Is that what you want, huh, to be a real fuck slut, let a load of blokes fuck you senseless, is it?" Holding her arms, Pete was shaking her hard, his anger matching hers. This only caused Cathy to react even more. "Yeah," she said defiantly, "that's exactly what I want, real men, men can fuck for hours, men who appreciated a nice bit of cunt when it's offered to them." Pete was so shocked by his wife's outburst that he ran from the house. Cathy was so shocked by what she had just said that she ran to the bedroom and threw herself onto the bed crying.

Pete walked the few hundred yards to his local and downed a couple of large whisky's. "Fuck me mate, you look all tuckered out," Phil said, one of Pete's drinking mates. "Yeah, it's that fucking bitch of a wife, sex, sex, sex, every five minutes she's demanding sex, I just can't keep up." For the first time Phil and some of Pete's other mates realised that he was serious. They started off with sensible suggestions like taking her to see a doctor, but as the night wore on and the drinks flowed some one suggested giving her a good gang bang, "that'll fucking teach her, making unreasonable demands on my mate." With his head swimming with alcohol and her remarks about being satisfied by real men spinning through his mind Pete suddenly suggested that's exactly what she needed. He announced at the top of his voice that anyone wanting to join in a gang bang should follow him. Suddenly lots men, some he'd never seen before were of storming down the road towards Pete's house.

Cathy had cried herself to sleep on the bed, she was still dressed in her shoes, stockings, suspenders and bra. Her tears had smudged her make up giving her the look of a well used whore. She was woken by the feel of several pairs of hands groping her body, turning her onto her back. "Oh yeah, look at this tarts cunt," she heard some one say, "Fuck me mate, it's as bald as a fucking badger." She struggled to focus her tear filled eyes. "Pete? Pete? What's going on?"

"We're going to give you what you asked for slut," Pete replied from somewhere in the room, "you're going to be gang banged."

"Pete, no, please, Peter, I'm sorry, really, I didn't know what I was doing, it's the pills, Peter, please ………………."

It was already too late. Hands were spreading her legs open while some one inserted two fingers into her juicy hole. Lips clamped themselves on her nipples and began to suck, a mouth closed over hers and a tongue found it's way in. She was struggling against this unwanted invasion but already her body was beginning to respond. She could feel the heat spread from her tits to her cunt and when fingers started to brush against her clit she exploded.

The bed sagged with the weight of some one climbing between her legs, the lips on her tits turned to teeth and as the first prick of the night penetrated her hungry cunt she screamed out in pure pleasure. "Yessss, on my God, yessss." The unknown man fucked her for all he was worth bringing her over the top several times. Another prick was offered to her mouth, she gratefully took it in, using her tongue to caress the glands. The prick in her cunt exploded, filling her with hot spunk before pulling out. She heard Pete's voice. "Hang on, let me look, see, told yeah, not a sign, lets see just how much this fuck slut can take." With that, another unknown man climbed between her legs and started to fuck her. Cathy was in heaven and the feelings running through her body were unreal. She could still feel the teeth grating on her nipples and the prick between her thighs pounded away. The one in her mouth was growing by the second and she swallowed eagerly as it started to shoot stream after stream of warm sticky cum. She could hear her husband talking to her but was too far gone to answer. "Well slut, is this what you wanted, real men with real cocks fucking your whores cunt till it's full, huh, c'mon slut, tell me."

The men took turns fucking her mouth and cunt and her tits were continuously mauled as they helped themselves. After each fuck, Pete would inspect her cunt, looking at the spunk that by now was gushing from it, running down her thighs and onto her stockings. Even though Pete was ready to call it a night Cathy showed no signs of slowing down as the men relentlessly fucked her, her orgasms just seemed to keep coming and coming. When eventually, the last man left, Pete was rapidly sobering up. He looked down at the mess on the bed he called a wife. She had spunk all over her, in her hair, round her mouth, all down her chin and over her tits. Rivers of the stuff was running from her cunt down her thighs onto her stocking and leaving a puddle on the bed cover. Her cunt looked red and puffy and her tits were bruised from all the rough handling. He'd no idea just how many men had fucked her even though he'd stood by the bed and watched each one. He suddenly realised that his own cock was still rock and probably the only one in room that hadn't seen any action. In a final bout of spite, he turned Cathy over and using the spunk running from her cunt, lubricated her arse.

She'd never allowed him access to her arse before, but now, in his mind, the bitch was going to pay. Holding her cheeks apart with his thumbs, he forced the massive head of his cock past her ring piece. Cathy screamed as he forced the first few inches into her and tried to crawl away. "Come here bitch, I'll show you what a real man can do." Smothering his cock with the other men's spunk, he continued to inch into Cathy until all nine inches were buried to the hilt. Cathy had stopped crying and Pete noticed that after a few strokes, she was pushing back against him. Holding her hips with both hands he set to work, pistoning his large cock into her arse while calling her a cum slut and other degrading remarks. Cathy was grunting and pushing her arse back against him, screaming for him to fuck her harder, faster. Eventually Pete exploded into his wife's arse, shooting what seemed like gallons of spunk deep into her. Leaving his prick where it was he collapsed on top of her and feel into a drunken sleep.

Pete awoke the next morning to find Cathy asleep beside him in the spoons position. She was covered in dried spunk and bruises and it was several minutes before his muddled brain could comprehend what had happened to his lovely wife. As the memories of the night before came flooding back he felt a mixture of guilt and shame, but at the same time, as he thought of all those men fucking her lovely body, he became painfully erect. His cock was pushing into Cathy's back and she slowly came round. Her hand felt behind her and grabbed his swollen member. "Pete, is that you Pete?" she asked, too afraid to look round. "Yeah, it's me Cath. Look, about last night," Pete began to say, "Shush, it was my fault Hon, I shouldn't have said those things, look, lets not talk about it OK, why don't you just shove that lovely big cock of yours up my arse and fuck me like you did last night."

While Cathy took the tablets, their sex life was never going to be the same again.

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