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The Curse


The Curse

Note: A story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the need for safe sex due to epidemic of STDs.


I stopped by a local men's clothing store to get a new outfit for an upcoming annual charity event in town. The shop was known for its quality men's apparel and its ability to personally fit the customer. I always needed my slacks and jackets fitted because I seemed to be in between full sizes.

When I walked in I was greeted by a tall, attractive, mature woman who smiled and greeted me with a cheery, "Good afternoon, I'm Judy. How may I help you today?"

I had seen her several times before but I was usually assisted by other sales people, mostly men. She was a very attractive, married woman maybe in her mid forties, always impeccably dressed. Her short black hair was lightly sprinkled with gray; she was about 5' 7" with 125 pounds molded into a very shapely figure.

Judy asked what the occasion was and after I told her about the charity event I would be attending, she immediately said, "Oh, I will be attending that also. You will want something dress casual."

She gently lifted my arms and wrapped her arms around me with a measuring tape in her hands. She adjusted it to the right place and in doing so her breasts brushed lightly against my chest. I immediately wondered if her nipples had hardened when she brushed against me; were her nipples large brown or small pink ones? I had to force the thoughts out of my mind before I got a raging hard-on.

She announced, "I think a 38 regular should be close with a few adjustments."

I agreed then let her take charge and pick out a pair of slacks and a light linen sports jacket suitable for the event; I was very pleased with her suggestions and we proceeded to one of the fitting rooms. As I stood in front of three mirrors, Judy helped me into the jacket then quickly marked the jacket with caulk where alterations would be needed.

Once the jacket was fitted and marked Judy took it to the tailor while I changed into the new slacks. When she returned she pulled up a very short stool to sit on and began fitting the slacks. She had me to turn around as her hands moved over my ass and around my waist checking the fit and marking areas to adjust; once she was satisfied she began fitting the length. To reach the hem she had to bend lower on the stool which caused her legs to open slightly showing me a nice view of her stocking encased legs.

She asked, "Do you dress to the right or left?" referring to the side on which my "equipment" hung.

I got a quick rush telling this beautiful woman about my equipment and replied, "To the right."

Her hands immediately went to the inside of my right leg and began gathering the material around the bulge of my equipment to make sure there was enough room. The more her hands moved the material to give me more room the more my "equipment" seemed to need more room. Of course that required her hands to gather more material to ensure I would have enough room for growth; it was a real catch-22 situation. With the view of her open legs, her face and hands moving around so close to my "equipment", I just knew I was going to get a noticeable erection before she completed her fitting.

During the fitting we conversed on a number of related topics concerning the charity event. She asked about my date and what she would be wearing I told her I did not have a date that I was going there specifically to meet someone new.

She replied without looking up, "Well I'm sure there will be plenty of girls there to catch your eye."

I responded, "I'm not really interested in the girls."

I paused as she looked up, her jaw almost dropped before I added, "I prefer women and I know there will be lots of them there both widowed and married."

Her eyes widened as she asked, "You go out with married woman?"

"Absolutely, I have learned that middle aged, married men in Florida are out chasing the young girls and leaving their wives home alone; I love beautiful, mature women and hate to see them neglected."

"Well being a mature woman married to a middle aged man in Florida I would say that what you have learned is very true. My husband is constantly eyeing the young, scantily clad girls." She replied rather agitated.

She looked up from her stool and smiled as I moved my foot between her feet. She did not break eye contact when I pressed my leg against her knee opening her legs and exposing her panties for several seconds.

Her face flushed she quickly stood up saying, "I'm afraid that will do you no good."

What she did not know however was that I knew something very personal about her.

"Is that because you are having your period?" I asked.

"What? How do you know that? Was I showing a leak?" she stammered with surprise.

I gave a slight smile, "I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I can often smell when a woman is having her period. I should also tell you that I do not shy away from a woman because of her period; I even find it exciting. Besides, there's more than one way to skin a cat."

Judy replied, "It's called a "curse" for a reason but for me it isn't just because of my period, it's because I get so damn horny and my husband won't get near me, that's the curse."

I placed my hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eyes and told her, "I would like to be near you. I would love to inhale your aroma and taste your sweet nectar. Would you like to meet me after work this evening?"

We agreed to meet at the Sand Dollar Motel just off the causeway when she got off work at five o'clock. I paid for my clothes and arranged to pick them up when the alterations were complete then left the store.

On the way to the motel I stopped by my favorite Italian restaurant and ordered lasagna and salads for two then stopped and bought wine. I only had an hour before Judy would arrive unless she got a bad case of guilt and changed her mind.

Ever since my active duty army days I had learned to carry a grab bag in the trunk of my car. The term came from always having a bag packed and ready to grab if you needed to report for duty quickly. I had adjusted the contents to serve civilian requirements for unexpected events like meeting Judy at a motel or performing first aid.

In addition to a change of clothes, shaving kit, tooth brushes and the like, I also had a small supply of rubbers (you now call them condoms), both dry and lubed, a few tampons, sanitary napkins, and disposable diapers, all of which could be used for the obvious or for stopping the bleeding of a first aid victim. I also had a small rubber sheet from a baby's bed which could be used to protect bed clothing or treat a sucking chest wound.

When I arrived at the motel I parked my car in front of the room and opened the curtains so she would know which room I was in. I had just enough time to shower and put on a fresh pair of boxers before she arrived. I had the small table set for two with wine ready to drink.

I waved to her from the large window as she pulled up. She quickly looked around for other people then began unbuttoning her blouse as she exited her car. When I opened the door for her, the blouse was completely open and she rushed into my arms.

"We have to skip dinner for now? I want to feel my nipples in your warm, wet mouth."

It took a moment to move out of the door way enough to close it. Judy pressed her pelvis against my leg as I undid the clasps of her bra and slid it down her arms but we were to close together to move it out of the way. I pulled her close to the table so I could sit down where my face would be level to her tits. I engulfed them with my mouth one at a time before pushing them together with my hands so I could take both nipples into my mouth at the same time.

Judy wrapped her arms around my neck as my hands and lips assaulted her tits. She began gasping for breath and moaning loudly. I pushed her to the bed and moved her hands to her tits so I could free up one of mine without giving up the delightful treat of sucking her tits. My free hand opened the zipper of her skirt and clawed at the material to move it over her round hips and ass.

Once on the bed my free hand went into the waist of her full cut, panties. I moved over her garter belt, under the clasp of the straps holding her pad in place, and over the thick patch of pubic hair. Her aroma was strong but very exciting as my middle finger found the top of her slit and the long sheath holding her clit. I pressed my other fingers against the sides of her vulva, burying my middle finger and her clit between them; I began to move my hand in small vibrating motions.

Judy tried to climb my arm; her ass was completely off the bed. Grunts emanated from her mouth as she gasped for breath. The muscles in her legs and torso quivered violently from an intense orgasm. Once she came down she pulled my hand from her panties and sighed. I smiled at her then took my fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean.

"Wow that was wonderful! Now I'm hungry." She said.

When we moved to the table she noticed my erect cock, "Do I need to take care of that before dinner?" She asked with a coy smile.

I chuckled, "Naw it will be just fine until after dinner; besides we have to decide what to do with it."

With a devilish smile she asked, "You mean more ways to skin a cat?"

During dinner I had time to admire her pretty breasts; they were shaped a little like a ski jump with a slight downward slope that turned up at her rose pink nipples. During dinner the conversation was all very sexual. She told me about two other sexual encounters she had had during her twenty four years of marriage. We also talked about whether she had enough lubrication during her period to have intercourse.

"That's why I wear pads instead of tampons; tampons absorb everything and leave me very dry. I have never had intercourse during my period but I'm sure I could." She smiled a sexy smile, "That is if you are up to dealing with such a bloody mess."

"I assure you that I do not mind at all and I'm very prepared to handle the mess."

"Were you serious about wanting to taste me?" She asked.

"Very serious, I will lick you from your ass to your clit. Have you never tasted your own juices during your period?"

She blushed, "Yes, a few times. Tell me about other ways of skinning a cat. I might be interested in those too."

I chuckled, "Well we could use your back door. Have you ever had anal sex?"

"No, but I love learning new things."

We cleaned off the table and stood close to the bed in a warm, soft embrace. I press her soft naked tits against my chest then ran my hands into the back of her panties; I gently cupped the cheeks of her sweet ass in my hands and squeezed them. My fingers moved under the back end of her pad and pushed against her puckered ass; she wiggled her ass against my invasion.

"I really should freshen up and change my pad."

I moved behind her and lowered her panties over her hips and ass then down her long shapely legs. When my face was close to her ass I could smell the strong aroma of the stale blood in her pad. I kissed the cheeks of her sweet ass then stood up to unfasten the end of the pad from the clasp of the straps which held it in place. Once the back was loose I moved my hands around her tummy to the front clasp and did the same.

Judy held the pad in place with her hand as we moved into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet as I removed the dark blood soaked pad from between her legs. While she peed I folded the pad and wrapped it in toilet paper and tossed it into the trash can. Once she finished peeing she flushed the toilet then opened her legs. I took a bar of soap from the lavatory and gently washed the stale, clouted blood from her thick, dark patch of pubic hair.

"My goodness, this isn't the first time you have done this is it?"

I smiled and handed her a new pad as several fresh drops of bright red blood dropped into the toilet water and dissipated to a light pink color before completely disappearing. After I dried her off she pressed the new pad between her legs and moved back to the bed. I opened a disposal diaper and spread it on the bed on top of the small rubber sheet.

I moved between Judy's legs and opened the large brownish edges of her pink labia in time to watch a bright red rivulet of blood move through the pink opening of her pussy to the edge then fall down across the narrow bridge to the closed petals of her puckered ass. My tongue quickly lapped up the droplet before it fell onto the diaper.

I went to work licking through the warm, juicy slit as I told her I would do. I built a damn to help me keep up with the warm, sweet nectar by slipping a finger into her ass. By the time I began serious work on her clit the blood was acting as a lubricant as my finger worked in and out of her ass.

Judy was well on the way to an orgasm with my lips sucking her clit as my tongue danced around it and my finger fucking her ass. She bucked wildly against my face grunting and moaning as she got closer and closer to releasing her sexual frustration caused by her monthly curse. I was in heaven enjoying the strong aroma and taste of a beautiful woman.

The diaper under her sweet ass had collected plenty of the bright red liquid that had spilled out and had been absorbed during our trying another "way to skin a cat". It continued to do its job as we rested for several minutes.

Judy reached over and took my still hard cock in her hand, "I'm ready to give this a try if you are."

I moved between her legs and let her move the shinny, purple head of my cock up and down her pink slit before settling at her opening. She moved her hips up to align my shaft with her cunt then pulled me deep inside her warm, wet cavern.

"Is that comfortable?" I asked wanting to be sure she wasn't one of those women who found sex very uncomfortable during their period.

She wiggled her hips more and pulled me closer, "Mmmm, yes very."

I began slowly moving in and out of the beautiful lips surrounded by a thick, dark patch of pubic hair. After just a few strokes I began to see small patches of bright blood on the shaft of my cock as I pulled out. I pulled out more to see the grove around my glans (head) covered. "I want to see it." Judy said.

I moved one leg above her hip when I pulled out completely so I could move close for her to get a good look. She looked it over carefully then kissed its head: As I moved back to her warm cunt I rubbed some of the blood over her nipples. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Once I was back in the saddle I leaned forward and licked each nipple while I began thrusting faster in and out of her wonderfully messy cunt. There was not the usual squishy sound of a juicy, fully excited cunt but rather a sloshy sound of too much liquid being contained.

Judy's hands dug into my back and ass cheeks to hold on tighter. As earlier her moans became grunts, animalistic sounds of a woman on a journey of pleasure. Her head shook from side to side, her hips bucked wildly against me in unison with my thrusts. As I began to shoot spurts of hot semen into her already messy cavern she let out a primal scream then collapsed on the bed gasping for breath.

I sat back on my heels and withdrew my shrinking, once proud shaft, covered with blood and semen.

"Oh my gosh! That poor thing looks like it has been in a fight with a wild cat. Move up here so I can reward it for being so brave."

I straddled her chest and she willingly rewarded my brave member with her mouth and swirling tongue until it was clean and swelling again in case there was a need for it to get back into the fight.

The disposable diaper was completely covered with blood as were both of our thighs and the cheeks of Judy's ass. I got her to hold the bloody diaper between her legs so we could move to the bathroom without dropping blood across the floor. While Judy wrapped her head in a towel to keep her hair dry and at the same time holding the bloody diaper between her legs I adjusted the water in the shower.

She stepped into the warm water and I tossed the bloody diaper into the trash can. Once under the warm water dried blood began to melt away from our bodies; fresh drops fell into the water below and quickly made their way to the drain. We kissed and ran our hands over each other without concern for what was happening in the depths of Judy's reproductive system. My reproductive system however went into full operation and bounced against the soft belly of the beautiful nude woman sharing the shower with me. We ran our soapy hands over each other's genitals and played between the round orbs hiding secret orifices intended for the elimination of human waste. Soapy, slick fingers probed the tight openings and brought pleasure to the one who received it.

Judy leaned forward and placed her hands against the wall of the shower and opened her legs; looking over her shoulder she said, "I'm ready to try another way of skinning the ah ... pussy...ah cat."

I moved close behind her and soaped my cock to give it enough lubrication then pushed the head against the tight opening. The soapy, engorged, purple head flattened against the tightly puckered opening before popping inside. Judy let out a yelp and arched her back to give a straighter alignment. I gave her a moment to relax then moved deeper into her bowels.

A few minutes more and we were moving together in a rhythm. Judy moved her hand to her clit and matched the movement of being fucked in the ass while masturbating her clit. Bright red blood continued to drop into the water between our feet and quickly dissipate on its journey to the shower drain.

Judy looked back, "I could learn to like this very easily."

I replied, "I could learn to like your learning to like it too."

We both chuckled.

There wouldn't be another earth shattering orgasm but Judy did enjoy her first ass fuck. We stayed in the shower and played until our skin begin to wrinkle then we got out. I dried Judy off as she held a fresh pad between her legs then we moved back to the bed.

After a glass of wine I spread out a new diaper on the rubber sheet then lay on my back so Judy could be on top. She hopped into the saddle and rode me like a cowgirl riding a bronc. Her bright red blood covered my cock and ran down my balls before dropping onto the diaper under me.

Judy placed her hands beside my head and leaned over to give me access to her lovely, sweet tits. My mouth and hands again assaulted them with hungry abandonment as she threw her hips back and forth trapping my cock in her wet, sloppy hole. She quickly let go grunts and moans in unison with her fast moving hips. I couldn't see the mess we were creating until after it was over. She fell on my chest heaving to regain her breathing for several minutes.

When we began to move we saw the mess we created and it was quite a mess too. The diaper underneath me was completely soaked and the blood had spilled over onto the rubber baby crib sheet I had put under it. I was covered from hip to hip in addition to my genitals and thighs. Judy was not quite as bad but was covered from her pubic mound, to the cheeks of her ass, and inside her thighs.

"Wow, if this doesn't run you away screaming I don't know what will." Judy told me.

I chuckled, "Don't you worry about me running away. I'll get ready for next month just in case you need help getting through your curse then too. Of course it would be nice to enjoy you without the blood too."

"You can count on it." She said with a kiss.

It was back to the shower to clean up but before we got in Judy sat on the toilet to pee and provide a warm mouth for my still erect cock. I could see the blood drops fall into the water below as her fingers and mouth worked on my cock and balls.

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