The Curse of Arnford Manor


It grabbed him by the throat and lifted him right off the ground. Nina and Demi had no choice but to assault it with all the magic they could muster. But this time, the monster barely flinched at their attacks. It wouldn't let them distract it from crushing the warrior's windpipe between its fingers.


An ear-splitting bang shook the entire building as The Goddess sent a spear of blessed lightning through the factory's roof, and into the vicious entity. It had taken Levinia over a minute of intense concentration to call forth such power, but the investment had paid off.

The creature's fingers slipped away from Swift Coyote's throat as its lifeless body collapsed on to the floor. Levinia's magic had burnt a 3-inch-wide hole through the creature, all the way from its upper back to its belly. Swift Coyote bowed his head and rested his weight against a nearby pillar as he caught his breath. Air in his lungs had never felt so good. He looked up just in time to see Levinia collapsing into Nerine's arms.

"Is she okay?" he croaked with concern.

"It was a very powerful spell, a very draining one to cast" Demi answered calmly. "She needs to rest for a while, but she'll be fine."

"What about you?" Nina inquired, staring at the blood pouring from the gashes on Swift Coyote's arm.

The warrior covered the wound with his other hand to stem the blood loss and winced. "I'll live," he replied in a deadpan tone. Despite his encouraging response, Nina was still upset by his pain.

As Nerine and Demi tended to their sister, who was conscious but weak, Nina and Swift Coyote carefully approached the monster's corpse. For the first time, they were able to carefully examine it.

The creature was basically humanoid in shape; it had two arms and two legs. A four-foot long tail grew from just above its butt, with a pointed tip that had two rows of barbs. Almost all of its body was covered in smooth, jet-black skin. From its fingertips and toes grew claws that were even darker. Anchored to the back of its shoulders were two pairs of wasp-like wings, one small, one large. The larger wings had an eight-foot span. Both pairs seemed to be made of many segments of tough, dark red crystal, separated by a network of purple blood vessels.

The beast's head was almost human, except for its unusually large eyes and mouth. Its blood-red eyes had no irises or pupils. The mouth, frozen for eternity in silent scream by Levinia's lightning bolt, was filled with silver, inch-long teeth, all of which were canines. At first glance, it appeared that the beast had long, dark hair. But on closer inspection, the 'hair' was actually long sheets of skin, growing in rows from the monster's head.

Whatever species the creature was, it was almost certainly female. Upon its chest were two round breasts, comparable to a fine-figured woman. However these breasts looked disturbingly firm, as if they were made of muscle or cartilage instead of supple fat. The small areolae and sharp nipples were shiny and multi-faceted, as if they were made of polished black glass. But the most obvious clue to the monster's gender was just below its curvaceous ass: a closed labia that was almost human-like, except for the fact it was bright red - a stark contrast to the rest of its body.

"This was no evil spirit," Swift Coyote said as he pondered the bizarre physiology.

"No," Nerine agreed, without taking her eyes off Levinia, "It's a manifestation: Ethereal corruption that has been concentrated into a physical form. They're things that aren't meant to exist and almost never do."

She turned to face Swift Coyote and was immediately concerned by the injuries to his arm. "We need to tend to that before it becomes infected," Nerine said in a no-nonsense tone. "Come."


The "Cozy Bunk" Lodge, Applebury, NC

July 13th, 1931, 11:41pm.

The group was gathered around the small kitchen table as Nerine mended Swift Coyote's wounds. Levinia was sitting by the counter, sipping tea and nibbling on slices of buttered bread. She was much livelier now than she had been when they left the factory. She still felt tired and wanted to sleep, but it was important for her to nourish herself first. Especially considering her condition.

Nerine made sure Swift Coyote's bandage was sufficiently tight. Beneath it was a poultice soaked in a magical healing salve of her own concoction. Nerine was adept at all aspects of potion brewing, though she excelled at healing potions and aphrodisiacs.

"...And that's it. It should heal completely," Nerine said.

"Thank you," Swift Coyote replied. He admired the skill shown in Nerine's dressing. "You're a fine healer," he remarked. "My grandfather would've liked you."

Swift Coyote's grandfather, Speaks With Stones had been the medicine man and spiritual leader for their tribe. He had raised Swift Coyote from a very young age, since his mother died in childbirth and his father had been killed on a hunt. He was a very wise and well-respected man, until a power struggle divided the tribe. Speaks With Stones supported the rightful heir to the chieftainship, but when the heir was ultimately vanquished, Speaks With Stones and his grandson were exiled from the tribe. They lived together in the harsh Arizona landscape, isolated from both other Indians and white men until Speaks With Stones died. After that, Swift Coyote wandered across America without a home or tribe to call his own.

"Your body needs time to repair itself," Nerine added. "You should get some rest."

"I don't suppose it would make any difference if I told you I feel much better now?" Swift Coyote asked with a smirk. Nerine simply smiled and shook her head. "You're a healer, all right!" he chuckled. "All right, I'm going to bed," he announced. "Goodnight, ladies."

"Goodnight," Demi and Nerine replied, gazing at him with wide, affectionate eyes. Levinia also bid him goodnight, although hers was understandably lethargic.

As he left the room he stepped up to Nina, who was standing by the doorway. They kissed, tenderly and then gently pressed their foreheads and noses against each other. Maintaining that pose, they subconsciously synchronized their breathing with each other. Swift Coyote slipped his healthy arm inside Nina's cloak and gave her ass a friendly squeeze before walking off towards the main bedroom.

"I'll be along shortly," she said to him.

"Okay," he replied.

"I think I'll hit the hay, too," Levinia said as she slowly stood up, leaving a quarter slice of bread and half a mug of tea still on the counter. "I can barely keep my eyes open."

"You feel okay?" Nerine inquired.

"Yeah, just really... tired," Levinia yawned. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," her three sisters bade her with smiles, as she slowly stepped out of the room. Once Levinia had left, Nina took her chair and bought it closer to the table, where Nerine and Demi were already sitting.

After a brief silence, they began the inevitable discussion of the night's events.

"Things like that... they don't just appear," Nina said.

"I know," Nerine agreed, "Something caused it."

"...And it could produce another just like it?" Nina postulated.

"That's what I'm worried about," Nerine nodded. A pensive look grew on Nina's face as she considered that tonight's battle might have been just the first of many.

"An event powerful enough to cause corrupted energy to manifest would have to be... big," Nina continued. "It would be abhorrent to The Balance; we would feel the disturbance.

"You sense nothing?" she asked Nerine. As the strongest seer among the four witches, Nerine's impressions of the local aura were the most important to examine.

"Well... there is some spiritual disturbance here," Nerine acknowledged. "But I think that's a consequence of the death and fear that the manifestation caused... I don't sense anything powerful enough to explain its appearance."

"Okay," Nina responded. "Then we'll have to try to trace the creature's origin. Tomorrow morning, Demi and I will go to the site of the first attack."

"The town orphanage," Demi added.

"We'll check it out... See if there are any clues that can tell us where the thing came from," Nina proposed. Her sisters both nodded in agreement. "You should stay here," she told Nerine. "Keep an eye on Swift Coyote and Levinia. They'll need to rest tomorrow."

"All right," Nerine agreed.

The three witches stayed up together for several more minutes, but none of them were in the mood for conversation and so they soon turned in for the night. Levinia, Demi and Nerine all slept in the same room, on three modest bunks, while Nina shared the cabin's only double bed with Swift Coyote.


Nina, Levinia, Nerine and Demi were no ordinary witches. They were the mighty High Priestesses of The Coven of the Four Paths, one of the strongest factions in the world of witchcraft. As per the laws of the coven, each high priestess was a mistress of one of the four primordial elements.

Levinia was the High Priestess of Air. With long, bouncy locks of golden hair framing her beautiful face, she was the kind of woman who never failed to turn a man's head. She always moved with a dancer's grace and her hips would sway melodically as she walked.

Nerine was the High Priestess of Water. She was a pretty young witch who exuded self-confidence in a very sexy way. Her deep blue eyes often betrayed the clever mind within, not to mention her ability to see what most others did not. She had long, black hair that she usually wore in a braid, unless she was casting magic, in which case, she would loop it back into a bun. Nerine had been blessed with a superb DD bust, which had known many happy hours of stimulating massage, from both her own hands and her lover's.

Demi was the High Priestess of Earth. Her most notable feature was her sweet, waif-like face, complete with brown doe eyes. Yet despite her innocent appearance, Demi was a powerful witch who had proven her bravery many times. She had an athletic figure, with pert B-cup breasts and a firm ass. Like Nerine, Demi's hair was also jet black, except hers was cut much shorter and she almost always had it pinned back into a short ponytail at the top of her head.

And last but not least, Nina was the High Priestess of Fire. It is important to understand that in the world of witchcraft, the primordial elements are often considered to be symbolic of many broad concepts. In Nina's case, her affinity with fire had just as much to do with passion and libido as it did with light and heat. She had spent much of her adolescence admiring the handsome young men who lived nearby. As a young adult, she layed with a man for the first time and she had loved the pleasures of a good, hard cock ever since. She fast became a connoisseur; sampling new positions and foreplays the way a gourmet tries every new food they encounter. By her twentieth birthday she had already made love in a haystack, in a tree house, pressed against a fence and even in a water-trap at a golf course. Half a dozen naive males had become men with Nina's legs wrapped around their hips.

As high-priestesses of the Coven of the Four Paths, the comely ladies were sworn to protect humanity from the various evils that would generally be considered 'unnatural.' So when Nerine's mother foresaw an impending darkness in North Carolina, the high priestesses dutifully journeyed there, with their Native American friend, to restore The Balance. By the time they had narrowed down the location of the catastrophe to the small city of Applebury, almost sixty people had been slaughtered in the most gruesome manners imaginable.

Swift Coyote's tracking expertise led the witches to the killer's lair, where they bought an end to its horrific rampage.

They were victorious. But it had been a harsh trial for witches so young. They had only acquired their high-priestess titles and powers four months earlier. Although their mothers had educated them in the ways of magic from a young age, they had never faced a creature as resilient and ferocious as the one they fought tonight. For the first time, the witches truly appreciated how dangerous the duties of a high priestess could be.

The battle had left the witches so exhausted that they fell asleep moments after climbing into bed. All except for Demi. She spent over an hour tossing and turning on her stiff, cheap mattress. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop thinking about how close she had come to death, during the battle. The image of the dark creature staring down at her, with its chilling gaze, tormented her until she decided that she didn't want to be alone. Not tonight.

Quietly, so as not to disturb her roommates, Demi got out of bed and walked to the nearby double bedroom. Once inside, she paused for a moment to admire the heart-warming sight of her sister, Nina, naked and tightly spooning an equally naked Swift Coyote. Their bed was large enough for two people, though only just. By twenty-first century standards, it would've been regarded as a large single.

Already feeling the excitement sweeping over her nether lips like a pair of divine fingers, Demi peeled off her nightie and let it drop around her ankles. She ran her hands down the curves of her waist and hips, as if to awaken her sensuous, seductive side. Then she lifted the light bed-sheet and climbed on to what little mattress space remained in front of Swift Coyote.

It was difficult and in the end she needed to press her back right up against his warm body, just to avoid tumbling over the edge. Still, the intimacy made it all worthwhile, as far as Demi was concerned. As soon as she was settled, she felt the Native American's hand sliding over her thigh and coming to rest on the mound of her sex. His touch excited her, but she couldn't tell whether he was still asleep or not.

Hoping to provoke a stronger reaction, Demi wiggled her butt against Swift Coyote's dormant crotch. He murmured softly as he awoke and Demi's efforts were soon rewarded with mellow kisses to her shoulder and neck. Within seconds she could feel his maleness growing larger and larger, rising up between her cheeks. She was glad to know that her body pleased him so.

Swift Coyote's fingers stirred and began to pet the small brush of hair between her legs. His affection caused the heat in her body to build rapidly and before long, she was ready to receive him.

She moved her hips so that Swift Coyote was free to enter her, then she reached down and guided his rod into her slick opening. Demi didn't make a sound, but she exhaled a deep breath as he filled her erogenous hollow.

They had little room for flamboyant gestures of passion, but Demi and Swift Coyote made the most of the arrangement. With a slow, but forceful rocking of his hips, Swift Coyote bought a great deal of pleasure to them both. He sent his fingers deeper into her private area where he ultimately used them to tease her clit. Meanwhile, he slipped his other arm beneath and around her torso, to simultaneously hold her close and fondle her breast.

They writhed in unison, drawing each other deeper and deeper into heart-pounding arousal. Finally, Demi came. A brief whimper of joy escaped her lips. Swift Coyote's maleness reacted with a mighty eruption of cum. As a witch, Demi was especially in-tune with the magic of orgasm. She actually felt their separate feminine and masculine energies melding into a perfect singularity. When it was over, she was bathed in a sense of both empowerment and inner peace. The trauma that had kept her awake and driven her to Swift Coyote's side had been purged from her soul.

As Demi drifted into a welcoming slumber, Swift Coyote's hand retreated from her sex, to lovingly rub the slight bulge on her belly.

CHAPTER III: Mrs. Harrigan

Applebury Orphanage, Applebury, NC

July 14th, 1931, 9:18am.

Nina and Demi marched confidently across the cobbled courtyard at the center of the orphanage complex. They had shunned their casting robes in favor of the simple frocks that 1930s women typically wore. After all, it rarely paid to be brazen about their witchcraft faith in public. Even all these centuries after the Salem trials, witches were still frequently persecuted.

Although Demi had stolen a moment of carnal delight with Nina's lover the previous night, there was no tension between them. After all, it wasn't the first time that one of Nina's sisters had slept with Swift Coyote.

It had only been four months since the sisters had met their handsome companion. Levinia was the one who first encountered him. He was working as a reaper in a wheat field near the farm where the coven lived. Immediately, she knew that he would be an ideal candidate for the role of the anointer, in their ceremony of ascension.

Later that same day, as the sun was about to set, she approached him and invited him to a picnic dinner. He followed her into the woods where he was introduced to her three sisters, Nerine, Demi and Nina.

At the time, Levinia and her sisters were merely the next in line to become high priestesses of the coven. The laws of the Coven of the Four Paths decreed that each of its high priestesses must each be a female-line descendant of a legendary champion of their own element. The laws also decreed that the four incumbent high priestesses must be sisters, fathered by the same man. Levinia, Nerine, Demi and Nina met these conditions, but there was one more condition that had to be met before they could become the new high priestesses. They had to conceive their own successors, all on the same night, with one man who was called their anointer.

The four sisters were quick to seduce the Native American and prepare his virile organ. As the sun set and the moon rose, Swift Coyote pressed his body against each of the beautiful witches and wrought songs of ecstasy from their lips. They rolled aimlessly across the grassy ground, like pairs of naked, red-blooded animals following their springtime instincts. Swift Coyote was kept hard and full of sperm all night by the coven's magic.

Normally, once his role was complete, the new high priestesses would part ways with their anointer. But Swift Coyote was unlike most men. His grandfather had taught him well about the magical and spiritual nature of the world, so he respected the beauty and perils of a witch's lifestyle. He was also an orphan -- he had no tribe, or coven of his own. So he would not foster any mixed loyalties within his children. Under these unique circumstances, the coven found it acceptable for him to maintain a relationship with his four new lovers.

In the months since, Swift Coyote had layed with each of the witches many times. Even though he and Nina had fallen in love, she didn't want him to deny his attraction to her sisters, nor would she deny them the pleasures of his company. After all, sexual desire was a natural part of being human. Besides, his experiences with them didn't inhibit his ability to make her quiver with euphoria.

Now, four months since that first exciting night with their warrior companion, each of the witches' bellies was beginning to swell with the daughter he had given them.

Nina and Demi's duties had brought them here, Applebury Orphanage, the place where the monster they slew the night before had claimed its first victims.

They made their way up the short staircase in front of the main building and stepped into the lobby. The cold acoustics of the room nearly gave them goosebumps. They waited patiently for about a minute, until an old man marched into the room from an adjoining corridor. He was a portly gentleman, who wore rectangular glasses and a smart tweed suit.

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