tagMatureThe Dance

The Dance


The couple was getting ready to go to the local dance hall so they could meet their friends there. She just got out of the shower, as he was getting ready to get into the shower. She walked into their bedroom with nothing on but a towel rapped around her long brunette hair. She walked over to the full-length mirror, turning to the side to get a good look at her body in the mirror. Her clothes were lying out on the bed. She reached over and picked on up her midnight blue lace panties stepping into them, sliding them up her long legs and over her shaven mound. Then reaching for the matching bra, she slide her arms into it, pulling her breast in to it so that they was all tight as she reached down to fasten the front of her bra. The next thing put on was her silk hose. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed that there was a twinkle in here eyes. Turning toward the bed, she walked over to the bed and picked up her blouse. Her blouse was pale brick red and it buttoned up the front. She slides it on and started fastening the buttons one at a time. After fastening the last button, she put on her wrangler denim skirt and tucked her blouse in tight. Sliding her feet into her red high-heeled shoes, she looked in the mirror. For the final thing, she grabbed her brush and brushed he long brown hair.

Meanwhile, he stepped out of the shower and dried off. Walking over to the sink he took out his razor to trim up his mustache and goatee. Then he went into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. He looked at his beautiful young wife. He said, “Hun you look so beautiful.” He grabbed his midnight blue boxers and pulled them up his long legs and adjusted his manhood. Turning to the bed, he picked up his Wranglers. He stepped into them sliding them up his legs leaving them unfastened so he could tuck his shirt in. He reached over and got his shirt, putting one arm in and then the other. He fastened each button very slowly, as she watched his every move, finally sliding his hands between his shirt and Wranglers to smooth the shirt out. He zipped, buttoned and put his belt on. Then he sat on the bed to put on his socks and cowboy boots.

She said “Baby you look mighty fine” as she leaned down to his him.

As they got ready to leave the room he picked up both the cowboy hats. He gently put her cowboy hat on her head and kissed her. Then taking his cowboy hat he placed it on his head, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and said “Hun, lets go tear up the dance floor.”

They got out to his new dodge 4x4 club cab pickup truck and he opened the passenger side door. She jumped up in it and slides over in the middle as he shut the door. He walked around, opening the door and jumped in beside her. He started the engine and put it in gear. As he drove down the road, she layed hear hand on his muscular leg. Slowly she slid it up his leg until she felt his manhood bulging in his wranglers. “Now hun, you better watch or we will not make it to the dance” he said as he winked at her. She laid her head against his shoulder. They drove in silence except for the sound of the country music on the radio.

Reaching the dance hall, he parked the truck. Jumping out of the truck, he walked around to the passenger door and opened it. She slides across the seat and jumped out into his awaiting arms. He shut the door, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and across the parking lot they walked. Once in the dance hall, they meet with their friends. They all sat talking and having a drink. Then the band started playing I Will Always Love You.

He looked at her saying “my beautiful, sexy lady may I have this dance?”

She looked him in his twinkling eyes and said “Yes, my awesomely handsome man.”

They walked out on the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. They rocked back and for to the music. Stepping up on her tiptoes she kissed his soft lips, sliding her tongue in and out. “Baby, I love you,” she said.

And he looked her in the eyes and said, “Hun I love you too and I am ready to get out of here and be alone with my beautiful and sexy lady.”

Saying their goodbyes to there friends they walked out to the truck, jumped in and took off down the road.

Upon reaching home, he unlocked the front door, picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Gently he took off his and her hats and put them on the hooks where they belonged. Walking over to her, he started kissing her as his fingers began to unbutton each button. Sliding her skirt down, as he slides her blouse off her arms, he looked at her standing there in nothing but her midnight blue under clothes. Running his hands across her breast, he could feel her nipples hardening from the touch. Unbuttoning her bra and sliding it off, he started sucking and rubbing her breast. She reached up and unbuttoned his shirt so that his hairy chest was exposed. Then unbuttoning and unzipping his wranglers, she let them fall to the floor as she pulled his shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. Then she reached for his boxers and slides them off running her had over his manhood. He took his hands and ran them down her side until he came to her panties. He slides them down to her feet. As he layed her on the bed, he spread her legs. He started kissing her thighs and licking his way up to her shavened mound. His mustache and goatee tinkled it as he slowly slides his tongue in her pussy. He twirled his tongue and ran it along her clit, nibbling on it. He ran his tongue in deep and teased her pussy as he ran his hands under her hips. She could feel her pussy feeling up with sweet juices as he teased her. Then he took two fingers and inserted them in her ass. He shoved them in fast and hard. She screamed from the pain and the pleasure that he was giving her. She ran her hands thru his hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy until she came all over his face. He licked up every last drop of her sweet cum.

Then rolling over on his back, she kissed his chest as she worked her way down to his rock solid manhood. She kissed and licked his balls and then taking his cock in his mouth she was bobbing up and down on as she went. Each time she went down she took and deep throat it. She could feel the veins swelling in his cock. She new he was close to coming. She sucked hard as he cum in her throat. She felt it oozing down the back of her throat as she swallowed it. She licks the tip of his cock.

He was caressing her breast and sucking on the nipples making them hard. As he straddled her, he slid his cock in her wet pussy. He pulled one leg over her should as he pushed his cock in deeper, and then the other leg over his other shoulder. He thrust his hips back and forth, pushing in deeper with each thrust. She moaned as he leaned in to kiss her on her lips and fondle her breast with his hands. She could feel her clit swelling with each thrust. Her pussy was throbbing so hard that she could feel her body shaking. She starts thrusting her hips up and down as he went deeper in her wet pussy.

She screamed, “Yes, baby, yes. I Love you.”

They were both close to coming as he thrust his body hard against hers. The sound of flesh hitting flesh caused them both more excitement and pleasure. He let out a loud scream as he shot her pussy full of cum deep inside. He layed down on her, leaving his cock deep inside, as he kissed her and said “Hun, I love you. You make me the happiest person on earth and there is no other for me.”

As he rolled over he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lips. The snuggled up and drifted of to sleep because they both realized that they had another long and tedious day ahead of them the next day.

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