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The Dancer


**Some moments need to be captured**


I took her sad face in my hands, keeping my own compassionate but inscrutably opaque. She leaned in to kiss me but I held her, just out of reach, tethered by the throat and the back of her hair. My voice dropped from the undulating ring of chatter to a low, even tone. Something was about to change, it was time for the undercurrents of our passionate, heady interactions to well to the surface.

"Not yet. I want to make you forget this sadness he's created for just one night. I won't use anything fancy. I will only use your body, and your desire to be a good girl for me, you understand?"

She was taken aback, for a second, but a gentle tap to her cheek initiated a nod. "Anything you don't like, tell me and I will decide if it stops. You will belong to me tonight, yes?"

She nodded, and I leaned in to kiss her deeply, pulling her away when she tried to put her arms around me. I was not offering cuddles and comfort this time, I had something more powerful to give her.

"Good. Now, go into the bedroom. Take off your clothes and kneel on the bed. Wait there."

Her eyes widened in disbelief, the images I had placed in her mind over all these weeks crystallising suddenly into the moment. She walked off, slightly open-mouthed. This had never happened to her before. I went to the bathroom to prepare myself, giving her some time. Just a little too much time.

The room was lit with the warm glow of a Moroccan standing lamp when I walked in. She was knelt on the bed, smiling nervously at me. Her perfect pale skin luminesced gently, follwing the lean, tight lines of her dancer's body, with its sculpted shoulders and stomach; her dyed-red hair falling over her small, round breasts on either side. The lamplight traced the gentle curve of her hip down to the apex of her perfectly formed little pussy.

I wanted to devour her completely, overwhelm her from without and make her explode from within until she there was nothing left that was not mine, for just a moment.

"Don't move. Not even your head."

I moved slowly around behind her, out of sight. I leaned forward so my breath grazed the back of her neck. Waited a beat to build her anticipation, then grazed my nail gently down her upper back, slowly, one single trail of acute, tingling sensation, around and around. Then all five, swirling constantly, no pain, just hypnotic patterns of fire flaring through her. She began to breathe deeply and sway slightly on her knees.

I ran my nails up into her hairline, around her scalp, eliciting a moan. She relaxed into my hands, her spine and my hands part of the same fluid movements.

Now for the shock. I slipped my hands up and tightened on the hair near her scalp. Pulling her hair back and her body into mine at the same time, dragging her back slightly. Her gasp was mixed with a whimper. I knew it hurt.

"I think you need more than pleasure tonight. You need some pain. To forget that inside you, to forget what he did to you, no?"

She nodded her head and winced at what I'd reminded her of. I gripped her throat to choke her, then slapped one breast, then the other hard, cupping and rolling the hard little nipples in my fingers after each slap. She gasped silently as I kissed her gently.

"Now, stay very still for me."

I pressed her head down into the thick-furred bedspread, her perfect little buttocks in the air. On to the bed, kneeling beside her, holding her down by the neck, my nails tracing the firm globes. Then - three sharp spanks to each cheek, each one harder than the last, two gentle smacks on those sensitive spots between her thighs with my finger tips, then another three to each cheek. I shook her head as she tried to squirm away and delivered two harder slaps to her pussy, which made her yelp, a noise only half-human.

"I told you to. stay. still." She froze. A small animal transfixed in the headlights.

But she was wet. Very wet. She had no desire to get away really.

"You pretended not to like that but your body betrays you." Her moan in response was reluctant admittance mixed with frustrated desire.

Tracing gentle fingers around her pussy lips, grazing nails, small pinches, always just out of reach, never making full contact. She struggled her hips backwards, trying to impale herself on my fingers.

A sharp slap. "I said STILL."

I continued to trace, dipping just the very tip of my finger into her wettening slit, running its full length, then out again.

She whimpered. "Please! Oh please!"

"Spread your legs further apart."

I cupped her soft, hairless mound with my hand, just for a moment. Just to tease her a second further, then slipped a finger between her slick lips, sliding it up to rub her clit, still achingly slowly. She moaned.

"Since you've been such a good girl." I thrust two fingers straight into her pussy, one finger still on her clit, and fucked her with them. She did not take long before melting around my hand, buckling into the bed with the force of her orgasm. I reached around and pinched her nipples as I felt her clench around my fingers.

She was not done yet. Without taking my hand out, I reached back and get the elaborately curved and crenellated piece of glass from the bedside table. As she shivered with the reverberations of her climax, I took my fingers out of her and slid the hard length of the dildo into her pussy in one fluid movement. She gasped at the feeling of fullness and coolness of the glass, and began to cry out as I pumped it in and out of her, hooking my pussy-soaked fingers into her mouth. She was completely possessed. I was there with her, feeling each ridge and curve of the glass press glide exquisitely through me, even as I saw it enter her, my pleasure rising as her cries intensified.

"Rub your clit for me." As my arm was about to drop off, I unhooked my fingers, wet my thumb and pushed it into her ass gently. She came again, with great shudders, unable to take any more.

"Oh. My. God."

"You don't get to relax yet." I pulled her back up to me again, pressing her against my body, playing with her nipples and stroking the apex between her thighs lightly with a hand, biting her neck gently to send gentle shocks dancing down her spine. She shivered in my arms. I couldn't help but admire her in the flush of orgasm. She was, in that moment, an infinitely precious creature.

I was dripping wet now, a white heat searing between my legs. "Turn around to face me." I brought her head to my breasts. "Suck my nipples, bite them." She did, eagerly.

"Now, I want you to do some work."

She tentatively slid her hand under my pussy, fingers slickly finding their destination. I grabbed her throat and held her face roughly.

"Look at me while you finger me, don't look away from my eyes. You can feel what you are doing."

She rubbed gently on my clit, eager to make me feel what she had. Eager to please me.

She glanced down.

Smack. Across her face. "I said don't look away." She stopped, stunned and intent. Then continued, looking intensely into my eyes, working her small but well-muscled arms hard, fingers thrusting into me furiously. I could feel an orgasm building, the warmth rising from her friction.

As it rose, I took her throat again, my beautiful girl fucking me desperately with her hands, desperate to make me praise her even as I squeezed the breath from her. I saw this in her eyes, and it brought me over the intense crest of orgasm. She coughed as my hand involuntarily gripped her throat tighter for a second. We both gasped with release, fell onto the bed together in a nest of entwined limbs, me encompassing her. Hands stroking please of skin without conscious direction.

I was dazed, and didn't notice her leave the room, allowing myself to float blissfully.

I heard her come back and get on the bed. "Now you get on all fours." She was wearing a large black strap-on and a big grin on her face. For a moment, I balked and amost throttled her, my dominance flaring up in indignation. Then thought better of it.

"Well... how can I say no to that?"

It might give her some inspiration for dealing with errant boys in need of some discipline...

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all I can say about this story is it was written alright, and am glad it was only one page

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