tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dark Face of the Past Ch. 4

The Dark Face of the Past Ch. 4


Eve lay in the arms of Nemesis. The Justice Goddess whom was betrayed by words of love much earlier in time, by Eve's only brother, Solan.

The sun had risen just a short few hours prior to this moment and Eve waiting in fearful anticipation for the time to come when she and her brother would face one another in the great coliseum dubbed MUSE. The time when she would have to attempt what Hercules had failed to do years ago.

"Now wait a minute!" A charismatic male voice said on the other side of the door. "I'll have you know I've never…"

"Will you just shut UP!" The guard Eve had grown used to growled at the voice.

The door to the prison cell opened and a mildly tall dark haired man entered the room. His face clean of any beard or mustache. His jaw set pointed and hard… He had this cocky persona about him that could be seen from afar.

"How do ya do, ladies?" He asked Eve and the now waking Nemesis. "The name's Magnus, son of the great Autolycus, also known as the kind of thieves."

Eve knew right on that moment that she didn't think much of him. He was too proud and too rambunctious of a man to really have much respect for. The way he stood there with his cocky face and "I'm-so-perfect" attitude.

"Say ah, any you ladies ever by chance had the pleasure of meeting me?" He asked.

Both just looked at him with raised eyes and thought part of them wanted to laugh at him in general. They were both still in deep despair from the fight made earlier delivered by Alissa herself.

* * * * *

Grunting sounds were heard in Alissa's bed chamber as she lay in her bed, staring up into the ceiling as one of the guards roughly pumped his prick away inside of her.

Alissa had fallen into a silent melancholy since her friend and lover, Ace had been murdered by Khaymen. Executed so to speak for betraying him… Her heart was set on blame for Eve. That bitch that played with her heart so many years ago.

Though her heart still burned to love Eve, her pain increased with every thought of the day Eve had turned her away.

Alissa let out a groan as her back arched. The guard she let into her chamber that night was nearing his orgasm inside of her. His prick stabbing into her womb with every trust he made within. Though she felt a little pleasure from this assault, but her mind and heart were far too occupied to allow any real pleasure to come from this sexual intrigue. All on account of Eve coming back into Alissa's life uninvited. As far as Alissa was concerned, Ace's death was on Eve's head… weather or not she was personally involved or not.

"Oh yeah! Oh goodness! OH My!!!" The pathetic guard groaned as he felt his orgasm burn its way through his loins.

"Don't fucking let it go inside of me." Alissa warned with a stern voice.

"Oh, oh yeah!" The guard mumbled as he pulled out his prick and began stroking it above her.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm just… I'm just gonna."

"You were gonna shoot it on me weren't you?" She glared. "Get the fuck off of me!" She pushed him aside and stood up. Her body gleaming with sweat in the sunlight.

"Get the hell out of here." She scowled him.

"But… I haven't… well… ya know." The guard was still holding himself in his hand looking up pleadingly at her.

"Go shoot it off in your room or something… why the fuck should I allow you to get my things dirty you disgusting pervert!" She grabbed his arm and pushed him out of her chamber door before slamming it in his face.

With her mind preoccupied with today's events to come and the friends and lovers long and gone… she was unable to enjoy one of the many activities she loved the most.

Goddamn you, Eve.

* * * * *

"So The Dark Khaymen is your brother?" Magnus asked.

"Yes." Eve replied.

"… and he's going to fight you today in MUSE?"

"That's right."

"No offense sister, but don't you think you both are taking your sibling rivalry a little too far for good taste?"

She looked sternly at the thief and then her eyes trailed over to Nemesis who sat at the corner of the prison wall and held her head in her lap, pale and unhealthy she seemed as she shivered all by her lonesome.

"Nemesis?" Eve called. "Are you alright?"

She shook her head and remained silent with the exception of her heavy breathing, as she trembled like a frightened animal.

Eve moved towards Nemesis, gently and lovingly. Placing her arm around the Goddesses shoulder and holding her close. She could feel the cold coming off of Nemesis, like placing her fingers upon the ice in the snow. The goddess was sicker than before, all on account of her brother's evil.

"His blood?" Magnus asked.

"Hmm?" Eve looked up at him.

"You said his blood was like a poison… is it making her worse?"

"Yes… yes it is." Eve used her hands to bring warmth into Nemesis's body, by rubbing her shoulders firmly.

"Eve?" She asked weakly.

"Yes, Nemi?" {A pet name she had developed the night before…} "What is it?"

The Goddess let out a strong cough and rested her body against Eve's while brining her lips to Eve's ear to whisper into them. Magnus only hearing a short whistle of voice in the distance he stood…

"Magnus?" Eve asked in his direction. "Could you please give us some privacy?"

Looking around… "Oh yeah, and you know, I'll do you one better. I'll sprout wings and fly out of this place… hello! There is no place for me to go, hence, no privacy."

"Then can you please use the beds to form some way for us?" She asked.

"Now how the hell…?" He looked at the five beds in the large prison cell and working to be a nice guy… he arranged them into a little pen in the far corner of the room.

"Thank you." Eve said.

She laid her blanket and Nemesis's in that pen and bringing the weak Goddess along… laid her inside. Leaving Magnus to sit in a corner on the far other side, leaving the two women to be alone in their private pen.

"Are you sure about this, Nemi?" Eve asked her.

"Please?…" Nemesis coughed to clear her throat. "I want to feel you once more, just once before anything happens."

"Alright…" Eve said as her hands rested on the smooth milk flesh of Nemesis's thighs. In a firm messaging matter, they rubbed into the muscles higher and higher until her finger tips had disappeared into Nemesis's gold skirt. "Lay back, love."

Nemesis leaned back until she was staring up into the air. Her eyes settled on a peculiar crack in the ceiling that looked like mount Olympus, obviously carved in by another inmate some time ago… her mind drifting to her home… the home she missed so very much. Then to the baby that grew within her. The baby that she knew would not carry on to live… Khaymen did not truly understand his blood.

She arched her back and let out a squealing moan as she felt her sex penetrated by the warm familiar tongue of her lover Eve.

Her eyes crossing themselves as she gave into the pleasure she had grown to crave in the last couple of days passed. The feeling of her juices escaping into the warm gently but passionate touch of Eve's lovely tongue.

"Ohhhh Eve." She moaned softly… running her hands through Eve's dark hair. Raising her hips slightly upward to her lovers mouth to intake as much of the last ride of pleasure she could possibly stand.

Her orgasm coming steady and smooth. Rushing through her like a raging blood between the slopes of two tall hills. Hitting it's destination with full force as her breathing became more and more ragged and seemed to exist only in breathless gasps. Her body trembling as her skin let go of sheet after thin sheet of sweat. Her heart pounding like a war drum faster and faster… she was losing herself, into her lovers touch.

* * * * *

The crowds let their roaring cheer overtake the great coliseum as the first name was said. The name of Eve, the challenger for their master and ruler over this small but powerful and mystical land that reigned on the outskirts of Greece.

"Children of Endiria!" The loud announcing voice came in. "The woman who will face our beloved prince of the dark power… EEEEEEEVVVVEEEEE!!!!"

Eve stepped out into the coliseum with her broken heart bled dry from the lives she has had to watch disapear. Unknowing weather or not her beloved Nemesis still lived or not… for she could not read the life signs of a Goddess. But no breath came, no heart beat, only a cold body that lay before her just minutes after they had made love a final time.

She held the sword of the soldier she had stolen it from in her small battle in her brothers throne room. The once told to be kind and noble child, grown into the fierce beast that would stand before her this day… with his sword drawn and ready to steal away at her very life.

The roar of laughter and the joyfully entertained came on strong over the masses. Eve could scarcely hear her own breathing. But the beat of her heart was unmistakably fast. Her pores opening wide to less loose the flush of sweat that came through her nervousness, her fear. The simple knowing of the fact that today… someone was destined to lose their life.

She looked upon the great stand where the throne was seated. Next to it were three chairs on either side. Six bodies inhabited them. They must have been The Six Jackals that Nemesis had mentioned. Six fiercely trained warriors in Khaymen's services. Ready to draw their swords upon any who dared to oppose him. One of the six was Alissa. The dark leader of Khaymen's armies. The woman who bore nothing but hate towards the warrior woman. Oh, how Eve's soul bruised inside when she looked upon her long ago love of years passed. What had she done to her? Why had she been so cruel.

The loud announcers voice came over the great masses again and this time with their complete silence until the final word spoken… the voice said.

"And now, with your appreciation and with you utter anticipation, the Lord of our lords. The Duke of the sinister hells of Dahak, the one and only king of Endiria, The man who bleeds the blood of the Gods. The dark force that leads us all to paradise, utopia, VICTORY!!!" The crowds made a roar of cheers and applause. "KHAYYYYYYMENNN!!!!!"

The masses stood tall as their dark leader stepped forth to receive their love and gratitude. Their everlasting devotion. The masses stood proud at the entrance of the man they would come to eventually call their God.

Solan Khaymen stepped forth unto the platform that lead way to the great circle where the masses would pledge themselves as he drew the blood of his enemy. His sister, the daughter of his beloved God Dahak. How the jealousy burning in his blood… he once had love for his real father… but developed an appreciation and devotion to a father much more powerful.

"Khaymen, Khaymen, Khaymen, Khaymen, Khaymen!" The chant rose higher and higher through the blue sky as the masses adored the presence of their great ruler.

"Said your final farewells, Eve?" Solan asked as he received his large bastard sword. Darker than his own persona. The handle shaped in the fashion of a snake and a flame, with a symbol in the bottom of the steel where the blade met to handle. It was a symbol that much resembled a dripping moon of blood.

"Say your own." Eve spoke with forced enthusiasm. "I'll save my breath for a better fight in a better place."

"Have at your own, sister." Solan Khaymen cackled. "Remember, should you succeed and kill me. I'll fallow you in your dreams."

"You've only begun to plague my nightmares, Solan." Eve raised her sword to the match of her half brothers stance.

"No day like today to die." Solan mused as he took his stance.

"No day of light has passed since the day I died." She whirled her sword as she began to circle her brother. "I'll never die again… I've died many times already."

"Do you care that Alissa will die?" Solan asked in utter amusement.

"Yes!" He jeered at his sisters pale intake. "Now that I've killed her soul with your help of course. I'll simply let her bare my child, and when my son his born. She will die… by the blade I'm about to use to send you first to the here after."

"Enough!" Eve cried out. "No more talk! I've had enough!!!"

"YES!!" Solan cried out.

In a mighty blow with a firy spark flying high, their blades met in a hard clash of steel. Their swords crossed for the first time.

Eve whirled around and brought her sword right, with Solan of course to bring his own sword pointing downward on the right side of his body, blocking his sisters blade in the perfect time as it came hard.

Solan hooked his foot behind her ankle and pulled quick, bringing her down with a full steady force. Letting the back of her had bang against the ground, leaving her world spinning right before her very eyes before Solan would bring his blade straight down. In her luck stricken fever, she kicked her foot out high into his shoulder, causing him to slice his sword off too far until it thrust into the soil ground.

"Very good!" He cackled.

Eve rose her legs high and suddenly kicked them out to bring herself up in a quick stance, with her sword in her hand.

She then raised her blade quickly over head and in an attempt to bring it down on his neck as he pulled roughly at his own sword to dislodge it from the ground. She barely got close enough to bring off his head, but her blade went straight down into his back, thrusting all the way through and out his gut.

He let out a loud roar of pain as the blade lodged itself inside of him. Letting his sister feel a moments shred of victory as to believe she had slain him, he stayed low and bowed in silence.

"Solan." Eve said.

"Nope…" He looked up at her as if no pain had ever touched him. "I don't think I like this game much anymore."

With that, he thrust his fist into his sisters jaw, throwing her back to the ground. Eve stumbling hard with her blood rushing from within her mouth as she felt one of her back upper teeth rip clean of the socket and scrap the flesh from within.

She cried out only in a split second with his attack, until he was up again. Her blade pulled from his back and dropped to the ground with his own. He simply looked down at his sister and stared at her for a short pause before crushing his foot down on her stomach. Bringing an audible crunch from within her rib cage.

Alissa looked on in horror as she saw Eve succumb to her brothers cruel blows from his fist and foot before he raised his leg high and let his heel come down on her shoulder, breaking it clean out of the socket… bringing a loud cry from her.

Alissa covered her mouth quickly to conceal a cry of her own as she watched in utter horror at the beating being administered to her love… her love.

There was no denying it… as angry as she was. Her heart beat down her chest to tell her that she was still in love with Livia… no… Eve… the woman who she belonged to and she could not just sit and watch as her beloved was brutally beaten by Khaymen.

Solan stood back and came down hard in a fast ridge hand on the back of Eve's shoulder blades. Thrusting the beaten woman back down to the earth.

"Weak! You're WEAK!" He snarled…

"Brother…" Eve was weakened in her voice. "please…"

Alissa rose up and stood high calling out to her master… Her own voice amplifying the entire arena, taking in the ears of those who listened.

"KHAYMEN!!!" She screamed.

Solan, taking one last hit against his sisters face, drawing blood from above her right eye. Throwing her to beaten unconsciousness, looked up at the woman who called his Saint-hood name.

He looked up at Alissa, who stood with her lips trembling out silent words. He knew right then what she meant to say… His lips curved in a devious smile as his cackling laughter rose high in the stadium. His amusement made when he realized the love that still bubbled between his sister and Alissa.

He crouched down to his barely alive sister and resting his lips near her ear, he whispered in his evil obnoxious tone.

"The love that boils will die in it's families flames." He said, then gently pursed his lips against her cheek before calling his guards to receive her.

Before they left, he stared up at Alissa, who stood watching as he whispered something into the guards ear. She felt it then that he had a plot against her and was about to use it… weather or not it be her death, she'd be ready to receive. Just so long as her love may be in her arms just once again.

Her fate was sealed.

* * * * *

Alissa stood in the center of her masters bed chamber. Her skin cold with the air that seemed to breath death upon her.

"Woman is strange." Said the dark voice of Khaymen.

"She loves, she hates, she hates, and she loves." He stepped behind the former leader of his armies. "She can do most anything… she can love and hate all at once. She is her mothers double and she is the heart of God."

"Do whatever you want with me… but just do it." She spoke flatly to him.

"I'll let you have my sister…" He rested his hands upon her shoulders. "I'll even take you to her personally."

She looked questioningly at him. Waiting for his sudden burst of condition, but there was none, he simply smiled and strolled lightly to his chair. The velvet chair that was seated next to his bed… He sat distinguishably and folded his hands in his lap, looking at the young blonde.

"Have you ever heard the legend of witch Gods?" He asked her.

She gently shook her head and he continued. "They are born from the saints of hell. Though nobody even knows it. Wicca was born the same as I was… Eve, she was suppose to be one herself. Of course, by all standards, she failed to pass. A witch God must have a child. Believe it or not, two children. A daughter, and a son. Two whom in which will breed together and take the blood line to another straight, head on adventure!" He cackled.

"Without these two… a witch God cannot be formed from a chosen Saint." He stared bright eyed at her. Alissa noticed a slight change in the color. "A witch god must give a daughter to a woman whom he has seduced from good and betrayed. His son must come from a woman whom he has ravaged and broken. I will already have my daughter yet… but my son is yet to come."

As the lightening flashed by, Alissa eyes locked upon Khaymen's, knowing exactly what he was coming to. She knew that she was going to be raped by this man.

"My son…" Solan rose from his chair and walked slowly over to Alissa. "His name shall be… Shangrala…"

He made an animal roar as he seized Alissa in his grasp. The girl trembling with fear as she beheld his eyes becoming orbs of red glare. His teeth pointing straight into four sharp fangs, two above and two below. His nails growing longer and sharper as his grip came painfully tighter.

"YOU BETRAYED ME!!!!" He roared as his fist reared back and came over, thrusting itself across her face. Throwing Alissa down unto his bed.

She cried out in horror as his body landed above hers. His cloths burning away from his body as his hands grasped her breast. He was feeding his lust with her pain and torment.

Alissa felt a sudden shock of fire thrust into her sex as his member gained entrance into her womb. Driving deeper and harder…

She felt his passion as it rose from within… his grunts and groans coming out like growls from a rabid wolf as he devoured her body. His tongue lavishing over her throat as her cries filled the room… her body shaking and pumping on the bed as his prick thrust deeper and harder inside of her…

Her hands grasped the board behind his bed as she felt the fire of his semen. His hips brutally grinding into hers… feeding her womb with his seed.

"You now belong to me!" He snarled down at her.

Her sobs filling the chamber as she tried to hold herself… no avail as he ripped her cloths from her body and commenced to ravage her. Craving her body for his own, to let his seed explode enough to ensure a child will come.

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