tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dark Face of the Past Ch. 5

The Dark Face of the Past Ch. 5


"I'm here my love." Were the last words Eve heard before drifting back into her dreamless sleep. Her warmth building higher as her love held her in the night.

Alissa's whole mind and heart driving her in different directions, but she would stay where she was this moment on. For she knew beyond shadow of reasonable doubt, that this woman was in fact, through heaven or hell, her one true love, her only soul mate.

When Khaymen had finished raping her. He had his personal guard escort her to the prison cell where Eve, Magnus, and Nemesis were. Inside the cell, she and Magnus had devised a plan of escape. He used his skill inherited by his father to pick the locks. Outside, Alissa had personally taken the life of the six guards that stood at the watch. Savoring every drop of blood she spilt from her former masters guards.

It had been a hard chore, seeing as they had to carry the justice Goddess and Eve the entire way, but none the less, they had escaped with their lives.

Three days they traveled with Eve and Nemesis unable to move themselves. But the work was worth it to get as far from Dahak Kingdom as possible.

"So, where are we going?" Magnus asked Alissa.

"I don't know." She answered.

"You, uh,... hem... you don't know?"

"That's right..." She looked on Eve as she lay in the long stretch made to carry her and Nemesis. "I just think it'd be best to get as far away as we can."

"I like that plan... but um... What about that guy, Khaymen?" He was fidgeting at his own mention of the dark ones name.

"What about him?"

"Well, shouldn't we try to come up with a plan to stop him?" Magnus asked.

"I'd sooner we were gone and away for good." Alissa stated.

"I thought we were suppose to be the hero's here." Magnus was already on Alissa's nerves. "I figured we were suppose to play the role of the good guys against bad guys. Certainly there is something we could do, right?"

"LOOK!" Alissa stopped and stared up at him. "Other hero's have tried and failed to defeat Dahak and Khaymen. Hercules ring a bell in that small head of yours?..." she saw the hurt look in his eyes. "Besides, they had two other Gods on their sides... The odds are too far against our favor. The only way to come close with defeating them is by some outstanding force out there helping us, and looking around, we lack the later."

"What will we do with Eve and Nemesis?" He asked changing the subject.

"Heal them to the best of our abilities and hope for a miracle." She answered.

Castor and Pollux had received word of their friends death and it sent them to a fierce rage and lust for vengeance, but by the earlier message they were sent by their friend was telling them that they'd need more help than just few.

"Loki! That bastard!" Pollux growled.

"He and Seth both..." Castor in equal anger. "What were they thinking? The great scrolls of the fates told all families of Gods of the time when we could come to war. Those two sons of bitches knew this would do it. When at least one member of each family would join the darkest force alive..."

"At least no Olympians have joined." Pollux added.

"None that we know of personally. So what's to say it hasn't already happened?" Castor took out his sword and fiddled with it. "Perhaps Ares, or even Dawn... anybody could have."

"I doubt that very much." Pollux said.

"The question right now is, who the hell is going to help us face this man that can poison our blood with his own?" Castor looked around himself at their surroundings. "I have an idea!"

"What is it?" Asked Pollux.

"I can't say... the winds have ears... But just fallow me..." Castor lead his brother north towards Olympus.

"Will this idea work?" Pollux questioned.

"It might... if given the right people to make it so." Castor stopped and looked around him... when done looking for a moment, he and Pollux moved faster through the woods unto their destination.

"It must be good if you're this paranoid." Pollux mused.

"Oh yeah!" Castor cried out. "It is defiantly a GOOD idea! The best idea... hell, the only idea..." The twins laughed and carried on in their direction...

Eve awoke late in the next, her body warmed by the blazing fire, and a familiar feeling she hadn't felt in what seemed to be ages. Alissa's lips trembling with burning lust, puckering in various area's of Eve's flesh.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned as she took her pleasure in Alissa's soothing lips.

Though little pain still surged through her body... she was more than satisfied to succumb to Alissa's healing touch. The pure pleasure of feeling her lips touching her bare flesh. Teasing her sexual tension to the maximum point.

"I've missed you so much, it hurt." Eve said weakly, then making a little laugh. "Literally it did hurt a lot."

Alissa looked up into her lovers eyes and smiled. Her heart arming as Eve's smooth and gently hand reached down to caresses Alissa's hair. The two women locked in their eyes as their hearts seemed to speak to one another from an unknown place. The hot blood rushing through their veins as they beheld one another.

"I love you, Livia." Alissa scooted up a little and held the woman in her arms. "... but I still have so much hate for you."

Eve's eyes lowering as the sadness began to return. The love alone should be worth the retribution she'd face. But Alissa's hate was the one she did not want to take.

"Why did you hurt me like that?" Alissa asked her. "Why didn't you love me and let me love you the way we were meant to?"

"Because I was cold..." Eve answered. "I was cold and hateful. I was stupid and prideful. I was evil and spiteful.. I was Livia."

"You are Livia." Alissa said.

"My name is Eve." Eve stroked her lovers face. "My name has always been Eve, since my birth, but I let Livia take me somewhere I should not have gone."

"That will take some getting use to." Alissa commented.

"What will?"

"Seeing you as a wondering heroine instead of a ruthless Empress." Alissa kissed Eve's shoulder, gently and lovingly moving up Eve's neck. "calling you Eve. My love, Eve. How I love to love my one and only Eve."

Both of the women lost themselves in a trail of moans and near silent whimpers as their lips and hands explored each others bodies for the first time in years past.

"Ohhhh Eve..." Alissa moaned as she felt Eve's fingers slowly gain entrance into her sex from under her skirt. Lifting her hips slightly push forward to except the wonderful intrusion.

Eve's lips encircling Alissa's left nipple. Sucking it firmly while she massaged that same breast firmly in her free hand. She brought a loud groan from the beautiful woman as her hands and lips did their lustful deed.

"Mmmmm oh Eve." Alissa was shaking and trembling as the cold of the air turned to heat in Eve's touch. "Mmmmmm yeah."

Eve rose up and slowly removed her sari. Revealing herself once again, after years passed, to the woman who's desire burned to feel her there for so long. Her breast free of their casing and open to Alissa's touch. Her body no longer wrapped in cloth any longer as she lowered herself upon Alissa... their bodies rubbing together passionately. Their mouths playing the tune desire. Their tongues entwining in their panting groans, seeming to be frantic for the air of one another lungs as they held tightly in their glow.

"Love me, Eve." Alissa whimpered and panted. "Love me... love me... oh Gods!!! Oh my..." Her words cut off by Eve's lips in their return.

Alissa's knee was now between Eve's legs, as one of Eve's own knees were between hers. Their bodies frantically pumping together as they made the attempt to bring each other off in their obsessive link into one another.

"EVE!!!" Alissa was crying out as she felt her orgasm rise in her body unlike any time in the last years without Eve. "OOOH GOOODS EEEEVVVVE!!!!!"

Alissa's nails scratching at Eve's back and shoulders... her body trembling with a fierce force as her pussy contracted and throbbed from within. Feeling Eve's fleshy thigh rubbing against her sex as it sent her far over the edge.

Eve watched in fascination at the way Alissa face grimaced and her body shook as she brought her off, realizing how much she missed the sight of this beautiful girl in her throws of ecstasy. Vowing unto herself at this moment, that she would never let this one go again. She would live many nights to bring this beauty to her peek and watch as she let go.

"Oooooh Eve." She sighed as her ground shaking orgasm calmed itself. Her head swimming as she fell on the path of near unconsciousness. A feeling she had forgotten so long ago, but now revisited.

"Ohhhh, Eve." She sighed again as she ran her fingers through her lovers hair. Looking up into those seductive eyes, losing herself in them as she lay below her.

Their lips again came together in union. Puckering into one another... their arms wrapping around each others bodies as they allowed themselves to drift away from the world into their own, holding one another.

Eve let her lips come apart from Alissa's as she laid her head upon the girls chest. The two beauties drifting to their satisfied sleep while their naked bodies lay molded together in ecstasy... the sweat of their love making, covering them like a thin satin sheet. "I love you, Eve." The words spoken by Alissa, followed by Eve's own. "I love you, Alissa." In the chambers of Solan Khaymen, ruler of Endiria, the Lost City of Dahak. The Dark lord of Evil himself strolls upon his own grounds, growling in the desperate anger after the news of failure to find the escaped dozen had reached him.

He had earlier, days ago ordered his men to scower the land and those beyond to find those four. His number coming closer and closer, so says his master, for every day he fails to bring them all to Dahak.

The Gods Loki and Seth stood at the end of a large corridor waiting for the dark ruler to announce his voice.

Loki... the Norse God of mischief stood with his hands behind his back, his nose in the air. He had betrayed his family and joined the dark reign of Dahak, the King of the dark Gods. Many of the Norse Gods high up with their father Odin wished destruction upon Loki for what he had done. Being Loki, he just simply smiled and left... turning no head back to the home he had betrayed for this.

Seth... an Egyptian God. Murderer of his twin brother Osiris, rapist to his sisters. Rapist to the land of Good. He was the face of sorrow and dubbed the God of Death & Anguish among Dahak's legions.

They stood in waiting as the dubbed Prince of the Gods strolled past them in pacing through his anger. His shear frustration over the task he knew should have been nothing at all for the likes of Dahak's people.

"This is pathetic!!!" Solan roared.

"Why is Dahak so worried about them?" Loki questioned. "They are simple mortals. Nothing more... We could hunt them down and kill them ourselves!"

"You don't understand you moron!" Solan glared at Loki.

"Eve's blood is like yours, isn't it?" Seth in his proud but quiet persona asked him. "She gave Xena the power to kill Gods, but that was reversed when Xena died. Now Eve has that power and we are in danger if any of them figure it out."

"BEHOLD!" Solan's voice filled the room. "The God of wisdom speaks. In all the time you've been here, why the hell haven't you graced us with such fine wisdom until now?"

Any could see Seth's anger rising at the mockery towards him. This was certainly going no where....

"As long as we..." Solan spoke. "The dark Gods remain so few, this war will be futile on us all... If we just had more with us, than my sisters blood would be of no worry to us. The Olympians! Who from there force would join us?"

"I would!" A female voice spoke out. She walked among the three Gods with a hood and cape over her body. Her face coming just barely into the light...

"And who might you be?" Solan asked.

"My name is Velasca." The woman spoke. "I am an Olympian God..."

"It should just be over this bridge." Magnus called back to the three ladies as he gingerly walked up towards a bridge over cold water.

Nemesis was still too weak to walk, but she was well enough to ride on one of the horses. Eve and Alissa walking hand in hand like newly wed lovers, after their night of consummation their reunion. Smiles on their faces as they walked, eyes locked upon one another... their lips moving silently with words of love. Kisses blown at one another... flirting with each other with seductive eyes and "accidental" touches here and there.

"You two are so coy." Nemesis laughed weakly.

The two girls laughed as they came closer... their lips touching, their hands roaming, as they seemed to dance the way to the bridge.

"Do you think women could wed to women here?" Nemesis asked.

Eve blushed. Alissa sensed that there was something pleasurable behind that thought for her long ago lover.

"I don't know." Alissa said. "I would be nice wouldn't it?" She walked head a little. "Two beautiful women living out their days with one another..."

They all stopped short as they saw Magnus standing high on the other end of the bridge looking out in wonder at something.

They all moved closer and closer until they saw a huge mass of people. Some looked like Soldiers from different armies. A woman who looked like a beautiful but much older Xena walked among them, her arm in the arm of a man who seemed to be her husband.



Eve thought as she spotted a the short haired blonde in the crowed. Beside her stood two men... one was short middle aged with scruffy blonde hair, who wore something around his neck. The other looked like Joxer did, only more slime and muscled, like a warrior perhaps. A younger man came up beside Gabrielle. A crown upon his brow, marking him to be a prince.

Ares and his army stood in the crowd as well. Some of the other Gods... Artemis, Apollo, Discord, Hades, Athena, Hephestus. Even three Norse Gods... Thor, Balder, and Odin.

Ra was standing beside Discord. His sword at his side... no mission of peace was glowing from him, as it did a year ago when Eve first met him.

"Hey, there's my dad!" Magnus said. As he ran down to where Gabrielle was standing... when the man Autolycus had marched up beside her. The father and son came to a warm greeting as they embraced man to man.

"Eve?" Gabrielle called out as Magnus pointed to them.

"Gabrielle!" Eve waved to her. She ran down a ways to her mothers dearest friend and the two held each other tightly.

Alissa felt a pang of jealousy at Gabrielle. She also felt like she wasn't really going to like her much just by looking at her. But if Eve was her friend, than she would tolerate the woman for the time being.

"What's happening here?" Eve asked as her eyes trailed the masses.

"A war." Gabrielle answered.

"Between you and who else?" Eve asked.

"Dahak's forces..." Gabrielle grimaced at his name. "Gods are joining him one by one and soon he will have many."

Eve and Gabrielle walked to Alissa and Nemesis. Their heads looking towards the ground as they spoke.

"The Amazon I told you about, who tried to kill me." Gabrielle said.

"Yes... the one... um... Velasca?" Eve asked.

"That's her." Gabrielle answered. "She's free, and she's even more powerful than before. She's joined Dahak and his dark prince. The one named Khaymen."

"What do you know about Khaymen?" Eve asked.

"I know that he's the one who injured Hercules and left him unable to walk." Gabrielle looked towards Iolus, the middle aged shaggy blonde haired man. "I know other adventures but that's it... Xena tried to look into him, but she can find him."

"Because he's s..." Eve stopped herself, knowing her mother was present to listen.

"Because he's what?" Gabrielle asked.

"I need to speak with Alissa..." Eve turned.

Gabrielle marched up to stop her... her feet hitting the ground fast and hard as she put in the extra effort to take hold of the woman.

"Eve!" Gabrielle stopped her. "What is it?"

"Khaymen... he's... he's..."

"He's what?" Gabrielle asked impatiently.

"Gabrielle... Khaymen is my brother." Eve said. "Khaymen is... his name is..."

"Solan?" Gabrielle finished.

"Yes..." Eve was now in a deep sorrow as she watched Gabrielle's eyes widen and then weaken to a sorrow of their own.

"No..." Gabrielle said breathlessly as she turned to sit. Holding her head in her hands as she let the news settle inside of her.

"That's not all of it." Eve was now sobbing.

"What is it Eve?" Alissa came up behind them asking.

"Dahak... he's... he's... my..."

"He's what?" Gabrielle asked.

"He's my father!"

"I've never heard of you!" Solan glared at the woman.

"I'm not surprised..." Velasca answered. "Gabrielle never found it in her heart to write about me..."

Solan and the Goddess were standing in his chambers. Speaking alone, for, as some might say, and interview.

"How do I know I can trust you to be a part of this army?" Solan sternly asked her. "How do I know you wont try to kill any of us and tend for rulership of your own?"

"You don't..." She simply said. "You'd be fools to trust me. I would sooner kill every last one of you and take it all for myself, but the is one thing that keeps me from doing so."

"And what's that?" He asked.

"You have something that I want... something I cannot get anywhere else." She said. He stared questioningly at her. "Gabrielle."

"What are you talking about?" He said. "We don't have Gabrielle you stupid Amazon whore."

She laughed out loud and hard at his words... her laughter filling the room as her head tilted back far.

"I know." She calmed. "Of course you don't have her. But you will... and I want her. I'm willing to do anything I must to get her."

She watched as Solan's eyes trailed up and down her body. Looking over her flesh with a lust in his eyes.

"Even that." She said with a seductive smile.

"Even what?" He asked.

"Do I have to get dirty with words for you? Fine..." She leaned in close to him with her face just inches away from his own. "I'll fuck you... I let you fuck my pussy with that big cock of yours. I'll even let you fuck me in the ass. Then I'll stick that big son of a bitch in my mouth and suck it hard... I'll swallow your cum. You may even screw my tits and cum all over my face. Because, Khaymen... I love to fuck...and I'll let you fuck my brains out."

His face was red, flushed with heat as her words trailed deep into his brain. Sinking deeper and deeper, causing a stir from below.

"Is that what you wanted to hear?" She asked. "Oh... would you like to rape me. I could say no all you want. Of do you want me to called you, Solan... brother. Begging you to fuck little Eve hard!"

He looked at her in curious strange at the words she just spoke... how the hell did she know about Eve being his sister, and his real name?

"I know much, I know all." She cackled. "Now... are you ready to make that deal?"

He said nothing, but merely looked at the woman who now stood taller and began to shed her clothing. Letting her body come to light in all its glory... her breasts her where Khaymen's eyes went to first.

"You want them?" She asked. "then take them."

His hands reached for her, and looking into Velasca's eyes, Solan let out a growl as he threw her down and immediately came on top of her. His own cloths shedding from his body as their lips fiercely sucking at each other. Their bodies rubbing together roughly as they worked to remove any substance between his cock and her pussy.

"Fuck me!" She growled. Her venom dripping from her lips as she roar out to him. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me now!!!"

She bit and sucked at his neck and shoulder, her nails raking his back to drawing blood as he released his cock from its confines and immediately pumped down hard into her wet and dripping cunt.

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