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The Darkroom


Miriam folded her clothes, placed them neatly into her allocated locker and gave her body a once over in the changing room mirror. Not bad for a woman in her mid thirties she thought to herself, her stomach was still flat, her breasts still full and pert if a little on the large side. Her only drawback as she saw it was that her long dark nipples had disproportionately large areoles, but then nobody would see them tonight. Altogether she was doing all right, good enough to be worth fucking anyway. She squared her shoulders, hung her key around her neck, took a deep breath and prepared herself to enter 'The Darkroom' for the very first time.

She had discovered the existence of the club while exploring swingers clubs on the internet in one of her more adventurous evenings. Not that originally she'd had any intention of attending one. How can you swing when you're single?

But the concept behind this particular establishment intrigued her. Operating as a private members club to stay within the law, it encouraged singles to be members as well as couples, but that wasn't the attraction. It was the total anonymity that drew her. She had long wanted to push at her own sexual boundaries but the prospect of meeting an erstwhile partner in the street the next day had so far kept her in line. With the Darkroom that wouldn't happen.

For one thing it was located in a town about thirty miles south of her own, and for a second, no-one ever saw who else was there. There was a reception, a couple of changing rooms, and the main room where everyone met and where all the action took place, and that room was kept in total darkness. It was a large room, according to a photo on the webpage, around twenty-five feet by forty, with a platform around three sides, about a foot in height and six in depth, and padded with thick comfortable foam rubber under cotton sheets. Condoms and lubes for anyone who wanted either were kept in little racks attached to the walls, but apart from that the whole place was bare.

The rules were simple. Members must never give away their identity or try and discover that of anyone else, and 'no' most definitely meant 'no'. Anyone who broke either of these rules would be immediately banned - no discussions, no exceptions. Otherwise, anything that was legal was permissible.

A last quick check on her anxieties and then she grabbed the door handle ready to walk stark naked into a room full of strangers. There were quite a few in tonight, the woman who had signed her in had told her, not thinking that this was Miriam's first time and that such information only served to increase her nervousness. Never mind, she wasn't to know how Miriam felt, and it was only intended to convey that there was plenty of fun to be had tonight. She turned the handle and pulled, only to be faced with a tiny broom cupboard like space and a second door.

Of course, she thought, an airlock for light - a 'light-lock' - to keep the room in complete darkness. So they really did take anonymity seriously, that was good to know. She stepped into the cupboard, closed the door, took a final deep breath and opened the other, stepping resolutely through and closing it behind her.

She stood with a pounding heart, listening to subtle noises that betrayed the presence of others, and waited for her eyes to adjust, only to realise that in the complete darkness they never could. Never mind, she was there, she'd actually done it. Now all she had to do was to find a free place and see what happened. She set off in a random direction, forward but slightly to the left, holding one hand out in front of her and sliding her right foot forward over the carpet so as to find any obstacle before it tripped her. Slowly she edged across the open space until her toes ran up against the platform, and then she reached down, gingerly exploring and finding that she had, by chance, found an unoccupied spot. She sat down and eased herself on, sliding her bottom backwards before lying out full length, terrified and exhilarated in equal parts.

She lay listening to the noises around her. Apart from a general background noise of soft movements and breathing there were more specific sounds betraying kisses and sighs and skin sliding over skin. A little to her left she could hear a woman making urgent little pleasure noises, though she had no idea what they were induced by, and away to her right was the rhythmic sounds of actual lovemaking. She smiled to herself with excitement. If anyone had told her a month ago that she would have been lying naked in a room full of randy strangers, she would have laughed in their faces. Now, as she lay and listened to what was going on around her she could feel her body responding, getting ready to join in. She was determined that whatever opportunity presented itself tonight, she would not back away. Anything with anybody she had solemnly promised herself.

In the darkness she lay and let her own hands roam gently over her skin, imagining it was someone else and convinced that it soon would be. On her palm she could feel the thud of her heartbeat through her chest and her nipples were hard and engorged under her fingertips. Her left hand stopped and fondled her breast, but the other travelled on, down over her stomach until her fingertips were brushing over her freshly shaven pubes. She stopped, suddenly aware of what she was doing, but then she shrugged mentally, realising that nobody could see her even if they cared, and she opened her legs to let her hand play between them.

It was amazingly exciting, lying gently masturbating with her legs wide apart in a room full of strangers, listening to the sounds of sex going on all around her. A door opened and closed as someone came in, but she couldn't tell which changing room they had come from. Nor did she really care, she was lost in her own, almost audio-voyeuristic world, present in the middle of random and casual sex, but not yet a participant. Her finger rubbed gently on her clit and she could feel the excitement turning into arousal.

The noises to her left had stopped, but away to her right she could hear the growling grunts of a man thrusting deep as he climaxed. She shuddered from pure exhilaration at how naughty she felt, listening and playing in the dark. For all she knew that man was her own next door neighbour or her supervisor from work, the speculation only served to stimulate her further. She spread her legs wider to be even more daring, recoiling slightly but only momentarily as she felt her knee come up against another leg.

She let her knee rest on the disembodied leg, wondering if it were male or female, and wondering if its owner had registered the contact. Female, she thought from its smoothness, not that it mattered. She wondered if the woman, if such it was, knew what she was doing, if she could feel the tiny rhythmic movements of her knee as she masturbated, and decided that she almost certainly could. Her heart pounded even more to know that someone, a stranger, was probably aware that she was masturbating, and she could feel the very first signs of a possible orgasm.

For a few moments nothing happened, but then a hand landed on her leg. A couple of fingers at first as the woman groped out in the darkness, but then a whole hand settled just above her knee. She gasped quietly at the adrenalin the touch produced, but she didn't move away, reminding herself of her promise. Again, for a few seconds nothing happened, but then the hand was removed and the contact with her leg ceased as she sensed movement next to her. She could hear breathing now and a hand was placed back on her leg. She realised that the person had rolled over to face her and that they were literally inches apart in the darkness now. The thrill of it made her rub herself even more vigorously, her nascent orgasm beginning to grow, especially as she became aware that the hand had moved around to her inner thigh and was now slowly but surely moving towards her pussy and her own energetic fingers.

'Don't stop me.' She whispered into the dark.

'I won't.' The soft feminine voice was very close to her ear. 'I just want to feel you come.'

Acting on impulse she released the breast she had been fondling as she played and reached out, encircling the stranger's shoulders and drawing her closer. The woman shuffled nearer and Miriam could feel her body against her side, soft little breasts touching her own larger ones and slim thighs pressing up against the underside of her own widespread leg. The hand moved even closer to her pussy, resting at the top of her thigh, so close that Miriam could feel the side of it touching the first swell of her pussy lips. She was getting close to coming now, the intimate proximity of another woman making her feel hotter still. She found to her amazement that the idea of sharing her pleasure with someone else was adding to her arousal.

'I'm going to come soon.' She whispered excitedly, wanting her unknown companion to recognize just what was happening.

Both entrance doors opened and closed, signalling the arrival or departure of at least one man and woman, and then one went again as a single person passed through it. Miriam listened, wondering if anyone would join them before she came so that they could share in her orgasm. But it seemed it wasn't to be this time, for no-one came, but from across the room a female voice cried out in orgasm.

'That sounded nice.' Her companion whispered.

'It's going to be me soon too.' She murmured, smiling tightly to herself.

'Good, I love it when someone comes. Let yourself really go, yes?'

'I will.' Miriam's fingers were dancing over her clit now, as she got closer and closer. 'What about you?'

'Soon. I've already come once. I've just been fucked.'

Miriam remembered the noises she had heard as she entered and settled down, and their explanation sent a thrill racing through her. The knowledge of what had been happening was enough to finally trigger her gathering climax.

'I'm coming.' She gasped loudly, not caring who heard.

The hand on her thigh gripped hard in acknowledgement, fingers digging into the top of her leg, waiting for her climax. It was short sharp and explosive, lasting only seconds but making her arch her back and grip tightly onto the shoulder of her companion, her muscles suddenly tightening in spasm. She cried out, announcing her orgasm in a series of explosive gasps, her voice sounding wonderfully loud in her ears. Then just as suddenly it was over and she collapsed back, her chest heaving and her body suddenly turned to jelly.

'God, that was good.' She whispered between gasps.

'I could tell.' The voice smiled happily from beside her.

The two lapsed into silence as Miriam recovered, listening to the sounds of sex all around them, Miriam's arm still around her friend's shoulders and her hand in turn resting quietly at the very top of her thigh, the fingers moving softly to caress the junction between leg and body. Somehow Miriam didn't mind, she even moved her own tired hand out of the way to let her friend investigate, although she wasn't really thinking of expressly sexual contact. Even so, when it came, and the fingers began to trace along her labia, she didn't object, even enjoying the gentle touch on her still sensitive pussy.

'That feels nice.'

She said it without thinking, then drew a sharp breath when she realised she'd tacitly given another woman permission to touch her. But then she deliberately relaxed again, remembering her 'anything by anyone' promise. It's only a hand, and a hand is just a hand, she told herself, it doesn't matter the gender of its owner. In any case, in the dark she could always pretend it was a man.

'Just relax.' Her companion whispered, as if understanding her qualms. 'You don't need to do anything back.'

She did as she'd been advised, relaxing and letting the fingers play with her, enjoying their touch as they explored her pussy, feeling them part her labia and slide between to investigate her slit. Soon the woman's fingertips were running gently up and down her pussy, stroking her from clit to anus, sometimes very gently as if with a feather, and sometimes more firmly so that they threatened to enter her. She grasped the woman's shoulder hard, pulling her closer, feeling her hard nipple pressing into the soft flesh of her own breast, wanting to be touched but not quite sure how far she was prepared to let things go. She had come here expecting to find a man, and yet she was doing things with a woman. Not quite what she had in mind.

She smiled to herself, wondering what a light suddenly turned on would reveal. Would she find her partner attractive, was she the same age group, was she even the same colour? In the dark it didn't matter, and she wondered just how many people were doing things that they wouldn't even consider doing if they could see. It seemed so audacious, so sinful, and so beautiful.

Something touched her foot and the foam pad moved, and she realised that someone else was sitting down beside her opposite her anonymous partner. She wondered vaguely who it was, but decided she didn't mind so long as they didn't interrupt what was being done to her. The person shuffled around changing position, and an arm, she thought, collided with her side.

'Sorry.' A male voice apologised.

'No problem.' She answered. At least now she knew the sex of the newcomer.

The arm came back, attached to a hand this time that found and worked its way up along her arm, feeling its way and trying to work out who was there and in what position. Then, when the new hand had identified where it was, it began to slide over her shoulder and down her front until it came to rest on her breast. Now Miriam had one hand at her breast and another playing with her pussy, how good was that, she thought to herself? A gentle squeeze and then the man's hand moved on, going across to her other breast, and by doing so coming into contact with Miriam's other companion and stopping for a moment as the man absorbed the fact of there being two women present.

Miriam felt the arm slide across her abdomen and figured that the man's hand was tracing the female arm that led down towards her pussy, still trying to understand exactly what was going on. She wondered if she should tell him, but wouldn't know how even if she didn't want him to figure it out himself. The fingers inside her suddenly stopped moving at the same time as the man went stiff. She knew he had found out for himself.

'Oh! Sorry.' He sounded surprised. 'I guess this is ladies only, is it?'

'No. You're very welcome to join in.' Miriam's companion responded with a chuckle. 'We were just keeping warm while we waited for some men.'

Miriam wouldn't have put it quite that way, but she was happy to go along with the sentiment. She felt another hand on her pussy, this one probing to find her entrance and making her gasp with surprise at his boldness, and at the fantastic sensation of being touched by two different people.

She reached out sideways with her free hand, discovering the man's knees as he knelt beside her. It took her a moment to figure it out, but then she realised that he was kneeling over her, resting on hand on the base between her legs and her female companion's while the other played with her. Letting her hand slide along his leg she found what she was looking for, but to her disappointment he was only half hard. She wondered if the presence of someone else had served to put him off. She fondled his cock as she wondered if he could get a full erection.

She came to a quick decision and pulled herself into a sitting position, dislodging the two exploring hands, and then rolled over so that she was kneeling. The man had automatically sat back on his haunches, and it took her a moment or two's searching before her hand found his cock again, but then she leaned over and took it into her mouth, determined to make it hard enough for her.

There was a strange taste, she noticed, a pleasant, even sexy taste, but it took her a few seconds before she distinguished it. Then she knew that she was tasting the residue of another woman's juices. That, she instantly knew, was why he wasn't properly hard. He'd already fucked one woman. Was it, she wondered, the woman who had been touching her and whose hand was now stroking her back? She had no way of knowing who, but if she could only get him hard again she knew it would make him last longer for her. She licked and sucked at his cock, cupping his balls in the palm of her hand, trying to make him hard again.

Behind her the feminine hand stroked and caressed her back, fingertips trailing along her spine, roaming back and forth over her skin until it eventually dipped down into her cleft, running gently over her anus to find her pussy. She parted her lags a little in silent consent, groaning around the man's cock as a finger wriggled its way inside her. If only, she wished, if only there was a photo of this being taken so that she could treasure it afterwards as her most daring adventure ever. She tried to picture it in her mind even as she sucked at the cock, but she had no points of reference, nothing to give her any indication of what her two partners looked like. But then, they had no idea what she was like either. In the end she gave up trying to visualise and concentrated on the tactile sensations instead, enjoying the feel of a finger playing inside her pussy and a cock in her mouth. A cock, she noticed, that was now growing and extending into a full and prominent erection. She pulled her mouth away and looked up to where she thought his head should be.

'Fuck me.' She demanded bluntly.

She remained where she was and the man shuffled around her until she felt his hands find her hips. The finger withdrew from her pussy and she felt the tip of his cock skate over her bottom until it found her slit. There was a second or so's hesitation as he adjusted his position and then he slid home, his cock going deep into her wet and waiting pussy.

'Oh yes, that's what I want.' She told him.

His thrusts were powerful and solid, going deep each time before pulling back, waiting a second or so as if to tease, and then plunging back. She was still hot from her first, self-induced orgasm, and she knew it would not take much of that before she came again.

She had, for the moment, forgotten about her female friend, but then she felt the woman's hand feeling its way under her belly, reaching back until it found and cupped her pussy mound.

'More of that please.'

She was really speaking to the woman, but she kind of hoped the man would take it to mean him too. More of either or even both would be good. She was so glad she'd had the nerve to try the Darkroom, and now she felt so uninhibited that anything was possible. She smiled to herself in the darkness, wondering how she would feel if anyone using infrared had to enter, although she suspected that she wouldn't care. She spread her knees a little further and stuck her backside out, and then laid her head on folded arms in a kind of submission, inviting both to play with her.

And both seemed to know exactly what she wanted. The man adjusted his position to accommodate her new one and gripped her tighter, slamming himself hard up against her buttocks as he rammed his cock hard and deep into her pussy, while the woman began fondle her pussy from below, the combination sending her back on track to a second orgasm.

At one point the man paused abruptly, sensing the presence of other fingers, but it seemed only to stimulate him further, for he growled in appreciation and thrust in even harder, grinding himself against her as if to push his cock deeper. To Miriam it was pure heaven, being fucked by a total stranger -- as far as she knew -- and being played with by another, neither of them with any idea who they were playing with. She knelt submissively letting them do as they wished while she listened to the sounds coming from the rest of the room.

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