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The Date


I was standing on your front porch waiting patiently and was rewarded with your face smiling back at me. It was the kind of smile that glows from your eyes, one that told me you were happy to see me.

It had been a wonderful summer day and the early evening weather was turning out to not disappoint. One of those low humidity slightly cool but not too cold kind of times that make you breathe in deeply and be glad to be alive.

You open the door and slightly exasperated say, "Okay, I'm ready I guess. Where ARE you taking me?"

Where was I taking you indeed? You hadn't stopped asking since I'd called you earlier in the week and asked you on this date. My only clue to you was that you were to dress appropriately for the weather and be comfortable. The not knowing and not being able to plan ahead of time drove you crazy and I giggled to myself at your frustration.

I walked with you to my truck and opened your door for you. It's slightly high, so as gracefully and gentlemanly as I possibly could, I helped you inside. You were dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt there was no worry about a skirt or a dress riding up too high which made it easier for me to put my hands on either side of your hips and kind of give you a boost.

The drive to my secret spot was filled with very pleasant conversation. My heart beat a little faster and my smile grew wider when you took my hand in yours as I drove. I would never grow tired of holding your hand, such a small simple thing but still a symbol of your feelings for me.

I carefully and slowly drove down the lane for the park. I easily found a spot to park. It was later in the evening and there weren't many people using the beach, so we at least had some privacy.

Turning the engine off I climbed out of my side and walked around to open your door and helped you out. I walked around to the back of the truck opened the tail gate and pulled out a big blanket.

"Would you carry this for me please?" I ask you, holding the blanket out in your direction.

"Sure, but what are you planning?" You ask me for the millionth time. It was all I could do to keep from giggling out loud. Your quizzical smile doesn't make it any easier for me to contain myself.

I don't answer you but instead reach back to get a medium sized cooler and something cylindrical in shape wrapped in another blanket.

Carrying the two items under my arms I smile at you and say, "Please come with me, and I will reveal my surprise to you."

Without waiting for an answer from you I turn and carefully walk down the gentle slope of the sand dune. I picked a nice smooth sandy spot and put down the items. Together we stretch out the blanket.

Kicking off my shoes I look at you and say, "Hmm, take off your shoes and relax. The sand feels really good on bare feet. Besides I'm pretty sure there is some law somewhere that says it's an affront to nature to be on a beach while wearing shoes."

As usual you are good-natured and willing to go along with me. You take off your shoes and sit down on the edge of the blanket and look out over the water of the lake.

I got right to work and pour us each a glass of wine. As your sipping on your wine I dish out some of my homemade lasagna and a fresh garden salad on two separate plates. When I offer yours to you the look in your eyes is priceless.

"You did all this for me? How sweet." You used your 'aww look a cute puppy' voice when you compliment me and we begin eating, sitting on the sand side by side.

The food was good; my lasagna had turned out perfectly. We finished with fresh strawberry topped cheesecake for dessert. I moved and sat closer to you, and you snuggled into my chest.

"Most dates include a dinner and a show. We've finished the dinner part and now the show is just beginning. Look out over the water and watch, I promise it will be good," I whisper into your ear. You sighed contentedly and snuggled into me even more.

Following your line of sight, I turned my eyes out over the water. We sat together; holding each other as the sun slowly but steadily sinks into the lake like a giant ball of fire. The sky fills with an artist's palette of different hues of reds, purples and oranges. It's a sight I'd never grow tired of seeing.

As the darkness continued to descend upon us I get up and open the cylindrical package I had wrapped in the other blanket. I put the blanket over your shoulders carefully and you look to see that I had four tiki torches hidden inside. I plant one in each corner of the blanket you're sitting on and I light them.

I roll and fold the blanket roughly in half so that the light from the torches now shines on some bare sand. After turning on a small radio to some soft romantic music I move to stand in front of you.

"Will you dance with me?" I asked and held my hand out in front of me for you to take. Without a word you take my hand and stand up.

We move to the bare spot of sand and you wrap your arms around my back, mine go instinctively to your hips and we begin to slowly sway and move in time to the music.

Looking deep into your eyes I see the second sight of the evening I will never forget, the light from the torches reflecting in your eyes as they begin to water and you whisper that you love me while you begin to weep from happiness.

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