tagGroup SexThe Day After Ch. 3

The Day After Ch. 3


As I walked up the stairs with Nicola, I could have no idea of what the following weekend would have in store for me. Nicola was naked, except for suspender belt and sheer black stockings – and covered in sweat from her exertions with her family friends and stable staff. My cock was hard and Nicola led me by it to her bedroom. She slipped out of her cum-stained underwear and then slipped into bed with me. We lay in one another’s arms for an hour or so … before Nicola turned around and edged back into me. My cock nestled between her legs and rubbed against her moist slit. She slowly reached down, placed it inside her and went asleep. I too eventually went asleep but only after my cock softened and slipped out of her moist pussy.

We awoke to the muffled sounds of fucking in the rooms next to us. Nicola’s parents were obviously having an early rise and her little sister Penelope was also seeing a bit of action. I slipped out of bed and went to her parents’ bedroom door. Their guests from the night before were still here and there was a really horny foursome going on. I stood by their door and watched … idly stroking my cock as I did so.

Georgina was on top of Nicola’s dad and her mother Veronica was beneath Peter. Georgina was feeding her huge tits into Dave’s mouth while Peter fucked his wife beside him. I was hard in an instant and went off to see what Nicola’s horny little sister was up to. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw what they were up to. Penelope had brought her slut friend Zoey to bed with Georgina & Peter’s two equally horny daughters. All four were now eating one another for breakfast. Two incredibly noisy 69’s were in progress and Zoey was cumming.

Unable to contain myself, I staggered back to Nicola’s bedroom and crept up under the blankets from the bottom of her bed. She smelled delicious as I snuggled up behind her and quickly got my cock to its moist, creamy target … her neatly trimmed pussy and fat, pouting pussy lips. I wanted to fuck her immediately but I knew she’s need a bit of lubrication first. She was in the foetal position, so I slid sideways in order to get my face in line with her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy from back to front.

“Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh, that’s soooooo nice” she whispered and opened her legs so I could gain full access to her pussy. I licked her again and stuck my tongue into her now dripping pussy. I swirled my tongue around and sucked on her clit. She wriggled with the sudden onslaught on her sensitive clit but I clung on to her thighs with my hands and licked her again. Pinning her down on her back and prising her legs apart fully, I dived back down to her ripe pussy. She tasted so good in the mornings and I just loved the way she cums in quick succession … each one more intense than the last, until she finally goes into a long screaming orgasm and shouts obscenities. This morning was no exception and she held her pussy lips open for me to lick into another frenzy.

Once she had cum for the fifth time, she was screaming “Enough, enough … pleeeeeeease.” I positioned myself above her open legs and pressed down on her. My cock was dribbling pre-cum and her pussy was dripping with hers. I slid into her without any resistance and she wrapped her long legs around me. She came again and told me to fuck her until she couldn’t take any more. I fucked her with slow, deep strokes and she mewed with pleasure.

“Fuck me in the shower, please” she whispered “I want your big cock inside me in the shower.”

Nicola clung to me with her arms and legs as I eased up off the bed. I walked to the shower with her still impaled on my throbbing cock. She leaned backwards and turned on the water, as we positioned ourselves beneath the shower nozzle and waited for the water to spray us. As the first spray of cold water trickled down on us, we shivered and fucked until the water heated up. I pressed her back against the cold wall and pumped her pussy as best I could. She clung to the top of the door and let me watch her tits bobble in front of me as I thrust up into her. The hot water sprayed against my back and shoulders as I fucked her. I cupped her ass with my hands and she wrapped her legs around my back. Her tits were simply perfect, with erect nipples and wide areola – at least 34 C, maybe even a D-cup. I knew I’d not last long with her tits bobbling like they were and, just as Nicola came again, I began to squirt inside her.

“Oh yes … of fuck, yes … I can feel you cum inside me” she panted “I can feel you. Oh God, you’re pumping pints into me. Oh yes, cum inside me.”

I just stood there. My vision blurred and my balls emptied their load into her hot, wet cunt. She squeezed me with it and milked my balls of the last drop. When I had finished cumming, she wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close. Her big, heavy tits pressed against my chest. I wanted to cup them and squeeze them but her ass was in my hands and I was supporting her with them since her legs had lost all power to grip me when she came. My cock throbbed inside her and I could feel our cum beginning to ooze out of her and on to my balls and thighs. And when my cock began to soften, she eased herself off of me and stood up rather shakily. We hugged and kissed and began to wash one another. She turned around and I soaped her back and arms. Then I soaped her ass and legs, before rolling my hands around to her front and slowly lathering her tits and tummy. It was a very tender moment at the end of some savage fucking.

We dressed and got ready to go out shopping. We had been invited to a fancy dress party later on that evening and we had to find outfits. Penelope and Zoey were also invited, so we went out as a foursome to the local town centre. The girls all wore jeans and jackets and looked very much like members of the “horsey set” that seems to frequent the small boutiques and speciality shops in the many small villages of the Home Counties around London. They bumped into friends, exchanged air kisses and went about their shopping expedition for tonight’s fancy dress party. Zoey and Penelope seemed to favour a pixie theme and, given their long dangly teenage legs, this seemed to be quite reasonable. Nicola wanted something more devilish, perhaps even something with whips and chains. Yes, she was quite a vamp for her young age and I was so looking forward to seeing her in her costume because, whatever theme she chose, I knew she’d be sexy as hell!

We went into one particular shop and, to my surprise, it was a theatrical supplies shop. Nicola knew the owners and she exchanged a very friendly hello with a 40-something woman behind the counter. It was about 12.30 and the woman mentioned something about closing for lunch but it being ok for us to stay and look through her props. She locked the door and turned the sign around to say CLOSED to the outside world. Leaving us alone, she went upstairs. For lunch, I supposed.

The outfits were amazing. Every kind of occasion and character were there, neatly arranged by theme. We browsed through a few racks and Nicola decided to try on a few outfits. There were three small cubicles at the back of the shop and the two other girls were chattering away excitedly to one another. I ignored this and watch Nicola disappear behind a screen with a black satin cat suit, including a long black tail and pointy ears. She emerged after a few minutes of shuffling behind the screen. Wow, what an outfit. It was skin tight and she looked so sexy when she wiggled her bottom in front of me.

“This little pussy may need feeding” she whispered at me “and I do hope you have its favourite food with you.”

I smiled and grabbed her. She wriggled and tried to break free … but not too hard … I think she wanted to be caught by the big bad man wandering about the shop with a hard-on in his trousers. She had removed her bra and her breasts felt so smooth encased as they were in smooth satin. She eyed my hard cock and smiled.

“Mmmmmmm, I can see you like my new outfit” she giggled. “Perhaps this is the one I shall wear. But I know I shall need a few minor adjustments before we go out tonight. By the way, where is Penelope and Zoey? They were here a minute ago.”

I looked around the room and spotted Penelope. Zoey was in a cubicle changing into something. I walked over to them. They sniggered as they spotted my hard cock lying flat across my trouser leg.

“Has Nicola been teasing you, John” asked Penelope. She kept her eyes on my cock and licked her lips.

“Is it that obvious?” I replied.

“Well, yes … sort of” she quipped.

“I’d say it was very obvious” she replied.

“What do you think of this?” asked Zoey, stepping out from her cubicle.

“Oh yes, its definitely you” replied Penelope. “What do you think, John?”

Zoey was wearing a tiny little tutu with white stockings and matching suspender belts. Her pussy was on display and her tits were bulging out of the top of the tutu. She had a white hair band, with white horns sticking out of each side. She looked so young and yet soooo sexy. Penelope, standing beside me now, was rubbing my erection through my trousers. I was throbbing again.

“Oh yes, I think he likes it, Zoe” quipped Penelope.

“Oh goody, lets find something for you Pen” replied Zoey as she reached forward to grasp my cock.

“We can’t do this in here” I hurriedly responded “what if the lady comes back from her lunch.

“No problems” whispered Penelope “she’s a friend of the family and if I know my family’s friends, she’s upstairs watching this on the security cameras and fingering herself silly.”

Zoey knelt down in front of me and waited for Penelope to fish my cock out of my pants. Penelope unbuckled my belt and opened my zip, then Zoey pulled my pants down around my ankles. Without even hesitating for a second, she swallowed my cock whole. She was an excellent cock sucker and her tongue was a like a slippery eel wrapping itself around my cock. Penelope stripped down and went over to a rail with old style dresses and tried one on.

“No, this is way too fussy” she snapped “and it will take me ages to get it off when I see someone I want to fuck later on tonight. Maybe I just need a pair of horns for my head and just go in some of Nicola’s sexy black underwear!!! I love that stuff. I get wet as soon as I put it on.”

“Nice cock, mister” said a strange voice from behind me. It was the owner. I was speechless with fear but I shouldn’t have worried. She took my cock in her hand with a firm grip, sliding up and down its length, slimy from Zoey’s saliva and my own pre-cum. “Mmmmmmm, are you going to the fancy dress party at the Jones’ tonight, girls?” she added in a very business-like manner.

“Yes” replied Zoey “and we want something sexy to impress the men.”

“And the women too, my dear” replied the lady “I do hope you’re going to share equally.”

“Oh yes, most definitely” interrupted Nicola “but I need a few minor adjustments to this outfit. I love it but I want to be able to fuck in it.”

“No problem” she replied “take it off and let us see what we can do for you.”

“By the way, John” added Nicola “this is Melanie. She’s a friend of the family. Got divorced last year and Daddy helped her get back into the saddle, so to speak.”

With that, she slipped out of her cat suit and handed it to Melanie. They walked over to a counter and chatted amongst themselves. Melanie took a dress-making scissors and cut a wide diamond in the crotch. I almost came in Zoey’s mouth when I saw Nicola put it back on and Melanie checking out how available her pussy was as she bent down in front of her. Nicola smiled at me and closed her eyes as Melanie fingered her from behind.

“I’ll check your new design out right now” she added “as she reached into a drawer beside the bench. “Nope, its not here … I’ll be back in a few moments. Just hold on to that pose, please. I have just the tool for that.”

Nicola watched Zoey suck my cock and kept smiling that knowing smile. I had a funny feeling she knew what was about to happen. I certainly didn’t. Melanie walked down the stairs and lifted her skirt. She had an enormous strap-on dildo and bounced it in front of Nicola. Nicola dribbled saliva all over it and began to lick it. My cock throbbed inside Zoey’s mouth and she teased my cock mercilessly with her tongue. I watched as Melanie walked around behind Nicola and plunged her plastic cock deep inside Nicola. She gasped at the suddenness of it all. I could see her cleavage wobble as Melanie fucked her from behind.

“Oh my, I have suddenly come across all horny” interrupted Penelope “and you know what that means, don’t you John” as she dropped her panties in front of me and bent over. Zoey continued to suck on my cock as I fingered Penelope. She was wet. She was very, very wet.

“Fuck me now, please” she pleaded “give me some cock John. I know Nicola doesn’t mind and, if you know how much Zoey loves to lick me clean afterwards.”

I grabbed Penelope’s slender hips and waited for Zoey to place my cock between her eagerly awaiting pussy lips. Zoey scratched my balls gently as I eased forward and into Penelope. Both sisters were now staring into one another’s eyes as they got fucked like two little bitches in heat. Meanwhile, Zoey waited patiently beside us – ready to lick Penelope cunt when my cum started to dribble out.

Melanie was pumping Nicola for all she was worth now. Nicola was cumming and cumming hard. I was fucking her little sister and watching Nicola’s tits bobble in and out of her cat suit. She had opened the zip and her bare breasts had begun to spill out. Her nipples were fully erect and she had her hands on her knees as she tried to maintain her balance. Melanie had removed her own dress and I could see her big tits wobble behind a sexy black bra. I could also see her strap-on. It was a double dildo and the other half was buried up her own pussy. She was cumming and Nicola was squealing with delight on the other end of the dildo. I couldn’t hold on any longer. My balls lifted and I began to empty them into Penelope’s tight little pussy.

I squirted my all into Penelope and allowed Zoey to lick her out. I staggered over to Nicola and allowed her to suck my cock as Melanie finished her off from behind. I turned to watch the other two. Penelope was standing up and Zoey was underneath her. I could see her tongue lapping at Penelope’s pussy and clit. Penelope was cumming again and Zoey was fingering herself furiously. I turned back around as Nicola began to suck my cock dry and I could not resist groping Melanie’s big tits. She just continued to fuck Nicola from behind and managed to make her cum once more. My cock slipped from Nicola’s mouth as she began to tremble and scream. I slipped behind Melanie and began to finger her ass. That pushed her over the edge. She began to cum. Nicola stood up and pushed the dildo back and forth into Melanie. Between the two of us, we managed to make her crash into a massive orgasm and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“Well, well, well … that’s my outfit chosen” whispered Nicola “what are you going to wear, honey.”

I sniggered but I knew I had to find something. Penelope and Zoey had theirs + Nicola had a crotchless cat suit. My cock stirred when I thought about her dancing with her bare crotch rubbing up against some lucky guy. Hell, it might even be me, I thought.

“OK” I replied “how about I go as your love slave? Or I’ll wear a devil’s outfit, complete with horns and tail, if you like.”

“Yes, that has a certain cachet to it” Nicola added “you’re the horniest little devil I’ve ever met.”

Zoey and Penelope nodded in agreement.

“Ahem, I think I may need to re-open the shop soon, girls” interrupted Melanie “its almost 2pm and I have a few people scheduled to collect outfits.”

We all got dressed and Melanie made the adjustments to Nicola’s outfit. She stitched a neat seam around the crotch and adjusted the cap so that the whiskers and feline nose + whiskers disappeared and sewed on a pair of red horns. All you could see of Nicola’s pretty face was her chin and mouth + eyes. She was like a cross between Cat Woman and Satan’s little sister. I was now very much looking forward to this party and wondered who else would be there.

We went back to the house for dinner. The girls went back to their rooms to shower and change. I was so horny. I had a raging hard-on all the way back from the shop and Penelope did her best to keep it that way by groping my cock as we went home. I came down for dinner ahead of the girls. Dave was in the kitchen playing with Beatrice’s tits. As usual, she was wearing one of her sexy ‘French maid’ outfits and Dave had his nose down her cleavage and his fingers in her hot pussy. Pierre (the butler) was getting a blowjob from the groom (Andrea). This did little to abate my erection. I staggered into the sitting room. Nicola’s mother (Veronica) was in there. She was sitting on the sofa watching television.

“Has my little girl been teasing you, John” she asked “her eyes plainly zeroed in on my cock.”

“Ermmm, yes and no” I replied “I was just thinking about the fancy dress party tonight. I met Melanie today and she is going too, I believe.”

“Well, I may be able to do something to alleviate that little throbbing pain you have” she replied “now come over here and let me see to it.”

I whipped out my cock and walked towards her. It swung from side to side as I walked slowly towards her. Not to be outdone, she leaned forward and let me see down her beautiful cleavage. She also spread her legs a little, then crossed them … letting me see her stocking tops. She was all-woman and incredibly sexy. She licked her lips when I got close. Grabbing my ass with both hands, she pulled me towards her and began to lick up and down my erect cock. She was aroused. Very aroused. And when I slipped a hand down into her cleavage, she growled a low pitched sexual sound that made me stop dead. She enveloped my cock head with her red lips and licked beneath my cock head, as she opened her blouse and front-opening bra so I could play with her tits. Her big brown aureola puckered and puffed up with my rough touch. I pinched her erect nipples and then cupped her big pendulous breasts.

“I don’t want a blowjob, Veronica” I snarled “I want to fuck you here and now.”

“Oh good” she replied “because I am very wet from listening to everyone else get laid. There’s nothing on the television and I’ve been fingering myself for the past hour or so.”

She lay back on the sofa and spread her legs. She had no panties on. Just black stockings. She spread her legs and lifted them high in the air. Pulling them behind her elbows, she spread her cunt lips apart with her fingers and beckoned me to fuck. Her cunt was creamy and slick. I slid in easily.

“You’re very wet, Veronica” I whispered “have you been watching those naughty videos again?”

“Yes” she replied “and I was fingering myself just as you came down the stairs. I was tempted to keep on doing it but I guessed you might not be in the mood – having spent an exhausting day shopping. I completely forgot just how horny you are. My daughter is one lucky girl having a boyfriend like you. Come to think about it, we’re all lucky, seeing as how you spread that big cock of yours about so much. Now get it into me and fuck me the way I need it!”

I plunged into her without further ado. Her pussy was so soft, so incredibly wet. My trousers dropped to my ankles and I fucked her hard and fast. Veronica lay back and took all I could give her. Her breathing got irregular and she began to cum almost instantly. She must have been close when I walked down the stairs and the sight of my stiff cock must have kept her close.

“Oh yes, fuck me John” she hissed “give it to me hard. I need it. I want it deep, you fucker. Fuck me deep and cum inside me.”

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