tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Deacon Ch. 02

The Deacon Ch. 02


Kairen tried to stop the trembling in her hands. She had always considered herself an intelligent, strong woman, but the events of the past couple of weeks was making her head spin - and when she thought about those events too much, they also made her fat nipples stiffen and her small, neatly trimmed pussy to throb and moisten.

She was finally going to let her boyfriend make love to her tonight, and she had chosen her outfit with care, a rather racy, tight white button up shirt that showed off her magnificent breasts perfectly, a black skirt that came to just above her knees, and white lingerie, with stockings and a garter belt, and an even more scandalous bra than she had been wearing when Steve Hillsborough and the Deacon had fucked her brains out.

The bra was easily visible through the shirt, and you could see where her soft tit flesh pushed over the edge of the bra slightly, but she was also wearing a hip length light jacket to cover herself until she was alone with Tad.

The thought of Steve made her nipples tighten further, and she shook her head. He and the Deacon had tricked her into fucking them a week ago, but three days ago he had come to the church office where she worked part time some days.

She had been the only on in the church, and had dressed in a rather shapeless loose thin zip up sweater and a pair of the stretchy pants that she loved. The sweater just came to the tops of the pants, so it showed her ass off perfectly, but she was the only one in the church.

Until Steve and another man named Matt Jenkins showed up.

"Hi Kairen, this is a work associate of mine, Matt Jenkins - don't worry, we locked the outer door, I think we're here alone."

"Umm, yes," she said, shocked to see the man there. He was handsome, she thought, and Matt Jenkins was probably a bit better looking, and slightly older than Steve, but not as old as the Deacon. She got up and walked around the desk she was sitting at, and noticed that both of the men's eyes immediately dropped to her long legs, accentuated by the tight dark gray stretchy pants she had on. She was uncomfortably aware that they would be able to see the panties and her 'camel toe' through the thin pants, and shivered despite herself.

She should have stayed behind the desk!

"Umm, well," she said softly as the two men openly surveyed her curvy body; Matt was staring directly at her firm breasts now; the sweater was loose, and zipped right up to her neck, but she realized it did cling to her large, perfectly formed breasts, giving him a good view of her round, soft fun bags.

She felt her nipples stiffen slightly as the men leisurely surveyed her body, and then Steve said from one side of her, touching her arm as he did so, "She had a little trouble with a couple of college guys a little bit ago, Matt, I just thought we would swing by and check on you," Steve smiled down at her, and he squeezed the back muscle of her upper arm familiarly.

That sounded innocent enough, but when she glanced downwards she saw a definite bulge in his slacks, and she felt herself blushing deeply. "What did these guys do, honey?" Matt said, and reached out and began rubbing her back, much like Steve had done that day.

She felt as though the two men were towering over her, and clenched her jaw slightly, trying to stop the trembling which was racing through her tummy, and making her breasts and shaven pussy tingle. She was not sure what to say, but she was sure she should get out from between the two men; the feel of their big, hot hands was making the tremors racing through her body grow more intense.

She would go sit back behind the desk, she told herself, but instead she just stood there between the men; she did not know what to do with her hands - at that thought her nipples stiffened even further, and she felt her ears going red as she had an insane urge to reach out and touch the men's cock bulges!

Instead, she crossed her arms under her breasts, not really realizing that it pushed them into even greater prominence through the little sweater. "They, umm, they called me a slut and tried to feel me up," she finally answered softly, looking up at Matt. He smiled back at her, but his blue eyes were laser sharp, and his hand slipped a bit lower, till he was rubbing her rounded hips.

"Maybe it would help if you replayed the scene," Matt said softly, smiling down at her, and Kairen's stubby nipples grew even stiffer at the man's suggestion.

Steve laughed softly: "I helped her with that the other day, didn't I Kairen? Do you want to tell Matt how that went?" He said softly, and then was reaching out and rubbing one of his fingers across her stiff right nipple.

Kairen's short, curvy frame jerked and she could not stop a soft shudder that raced through her body. She tried to ignore what Steve had just said, and decided she would ignore his finger pressing and rubbing her nipple as well, but it was causing her breath to come in increasingly jagged gasps. With a soft moan, she felt Matt's hand sink lower until he was rubbing his palm over her plump, beautifully curved asscheeks, showed off to great extent by her super tight stretchy pants.

As though moving in amber, she finally tried to brush Steve's hand away as he began actually pinching and twisting on her stiff, sensitive nipple; she realized she was huffing gently. As soon as she moved her hand away from her breast his finger was right back at her nipple, though. She gazed up at him, not believing he would be doing this!

She felt Matt's hand now cupping her pert, super soft ass cheeks, and then she felt his big strong hand beginning to knead her sensitive flesh as well.

"You're not a slut, are you?" Matt asked, and she looked up at him, startled that he would say such a thing! Kairen froze, not sure what to say or do as Matt's hand began squeezing her plump, tender ass cheek in his hand a bit harder, and Kairen stammered: "No, of course not, I'm supposed to be getting married in the next two months!"

She looked away from his eyes and shuddered softly, but still did not say anything as his big hand became bolder on her curvaceous ass cheeks; through the thin fabric of the stretchy pants it almost felt as though he were fondling her naked flesh!

"So, you did let us feel your tits the other day," Steve said from the other side of her. She was worried that he would talk about how he had tricked her into deepthroating him and sucking him off.

"No, of course not," Kairen murmured, shooting him a glance and noticing that his cock had grown quite a bit larger. "I didn't let you, you - you just did it," she murmured, and tried to brush his hand away again, but he simply switched his attention to her other breast, teasing, then rolling her stiff, supersensitive nipple in his fingers.

She jerked again and could not stop a soft gasp; she bit her lip and looked at Steve from lowered eyes.

"She's got great tits, Steve, those guys must have been idiots, honey," Matt said, rolling her soft ass cheeks

"That's exactly what I thought," Steve said; Kairen had finally stopped trying to brush his hand away; she was trying to control her panting as Steve began squeezing her round, soft globe in his palm, sinking his fingers deep into her soft flesh through the thin sweater and bra.

Matt reached down and unfastened his belt and pants, then pulled out a long, thick cock. Kairen swallowed and tried to ignore the man's rampant prick as Steve unzipped her sweater. She grunted and clenched her jaws. "Please, I . . . uhn, uhhh, oohhh, I wish you wouldn't do that Steve! I - I don't know how much longer I can stand!" she groaned and Steve unhooked the small bra clasp between her breasts, allowing her firm round melons to spill out of the sexy little bra. He flicked her stubby stiff nipples with his fingers, and she grunted and jerked softly every time.

She dimly felt Matt reach down and grasp her hand, and a moment later he was pushing her palm against his angry shaft.

She shook her head, and shot him an innocent, hurt look, biting her full lower lip. She also wrapped her long fingers around the man's bulky cock.

"Steve, be a gentleman," Matt said, scooping one of her large, heaving breasts up in his big right hand. He squeezed it strongly, bringing another shudder to Kairen's short, curvy frame.

She began sliding her small sweaty hand up and down Matt's angry shaft.

"You're right," Steve said, and then he was pushing Kairen down gently on her shoulders till she collapsed to her knees; she realized her hand was still sliding up and down Matt's fat cock, and unconsciously squeezed his bulbous knob, smearing his precum around.

He grabbed one of her breasts with one hand, and gripped her ponytail with the other, then calmly guided her head forward. Her half open mouth bumped into his fat, velvety cock knob.

Kairen pulled back from his angry knob and looked up at him, and shook her head, but he pulled her forward again, her soft pink lipstick smeared off on his bulbous knob.

With her hand still running up and down his thick, veined shaft she finally began laving her tongue over his bulbous, leaking cock crown, and mewled in forbidden delight as Matts hand pulled her forward a bit more roughly. Her small tongue slipped between her full lower lip and his shaft as he began guiding her slack, juicy mouth up and down his shaft.

During her mouth's trip back up the shaft to his leaking cock knob her tongue would retreat, curling around the shaft, and then slip back out between her full lower lip and his cock flesh as he pulled her head forward, sinking several inches into her mouth.

She blushed brightly as she heard the slurping sounds she was making around the man's fat dick; she felt her pussy tingling uncontrollably, and her breasts felt like they were going to explode. She could not believe the simple act of a strange man fucking her softly sucking mouth could make her that turned on. She felt him let go of her hair, and bobbed her head up and down his leaking shaft several more times before he pulled her mouth off of his fat, rock hard dick.

She felt her other hand being grabbed, and a moment later Steve had pulled her hand to his fat shaft so that she was jerking both of the men's cocks as she knelt between them.

She turned her head and looked at Steve's big cock, then leaned forward and slowly wrapped her full, pouty lips around his knob. She mewled softly when his hand grabbed her hair, and then he was fucking her sucking juicy mouth, harder than Matt had been.

She had the sense of mind to wrap her full lips around her even white teeth as she shuddered into a powerful orgasm, and slowly regained her senses realizing that Steve was making her deepthroat him. The men took turns fucking her willing mouth over the next few minutes, and then deepthroating her as they played with her big tits. She gasped and moaned and sucked harder and harder, and finally Steve's fat cock began shooting copious amounts of cum into her mouth.

"Fuck yeah, suck that fuckin cock you little fuckin' slut!" he growled, holding her head so that just the knob was in the luscious ring of her lips. Kairen swallowed his thick cum as she shuddered into another mini orgasm; she felt his cum dripped from the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin and onto her swaying breasts.

She finally pulled her mouth off of Steve's now softening cock, and got her full lips around Matt's cock right before he roared and shot off into her hungry, sucking mouth!

After the two men were done with her she went to the washroom and cleaned herself up, thankful that the church had been empty. She wiped the cum off of her face and breasts, and was making sure there was nothing on the shirt and bra, which were both laying on her desk, when she heard the door swing open behind her.

She whirled around, automatically crossing her arms over her breasts, and saw Ben Goodman, the maintenance man at the church.; He was a rather rough looking older black man, she would guess in his late fifties or early sixties, and was somewhat overweight, but he was as big as a bear, and immediately she felt dwarfed.

"Oh, Hello, Kairen," he said, and stepped on into the room. "Is everything all right honey?" He said, advancing to her, his eyes widening at the sight of the petite, curvy fiancée struggling to cover what looked like a pair of very nice tits.

"Um, yes, Mr. Goodman, everything is fine," she said softly. She automatically sat down on a wide bench at the side of the room next to her desk, trying to cover as much of her breasts as was possible with her slim arms and hands.

She looked up at him, and was suddenly aware that she had put herself at the perfect level for him to fuck her mouth with his fat cock.

She shook her head at that thought; not all men were animals, she told herself, but tried to ignore the way he was staring at the exposed sections of her breasts.

"What's going on here, Kairen?" He said softly, and quickly surveyed the sweater. He saw something which made his heart stop and his fat cock lurch as she said she had spilled something on the sweater and was just cleaning it.

He reached out, and wiped off three medium sized drops of a thick whitish looking fluid, and then looked back at her. "What's this?" he asked, holding his fingers out to her. She was blushing deeply, and tried to ignore what he had just wiped off with his thick fingers. She was not doing a great job of covering her heaving breasts. She shook her head mutely. "I - I think I'd rather not say, sir," she said softly.

"Well, it looks like cum to me," he said simply, and then was reaching out the hand he had scooped the drops of cum onto, holding out two fingers. "Maybe you could taste it and tell me if I am right?"

Kairen was completely shocked when he pushed the tips of two fingers to her wide, plump lips. He pushed against her super soft, luscious lips with his calloused fingertips; she stared up at him, and purely by instinct let her jaws sag open so that her mouth was open in a perfect O. He smiled, and pushed his fingers into the young woman's mouth.

He pushed down on her tongue, and then was slowly pushing his fingers in and out of her mouth as though it was her pussy, and smiled when she shut her eyes and began licking and sucking at his fingers. She finally somehow turned her head to the side, and reached up with one hand to pull his fingers from her mouth. Her other hand was now gripping the edge of the wide wooden bench, leaving her breasts completely exposed; they swayed on her fine boned chest, round and high with just the right amount of sag to them, her nut-brown nipples stiff and pointing outward like little fingers.

"Was that cum, Kairen?" He asked softly as she let go of his hand. He grabbed her wrist, and then was pushing the hand that had just been holding him onto his crotch. She was breathing deeply, and shaking her head slightly.

He reached out and grazed his fingers against her stiff nipples, and she made a whimpering sound that straightened his dick even further under her small hand; her body jerked, and she shook her head no, but he noticed that she did not pull her hand away from his now almost rock hard cock!

"P . . . Please, Mr. Goodman, I really wish you wouldn't touch me like that!" She gasped softly; she finally let go of the edge of the bench with her left hand and brushed his hand away from her nipple, but he moved it smoothly to her other breast and began pinching and tugging on her nipple instead of just rubbing it.

She lurched on the bench again, and tried halfheartedly to push him away again, but he noticed that her right hand did not move from his crotch; in fact, she had begun pressing on his rock hard bulge, and now began sliding her small hand up and down the lump in his trousers.

"Take it out for me, Kairen," he commanded, squeezing more of her delicious, round breast. He could not believe how soft it was, or how she reacted to his rough titty play, grunting softly and jerking on the bench!!

She gaped up at him for a long moment, and then shyly reached up with both hands to unfasten his belt. She bit her lip and finally pulled the zipper down, and gasped when his giant cock popped out - it had to be at least a foot long, and was bigger around than her wrist!

She automatically grabbed the bulbous head with her right hand, and began squeezing his plum sized purple cock head; already precum was beginning to leak out of it. Her mouth hung open in awe, and as the precum began smearing onto her palm she began sliding her small fist up and down the massive cock; it was wreathed in thick veins and was a dark color with a deep, purple head.

Ben Goodman grinned widely; he was now using both hands to molest her heaving dream breasts, and he began pulling forward on them. "Mr. - umm, Mr. Goodman, I don't think it will fit in my mouth!" She gasped softly as his rough titty play was making her pussy start to pulse again.

A moment later her plump lips bumped into his bulbous cock head, and she began licking the leaking knob despite herself, then began running her tongue up and down the sides of his fat, monster shaft; she realized she loved the feel of his fat dick against her tongue. It was making her mouth water, and her pussy was now pulsing in time with her heart!

She reached the tip, and opened her jaws as wide as they could go; amazingly to her, she was able to fit his giant knob past her lips and even white teeth easily. Her cheeks hollowed as she began sucking softly on his rod, and after a few moment she felt him beginning to sway, fucking one, then two inches into her softly slurping mouth. Soon enough he was butting his fat cock against the back of her throat, but before she could really try to deep throat him, he said: "That's enough!", and pulled his dick from her still sucking mouth.

"Mr. Goodman, what's wrong?" She asked as he picked her up and set her on the desk. He pushed her so she was lying flat on her back. He gripped her stretchy pants and panties and pulled them off of her long, shapely legs, and then spread her legs, putting them against his chest. "Ohhnnnn, nooo, god, I think it's gonna be too big, Mr. Goodman!" Kairen gasped as she felt his big, spongy knob pressing against her now shaven pussy, then gradually withdrawing, pushing forward, and gradually withdrawing. The next time he pushed forward she felt her juicy pussy lips open around his head, and she grunted and gasped as he pushed several inches of his fat, foot long dick into her slight frame!

Kairen blushed at the sounds she was making as the maintenance man rocked into her, going a half inch or an inch deeper each time. She felt herself sliding away from him, and reached out with her hands, which had been covering her breasts, to grip the edge of the desk and pull herself back towards the edge, so her ass was right at the edge.

Her breasts began rolling and bouncing as Ben grunted in satisfaction: "That's a good little slut, Kairen - your pussy feels so good, how do you like that big fuckin cock?"

Kairen blushed deeply, but she did not answer - she was moaning almost constantly now, but her hands still gripped the edge of the desk, keeping her in place for Ben's strengthening thrusts. The older man reached out with his big hands and began rubbing and squeezing her soft breasts again, and then his loins were locking tight with hers, and there were now slapping sounds as he slammed into her. She realized she was chanting to herself as she rocked into a giant orgasm, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!"

She was not sure how long she was in that state, the waves of the orgasm making her body twist and writhe against his rutting thrusts. She groaned in delight as he flipped her over and spread her legs; she simply collapsed on the desk top as he guided his dripping prick to her pussy, and then he was quickly fucking her from behind.

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