tagInterracial LoveThe Debauchery of Hope Ch. 02

The Debauchery of Hope Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

Author Note** Props to Todd Solondz for the fuck scene idea.

* "This isn't me..this isn't...this can't be..this is not who I am...," the mortally wounded voice of Hope's pride and decency berated inside her head.

Anxiously putting one foot in front of the other as she made her way down the otherwise silent hallway between Coach Addison's office and the boy's locker room, Hope simply couldn't fathom how her life had changed in the past ten minutes.

"If that's not what you are then what is that drying on your cheeks and chin?" another more sarcastic and probing voice in her head chided her already fractured ego.

The lonely echo of her footsteps filling the hallway as she staggered on flimsy knees towards the locker room door, Hope could feel another helping of LJ's semen wash into her belly each time she swallowed. There was nothing philanthropic or charitable about what she was doing, only the blind and selfish pull of what may happen on the other side of that door.

Pushing the heavy wooden door open, like a ghost Hope quickly disappeared inside. She was immediatly met by the age-old smell of a boys locker room. Having never been in one herself, the 5% bleach and 95% stench of sweat was everything and worse than she imagined it to be. Still, the raw pheromones and stark maleness that filled the air caused Hope's loins to swoon as she carefully navigated the cramped space, fearful that at any moment a stray student might pop up from the banks of lockers.

In reality, Hope had nothing to fear. She and LJ were in fact the only two souls remaining on school grounds, but the 'not knowing for sure' only added to the taboo of what she was doing.

Following the path that led straight to the showers, guiltily imagining how only hours earlier the room was filled with naked boys fresh from basketball practice, Hope subconsciously rubbed the remaining jizz from LJ's release between her thumb and forefingers as she pictured what might happen on the other side of those brown porcelain walls.

The swampy heat between her legs growing with each passing step, Hope traced her fingertips along the smooth square patterns lining the outer walls of the shower, somehow giving what she was about to do some tactile realness. Remembering what LJ had told her before sending her on her way, Hope began disrobing one garment at a time until she was completely naked as she stepped into the shower.

Within five minutes, LJ had followed that trail of strewn clothes, adding his along the way until he was standing naked and studying Hope intently from behind.


Looking down at his half limp cock dangling like an aimless pendulum from his crotch, LJ Addison took several deep breaths trying to convince himself the last five minutes hadn't been a dream. The vibrations of Hope's mouth continuing to sizzle through the flesh of his deflating shaft, and the sound of the woman's footsteps disappearing down the hallway outside were the only things keeping him grounded to reality.

"We're really going to do this," LJ muttered to himself as he stuffed his cum-smeared cock back into his workout pants.

Taking several long sips of water from the bottle on his desk, LJ cast a disbelieving grin to the mirror on the far wall before following Hope out of the office.

"Hell..she might have gotten scared and ran to her car," LJ thought briefly to himself until he swung open the door to the boys locker room and smelt the faint traces of Hope's perfume mixed in with the usual masculine aroma permeating the dank and dimly lit space.

"Yep..she's in here," he sighed as he allowed the door to close behind him.

If the smell of Hope's perfume helped make what was happening seem more real for LJ, seeing the trail of the woman's discarded clothes leading to the entrance of the shower cemented it. The faint but certain whiff of feminine arousal wafting through the air as he walked past Hope's clothing, LJ calmly kicked off his Nikes, peeled off his shirt then pulled down his pants.

Rounding the corner to the entranceway of the darkened shower, it didn't take LJ long to see Hope's lily white frame against the far wall, perched there with her back to him just as he'd asked. His cock stirring to life as he stepped inside, LJ made a slow, steady and cock-sure bee-line to Hope, and with each passing step he found himself struck by just how small and slight the woman seemed as the shadow of his approaching presence eclipsed her naked and visibly trembling body.

Extending his right hand out just before he was close enough to touch her, LJ could see Hope's forearms flare out as she pressed her face flush against the wall. An electric jolt seemed to pass from Hope's skin to LJ's fingertips when he grazed his huge hand softly across the back of her neck. Holding it there for several seconds, listening to Hope's exhales grow increasingly erratic, LJ gracefully began kneading his fingers together, massaging Hope's back and shoulders until she'd calmed herself somewhat.

Every sound they made heightened by the acoustics of the shower room, LJ leaned forward and placed a kiss directly below the hairline of Hope's neck.

"MMMM..AAAHHHH," the slightly younger woman gasped, her body twisting against the black man towering above her.

Kissing Hope several more times, each one just a shade lower down her back, LJ reached his hands around Hope from behind and cupped her small breasts tight in his grip. Hope's knees instantly bucked and her entire torso shuddered feeling the man's strength course through every nerve ending in her body. Lurching backwards, Hope quickly froze when she felt the stabbing shaft of LJ's erection poking into her rear.

Pushing Hope's chest flat against the wall as she melted in his arms, LJ parted his feet wide and teasingly tapped the cylinder of his heavy cock against her bare ass. Sneaking his right hand down to Hope's girlish hips, LJ allowed the wetness and warmth to bathe his skin before pressing further.

"AAAHH," came the throaty grimace from Hope's mouth when she felt LJ's palm creep between the thighs from behind and close tightly over top of her steaming and wet vagina.

"GAAAWWWDDD," she winced, forced to stand there in place as the older man fondled her cunt as if he was manually extracting the juice from an orange.

Continuing to pump Hope's vulva with his drenched hand, LJ could see the woman's breath steam on the tiled surface of the wall each time she grunted.

"How long have you wanted me to fuck you?" LJ hissed gently into Hope's left ear.

"....The first day I met you...," Hope's hoarse response trickled disjointedly from her lips.

"From the first night?" LJ coyly asked again.

"...Yes...and every...night since...." Hope nodded with embarrassment, her cunt squishing even more as her arousal leaked and dribbled over LJ's hand, then down her thighs.

"Then I guess I shouldn't make you wait any longer," LJ smiled, kissing the naked woman roughly on the softest part of her neck before extending both his hands around to the front of Hope's thighs and pulling her backwards against his groin.

Feeling Hope's entire weight in his hands when her feet briefly lurched off the floor, LJ gently allowed her to settle back down before positioning his cock like a huge sausage between the pale white bun of her asscheeks.

Pressing his chest down on the back of Hope's shoulders, LJ tenderly bit down on her earlobe as he nudged Hope's feet further apart. Straddling his legs just outside of her's, LJ swung his dick between Hope's thighs until it too was basting in her vaginal juices.

Eventhough she was a grown woman with over a dozen countries stamped on her passport, not to mention possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience from the things she'd seen and done in her 35 years, Hope somehow seemed like a little girl at that moment as she cuddled backwards against LJ, completely content to let him have his way with her.

Looking down over Hope's shoulder, directly between her milky white cleavage, LJ could see the dark shaft of his penis slithering obscenely through the curly, light brown hair of her pubic fleece.

"Hold on tight,' he told her, just before using his left hand to spread Hope's thighs far enough apart to guarantee access to penetrate her.

Seeing the way Hope pressed her small hands tight against the wall to each side of her face, LJ used his right hand to jab the head of his cock forward.

"UUUHHAAAHHH," Hope moaned, her normally reserved and shy voice sounding like shattered glass echoing through the shower stalls as LJ's manhood took root inside her.

"YEAAAHHH...GGRRAAHHHHH," LJ groaned in return, his heart racing as Hope's sticky vaginal walls slowly expanded to meet his advances.

The wet friction of his efforts billowing through the otherwise silent space, LJ leaned back slightly and admired the way Hope's frame took on the shape on an upside down Y with the way her feet arched out to each side and her torso collapsed forward against the wall in front of her.

Feeding more of his cock into Hope's twat each time he sensed she'd braced herself for it, once he'd staked his claim deep enough inside her, LJ placed both his hands firmly on Hope's shoulders then increased the pace of the humping thrusts.

"AAAHHH," Hope winced a little louder each time LJ punched another inch of his wad into her womb. It didn't take long before he was deeper than any man had ever been inside her, yet LJ still had plenty of ammunition left to push further.

Her legs turning to rubber just to the inside of his, LJ could feel Hope's knees knocking against his calves as he ruthlessly plowed her from behind. Rubbing his hands down Hope's straining back, LJ eventually locked them around each side of her waist, in essence holding her in place as he began fucking her with everything he had.

"OHHHHMMMYYYGGGAAAWWWDDDD," Hope squealed for nearly 30 seconds straight, her body looking as if she was in a car that was tumbling down a hill as LJ showed her no mercy.

Climax was inevitable for Hope as she savagely grinded her teeth together. Just before he shoved her past the point of no return however, LJ pulled back and draped his right hand firmly down on the back of her neck.

"Don't cum yet...not until I say so," LJ scolded with monotone clarity.

"UUHHH..Please....Please let me...," Hope begged desperately for release, the sweat from her face now staining the wall in front of her as a tide of shock and unease welled in her eyes.

For whatever reason LJ hadn't been satisfied with getting an impromptu blowjob from Hope. Even when she'd turned her body completely over to him to do with as he pleased, that hadn't been enough. There was something deeper inside Hope that LJ was suddenly obsessed with drawing out. Standing directly behind her with his cock buried like forged steel in her cunt, it seemed as if LJ was playing with her depraved lust and surrender as if they were mere toys in his hand. Aimlessly working her hips backwards against LJ's crotch to keep up the friction, Hope said a private prayer of 'thanks' when she felt him begin grinding his cock back inside her.

Having already given more of herself sexually in the previous 20 minutes than she had her entire life, Hope found herself humping her ass hard into LJ's groin as he stretched her to her very limits. Clenching her eyes shut, Hope absorbed the warmth of LJ's huge hands roaming over her body, first down her back, then tight around her waist before he glided them up to her shoulders, then out to each arm before finally clamping them down on each of her outstretched hands as she huddled against the wall.

"Fuck me back, Baby," LJ whispered into Hope's ear with stinging precision the instant his grip pressed down on hers.

"YEAH," he groaned approvingly when the sound of Hope's tender behind smacking against his upper thighs bristled through the shower.

Having already busted his nut back in the office, LJ knew he could stand there and fuck Hope for as long as he wanted before cumming again. Patient and in complete control, he decided to enjoy the sensation of pillaging her into submission, almost as if he was tenderizing a steak and waiting for the right moment to throw it into the fire. Replaying the brief time he'd known Hope as she trembled and shook in front of him, LJ focused on the moment where she'd perhaps been her weakest and most vulnerable. Playing a hunch, he decided to try and use that glimpse into Hope's psyche against her.

"Did you ever think you'd be fucking a black man?" the warm breath of LJ's pointed question bathed the side of Hope's cheek as he made sure her eyes were open far enough to see the clear contrast of his dark hand interlocked around her small, pale one.

Too breathless to respond to such a straightforward, yet complicated question, Hope simply winced and bowed her chin as she squeezed her fingers around LJ's hand with all her might.

His memory triggering back to some of the extra-marital rendezvous he had with several white woman, LJ brimmed with excitement remembering how more than a few of them got off quite nicely on the taboo aspects of what they were doing, often behind their own Husbands' back. While Hope certainly wasn't married, there seemed to be something sacred inside her that he might unearth if he pushed hard enough.

"You love how...my...big..black..dick...feels inside you ...don't you?" LJ coaxed gently, knowing full well it did from the way Hope's body convulsed uncontrollably between him and the wall.

Steadying the rhythm and aim of his forward thrusts until he was certain each one was hitting the perfect spot deep inside Hope, LJ could look down and see the way she was balancing herself now on the balls of her feet as she attempted to raise her ass high enough to meet his assault. Waiting for just the right moment LJ leaned down, eased his lips against the lobe of Hope's left ear and whispered the words,"You ..love..how..my..big..Nigger..dick...feels....don't you?".

A caustic wave of shock ripped through Hope's body, and her eyes started to well with tears when LJ's harsh assessment rattled through her brain. Even though her mind for the moment was in complete disconnect, it was clear from the frantic way she grinded her cunt down even harder on LJ's cock, his crude words had tripped yet another wire inside her.

For obvious reasons, LJ wasn't the biggest fan of the "N' word. When used in public during the light of day, things might deteriorate into fisticuffs if it was uttered from the wrong mouth. Under that special circumstance however with Hope, it provided an incendiary quality of a much different sort. The implication, intent and tone of the way he'd said it still reverberating through Hope's head, from his limited experience with the woman LJ knew she came from a relatively liberal, peace loving background with a foundation in the church. To use that word would have been as taboo for Hope to speak as it would be under normal circumstances for LJ to hear. Coming from his own lips however as he smashed his naked body relentlessly into hers, that one word seemed to take what they were doing to a infinitely different plain.

"My dick feel good inside you, Hope?" LJ asked.

"Yes," she mouthed her reply.

"My big black dick?" he taunted.

"Yes," Hope sighed and nodded her trembling head again.

"My big black nigger dick?" LJ seethed without blinking.

"OHHHH..GODDDDD," she cringed, the reservoir of tears now leaking down her cheeks as she choked her vaginal muscles around LJ's pistoning cock.

"Say it Hope...tell me," LJ demanded, seeing how Hope's eyes seemed to melt as she submitted to her most primal of wants.

"I want to hear you say it..tell me you want to feel my black dick explode inside you..tell me you want me to fuck you hard..harder than you've even been fucked," LJ bristled. "I've already got my nut back at the office..I could just step back right now and walk away Hope..leave you right there on your knees against the wall..that close to cumming..I could just walk right out of this room..get dressed and leave you naked right here..you dont want that do you?"

"No," Hope gulped.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked again.

"Yes," she swallowed weakly.

"Then say it!!" he wasted no time prodding.

LJ could see Hope swirling her tongue around her mouth, trying to collect herself enough to gather her voice. Continuing to drill his shaft in and out of her sopping wet cunt as he waited for a response, he could feel the warm sheen of Hope's arousal not only coating his entire cock and balls, but also leaking down and creating a pool between his feet. Just before he prepared to interrogate her again, Hope's barely audible voice spoke up.

"....Fuck me...please," LJ heard her say, his chest puffing out as he took sweet and selfish joy in hearing Hope's angelic voice utter the word 'fuck'.

It was nothing compared to the language about to come from Hope's lips.

Bracing his right hand behind Hope's head, LJ tucked his left arm around Hope's chest, clutching her breasts as he snared her in place.

"You want me to fuck you hard?" he asked before pressing his barrel chest flush against Hope's narrow back.

"Yes," she gasped.

"LOUDER," LJ hissed.

"Yes.....YES....YESSSSS," Hope replied three more times before LJ was satisfied for the moment.


It had been the afternoon someone smashed Hope's window in the school parking lot. They'd been outside surveying the damage when LJ looked over at Hope just as the reality of what happened started to settle in. It was just a flash, no more than a sliver of a glimpse into Hope's soul at that moment, but he was sure he saw the same thing that would have been in most anyone's mind, given the circumstances.

"I guess I should have expected something like this to happen down here in a neighborhood like this...with people...like this...," Hope's eyes seemed to shout for just an instant.

LJ couldn't blame her, he was black and had lived in that neighborhood long enough to where he would have thought the same exact thing if it had been his car that had been vandalized. Still, there was something in Hope's depth of character and moral fortitude that had probably caused her to chastise herself repeatedly, feeling guilty for having such divisive thoughts, even in a moment of justified weakness.

The more LJ thought about it, he kept coming back to her insistence that they meet down at the school when they got together to work on the project, not at her house or anywhere close to her neighborhood, not at her church or even out in public like at the library or a restaurant. LJ gradually came to understand he was Hope's forbidden fruit, and even though she'd been nibbling just around the edges of it, he was determined now to make her take a choking mouthful of what she'd long been hungering for.

"Hope...you need to cum don't you?" LJ spat.

"Yes," Hope's voice trembled.

"Then say...'Nigger fuck me hard'," LJ demanded.

"...No...I..No...I ...can't...," Hope babbled meekly.

"Say it Hope..I know its exactly what you're thinking," LJ implored with clairvoyant precision. "I'll pull my dick out right now and just walk away ..I'll leave you here if you don't!"

Despite her embarrassment, Hope knew the black man's instincts were spot on. Everything he was implying was true and even if she wanted to fight it, Hope literally had no feet to stand on as her toes barely skimmed the floor, her entire being completely consumed now by LJ's hulking embrace. Despite her wealth of wordly experience, her staunch liberal leanings and intellectual prowess, the only thing that mattered now for Hope was having an orgasm. And the only way to satiate the burn that was rampaging from her head, down her spine to the very soles of her feet was saying the vile words LJ was demanding.

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