The Delivery


There are two things that I love about internet shopping; the fact that you can buy almost anything you want and do so with a high degree of anonymity, and the fact that items bought get delivered direct to your doorstep.

Not only is this very convenient, particularly when your purchases are likely to be a little ...unusual; but also it gives you the chance to play games with the delivery man.

I should explain. My name is Christina, on the outside I am a typical woman who clearly works in an office environment. By my looks people rightly assume that I am a more senior Personal Assistant, probably working for someone quite important. I dress well, conservatively and smart.

I have always liked to take care of my looks and attire and think that when working for a senior manager it is my duty to look my best, to be feminine but in no way to look tarty or obvious.

All this is true but it is only a part of the story. Underneath this formal and conservative exterior lies something very different. For example, I always wear the very best lingerie, satin or silk, sheer and very erotic. I never let work colleagues know this of course -- that would be wrong -- it is something that I do for myself.

The feel of sheer nylon stockings rubbing together as I cross my legs under my desk is just wonderful as is the slight breeze I can feel when walking to work if I am wearing a thong -- my bare bottom sliding against the satin slip I always wear under my pencil skirts.

Underneath the frosty prim exterior I smolder.

I continually fantasise about someone being bold enough to touch me, to notice the stocking clasps outlined on my skirt and to flirt with me, to stroke me, to arouse me and ultimately to set me on fire.

But this is not all, for underneath the pencil skirts and the pretty blouses; inside the satin French knickers, the corsets and the seemed stockings is someone more than your average woman. I have a secret that very few know about except for the occasional very luck delivery man.

I have an alter ego who has a boys name, but he does not come into this tale at all.

Internet Shopping

All my lovely clothes, the skirt suits and the lingerie are all delivered to my front door. It is so much easier and more discrete than going to the high street myself.

My house is set back from the road with a short drive through large mature shrubs blocking the road from view. Most delivery vans come into the drive and park on the large gravel area in front of the house. This gives a sort of privacy to the delivery; no one else walking past can see my front door, it is just me and the delivery man.

Now, I must tell you that I am quite particular about taking deliveries. Having had a few problems in the past about returning things that I had signed for I absolutely insist on inspecting all items before I sign for them.

After all, when you sign you are effectively stating that you are receiving the goods you ordered (sadly not always the case) and that they are in good condition (generally true if you are smart enough to shop from big brand names with a reputation to protect).

As a result of this "pickiness" most of the large delivery companies have made a note to deliver to me at the end of the round rather than the beginning and to allow extra time for pretty Christina to check everything.

I do understand that this could be a little annoying for a driver who is in a hurry to get somewhere or who does not appreciate standing on my doorstep, rain or shine, while I check everything over so I always invite them into my hall, offer them a seat and of course a drink of coffee or cold water depending on the weather.

My house is quite old, it is actually a listed building, and the hall has polished parquet on the floor, interlocking wooden blocks that make a lovely noise when wearing heals, there is something very sexy for me to hear the crisp clack of my heals on this floor.

So it was, on this particular Wednesday afternoon as I went to answer the door. I had taken a half day off as I was expecting some new clothes. Summer was well and truly here and I had ordered some pretty summer print dresses.

I was excited to that the delivery was here and eager to get to the door and you never know the driver might be tasty. The often were not of course in which case I would just have the pleasure of my new clothes but if he was good looking then there might be even more fun to be had.

I was wearing a summer frock from last year, a large floral pattern on a white background, sleeveless, fitted under the bust and across the stomach (which I always think shows my figure to its best) and then flowing from the waist to just above the knee. Very English country garden and most appropriate for the rather hot weather we were enjoying. Underneath I had a pretty matching lacy bra and French Knickers set, the bra making the most of my bust and the knickers nice and loose so that I could enjoy the cooling breeze under my skirt. Last but not least a matching suspender belt and seamed black stockings -- very 1920s.

I reached the front door and opened it wide to see the delivery van there on the drive and the driver with his back to me admiring the garden. He was wearing a pair of brown, uniform trousers and a matching polo shirt, as he turned to me I noticed it had his company's logo on it and was pleasantly tight fitting.

Pleasant for me that is; it looked rather too close fitting and hot for this weather and he looked uncomfortable.

"Ah, here you are? My package I assume?"

"If you are Miss Smith, er Christina Smith then yes it is." He glanced at the label of a medium sized package which he then tucked under his arm so he could offer me his fancy pda thing to sign.

"I've not seen you before, ummmm Glenn," it was neatly stitched on the breast of his polo shirt, "I am afraid I never sign for anything until I have checked it fully first."

And I was also starting to check Glenn too. Not too young (and probably inexperienced) but not too old to raise my pulse slightly. Reasonably trim but broad across the shoulders with a most manly chest.

"Why don't you come inside and out of the sun whilst I check every thing through."

"Thank you Madam that would be nice."

I stepped back to allow him to pass, and of course for me to continue checking him out as he entered the darkness of the hall.

"What a lovely house you have madam, it must be old, and it is lovely and cool in this weather."

"I know, it's a blessing really but barely compensates for the crippling heating bills in the winter. Would you like a glass of water while I check the package?"

"That would be kind madam, if it's not inconvenient."

I left him standing just by the front door and walked away from him towards the kitchen, well I sort of sashayed actually making sure that my movement made the most of the free flowing nature of the summer dress. I was imagining myself on a catwalk making the most of my assets.

I was back in a couple of minutes, he was still there holding the parcel and looking a little uncomfortable.

Why don't you sit down over there; I pointed to the carved old church pew that was against one wall. He sat down with the parcel on his lap.

"Shall we swap" I said offering him the glass of water.

"Oh yes, of course." He held the parcel out to be and we swapped over. I then went to the empty piece of pew next to him, put the box down and bent over it. Now I am not a total hussy you understand but I do know how to make the best of what I have in a discrete and polite way. So when I bent over the parcel my legs were straight with my knees locked which meant that my shapely bottom was right in his line of sight. I noticed his involuntary little look. Hmmm interesting.

I peeled the delivery note off the box and then, with a delicate letter opener, I slit around the top of the package and opened it.

"OK, the note says 3 summer dresses so lets see. One, two, three." I lifted each one out as I counted.

"If you will bare with me I just have to check that they are the right size and then I will release you. I smile a cheeky smile at him as I said this and he chuckled.

"Why thank you madam, that would be most kind." He even tugged an imaginary forelock as he said this.

I took the top dress and headed across the hall to the back of the house. "I'll be right back." I would have taken them all if the delivery man was not attractive but this one definitely was and I wanted to string this out and tease him so it would be one dress at a time.

I left the hall and entered the large living room. This was very carefully set up and very cleverly arranged. On the wall by the door just inside the living room as a large gilt framed mirror almost 6 foot in length and from where he was sitting, or more to the point from where I had seated him, he could see most of the living room in the reflection.

I walked into the middle of the room and stood with my back to the mirror, reached behind my back and expertly lowered the zip on the dress I was wearing. I shrugged the top off my shoulders and down my front and to the floor. Whilst holding the shoulder straps I stepped out of it.

If he cared to look he could see my back, my bra straps and my rounded bottom covered in pretty black lacy French knickers. And off course the matching suspender belt and black seamed stockings.

And of course he did care to look, as I knew he would. I snuck a little look under my arm as I bent over to pull up the new dress. I could see him staring intently in the mirror as I straightened out my arms through the dresses shoulder straps and did the zip up at the back.

Although I could easily have managed it myself I choose not to quite do the zip up all the way. I was going to test how much fun this chap could be.

I re-entered the hall and walked straight over to him.

"This one seems OK but could you just do the zip up so that I can check?" I turned my back to him and as he reached up to clasp the zip I leaned back so that I was much closer to him than he expected and his face was against the back of my neck, sort of in my hair. I heard him inhale and I smiled at the fore thought I had had to put a little perfume behind my ears and at the back of my neck. He would be enjoying that.

"There you are madam."

"Thank you -- well ...... what do you think?"

"Oh, right. Well, it seems to fit you fine."

"Is that all? At this price it should knock you off your feet."

"Well, I er, well I did not want to be forward madam. It looks beautiful on you"

"OK well I suppose that's the best I'm going to get. Lets hope the rest are better. Would you unzip me."

I turned my back to him again so he could lower the zip. I noticed that he lowered it much further down than it had been when I came through. This could be interesting, he is certainly bold enough.

I walked back into the living room with the second dress in my hand. This one was similar to the first but was more fitted across the stomach almost like a girdle in fact which felt fabulous and might just work in my favour with this delivery man.

I took the first dress off and put the second one on in exactly the same way as I had before and again I check that he was looking. I was not disappointed.

Again, I did not fully zip myself up and returned to the hall with the dress loose around my shoulders and midriff. I walked over to him, he was already standing waiting for me and now was more bold and obvious in looking me up and down. I did also wonder if his trousers were really supposed to hang as they were -- they looked rather uncomfortable, even rather tight.

I turned my back to him again.

"If you would be so kind."

This time he zipped me up very slowly using his right hand while his left hand rested on my waist just above my hip. His hand felt huge. His thumb was on my back and his fingers seemed to reach almost to my belly button. Hmmm it also felt very nice.

Without moving away from him I turned my head to the side so I could speak to him rather than to the room.

"Now this one is supposed to be very closely fitted across the front. What do you think?"

As I hadn't turned to allow him to look he did exactly what I hoped he would do. His left hand moved further round my body and across my front feeling the tightness of the dress over my stomach. At the same time his right hand came around from the other side.

I arched my back, leaning my head back onto his shoulder and making my bottom move back into him. There was definitely something happening in his trousers that was not in the delivery company's standard manual.

"It seems just right to me Madam. Fits like a glove." He did not move away or stop holding me. I looked across the hall where another large mirror was strategically placed and could see that he had his head bent over my shoulder and was looking at my front -- clearly enjoying the experience.

"Right then, just the last one to try on." I sounded rather breathless and slightly husky. Not an attempt at seduction but actually the only way I could speak just then.

I stepped forward ever so slightly and his hands slid back around my sides and up to the zip which he again undid. This time he lowered it all the way down to the base of my spine, to the top of my French Knickers.

I did not walk away. I shrugged my shoulders ever so slightly and the dress cascaded to the floor to lie piled at my feet. Without moving I casually kicked it across the floor and reached down for the last remaining dress resting on the top of the packaging.

"Just this one left then."

"Yes Madam." He was very close behind me, almost touching me, I could feel the heat of him on my back.

I unzipped the dress in readiness and bent over, as I had done in the other room. As I stepped into the dress I made sure I did not step forward but of course my bottom moved backwards and was pushed into the, poor, hapless and clearly aroused, delivery man.

I am sure it was only a reflex that made him reach out with both hands and grasp me by my hips, perhaps to stop him falling back wards. Whatever caused it I was grateful. I stopped where I was, half the way to upright with my bottom pushed firmly into his obvious erection.

With his hands around my waist his thumbs started to slowly circle across my lower back, a very sensual feeling which caused me to issue a slight, but clearly audible moan.

"Are you OK there Madam?"

"Oh I am just fine here thank you young Sir. Would you do me up please, there's a good chap."

I eventually and slowly straightened up, the air was almost electrically charged. I put my arms into the shoulder straps of the dress and continued to straighten without moving my bottom even a millimeter from where is was against his obvious and fairly substantial manhood.

"This one is also meant to be tight across the bodice." I hoped it was true, actually I didn't really care I just wanted him to hold me and touch me.

His hands again moved around my waist in a pincer movement passing each other across my front until I was held closely and firmly into him. They then started to move back and downwards, over my thighs where he could feel the clasps on my suspender belt and then back up again.

As his hands came up the loose flowing dress rode up with it. In the hall mirror I could see my stockings being exposed, then their tops and the white patch of bare thigh above them and then my pretty and dainty French Knickers.

No, not only was it obvious that he was aroused -- I seemed to have some sort of scaffold pole pressed into my bottom, but it was pretty obvious that I was too. Now was the moment of truth. How would he react?

"Well, well my dear, what have we hear?" the fingers of one hand brushed delicately across the front of my knickers tracing the outline of my erection, playfully touching its sensitive end and noticing the distinctly moist patch I had made on the front of my beautiful lingerie.

"Is there something you have been hiding from me?" As he said this he moved his head into the crook of my neck and planted a feather light kiss on the soft skin just beneath my ear.

"What lovely perfume too." He kissed me again and I rolled my head exposing my whole throat to him. His hands now moved behind my back and started to unzip the dress again. At this point I was beyond resistance. As the dress hit the floor I turned slowly around without moving away from him and slid my arms around his waist and up his back.

My hands reached his hair line and my fingers snaked into his hair pulling his head down to mine so that I could kiss him for the first time, slowly, sensually but deeply. Without saying a word I made it perfectly plain that I was his.

Now his hands were on my bottom -- nothing sordid or grasping -- just gently stroking the smooth rounded contours. One hand moved inside the knickers and I could not hold back a sigh.

Soon he hooked a thumb in the waist band and slowly but inexorably started to lower them. Of course they hooked almost immediately on my arousal and I had to push my bottom back to allow then to move on past, my erection springing free all of a sudden and swinging into the front of his trousers which reminded me that he was still fully dressed and I was nearly naked.

"I believe that you are rather over dressed for this party Sir." I unbuttoned the top of his trousers and lowered the zip without any need for an invitation. The trousers fell to the floor easily enough; his briefs took a little more personal attention. What was released was firm, pleasant and of a decent size. Nothing to frighten a girl and pleasingly clean.

While we kissed again my left hand roamed over his back underneath his polo shirt and my left hand played with (and tried to measure) his erection. Almost involuntarily I moved all my weight onto my right foot so that I could lift my left leg to his waist and move my foot all the way around his back so that I could pull him towards me.

He reached between us and bent his iron bar of a cock downwards until it slid between my legs and nestled under my balls to lie against my pussy which had taken over all thought on behalf on my body and was now just focused solely in its own satisfaction to the exclusion of all other conscious thought.

My left leg dropped back to the floor -- his cock was now trapped between my thighs -- he was mine, he was not going anywhere.

My arms moved to around his neck -- all the while his cock twitching between my thighs -- I started to lift myself, fortunately he realized what was happening and he put his hands under my buttocks and lifted and I raised my feet from the ground and curled them around his back.

I was now totally open to him, he was there by the entrance of my pussy -- I was his for the taking.

I buried my mouth in his neck as his cock nudged urgently at me.

Between kissed and little bites I managed a few words.

"Lube, condom, living room. Oh God take me."

He walked me across the hall and into the living room -- thank goodness it is not overlooked as the curtains were wide open and the windows are pretty much floor to ceiling.

"The dresser by the sofa." I managed to gasp.

He laid me on the sofa, my legs wide akimbo and he opened the dresser draw and luckily he immediately found what he needed.

The lube felt cold but nice, tenderly applied, in part to ready me for him; his fingers exploring me and helping me to open for him. And then he was there at the entrance to my most private part, insistent, demanding, hard and beautiful.

Slowly I opened, uncomfortable at first but he was patient, gave me time to adapt and then just read from my body when I was ready for more. And then I had him all, he was in me to the hilt and I felt that wonderful satisfying feeling for fullness or receiving my man, giving him pleasure, taking his gift.

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