tagNonHumanThe Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 06

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 06



Once again, a huge thank you to Archangel_M for his suggestions, grammatical prowess, and overall support :)


Ártur watched the cubs playing in the courtyard. Since the death of his daughter Zsálya, they hadn't been allowed outside the compound without the betas surrounding them. But the cubs were young. They would forget all the evil that had happened here and remember only the good.

It had been six months since the horror of that day, but every member of his pack was haunted by it. He sighed when he thought of his other daughter, Orsolya. Not only had she lose her twin, she had lost her two cubs. She and her mate had been devastated. Orsolya hadn't left her bed for weeks. And when she finally had, it was obvious to all that she had changed. Something was missing from her, a certain spark. She still smiled and laughed, but without the special joy she had shared with her sister.

Ártur knew if it hadn't been for her mate, Guillame, he would probably have lost Orsolya as well. For a time, they thought she no longer had the will to live. She had lain in her bed, barely speaking to anyone. Guillame sat by her bedside every moment. He had been the one to bring her food, bathe her, and comfort her. He allowed no one to help him. And he was the one who finally coaxed her back into the world of the living.

Ártur smiled as he thought of the day Guillame had finally gotten her to go outside. He had plied her with talk about the cubs wanting to show her their skill in shifting. Some of the younger cubs had been having trouble keeping control over their wolves. At first it was amusing when they shifted at inopportune times, but with their plans of sending them into the human world, it became more and more important that they learn to control it. Guillame had suggested that Orsolya assist them in refining their skills. He knew how much she adored the cubs, especially her nephew, Szebasztián.

And now came the day that the first of the cubs would leave. The Alpha sighed as he realized this would be the last time he would ever see them. He grinned at the little blond cub who ran to him and grabbed him about the legs. He ruffled the boy's hair affectionately. "Szebasztián, are you ready for an adventure?" He leaned down to pick up his grandson and held him at eye level.

"Yes, and no, grandfather. I think going to America will be exciting, but I will miss all of you so much." The boy hugged his grandfather around the neck, as tightly as he could. Maybe if he didn't let go they wouldn't make him leave.

Ártur returned the hug, his arms tight around the boy. He agreed, he would miss them very much as well. "You will be seeing so many new places and people that you will not give us a second thought." He lowered the boy to the ground and couldn't help but sigh loudly.

"I will never forget you, grandfather, never!" Szebasztián looked up at the tall male with a frown on his face.

Ártur let out a hearty laugh. "Thank you, Szebasztián, I will never forget you, my boy. I will never forget any of you." He looked sadly at the group readying their luggage. If they were to join the human world they would have to learn to live like a human, which meant traveling with their belongings. "Istvan, are you ready?" He looked at his son, fidgeting with his stiff collar, not used to wearing such restrictive clothing. But it was imperative they blend in with the humans.

Istvan nodded to his father. He didn't want to leave his pack. But he also couldn't bear the thought of letting his son leave with another. During the planning stages, it had been decided that the cubs would need fierce protectors, and the strongest of the betas would travel with their mates and small groups of cubs, as family units. They would blend in with the large groups of Hungarian and Eastern European immigrants moving to America. The various groups would settle in pre-determined areas far from each other and have no contact with family, pack, or any werewolf. They were to live as humans.

Orsolya cried as she hugged her brother around the waist. She would miss him terribly. It seemed there was nothing but loss in her future. Her brothers would leave one at a time with a group of cubs, and then it would be her turn. At least she would be leaving with Zsigmond's family. At first she had thought she would be alone. And that was a fate she didn't think she could bear.

Istvan looked at his dear sister as she wept, staining his new jacket with her tears. He reached a hand down to tilt her chin up to look at him. Her pale, tear-streaked face tugged at his heart. How many times had he wiped the tears from her cheeks when she scuffed a knee or twisted an ankle? Werewolves heal quickly, but there is still pain. "We may yet meet again, little sister. Fate can be kind as well as cruel. We should have hope. If not, then why do we bother to take the cubs away from here?" He smiled tenderly at her and kissed her softly on the forehead.

Guillame hoped the Alpha was right, that sending them away would save them. But could they survive among humans? Learn to control their lupine nature? Would the cubs be able to assimilate? There were so many unanswered questions, including why the pack had been targeted by the Council. Guillame would do all he could to find out. Ártur and Leona sidestepped the question whenever possible. He felt a small hand take his and looked down, not surprised to see Szebasztián looking up at him with a grin.

"Are you taking us to the ship, uncle?" Szebasztián was excited about taking a trip with his uncle. He appreciated every minute he could spend with Guillame. He loved his parents, but they had never been away from their mountains. Guillame had traveled all over Europe, and among humans! Szebasztián enjoyed hearing the stories of how humans lived and worked in the cities. He had never seen a human before, or a city, and he took his lessons very seriously. All of the cubs had been instilled with a strong sense of duty about learning to live in the human world.

"Yes, Szebasztián, I will be taking your family to the port in Hamburg. You will board a great ship and travel to America." He tried to force a smile. He hoped he was convincing. The cubs were apprehensive. They knew something was wrong. Werewolves were pack creatures. It was innate. Even the young ones knew this was wrong. This was unnatural. But they would never question their elders. They would do as they were told. It was for the good of the pack, that they knew.

Luckily, the trip to Hamburg would take them far north of Feldberg, home of the European Council. But it would also take Guillame thirteen hundred kilometers from his mate. He hated to leave her for one second, and he knew there would be several trips in the ensuing months. Each would take weeks. The only positive he could see was that since they were to blend in with the humans, they could use human transportation - trains, and horse-drawn carriages. And he would be able to return much more quickly alone. He turned and watched as Orsolya said her goodbyes to the departing group.

Guillame closed his arms around Orsolya from behind and felt her body melt into his. He heard her sigh and lean her head back into his shoulder. His lips found the top of her head and lingered in her red hair. He could feel her heart beating, and his changed its rhythm to match hers.

"When do you leave?" Orsolya could barely speak through her longing for her mate.

"Less than an hour. Why? Did you have something in mind, love?"

Orsolya slid out of his arms and then her dress, and immediately shifted, the red panther wanting to bid farewell to her mate in her own way. Her tail flicked from side to side, gracefully fanning out behind her. Well? Will you join me? If only for a run? The lithe cat bounded away from her surprised male.

Guillame grinned, unbuttoning his shirt and dropping it to the ground as he followed the red panther. Damn her for moving so quickly. He threw off his boots and struggled out of his pants as he ran. As soon as he was completely unclothed he shifted, and the large brown wolf lunged towards the fast-moving panther. Just as he was about to catch up to her she turned sharply and ran down the hill, her tail high in the air behind her.

Catch me if you can, my big brown wolf.

He could almost hear the laughter in his head. She wanted to tease him. She would pay for that. The wolf stopped and turned the opposite direction. He ran up the hill instead of following his flirtatious mate.

Where are you going?

He laughed to himself as he heard her plaintive tone. He ignored her and continued to run in the opposite direction. He did not look behind him but knew she'd begun to follow him now. He ran to the top of the hill and over the other side.

Orsolya reached the top and as she was about to run down the other side, when the wolf leapt out from behind a large hedge and caught her between his strong front legs.

Did you think you could escape me, love? Never. His tongue found her wetness and delved deep into her tight tunnel. She was so wet, and, he suddenly realized, in heat. How could he not have noticed until now? He felt his need for her increase tenfold. The instinct to mate, to bring cubs into the world, was foremost in his mind. The thought that he would never know his cub was forgotten.

He heard her loud purring as he drank of her. His long tongue lapped along her hard clit on his way in and out of her folds. He felt her tremble under the ministrations of his tongue and she orgasmed almost immediately. She was so ready for him. But he would make her wait, make her beg him to take her. He felt her whole body as it spasmed, her muscles jerking and the purrs changing to growls.

Guillame, please, my love, I cannot wait much longer. I need to feel you inside me. I am empty without you, love. Please. The red panther's tail twitched from side to side above the wolf's head. Her hips seemed to move from side to side along with it, attempting to entice the wolf further. She heard her mate growl and glanced behind her, seeing his smug look of satisfaction.

Guillame's cock was hard and throbbing. He lifted up and slid into his beautiful panther in one motion. He growled loudly as the pleasure filled him completely. He moved slowly at first, then furiously, thrusting into his mate. He had thought he could control himself after all these weeks apart, but with her in heat he had no control. He could hear her loud throaty growls of her own pleasure. He wanted to take his time, but the mating urge was too much for him. He felt himself on the edge and leaned forward to take her neck in his teeth. His knot seated and he bit down hard, letting her blood flow over his tongue.

The panther's roar of pleasure echoed through the little canyon. Her body exploded with sensation, his teeth buried in her neck, his cock buried in her tight sheath. His knot was stretching her deliciously, and now his seed flooded her womb. She felt his grip tighten on her neck and his legs around her hips as he continued to thrust, emptying himself deep inside her. His roar of triumph at taking his mate echoed in her ear.

The wolf collapsed over his mate's back, his chest heaving as he tried to take in enough air. He pulled both of them to the ground as they waited for the tie to end. He smiled to himself as he heard her loud, satisfied purr. He wished wolves could purr. He would love to surprise her. He certainly felt like purring.

Guillame and Orsolya both shifted as they waited for his knot to recede. Guillame's hands never stopped their exploration of her soft body. His fingertips knew every inch of her. He could close his eyes on his journeys and replay every moment of his life with her. He could even believe he felt her next to him as he lay sleeping miles away from her. He sighed as his knot slipped from her body. He rubbed his lips on her shoulder as she pulled his arm in front of her.

"Do not leave me yet, Guillame."

"I will return to you as quickly as I can, my little red kitten. I promise you. I do not want to leave you for long. I do not wish to leave you at all, but you know I must." He rested his chin on her shoulder and tried to memorize this moment, and her scent. He inhaled deeply. Lilac and birch. He closed his eyes and smiled. He would never forget.

Guillame, it is time to leave. Come, my boy. We are waiting for you. The Alpha called to him through their bond.

Guillame sighed loudly as he rose to his feet. "Now help me find my clothing, my little red-haired wildcat." Guillame smiled lovingly at his mate as he helped her to her feet.


Rudolf paced impatiently. The boy had come to the Council Chambers, begging Rudolf to hurry, that his Master bade him fetch the werewolf immediately. So they had almost run through the filthy streets of the human city. And now he waited. He could see the sun beginning to rise on the horizon. Surely his friend didn't forget about him? Hmph, friend. They were not friends. But what else to call him? Ally? No, they were not even that. It seemed that Rudolf was at his beck and call, like a pet. Rudolf's anger suddenly surfaced. How dare he have him brought here and make him wait. He was the leader of the Council. He deserved respect!

Just as Rudolf's hand touched the doorknob, he felt a sudden breeze behind him.

"Leaving, Rudolf?"

The werewolf spun on his heels and faced the dark figure, as always his cloak hiding his features. "I have been here for hours, Erebos. You could have sent word you would be late."

The tall creature moved about the room, closing the windows to the approaching light. He seemed to be ignoring the anger from the werewolf. "It could not be helped, Rudolf. You are still here, so there was no need to send word, was there?" He turned to face him. How had werewolves survived this long with such idiots in their midst? "Now, what word have you of the Vlkolak?"

Rudolf cleared his throat. "My spy had to leave unexpectedly. He was found out and barely escaped with his life. Guillame sends dispatches of meaningless information about the plentiful game in the area, nothing useful. But if you would only tell me what information you need, I am sure I could find it out for you."

"Has he spoken of Leona?" Erobos nonchalantly poured himself a drink in an ornate stein.

Rudolf could see the eyes blazing at the mention of the name. "He did mention something about a female by that name. She was the Alpha Bitch until her mate died. She is an elder of the pack." Rudolf watched in amazement as the long, lean fingers crushed the cup they had been holding. He saw the red liquid coat the fingers and drip to the floor.

"So she still lives. After all these years. I have found her. And has he told you what she is?" Erobos turned to face the esteemed leader of the European packs. He was an idiot but was serving his purpose. He was glad he had saved his life those many years before. He had been sure at the time that Rudolf could be useful in the future. He had been right.

"What she is? Is she not a werewolf?" Rudolf was now confused. "Is she a witch? Niklas, I mean my spy, had told me of the black magic he had seen while there." Rudolf shivered when he heard the bizarre laughter emanating from the figure before him.

"You are fools. There is no black magic. She is not a werewolf, Rudolf. She is much more powerful, a werepanther. They are powerful, and dangerous. She must be destroyed, and her female young. The males are simple werewolves, but the females, the females must die." The stein was a clump of metal in his fist.

Rudolf sputtered as he tried to speak. What did he mean by "simple werewolves"? "What am I to tell the Council? I cannot make a decree. They have to concur."

Erobos turned and regarded the nervous being before him. If he didn't still need his help, he would kill him and be done with it. He sighed. "Then tell them what you believed to be true. They are using black magic against werewolf edict. I am sure you will be able to persuade them that death is the correct decision. The sentence is to be carried out when the moon is hidden by the earth. That will be in three months' time. I suggest you make your plans."

Rudolf stood dumbfounded as he watched Erobos take his leave without a word. Once again, Rudolf had been dismissed. He muttered to himself as he walked out of the building. He would have to recall Guillame. He could not afford questions as to why the sentence would be carried out with a member of the Council present.


Guillame had only just returned from his sixth trip to Hamburg. Now, the only ones left to send to America were his beloved mate and several other young adult females. As he passed the huge oak tree he saw the paper stuffed into the hole. With all that was happening he had forgotten to check for messages from the Council. He snatched the paper out of the tree and carefully opened it. It was weathered and might have been there for months. He read quickly, his jaw tensing, his nostrils flaring as he struggled with himself. He didn't have much time. He looked up towards the compound and closed his eyes. He could smell her scent, feel her soft skin. Soon, this would be all he had of her. He closed his hand, crumpling the paper in his fist. He wished it was Rudolf's neck in his grip.

He felt her near and opened his eyes to the vision of his little red-haired kitten, seemingly floating across the field towards him. He smiled. She looked so beautiful, as always. He reached out and folded her into his arms. He inhaled, birch and lilac flooding his brain. He buried his lips in her flame red hair and murmured softly, "Every time I return I do not think I can leave you again."

"And every time you return, I do not know how I can live without you again." She hugged him as tightly as she could and looked up into his rugged face. But he seemed sadder than usual. "Did all go well?"

"Yes, my love, it went perfectly. But let me look at you." He pulled away from her, and his eyes moved from her toes to the top of her head, then settled on her belly, bigger than even the last time he'd seen her, just a few weeks ago. "Our cub is growing quickly." He carefully placed his hands on her rapidly growing stomach. Last time she was pregnant he had been with her day to day, and it hadn't seemed to happen so quickly. But this time, with his absences, every time he returned the change was more than noticeable.

"Our cub misses her father. She likes it when you speak to her. Since you have been gone she has been restless, waiting for your return." Orsolya stroked his face with her hands. She loved him so much. How would they go on apart? How could she live without her big brown wolf? How would she raise their daughter alone?

As much as he wanted to spend all of the time they had left together, he needed to speak with the Alpha. "Where is your father? I must speak with him now. And then we will have our time, my love."

"He is with Grandmother. I will take you to them." She took his hand and led him through the meadow to her father.

"Guillame, I trust all went well in Hamburg?" Ártur saw the look on his face and took the paper that his son-in-law handed him. He scanned it quickly and handed it to Leona. "So it seems we timed things well. When does the next ship leave Hamburg for America?"

"Three weeks. We should leave within the week. Ártur, I will return and help you fight." He was about to continue but Ártur put his hand up to stop him.

"No, my boy. Leona and I have discussed this in great detail. We will not fight. They need to believe they have won. If they think there are more to hunt, they will. We want to end it here, for all time." Ártur had put an arm around Leona's shoulders. The decision had been made and there would be no argument.

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