tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Diary of a Lost Kitten Ch. 01

The Diary of a Lost Kitten Ch. 01


(A/N. Hokay, So. here it is. For a while I wanted to try something new, so this is it. My first attempt at a journal-format type story. It's not all nice, and has similar tones to my other story on this site, but as a journal, it's much more... introspective, and gives better insight to the feelings of the characters. There are some darker portions, though they're less, extreme?, than my other story. Also, very little sex in this story, just an FYI. had to choose between Sci-Fi and Non-Erotic, but there is a little fun fun smexy-time towards the end, but it's not very explicit. So, I chose Sci-Fi just cause of the Main character. *shrug* I could only pick one category. To loyal readers, thanks for the continued support. To new readers, please enjoy, and feel free to comment. Dancingwizard)

March 11th,

I was sold today!!!!! Engineer Thomson came by personally to give me the good news and my new Journal!! I'm so excited! He didn't know who I was sold to, but he said he'd never seen any sale that required as many tests as I'll have to go through. There'll be one for attitude, behavioral age, political affiliation, even... well... I can't help but blush when I think of this... there'll even be one for... sexual proclivities. Wow, that's embarrassing. All of us have to go through tests like these when we're sold, but Engineer Thomson said I'll be in Testing for a few days. I've never heard of any chimaera being in Testing for more than a single afternoon.

Hmm, since this is the start of my Sale Journal, I should probably explain what a chimaera is. The term comes from a mythical creature said to be made of a mixture of a snake, a lion and a goat. The first real chimaera were originally created in the 1990s. At first we were just human/mouse hybrids. About 5% human DNA spliced into a lab mouse. They were plagued with problems. Tumors, immuno-deficiencies, deformities, stuff like that. Then around 2023, Dr. Mark Darrens found what came to be known as the Darrens sequence.

It was a major breakthrough. The Darrens sequence could be overlaid onto any other DNA sequence, of any species, and it would take. Provided you had the right equipment, of course. The most important part was that since they were able to safely overlay DNA, technicians could see exactly which DNA strands did what, since they could see the changes. DNA mapping exploded into a huge field, almost overnight. After only a few years, they were able to make chimaera that could survive longer, with more and more human DNA in them.

Pretty soon, there were labs making 50/50 split animal/human chimaera. As our life spans increased and our intellect grew, we became easier and easier to make and "tame" (I hate using that word, it's what the cruel, violent humans call us when we don't try and stand up for ourselves anymore. Most humans are okay, but some think of us as pure animals. Those ones are horrible, truly horrible people.)

Now, we live as long as humans, are nearly as smart in many ways, smarter in others. Many of us are stronger, faster, and nearly every chimaera has superior senses when compared to a human. Still, since we can't reproduce without labs and technicians, the humans mostly maintain control of our population. It's not all bad. Most chimaera are very social, and very few are atavistic. Oh, yeah, you don't know that term.

Atavism is when we act like our animal part, rather than human. The scientific term means "reversion to previous ancestral type". It's hard for a lot of us. Whining, purring, barking, growling, they're instinctive. From the moment we can comprehend speech, most of us are taught to control atavism. Which is why "taming" is frowned on, since it's largely unnecessary. Most of us are better behaved then humans. Some kinds of atavism are encouraged though, based on model type. Pet, Companion and Pleasure felid models are allowed to purr, canid Military models are encouraged to growl, stuff like that. Still the fact that some humans think we need to be abused in order to understand what they want... frankly, it's absurd, stupid and cruel. Especially since all chimaera are more than smart enough to talk.

Sorry. I'm making myself angry thinking about this, and my heart rate and blood pressure meters are spiking on the readouts. I need to calm down. I'm in the San Francisco CGF, or Chimaera Growth Facility. There are a few models that we can be grown into. I'm a Felid Base, Companion Model-Mark VII. (and before you ask, no, Companion model is not a euphemism for a walking sex toy. That would be a Pleasure model. I am NOT a Pleasure model. Got it?)

I'm about as close to a human in terms of thought processes and emotions as chimaera can be made into. Any more human DNA in my genetic makeup, and legally, they can't make me. Any more than 70% human DNA in a chimaera, and we become legally human. If that happens, we're free, independent, we can buy houses, own property, we can go and have Technicians activate our reproductive DNA, allowing us to have children (that's usually plagued with problems though. Not all of us are designed to bear children naturally).

To be honest, the thought of being considered human, well, it's kind of scary. I mean, don't get me wrong, being legally considered a person would be great, but as it is, with a set role, most chimaera don't seem to carry all that existential baggage some humans do. We know exactly why we're on this Earth. We know exactly what we are, who we are, and what we're meant to do. That's a lot of stuff we never have to worry about. Not to mention that not a lot of us are very religious. I mean, it's kind of hard to worship your creator when he's a guy carrying a clipboard standing three feet from you with greasy hair, bad acne and body odor. Plus, we can actually have a verbal, two way conversation with our creators. Nothing mystical or spiritual about it.

I'm getting off track. Like I said, I'm a Felid Base, Companion Model-Mark VII. So is Sasha Delaine, on the TV show Dark Haven. So you kind of know what we look like if you've seen the show. Thin, shapely, shorter than most humans. Erm, maybe I should describe myself anyway.

I'm five foot one, um, 102 pounds, lets see, I have jet black, short, glossy fur. Really silky texture. I have a very short muzzle, with a bright white, eight pointed star shape between my eyes, and another bigger one just above and between my breasts. And no, I'm a Mark VII, not a Mark IV, so I only have two breasts, thank you very much. Mark IV models are rare. Most chimaera are very much human in shape, so you don't see a lot of models with...extra features. It's only the ears, faces and feet that mostly stay animalistic. Well, those and the fur, obviously.

My eyes are bright purple, with flecks of silver. The Technicians don't know how the silver got there. I guess that's probably why it took so long for me to be sold. Anytime a Chimaera has an unexpected feature, we have to be listed as 'damaged'. At first, that pissed me off, but I learned not to think about it. Constantly getting doped up cause you can't control your emotions isn't fun, and it's a sign of atavism.

OH!! Technician Sadler is coming. I can smell her perfume. She'll be taking me to testing. I have to go! Wish me luck!!!

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