tagErotic CouplingsThe Dinner Party

The Dinner Party


I was the lone bachelor in the office and during the holidays, one of my co-workers invited me to a dinner party. I usually begged off these affairs, but I was talked into in. I promised to attend as long as my friend Sam did not try to set me up with anyone. He had tried a few times before and the results were always horrible.

The night of the party arrived and showed up at Sam's house, wearing a nice casual outfit of Dockers and a button collar shirt. I brought a bottle of wine as a gift for Sam's wife, Mary. Mary was one of those people that always made you feel at home and was totally in love with Sam. She would flirt but that was as far as she ever went. Mary opened the door when I arrived and smiled. I asked if any unattached women were going to be here tonight and Mary answered, "No." I said thank g-d and entered, kissed her on the cheek and presented the bottle of wine. She told me to go into the den and get myself a drink.

I walked to the den and saw Sam at the bar. I grabbed his hand and shook it and said, "Thanks for not trying to set me up tonight." Sam smiled, asked what I wanted to drink and said, "Your loss my man, but it is how you wanted it." I took a beer and started to walk around. I saw a few people from the office, that I knew, and a few I did not know. I heard a loud obnoxious voice in the corner that seemed to drone on and on. I found the source and it was the office loudmouth Ken. G-d what a night this was going to be, I thought to myself. I started to move away, when I saw a very pretty lady standing next to him, smiling and looking quite sad. She was dressed in a nice white blouse and skirt. I looked down for a minute and saw sandals. I admired her legs for a few minutes and wondered who she was.

I moved back over to the side of the room as Mary walked in. She came over to me and said, " Feel like you are a little left out? Everyone else here is married." I said, "not at all. I enjoy being single." Mary got a glass of wine and moved back to my side. I asked her who the woman was next to our loudmouthed friend. Mary smiled and then said, "that is Sharon, Ken's wife. We do not often see her at functions. I guess he keeps her hidden away." I said, "she does not seem to be enjoying herself." Mary laughed and said, "would you be, if you had to listen to him all the time and pretend to enjoy it?"

I moved around the room and said hello to everyone, including Ken, who introduced me to "HIS" wife. Ken said, "Steve this is the little lady, although she is not so little anymore." He laughed and I took her hand and said hello. Sharon smiled and squeezed my hand slightly and said, "Nice to meet you Steve. I have heard a lot about you." I was not sure what she had heard from Ken about me, but I said, "Nice to meet you too." I moved away, but when I looked back over my shoulder, Sharon was still watching me.

Mary moved into the center of the room and said it was time to eat. As we started to move to the dinning room, Mary said, "I have put place markers at the table, please sit where your name is." There were 11 of us in all, five couples and me. I walked in and found my name and started to pull my chair out, when Sharon moved next to me. "I seem to be seated next to you," she said as she looked at her name card. I pulled out her chair and helped her sit down. Ken was seated across the table from us, next to Marry and another woman. I smiled and sat down as well. I was seated at the end corner of the table and Sam was seated at the head, next to me.

Sam toasted his lovely wife for the great time and the wonderful dinner we were about to eat. We all drank and I took my napkin and placed it on my leg. Sharon took at sip and did the same with her napkin. As she placed the napkin on her lap, her hand brushed my thigh and she let it remain there for a minute. She then placed her hands on her lap and looked over at Ken, who had swallowed his entire glass of wine and was looking for more. I caught her shake her head slightly and then sigh. Dinner was being served, so I thought nothing of it.

During dinner I picked up my napkin and wiped my mouth. When I returned it to my lap, I found Sharon's leg close to mine, and let my fingers brush her thigh as I moved my hand back to the table. She did not move her leg, nor did she make any facial expression what so ever. As I continued to eat, I moved my hand to my lap as my mother had taught me; however, I did not leave it there. I looked across the table and saw Ken was engrossed in his own talking, with the poor woman to his right. I moved my hand from my lap and placed it on Sharon's leg. I do not know what I expected, but she did nothing. She continued to eat as though my hand was not there. I took a bite and as I chewed, I moved my hand under her skirt. I was happy to find she was not wearing hose or stockings. Sharon continued to eat as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I leaned over to Ken and said, "dinner is great, I am glad you invited me." As I leaned over, I moved my hand farther between Sharon's legs and up her thigh a little farther. Sharon coughed slightly and put her hand in her lap to get her napkin. I was not sure what was going to happen, but she picked up her napkin, whipped her mouth and returned her napkin to her lap. She did nothing to move my hand.

Sharon looked across the table and said to Ken, "behave yourself Ken." Ken looked back and said, " I am. What am I doing wrong?" Sharon said, "nothing, just don't overdo it." She went back to eating. My hand still rested on her upper thigh, under her skirt. I got a little bolder and moved it higher between her legs. Sharon stopped eating. I thought I was done for, but she only took her glass and lifted it to her lips. As she did, she opened her legs slightly. I moved my hand between her legs and felt a very smooth pussy. "She shaves," I thought to myself and felt my cock get harder in my pants.

Now it was turn to stop eating and lift my glass. As I took a sip, I moved my finger between her pussy lips and found them moist. Setting my glass back on the table, I moved my finger up and down, between her lips and up to her clit. It only took a couple of strokes from my finger to make it hard. She coughed again and I moved my hand from between her legs and up to the table, grabbing my napkin as I did. I took my hand and moved my napkin to my mouth. I inhaled her scent as I pretended to wipe my mouth. I glanced at Sharon who was putting a bite of her dinner into her mouth. She glanced back ate, then looked back across the table to where Ken was sitting.

I looked across as well and Ken was drinking wine as if it was soda. I shook my head and turned to Sharon and asked, "what do you do Sharon?" She turned towards me a little, her knee touching my leg. I move my hand down to my lap and then moved it between her open legs. At this angle, I had no trouble moving my fingers right to her now wet pussy. Sharon said, without acknowledging my fingers on her clit, "I stay home alone all day, work out and wait for Ken to come home." As if flicked her clit with my finger, she closed her eyes and turned back to finish eating. I pulled my hand from between her lips and to the table. I touched my plate and as she watched I sucked her juice from each of my fingers.

Dinner was soon over and we all adjoined to the living room again. Sharon was at Ken's side and I was talking with Sam. I looked and saw Sharon move to one side of the room and I slowly made my way over. Talking and laughing as I went I was soon next standing next to Sharon. Looking over my shoulder at the guests busy in conversations and Ken involved in his own, I whispered in Sharon's ear. "I am going out back to the veranda. I will be waiting for you." I then made my way to the kitchen and out into the backyard.

I seated myself on the far side of the veranda. I could see the kitchen door from here and if anyone came into the backyard. A few minutes later I saw Sharon come into the yard. "Here," was all I said. Sharon moved to the veranda and stood in front of me. I looked up into her eyes and said, " I would like to see what I played with during dinner." Sharon dropped her hands to her sides and pulled her skirt up. I watched as her shaved pussy came into my view. I smiled at her and then said, "I am going to show you how hard you have made my cock."

I did my pants and opened them and pulled my hard 8-½ inch cock free. Sharon's eyes dropped to my cock. I saw her eyes widen slightly and then I said, "drop you hands and come over her and get a good look at my cock." Sharon hesitated a second then dropped her dress. She placed her hands on my knees and knelt between them. She looked up at me and I moved my hand to the back of her head. "Do you like to suck cock, Sharon?" I asked as I pulled her head forward. Sharon slid her hands up my thighs and rested them on my waist. She opened her mouth as I continued to pull her head forward. I felt her head move away from my hand as she dropped her mouth over my cock.

I moved my hands to the bench and looked towards the back door as she started to suck my cock. Sharon first moved her tongue around the head then dropped her mouth onto my cock. My cock moved easily into her throat. When her nose was in my pubic hair, I felt her lips move around the base of my cock as her throat contracted around the head. Damn, I though, this woman can suck a mean cock. Sharon then started bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock. I felt her hands tighten on my hips as she sucked harder and faster. Up and down, she bobbed her head and every few minutes would swallow my whole cock deep into her throat. Her hands clinched my hips harder as she bobbed her head faster. I felt the tingle in my balls and moved my hand to her head. "I am going to cum, Sharon, swallow it all." She sucked harder and when she felt the first spurt of my cum, hit her throat, she swallowed my cock whole and sucked me dry.

I finished shooting my cum in her mouth,. She did not stop sucking, she laid her head on my thigh and sucked and licked my cock. Sucking softly as it grew soft in her mouth. I lifted her head and looked into her eyes and told her to stand on the other side of the veranda, looking at the door. She pouted slightly then did as I told her. I stood and walked over behind her. I lifted her skirt over her ass and moved my hand between her open thighs. G-d was she wet. I took my cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times. My fingers in her wet pussy and my stoking had my cock hard in no time.

I rubbed the head up and down between her wet lips, resting the head just between her lips. I moved my hands to her hips and pulled back hard as I slammed my cock deep into her pussy with one thrust. She muffled a scream with her hands as I started to fuck her hard and fast. Moving her hands to the railing she pushed back onto my cock as I slammed into her open wet pussy. Sharon was grunting as I fucked her. "Unt, unt, unt." Each time I slammed into her, pulling her tight onto my cock with my hands on her hips. Over and over we fucked each other harder and faster. I finally told her I was going to cum. Sharon pulled her pussy off my cock and turned. She went to her knees and grabbing my hips, pulled my cock deep into her mouth. Sucking with abandon, she bobbed her head until I started to cum. Again, she swallowed all I had to give her.

Just as finished sucking my cock clean and I pulled her up to kiss her, the backdoor opened and Mary called out, "Sharon, your husband has passed out on the couch." Sharon turned her head after kissing me and said, "I am cumming right now, Mary." She smiled at me and walked out of the veranda and towards the back door. When they had entered the house, I waited another minute before rejoining the party.

I heard Mary tell Sam, "You invited him, so you have to make sure he gets home." I walked over and said, "I will help you get him to the car, Sam." I reached under his arm and Sam got the other. Sharon looked slightly embarrassed by Ken's behavior, but said nothing. Sam and I took Ken to the car and loaded him in the back seat. I closed the door and heard Mary telling Sam, "You have to make sure she gets home and him into the house." Again I interrupted. "Mary, I was going to leave now anyway. You two still have guests inside. I will follow Sharon home and make sure she gets Ken inside, then I will go home." Mary said, "are you sure, Steve?"

"Yes," I said and opened the door for Sharon. I kissed Mary on the cheek and thanked for a wonderful evening and then shook Sam's hand. He shook mine harder than usual and smiled at me as I got into my car.

I helped Sharon get Ken to the couch. She put a blanket over him and then walked me to the door. I stopped her and pulled her to me. She lifted her head and I leaned down and kissed her. My hands moved to her ass and squeezed her cheeks as we kissed. I leaned into her ear and said, "Show me your bedroom." She looked over her shoulder at Ken and then took my hand and led me to her bed. I left four hours later and have been back many times since then. Sharon, I found out was very submissive and loved being told what to do.

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