The Disciplinarian Ch. 01


"Unnnhhh. Thh- uh- ank you."

"Ahh! Th- th- th- ank ah."

"Owwwoo. Tink you, [sniffle]."

After ten minutes of this, there was a longer rest period and then we began to hear a rapid rhythmic smacking sound. The sound was much faster paced and there were no more 'thank you's.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack ...

After a few seconds of this we began to hear Angie gasping and grunting again even as the smacking sound continued without pause. Before long Angie's moans became very loud, weepy, and almost continuous. It constituted a kind of high-pitched melody accompanying the drum track of the smacks.

"Ow! Unh, ahh, errgg, ... [sob], Oh, oh, [gasp], arrrrggghhh, ouch, unnn, [gasp], huhuh [sniffle], oww ...

It was so loud; I knew that Angie knew that we could hear it. Her humiliation must be devastating and I felt sorry for her, but I also realized that I was getting very creamy between my legs.

At this point there was another brief rest period and then the rapid fire spanking began again. We could still hear Angie's exclamations of pain, but they were much softer and muffled now, as if she were gagged. The smacking sound, oddly, seemed to become sharper, more of a slapping sound of flesh on flesh.

Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank...

Finally, the rain of spanks stopped and so did Angie's groans. We just heard her breathing hard, like someone who'd just finished a sprint.

After a couple more minutes, the bedroom door opened and they returned to the living room. Angie was in the lead and she certainly didn't look like the haughty model I'd known. She was barefoot, and her hair and dress were disheveled. She hung her head and looked at the floor in front of her as she walked. She would not look us in the eye.

Mr. Daniels followed right behind her, just as calm and commanding as ever. Even his clothes still seemed neat. Jennie and I instinctively stood up when he entered the room.

He looked at us and gave us the George Clooney smile, then looked at Angie and said, "Angie, I believe you had something you wanted to tell Soo May and Jennie, didn't you?"

Angie, who was still looking at the floor, nodded in the affirmative and slowly lifted her head, but kept her eyes downcast. Then she reached one hand up to her mouth as she opened it. Jennie and I were surprised to see something white and crumpled in her mouth. She took it out and shook it out.

It was her underpants.

I heard Jennie gasp in surprise beside me and I nearly did, too. Angie had told us, almost primly, just a short while before that she would not take her underwear off for Mr. Daniels. Now it was evident that she had done just that. Her face turned beet red and I could see she was blinking back tears of humiliation as she bowed her head again.

"Go ahead, Angie," Mr. Daniels said pleasantly, "what did you want to tell them?"

"Jennie and Soo May," she began, "I've been ... ".

Her voice trailed off.

"Louder," he said.

Angie started again closer to normal volume, "Soo May and Jennie, I've been thoroughly spanked."

"Clothed or bare?" he asked impatiently.

"Bare" she nearly whispered.

"Complete sentence, please," he said wearily, "and loud enough for us all to hear."

Angie gave a small sniffle, took a deep breath and said "I've been thoroughly spanked on my bare bottom."

"Good," he said, "now show them."

Angie, who had turned down 6-digit fees to pose nude when she was model, turned her back on us and lifted the back of her skirt to her waist.

This time, it was my turn to gasp and Jennie giggled nervously (which brought another sniffle from Angie and she hung her head even lower). I'd seen Angie at the beach, but I'd never seen her naked behind before. She had kept in shape and she still had the body of a model. Her legs were long and slim and her bum was high and pert. But what made me gasp was its color. It was a bright pink in contrast to the lightly tanned color of the rest of her skin.

"Alright, Angie," he instructed, "go kneel on the sofa and rest your forearms on the back of it; but keep your bottom exposed."

Then he looked at Jennie and gestured for her to follow him. He turned back down the hall as he said, "Come, then, Jennie, you're next."

She hurried after him and I heard the door close behind them.

Second Session: Jennie

I sat down in an easy chair and said nothing. What do you say to a friend who is kneeling like a naughty schoolgirl showing her bare, well-spanked, butt? After a moment, I turned the chair so that I was facing away from her.

"I'm not looking, Angie," I said.

"Thank you," she whispered. She was still sniffling a bit.

After a few minutes, we heard something from the bedroom. Someone was saying something, a word or two, every five or six seconds. Then it stopped. After a minute, it started again, louder. It was definitely Jennie's voice and at first I assumed she was saying "Thank you," but I soon realized that she was saying something different each time. After another minute-long pause it started up again. This time Angie and I could hear clearly what she was saying.




He was making her count the spanks out loud. Once, again, I felt gooey between my legs as contemplated how embarrassed Jennie must feel, knowing that we could hear her counting her spanks.

She stopped after ten and a minute later the spanking started up again and she started counting from "one". There were several sets of ten spanks interspersed with one-minute rest periods. About the fourth round we could hear Jennie expressing pain between counts. Her 'ow's were higher pitched, more like squeals, than Angie's grunts, and unlike Angie, she uses actual words as well as exclamations.

"Owwwa. One."

"Eeee. Oh God!. Two"

"Ah- ah- ah. Three"


By the last round, she was sniffling and her voice had become distorted.

"Ehhh-uh. Oh please. Zicks. [gasp] "

"Ah-oww. Zeven. [sniffle]"

"Ow, ow, ow, owwwh, no more! Eight. [sob]"


There was a longer than usual rest period and then, as with Angie, I heard a rapid fire smacking begin.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack ...

There was no more counting, but after the first 30 seconds, the melody of pain began to accompany the drum track again. It was higher pitched this time, but the genre was the same.

"Ee! Ahh, ooo, God, ... [gasp], Ih- ih- ih, [sniffle], ouch, errrrgggg, Damn, [sob], ahun, [sniffle], ...

I felt another gush of moisture in my privates.

The spanking finally stoped after three or four minutes. Then, about a minute later, Angie and I heard Jennie give a very loud, sharp "Ow-Oo." It was almost a shriek. It was followed by a long silence as we listened intently. She did it again and this time we heard a slight wooshing sound ending with a snap just before her cry. Five more times we heard it.

Whoosh. Snap. "Ouch!"

Whoosh. Snap. "Ahha"

Whoosh. Snap. "Oh God, Oh"

Whoosh. Snap. "[sob] Uh- uh- uh"

Whoosh. Snap. "Arrgghhh"

Two minutes later, they came out of the bedroom. Jennie was in the lead and she hung her head just as Angie did when she came out. Her hair was also a mess and she walked stiffly with one hand rubbing her behind through her jeans.

Again, I stood up instinctively when Mr. Daniels entered the room.

"You can get up from the sofa and let your dress fall now, Angie," is the first thing he said, "and put your underwear on as well."

She did as he instructed, but I notice that she kept her eyes on the floor, as Jennie did.

"Alright, Jennie," he instructed, "time to tell the others about your punishment."

Keeping her eyes on the floor, Jennie begins, "Soo May and Angie, I have just been given a spanking- I mean, a good hard spanking on my bottom- I mean, on my naked bottom."

"Show them," Mr. Daniels commanded.

Sniffling, she turned around, unbuckled her jeans, and let them drop to the floor. She put her thumbs into the waist of her panties, pulled them down and let them drop, too. Her top was a baby-T, so it did not hang below her waist.

This time it was Angie's turn to gasp. She had not seen a pink spanked bottom before. But I gasped, too, and I only partly covered a nervous giggle by putting my hand over my mouth. (Jennie heard us, gave a little sob of embarrassment and hung her head lower.) The reason for my surprise was that Jennie's curvy bottom was more than just pink. It also had several stripes across it of a darker red color.

"As you can see," she said with a choke in her voice, "I was also switched."

I'd lost count of how many times I was surprised that night, but I was surprised again. Jennie had told us she would bail out rather than let a switch or paddle be used on her; but there she was, striped bottom on display, head hung in shame.

"Step out of your jeans and underwear, Jennie," Mr. Daniels instructed. "Then kneel on the sofa and rest your forearms on the back of it. Keep your bottom exposed."

He then looked at me, sternly and steadily for several seconds. Finally, his eyes seemed to soften and the George Clooney smile appeared. He nodded his head toward the hallway and headed off to the bedroom. I scampered after him.

Third Session: Soo May

As soon as I closed the door behind us, he told me to take off my shoes and socks. Then, to my surprise, he stepped close to me and gripped my shoulders.

"I always begin the first session with a new client by telling them this," he said. "You are absolutely safe with me. I won't push past what you can take. While there will be difficult moments for you, I can promise you that tonight when you fall asleep you will find that all-in-all you have no regrets."

Then he stepped back and looked me up and down. He smiled and said "You have a boyish figure, but on you it is somehow sexy. Because your face is so pretty, it contrasts with your body and the effect is to make you seem more feminine and womanly."

I felt a warm thrill run through me. He called me "sexy" and "feminine" and "womanly!"

"Now," he said, interrupting my thoughts, "if there's one thing about Angie that you could change what would it be?"

"Well, uh ...," I was surprised by the question, "uh, I guess she can be pretty stuck up sometimes. Just because she was once a professional model, she thinks we should follow her lead in clothes and most everything else."

"I see," he replied. "Now, the same question about Jennie."

"She often brags about how many boyfriends she has," I said, not without some real resentment, "and sometimes when I don't have one, she'll tease me about it. I pretend that I don't mind, but it hurts me."

"Interesting," he said, "that will be very helpful. Now, let me state some rules. To begin with, you must not look me in the eye for the rest of the evening. Whenever I am in the same room with you, you must look down. Understood?"

I said "Yes" and immediately looked down.

"Also," he continued, "when you speak, try to use complete sentences. That may seem silly but, trust me, it will enhance the experiences you are about to have."

I nodded my assent to this.

"You'll probably want to rub your bottom at times," he added, alarmingly. "You must ask my permission to do so. Clear?"

I nodded again.

"Good -- Now, I spanked Angie over my lap and I spanked Jennie while she was lying on the bed with her legs off the end; but I think I'll get best effect for you by having you kneel on the bed facing away from me. Do it."

I hastened to obey and knelt on the bed with my back to him. My feet and shins stuck out from the edge of the bed.

"Now bend at the waist until you can rest the side of your head on the bedspread."

I did so, laying the side of my face on the bedspread with my hands on either side of my head. The effect was to leave my small hips up high in the air. My khaki slacks were stretched tight across my seat. I instantly felt my face flush with embarrassment, but I was aware also that the situation was arousing me again.

He stood beside the bed, just to my left. My bum was a perfect height for him to spank.

"If you were counting," he said, "you know I started each of the other two with six sets of 10 spanks, with a minute rest period between each set. You will get the same. Now ask me for your spanking -- politely."

"P- Please, Mr. Daniels," I stammered, "give me a sp- spanking."

Could there be anything more humiliating I asked myself, than to raise my rump to a near stranger and ask him to spank me? I would soon find out that, indeed, there could be. By the time this evening was over I would look back on this moment as the least embarrassing one.

Swat! His first spank startled me and I lifted my head and let out a little "uh." My khaki slacks and underwear provided some protection, so there wasn't much pain, but the blow was more than a pat.

Swat! Swat! He gave me two more in quick succession. I took them without making a sound. After a pause, he gave me seven more in one burst. Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

These still didn't hurt much, but they served to drive home to me the position I was in: head down, bottom up, submissively offering myself for whatever punishment he cared to give. I felt a new rush of juice in my vagina.

"For the next ten," he said, "pull your slacks down and, in addition to asking for the spanking, you are to ask for each spank by saying 'another, please.'"

I undid the snap and zipper of my khakis and lowered them till they rested on the back of my bent knees. I always wore frilly underwear with lots of ruffles in an effort to make my boyish hips seem wider. Now my ruffled bottom was pointed up at him and another wave of embarrassment flowed through me.

"Please, spank me," I said.

Swat! It was no harder than before, but without the protection of my slacks, the pain was sharper. There was a long pause before I remembered my instructions.

"Another, please," I said softly.


"Another, please."

And, so, we continued this way for eight more. By the end, my voice was getting breathy, but the effect was, at this point, still more humiliating than painful.

His next instruction came as no surprise.

"Pull down your underwear, Soo May," he ordered, "and ask for the next ten on your bare bottom, and don't forget to ask for each spank."

I reached back and put my thumbs in the waist of my panties. I hesitated for a moment, and then screwed up my courage and yanked them down to join my slacks at my knees.

I had been in a near continuous state of arousal all evening and seconds after baring my hindquarters I could smell my own arousal. I winced at the thought that Mr. Daniels could probably smell it too. As I knelt there with the side of my face on the bedspread, I had been facing my left side, the same side Mr. Daniels was on. But, now, humiliated, I turned the other way to hide my face.

It was then that the most surprising thing, in a night filled with surprises, occurred. Mr. Daniels took pity on me and said something that actually reduced my embarrassment a tiny bit.

"Virtually all women are aroused by a spanking, Soo May," he said, his voice suddenly softer and kinder, "at least if it's properly done. It is hardwired into your brain to respond to a controlling male."

Then after a pause, he added, with his voice back to commanding mode, "Now ask for your next ten on the bare."

"Please give me ten m- more spanks," I began to stammer again, "on my b- bare behind."


The sound was different and there was a definite sting to a spank on bare skin.

"Another, please," I remembered to ask.

"Louder," he ordered.

"Another, please," I said louder. If Angie and Jennie were listening intently they might barely make it out.

And, so he gave me nine more on my bare bottom. By the end I was making soft, involuntary "uh" and "ow" sounds and my hips were jerking forward a bit with each spank.

After a minute rest, he gave his instructions for the next set.

"The next ten will be the same, but you must call out your request for each spank loud enough for Angie and Jennie to hear it in the living room."

I gulped, but nodded assent and he resumed as soon as I'd said "Please give me another ten spanks."


I took a deep breath and called out loudly "Another, please!"

My eyes began to tear in embarrassment again with the knowledge that Jennie and Angie could hear me.

Smack! "Another, please!"

Smack! "Another, please!"


We continued. By the end of the set, my 'ow's and 'uh's had become much louder, too; and my hips were beginning to twist and jerk in pain.

"Mr. Daniels," I asked, "may I rub my bottom."

"Yes, you may."

I reached back with both hands and rubbed both buns. This in itself was embarrassing, but I needed the relief it brought to my butt.

The rest period lasted about a minute and I found that I was more aroused than ever. I was pretty sure that my pubic hair was damp now. After a minute, we began again. But he ordered a slight change in how I presented myself:

"With both hands, grip the waist of your slacks and panties and pull them up a little. Hold them at the level of mid-thigh throughout the spanking."

Puzzled, I reached back on either side and grabbed one side of my pants and underwear in my right hand and the other side with my left. As he'd commanded, I lifted them both to mid-thigh and held them there.

"Ten more spanks, please, Mr. Daniels," I remembered to ask.

Smack! He was striking harder and I gasped before calling out "Another, please!"

Smack! "Ow! Another, please!"

Smack! "Uhnn! Another, please!"

By the third one, I was no longer puzzled about why he wanted me to hold my pants and panties halfway up. There is something infinitely more submissive and humiliating about having to hold one's own pants just low enough to be spanked instead of just dropping them. Somehow it emphasized that I was offering up my bum for spanks. My humiliation became even deeper.

I was sniffling a bit when we finished the set and there was now a continuous stinging in my posterior. Mr. Daniels gave me permission to rub my bottom again and he let the rest period go on a little longer.

"For the last set, Soo May, I want you naked below the waist."

I lifted one knee and pushed my pants and underwear past it, and then I shifted my weight and did the same on the other side. Finally, I kicked them both off.

Another deep breath and I tearfully said again, "Please give me [sniffle] another spanking."

My bottom, by this time, was so tender I was exclaiming in pain from the very beginning.

Smack! "Ahh! Another, please!"

Smack! "Uhhh! Another, please!"

Smack! "Oooh! [sniffle] Another, please!"

Smack! "Oww! Another, please!"

Smack! "Ehhhh! Nother, [sob] please!"

Smack! "Unh! Ah! Ah! Another, peeeeeese!"

Smack! "Errrgh! Anotherrpleeeesahhhh! Oh, oh!"

Smack! "Unn! Nuh! Nuh! An- An-Another, p- p- please! [sob]"

By now my butt was twisting and jerking wildly. First one leg would kick out spasmodically, then the other. On the next-to-last one I compulsively pushed my upper body up off the mattress, arched my back, and nearly howled.

Smack! "Arrgghhh! Notter pease! Owwwooo!"


"Please, [gasp] oh, please," I begged, "may I rub my bum, Mr. Daniels?"

"Yes, you may."

He gave me two full minutes to rest and as I knelt there in my obscene position, breathing hard and rubbing my bottom, I realized that my sex was nearly dripping. I'd never been so wet.

Mr. Daniels interrupted my thoughts, "I'm now going to give you two or three minutes of continuous hard fast spanks, Soo May, just as I gave the others. For this, I want you completely naked. Take off your top. "

I rose up to an upright kneel, with a deep breath and a whimper I pulled my pink T-shirt over my head. I was wearing no bra. I seldom did, since I never needed one. I quickly clapped one arm across my tiny breasts and lowered my upper body back to the 'bottoms up' position.

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