tagGay MaleThe Discovery: Prison Inmates

The Discovery: Prison Inmates



The story is a complete work of fiction and story contains erotic situations between consenting adults, sometimes of the same gender. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.

Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.

Copyright – Poshbillionaire 2010

Please let me know what you think...constructive criticism always please! Be gentle!


The warden made the best use of the surveillance cameras every single day. It was his entertainment in this godforsaken shit hole. But today he had more direct interests and he was going to make sure he enjoyed himself.

"Ahh the little fiery one" the warden muttered with a low laugh as he circled Jamie, "You think the world has done you wrong eh? Oh we're going to do a lot more to you my dear. Teach you a very good lesson. You better pray your appeal goes pretty fast because I plan to break that little spirit of yours, bit by bloody bit"

Jamie stared straight ahead as his clothes were ripped off by the burly prison officers, trying not to think at all. He stood stiffly as the warden and his leery officers, Beef, Jones and Squeak (as they were known by the inmates) pinched and prodded his body.

"I would have shown you what it was to be fucked thoroughly by a man. If not for this bloody investigation going on" swore the warden as he stared at Jamie's genitals. The prison was being investigated on allegations about how it was run so he could not afford to have anything happen that could be connected directly to him and sex was one of those. Much as he would have loved to rip this fine young man in two and show him he was the king of this place.

The small man almost fainted in relief, now realising the reason for his lawyer's anger at the prison he had been sent to. It was a miracle he needed to survive this place; he needed that appeal to go through so bad. God help him.

The relief was short lived though for the warden continued.

"Since we can't get our hands dirty, so to speak," that got a roar of laughter from Beef and Weeney "We're going to put it in someone's else's hands...say...one of your friends...say Ace Grimes for instance. I hear you two have some history already right. Get Ace to solitary, now!" he ordered "I'm gonna enjoy tonight, that's for sure. Next time you'll watch your mouth when you even hear my name"

The officers rushed off, Jamie felt bile rise up his throat at the name mentioned and his hands curled into fists. Ace Grimes had tried to rape him twice now and his cellmate Roger had had to enlist his friends to help look out for his small cellmate all the time. He was forced to stay close to them all the time for that bastard seemed to know his every move. He could not believe the officers were going to offer him to Ace like a prize.

"I'd rather die" he spat out viciously.

The warden simply laughed for while. Then he stepped up to Jamie and punched him hard and fast twice in the gut. He crumpled to the ground, choking in pain and received three more kicks to his sides.

"Oh you may just die alright, by the time Ace finishes with that ass of yours"

Jamie stayed on the floor and tried to be invisible. His ribs hurt so bad he feared he may have cracked some. It looked like he really was going to die tonight.

Jones had stayed behind to watch him and got his own kick in just as the other two guards scrambled back in. Squeak spoke in his telltale gratingly tiny voice. He sounded like a mouse with a cold, hence his name.

"Err Boss" The warden who had sat back behind his massive desk, inclined his head in question, a frown creeping in. "Ace's been in some fight during lunch. He got stabbed in the leg. He's in the infirmary Boss, no chance of doing this one in tonight" Squeak finished, pointing at Jamie.

After a lot of swearing and cursing, the warden got out of his chair calmly. He walked round the desk so he was facing his guards.

"Find me someone to fuck this little bastard. And I mean now. Think. I'm not messing about"

"Yes Boss" they all muttered, uncomfortable in their fear.

Beef spoke up first, "What about Mr High and mighty."

"Ah, the big one who keeps to himself. Thinks he's better than the rest of us"

"You mean Foxton?" the warden knew who he was. He also hated his guts. Perfect.

"Is he gay?" asked Squeak, thinking for a moment. "I'm not sure he is..."

Warden laughed and rubbed his hands together gleefully "No he isn't. Even better. How could I have forgotten that pain in the ass? Thinks because he's got money he is a king in here. This will teach him, eh, kill two birds with one stone. Get him to solitary and no stories this time. Take this idiot over to solitary too, put them in together and come get me. We're gonna have some entertainment tonight, eh boys"

"No stories Boss."

Jamie's clothes were thrown back at him. He dressed slowly. His body ached.

Jamie lay in the dark, his heart pounding like a sledge hammer. His side hurt much less now but he was shaking like a leaf. He had ignored the bed and was curled up at the far corner, taking comfort in the solid wall protecting his back.

He waited.

When the lights flashed on about 45 minutes later, he jumped in fright, blinded for a moment for even though it was quite dim still, he had been in there for a while in darkness.

A huge man was dragged into the room by the three officers and dropped onto the bed. He sat up woozily for a minute to get his bearings. It was the tall handsome guy the inmates called the gentle giant. The few times Jamie had seen him he seemed to mind his own business and people respected him. He had even helped Jamie once with Ace, but he had seen them talking later so wasn't sure what the deal was. No friend of Ace was a friend of his, not that he wanted to be friends with a little man like him. He was also always staring at Jamie, which Jamie couldn't really complain about for he was always staring at him too. In fact the guy had caught him a few times to his embarrassment. If he was honest to himself, he knew he wouldn't have minded being friends with him, he had seemed...well...nice. Not any more though if he was replacing Ace.

Aside from the fact that he was taller than Jamie by over a foot, he was lean and muscular and looked like he could crush Jamie with his fist alone. He was a bit scary to be honest, but a bit magnetic at the same time. And the way he stared...gave Jamie goose bumps for some strange reason. He'd never been around such a huge man before so maybe it was simply fascination. It didn't occur to him that there were a good number of men of that same height in the prison who did not have this effect on him.

It seemed like he had been knocked out and was slowly coming to. Which was why it was so funny to Jamie that he asked if Jamie was okay.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

"I'm fine. You on the other hand, look like a wounded deer in that corner. Your eyes are all hollow and one of them seems to be bleeding as well"

"I've been worse" Jamie muttered, staying where he was but wiping away the blood from the small cut on the side of his left eye. It was mostly dry so he guessed it had stopped bleeding now thankfully. His hands tightened around his legs as he took in the size of the man in the bed. He looked about Jamie's height sitting down, Jamie being only 5"2. Oh God. This was not happening. He didn't need this. He had already been in solitary for a week now for speaking back to the warden and he couldn't believe that was not enough punishment for the bastard.

The man frowned at his reaction to him but decided to keep his distance. The poor little man actually looked afraid. Of him. What was that about? He left him alone, deciding to wait and hear what that idiot warden had to say. He just knew in his gut that it wasn't good. The man hated his guts, he knew that much. No one in here who had money and didn't throw it around towards him was treated badly. He just wanted to be left alone to do his time and get on with his life.

The heavy door was unlocked and slammed open. The burly warden walked in, puffing smoke from his pipe. The two men cringed.

"Hello Mr High and mighty..." he addressed the bigger man in the bed. " Got something I need you to do for me. And let's be clear, refuse and you stay here for as long as it takes"

"What the fuck do you want now, you slimy bastard" The officers approached the huge man automatically and he got a good number of blows for his words. He was on the floor writhing in pain by the time the warden signalled for a stop.

He bent over, pipe in mouth and grabbed the man by the hair so hard that his neck snapped back. "See that pretty little boy over there...? Now you are going to fuck him for my entertainment tonight and whenever. Understand..."

"Fuck you" the man spat at him, "I'm not gay"

"Precisely why this will be my entertainment"

"And if I don't?"

"Ohhhh, lets see...starve you both in here till you fuck or die, whichever comes first. Need I say more...Better still, if you waste my fucking time tonight I'll get both your dicks cut off and fed to the guard dogs so you'll have no choice but to be a faggot. I'll simply say you both were trying to escape and the dogs got you"

The huge man took a deep breath, realising the warden was serious about this bullshit.

"Is this about money? Because if it is I'll get..."

"Oh we're way beyond that now sweetheart. You had your chance. No one fucks with me and gets away with it. Look at it this way, you're going to be my personal faggots"

He stared at them for a while, eyes brimming with senseless unadulterated hatred. "You choose. Remember, I'll be watching..." With that he walked out of the room, pointing to the camera above them and leaving a streak of smoke in his wake.

They were quite for a while; both could hear each other breathing heavily. This was going to be a long night.

"I'm Rhys. What's your name?"


"Are you gay?


"Calm down tiny, neither am I" he turned to face Jamie, unconsciously using the nickname he had given him since the first day he saw him. He had been meaning to stand up and go to him but the way the little man jumped in fright he decided to just face him first. "We need to talk about this" He finally got to see the little man's face clearly, noting with a jump in his heart beat that it was the new guy with the silver gray eyes. The tiny creature with those beautiful silver gray eyes. He couldn't believe himself when he felt a spark of excitement. God, he had been in here too long.

"There's nothing to talk about. Don't you fucking come near me"

"Jamie, I'm not the enemy here"

"I don't give a shit what you are. Just stay away from me"

"You know it's just sex right?"

"Fuck you"

"It's no big deal...You have had sex before right...?"At Jamie's incredulous look, "I guess that's a yes"

"Not with a man"

"Good, neither have I. Nor have I ever felt the inclination to. But this is a matter of life and death. Or life and dicklessness. I know the warden, he will do it."

There was no reply.


"Fuck you. You're not touching me!"

"You wanna die here then? I can see from your eyes that you have already been here sometime. Your hair's limp and your skin is even paler than before"

"Than before...? Do you know me?

"I've seen you around. You're the new guy Ace is going crazy over aren't you?"

"What? Is that what I'm known as? Good God...So Ace is a friend of yours then?"

"No friend of mine. We just have a truce, he stays out of my business and I stay out of his"

"Lucky you he doesn't want to fuck you then"

"I'm sorry you had to go through that. Your friends protect you don't they?" Rhys knew they did, for he had made sure of that. Jamie knew he knew, for the only time he had heard him talk was when he had overheard Rhys telling his cellmate Roger to that they needed to watch him more after he had received a bad blow from Ace when he was passing by him in the fields. It was Rhys that had prevented Ace from doing more that day but his friends had scrambled around and taken over before he could acknowledge the help. His sullen mood did not allow him do it now either.

"Yeah, when they can. But this place...it's only just a matter of time..."

"No need to be so pessimistic"

"Really? And the position we're in right this moment is something to be happy about is it?

"I agree it's not the best situation. But it's just sex Jamie"

"You know what? You can think what you like. I don't care, just stay away from me. Simple as that"

"You're not being rational. We're going to starve to death or lose our dicks, you know that's exactly what the warden wants right? I've seen what he can do believe me, he will do it. You're already all beaten up and have been in here some days, soon you won't even have the strength to do move let alone have sex. Is that what you want? To die here by your own hand?"

Jamie said nothing but just ran his small hands through his hair. They were shaking badly and Rhys noticed. The small man was really shit scared about this.

"I'm sorry, I really can't do this"

"How old are you Jamie?"

"Why?" Rhys shrugged without answering. "Are you checking if I'm legal?"

"Are you?"

"Would that make a difference to you?"


Rhys watched in amusement as Jamie considered this, which alone would have given him away if not that Rhys already knew he couldn't be less than 25. The prison didn't take anyone below that age anyway. He laughed softly, watching the little cutie deliberate with his thoughts still.

"Still thinking of what age to use? You may be cute and tiny but you're most definitely older than 18 Jamie. This isn't a young offenders prison remember? I've saved you the lie you were trying to cook up"

"I am not cute and I was not trying to cook up anything. And I'm 25 by the way"

"Okay but you agree you're tiny then?" Rhys smirked "But not cute? You know you look a great deal younger than 25, so you have to be cute, don't you think"

"Fuck you. Just because you have an over active thyroid gland doesn't make me cute" Immediately the words left his mouth, Jamie was a bit frightened that he had gone too far.

"Mmmh, is that what it is..." Rhys laughed more, running his hand through his hair and shifting slightly on the bed. He shook with mirth as Jamie watched his actions like a hawk, looking like he wanted to disappear into himself. This was going to be a really long night.

"I'm 29...."

"What?" He was so afraid Rhys was going to get mad at him a moment ago that he was trying to enter into himself. He didn't understand what he was saying and tried to focus.

"29...29 years old..."


"Are you okay? You sound a bit strange"

"I'm fine, just stay the fuck away"

"I'm not Ace Grimes you know..."

"I don't want to talk about Ace Grimes if you don't mind. I'm sick of talking about him"

"I can imagine"

"No you can't imagine what it's like. You can't even begin to imagine what it's like for someone to actively try to rape you on a daily basis so don't even say that to me. And I don't need your sympathy thank you very much"

"I'm sorry" Rhys muttered, half to himself. His silence somehow infuriated Jamie the more.

"What the fuck is wrong with everybody in this place and sex anyway? I don't get it?"

Rhys laughed softly, still watching him "How long you been in here?"

"Four horrific months so far...and counting"

"I think it gets more difficult with time. The longer you been in here, the more you want it"

"How...how long have you been in here?"

"About thirteen months to date..."

"That's pretty short, considering you practically rule the place"

"I do? I didn't realise that? Where did you get that idea from? I do not rule anyone. I just mind my business and get people to stay out of my way that's all"

"Call it what you like" Jamie knew he was being rude, but he didn't care right now."So what are you in for?"

"Drunk driving. 2 years to spend" He didn't say anymore and Jamie didn't push it.

"That's all?" Jamie was shocked...and a little more comfortable now. He sat up a bit. Rhys noticed the change with some amusement.

"What, you thought I was a murderer or something? It's because of my size right? That's okay, I get that all the time in here. It saves me from hassle most of the time so I'm happy with it."


"Don't worry about it" Rhys chuckled softly "What about you? What you in here for?"

"Fraud...I was framed by someone at work. My solicitors are appealing and I'm hoping to get out soon. I wasn't even supposed to come to this kind of prison. Something about no spaces..."

"Yeah, me too...I guess we have more in common than we thought. We're not hardened criminals..."

"Are you trying to soften me up? Cos if you are it's not going to work..."

Rhys laughed, lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. Despite his height and muscle he moved gracefully. He was barefoot and had the nicest long toes Jamie had ever seen. He guessed the fingers would be pretty much the same, long, tapered and slim. Not that he was thinking about it.

"You're letting him have power over you. You know that right? We would have been done by now and it would have been over with."

"Really? So you're a one minute man then?"

Rhys shook with mirth, this tiny man was so hilarious it was adorable "Far from it. Wanna give me a try?"

Nice rumbling laugh, Jamie thought to himself.

"Fuck you" Jamie said out loud.

"You're evading the issue you know..."

"What issue?"

"He has power over you because he knows you're afraid of having sex with – "

"I am not afraid of anything!" Jamie yelled in anger. There was a tremor in his voice.

"Well for one thing, you're afraid of me"

"No I am not!"

"Then why are you huddled up in the corner?"

"Fuck you, this has nothing to do with you. I am not afraid of you in any way. Jesus! What is wrong with you people?"

Rhys stood up without another word and swiftly approached Jamie in the corner. He stood in front of the little man and grabbed his shoulders, hoisting him up to his feet. Jamie stifled back a gasp of fear and cursed himself for trying to be big mouthed at a time like this. Rhys looked into the silver eyes for a second before they were torn away as Jamie tried to escape his grasp. He wrapped his large arms round the small body that only came up to his belly and easily lifted Jamie into his arms so they were face to face. Rhys marvelled at the tininess of him, God, he was practically weightless. He would definitely have to handle him with care.

Jamie fought the instinct to wrap his legs round Rhys' waist, letting them hang limply as the bigger man strode over to the bed with him. He didn't put him down though but sat down and hiked Jamie's legs along each side of him so Jamie was straddling him like a woman. This time Jamie was unable to stop the gasp that escaped his throat. Firm hands remained wrapped round his back so he couldn't get off.

Rhys held him there, their noses almost touching, Jamie stiff as a board in his arms, eyes wide with fear but not focusing. He was so afraid right now.

"Breathe Jamie" He remained stiff still. Rhys pressed their foreheads together "Breathe..."

"I don't plan to hurt you Jamie, far from it...you need to relax and breathe. Please..."

At last Jamie took a deep shuddering breath, closing his eyes at the effort it took and trying to concentrate on calming himself. Rhys realised what had been nagging him about this tiny man, he was so damned beautiful. It was in that moment that Rhys began to kiss him. He kissed the cut above his eye, kissed his creased worrying forehead, kissed the hollows he had noticed under those beautiful slanted eyes, kissed the pert little nose that Ace had tried to break the week before but had not succeeded, then kissed the cut on his lower lip. The last kiss brought out another gasp and an attempt to escape from the strong arms.

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