tagLesbian SexThe Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 02

The Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 02




Memories of the rest of that day flooded her mind ever since - seeing Donna to the door dressed in nothing but her black satin robe, her hair ringing wet with sweat and still falling down around her ears, kissing her goodbye...

On the lips... For what felt like an hour...

Rachel couldn't get over it! Any of it!

How hastily she had then set about washing and drying her daughter's strap-on dildo and then hoping it would be unnoticable that she had even moved it, let alone the other things she had done with it. And then she poured herself a hot bath and soaked with a glass of chilled wine. It wasn't long before she was touching herself beneath the steaming waters, and like never before...

Donna was right. Oh was she ever right. That wasn't just good sex, though. It was probably the best sex of her life. No matter the intensity she first felt for her now ex-husband, when they were young and in love, Donna had brought her to life and planted a different kind of seed. She felt no doubt, no fear, just a sense of fulfilment that she had never truly felt before.

Saturday came around and Rachel met Donna for lunch. They visited their usual pub for coffee and a bite to eat and not a thing was amiss between them. If anything, Rachel was simply happier, and so they went about their afternoon shopping, only with a difference.

Rachel had never been to a sex shop before, not in her life, and she could never have said "over my dead body" quite enough. Donna wanted to see just how much her attitude had changed and her misadventure into freak-out city went from awkward laughter into all too quiet wide-eyed fascination as Donna gave her the guided tour.

Donna sure does buy a lot of toys, Rachel thought to herself and then thought nothing else of it. Why knock it? She clearly knew what she was doing that fateful afternoon. How ever could she have been prepared for the moment Donna pointed out that she had bought the toys for Rachel?

They went back to Donna's around mid-afternoon and sat down to a few glasses of wine when the conversation quickly and very casually redirected to what happened Thursday.

Up until then, not a word had been mentioned of it. It was business as usual. Business being long-time friendship. But that wasn't to say Donna wouldn't smirk at her knowingly once in a while. Now that she knew Rachel wouldn't completely freeze up, being that she was now out of the public eye...

'So how did you feel afterwards?'

It came slow. Not awkward but not without the coaxing effects of wine and more wine. 'Orgasmic! Terrified! Sexy! Uncertain! In all honesty, I struggled with what you opened my eyes to...'

'Any sudden urges to wear men's clothes and shave your head? Have you joined any feminist militias since?' Donna's deadpan humour at work again.


'I enjoyed you,' Donna encouraged, holding Rachel's gaze. 'Sincerely, faithfully, I've been around a little and for a woman who never considered another woman, let alone ME...

And all the while Rachel nodded doubtfully...

'You are one of the sweetest lovers I've ever had the luck to go to bed with!'

'Really?' Rachel grasped, albeit hopelessly. 'Wow I guess-

'You don't need to worry about a thing. No shame, honey. Your whole life doesn't have to change because you decided to follow a feeling.'

Donna was sat opposite until that point, but now stood up and brought herself over to sit beside Rachel, who couldn't remove her bewildered stare. She took her by the waist and pulled her into her shoulder, just a friendly gesture but almost like a form of consolation.

'Plus, if you were 100% straight, do you think we'd have ended up in bed together?' Donna speculated. 'It's all bullshit what people say. You do what makes sense to you.'

'So... what, am I'm gay now?'

Donna laughed disarmingly. 'Well, you went gay for me,' she pointed out, much to Rachel's dismay. 'No! Seriously, don't fuck around with labels, especially when you're new to something. Who cares about heterosexuality or homosexuality, bisexuality or lesbianism? If there's no Rachality or Rachelism on the form, you can't tick the box, right?'

Rachel broke out into a fit of giggles. 'Rachality? What?'

She liked that term, admittedly, and it helped her not to feel so far out and removed from the reality she was all too accustomed with. But still, there was no denying that she was curious as to just where her new explorations would lead to next.

But, 'no, Rache,' Donna assured, 'you're just you and I love you for it,' she finished with a kiss and a tight, prolonged hug.

Donna took her through the toys she had bought, explaining the better uses for each of them. So many different kinds of vibrators and dildos and so many different uses for them.

Rachel wondered where she would get the time for them. Though there was no doubt in her mind, when it had finally been put at ease, that she would be having a lot of fun with them.

'Donna, where would I be without you?' she gushed and hugged her friend.

'Bored?' Donna guessed. Rachel grinned in agreement, stifling a laugh. As she blushed, the colour of pink roses, Donna swore she felt her heart break.

They kissed each other on the cheek. Then as they parted, Rachel saw an opening and went for the lips. At first it was just a peck, though sticky with lipstick and suddenly becoming a habit again.

Donna saw it happen in her eyes before it became physical, and when it happened she felt a spark in her heart.

Those full lips, their own special softness - they knew the difference between a friendly peck and a lover's kiss, and they knew especially how to blur the line between. It made her want more.

Voices faded to silence, replaced by more kisses, then giggles and more kisses. Then Rachel pulled away blushing red.

'I'm sorry, I just-

Donna kissed her back. 'No sorry!'

'I feel a little silly for asking but-

'Hey, it's me. Ask away!'

'Can I see your bedroom just a moment?'

An hour later and Donna was wrapped up in Rachel's naked thighs, strap-on cock sliding deeply in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Sweat poured down the smooth ridges of her spine in a steady stream, dripping down between her buttocks and Rachel was singing a wordless song of total sexual blissful abandon.

Rachel's own naked body, glistening in the light, writhing and heaving, also lay bathed in sweat, her firm breasts so tantalising and impossible to ignore.

As Donna thrust seductively, her hips and belly performing a sensuous dance to the sweet, breathy music between them, she took Rachel's wet nipples into her mouth and caressed them with lips and tongue, then met her mouth to consumate their love.

'Question,' Rachel later asked as they lay spooned together.

'Yes?' Donna responded and then nibbled her neck. That made her tingle in so many ways.

'Did we just make love?'

'In what way?'

'There's more than one way?'

'I'd like to think so. You're my best friend. I've always cared about like a man never could,' Donna explained carefully. 'So naturally I'm not just going to slam your ass up and down the bedroom-

'Explain, please,' Rachel said, kissing her hand and then placing it on her breast. It felt so good there.

'Well, the way I see it, sex is a combination of three simple things: love, trust and desire! If you go fucking people you don't even know, you don't have the love or really the trust, so it's just fucking. Then there's young relationships where you have a little trust, a little love and a lot of desire. A lot of awkward fumbling too...'

Rachel laughed. Her breast bounced against Donna's cupped hand and so she squeezed and mimicked a horn sound. Soon they were in fits of giggles, before she continued...

'Or you can have the old relationship that's taken it's knocks, where there's either no trust or no love left...'


Donna hugged her tight. 'So when your long tried and tested BFF has sex with you and she knows what she's doing, yeah it's an expression of love and so, yeah, we totally just made love and I'd love to keep making love with you if you'll let me.'

The smile was so wide across Rachel's face. Even with Donna lying behind her, she felt the need to hide it in her shyness. Suddenly she was breathing raggedly and Donna thought she was crying. When she asked if she was alright:

'A simple yes would have been good, but I think I just came again...'

'You what?'

'I think you just Jedi Mind Fucked me,' Rachel laughed but it was no joke. She turned to Donna and again they were in each other's arms, kissing soflty but then soon after the passion returned. 'Let me make love to you...'

'You're gonna make me have feelings for you, girl,' Donna warned, hugging her close.

'I'm not asking for your hand in marriage, dork. Just let me love you back,' Rachel assured and began to trail pretty little kisses from her lips to her navel. Donna purred.

'What have I started?!'


Evening came and Rachel was late through the door. There in the kitchen, sat Emma, eating breakfast cereal, content enough to bring a grateful smile to Rachel's burning lips. How beautiful she was, her waist long, naturally curling hair with her father' colour.

At eighteen she was now nearly a fully developed woman, with her mother's ample breast and modest hip. Perfectly though, so perfectly, she was at that stage where puppy fat was a commodity and lean fitness was trying too hard. With her mother's good genes, she could be forever young.

And her ginger locks against her porcelain skin made her look like a perfect little china doll. The faint freckles under her eyes, on her nose and wherever the sun kissed her the most; she was like an angel, in a golden glow against the setting sun.

'Hey mom, where have you been? It's a bit late for you, isn't it?'

'Oh? Past my bedtime?' Rachel grinned. She calmly waltzed over to her and kissed her on the forehead before setting up the coffee machine, talking nervously all the while.

'Well, that all depends how broad minded you are...'

Emma froze and looked at her queerly, as a smile dared not to curl the corners of her lips too hastily. 'Err, what am I supposed to say to that, mom? Just spit it out...'

'I'm sorry I'm late. I had a hot date. How's that?' How cute Emma's face was when she laughed, the way her nose wrinkled up and the dimples of her cheeks deepened. Rachel smirked and put her tongue firmly in cheek as the first aromas of steamed roasted coffee grounds filled her senses.

'Yeah I didn't see that coming. Really, wow, who is he? Anyone I know?'

'Well... He's actually a "she", baby,' Rachel declared ironically and offered her open hands as though to say "what are you gonna do?".

Dumbness struck Emma, who almost rocked back off her chair. 'Whuuuut?!!'

'Had a hot date with a woman. I know. I'm shocked too, but I'm enjoying myself and fuck the haters.'

Unexpectedly, Emma then began to cry. Rachel could see that they weren't tears of sadness, but still. She rushed over to her and took her tight in her arms.

'That last part was a joke.'

'I am so gonna steal your fucking thunder right now, mom,' Emma sobbed. Over her shoulder, Rachel smiled proudly and let her own tears fall.

'Well this calls for a glass of wine and a chick' night in,' Rachel beamed encouragingly into her daughter's eyes, and they both began to laugh between the tears.



She was so startled and disappointed by how things had suddenly taken a U-turn since Saturday. Having become immersed in this brave new fantasy world, running parallel with the reality that Rachel's daughter, Emma, was now an actual bona fide lesbian - out and proud - she too had done more than dip her toes in to test these new waters.

That scared her. A lot. A case of too much too soon, maybe? Or just too much...

Rachel didn't know what to think. It was as though the high had subsided so prematurely, sending her high plummeting to the depths of depression, fuelled by so much happeniness, but then by such a heavy burden of doubt and uncertainty.

What world had she entered? What had she done with a perfectly good friendship that she already depended on Donna and yet wanted to shy away from her.

Things couldn't have been farther from this three days ago, and now it was as though she were on the rebound from what she wanted most in the world.

I'm not a lesbian. You don't suddenly become a lesbian. I'm happy for my daughter but this isn't about me, or is it? What am I becoming? she asked her subconscious, what have I done?

Tuesday morning she went grocery shopping. At the store Rachel was at the medicines when her eye caught the condoms and the lubricants and she found herself pausing and looking around. She'd never been the type to stop and peruse these sorts of things but now she held a bottle of Durex gel lubricant in one hand. Rachel had used most of a bottle that Donna had bought with the toys already.

On a dare she cheekily dropped the bottle into her basket and then thought twice. She picked up another. For Emma...

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the figure of a man approaching. She looked up and found herself face to face with John Ellis, of all people. She stood frozen for a moment, lube in hand and brighlty coloured and, well... unmissable.

And she was staring into his eyes as recognition sparked between them. A wide inviting smile crossed his lips as his curiosity became satisfied.

John was an ex-workmate and friend of her ex-husband, Steve. They had met on a number of occasions at parties and barbecues, always getting on well. That's where her memory stopped, not allowing her to linger on how attractive she once found him. There was never an emotional attachment. It wasn't anything like that. Now John was divorced, too. Guess why.

One of Steve's many long-term affairs: Mrs Joan Ellis, ladies and gents. Selling beauty products to the neighbours out of one hand while jerking their husbands off with the other!

'Rachel? Hi, long time!'

'John, hi, how have you been?' Rachel greeted, then stealthily placed the extra lube bottle into the basket next to the other. His eyes darted and caught her out, but casually acted as though he didn't. Her own eyes just happened to be quicker than her hands, and so internally she cringed with embarrassment.

'Well, I just settled everything and moved in to my own place now,' he said. The poor guy was downtrodden, that much Rachel couldn't deny, but he seemed genuinely happy to see her, so she encouraged it.

'I'm really sorry about everything.'

'Absolutely not. Wasn't your fault!' he assured. 'Anyway, what are you doing with yourself lately?' he asked, then looked down into the basket at the bottles of Durex.

'Erm...' she laughed nervously, 'just a little shopping and then back home to my bills and motherly duties. You?'

'Well I'm just taking a little time from work to adjust, so-

Right in front of her he reached to the shelf and pulled down a pack of condoms. The timing couldn't have been any stranger or more coincidental. Again, her eyes met his and froze.

'Good for you, John,' she smirked and a thought crossed her mind, one that had reoccurred lately since coming out to her daughter. 'Tell you what, if you're not in a hurry, why don't you help a lady with her shopping and then we can catch up where we're not in anybody's way?'


His apartment was closer than her house. Now in the bedroom he called home, he lay spreadeagled on the bed as she sucked hastily at his engorged tool. His hands gripping the headframe, his eyes rolled back in their sockets as he moaned and gave her positive feedback.

And oh my god how he fucked her so thoroughly to completion. He was hung. So well hung. She looked on in amazement at how casually he fed himself to her and yet how he played her like a game, hammering all the buttons at once.

They enjoyed each other in so many positions until finally he burst and drenched her in come. So much for the protection.

They continued to chat casually afterwards. Rachel didn't suspect that John now acted as though nothing had happened just now, but all of a sudden they were passing each other off so casually like "see you when I see you," and that "when" could very likely be never. It left her cool to him, if she had to be honest with herself.

And they agreed that it was a one-off as fasr as the notion of revenge sex went. Kissing him goodbye, she cleaned up and drove home where she then unexpectedly threw up at the thought of their encounter, brushed the taste out of her mouth and scrubbed herself clean beneath a hot shower.

'So now I'm allergic to men?' she asked the silence. She just didn't know where she stood anymore. 'What the hell is going on with me?'


That evening after dinner, Rachel covertly placed the extra bottle of lubrication into Emma's sock drawer. It seemed the right thing to do. The idea of handing it to her outright and up close seemed like it might have been a little too weird.

Later on as the clock approached 10pm, Emma looked at her cell phone and moved out of her comfy chair, kissing her mother on the cheek and bidding her goodnight. An early night soon seemed like a good idea. She wanted to go lie in bed and ruminate over things before sleep, so she turned off the television and lights and then creeped up to her bedroom.

On the way there, she heard Emma talking on the phone, but that wasn't what got her listening as she crept by barefooted. the softly whispered moans as she passed by had her heart in her throat. Thank god the door was shut tight. All she could see was an orangle glowing rectangle in the dark, where on the other side of that door, who knows what she would have bore witness to?

Her imagination had started without her. Now on trembling knees she stood and felt the intensity of the butterflies in her stomach rising up. Her mouth became so suddenly dry.

'I just can't stop thinking of your girl cock sliding in and out of my dripping pink pussy,' the girl whispered.

GIRL COCK??!!??!!

Well there it was, in a nutshell. Donna also had a good term for moments like this.

Lady Wood...

Rachel could not tear herself away from the door and now she was even trying her best to listen, mouth agape and disbelieving. She wondered if her daughter had found the lubrication she had left. And then as if her answer had been answered so divinely, she could hear the wetness of Emma's-

Stop it, no, no! She's your daughter for crying out loud, she screamed at herself from within. Discreetly she passed by and got to her own room without drawing attention to herself. Creeping over to the bed, she flicked on the light, whipped off her pyjamas and pulled back the sheets.


All of the wrong thoughts were flooding her imagination, stoking the flames of her desires, now hellishly hot. She could only hope to drench them in one way. She lay down and spread her legs, then began to tease herself. In her mind she was mimicking what she pictured Emma doing, and in her thoughts, somebody just as young was on the other side of the line.

Ten minutes later she was toying herself with the biggest vibrator she owned, screwing herself effortlessly with one hand while lubricating and massaging her clit with the other. She couldn't tell how loud she was getting. She couldn't see herself glowing in all her naked glory from the darkness of the corridor.

She couldn't see Emma watching intently, biting her lip, one hand clamped down on her thong clad pussy, frenzied and failing to stop herself. For that one hour, Rachel was not her mother but a captivating vision of desire.

'Sweet Christ,' Rachel breathed, eyes closed, breasts heaving, hips swaying - pussy suckling...

'Mmmff,' Emma moaned, stifling it as best she could, and snuck back to her room before she was surely caught.

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