tagFetishThe Doctor is In Ch. 03

The Doctor is In Ch. 03


I have to admit I was completely caught off guard when I discovered my brother was wearing my long, lost "Day Of The Week" panties under his jeans.

Okay, to be honest, I was more than caught off guard. I was definitely surprised and shocked. I mean, I've heard of men wearing women's undergarments before and I even have a friend who told me in strict confidence that her husband likes to wear her panties off and on, but this was my own brother – my big brother. I grew up with him and I would have never guessed he had a thing for women's panties. So, yes, I was very surprised and I was very shocked when I saw him wearing my panties.

Fortunately, though, my training as a nurse kicked in, and instead of my jaw dropping and my eyes popping out of my head, I handled it with faultless grace and poise. Believe me, I've seen many unusual things, especially in the Emergency Room. Seeing my brother wearing my panties, and seeing his semi-erect penis pushing against the thin, yellow material isn't the most shocking thing I've ever seen, but, it was definitely in the Top 10.

I didn't make an issue of it and I tried not to appear shocked. Sure, there were a lot of questions I had, like why was he wearing panties in the first place, and how did he get that specific pair and when did he get that specific pair. I knew I was going to ask all those questions eventually, but, not at this exact moment. Right now, I was simply going to let him stand silently in front of me while we both got over the shock of my discovery.

Before he took his jeans off, I told him he could keep his underwear on for a minute if he was shy about undressing in front of me. My training told me that allowing him to preserve his modesty, even if it was only for another minute, would go a long way in creating a safe environment between us. True, the short delay only delayed the inevitable event of him being naked in front of me, but when I said it, I thought it might calm his nerves a little before he had to take them off. Of course, when I told him that, I didn't know he was wearing panties – my panties. And, the fact that I recognized them as being my panties, panties that mysteriously disappeared from my possession, made all this considerably more difficult for me to deal with.

But, be that as it may, here he was – my big brother, standing in front of me wearing my silky, yellow "Saturday" panties. I couldn't help staring at him as he stood in front of me. His breathing pattern was fast and shallow, almost as if he was trying to catch his breath. I glanced up at his face to see him looking down at me. When we made eye contact, he immediately looked away, avoiding me in a way that told me he was ashamed of himself.

But, I couldn't stop myself from looking at his crotch, and I was intrigued by what I saw. I had to admit, he looked good in them. The outline of the entire length and shape of his penis was clearly visible behind the material of the panties. I could easily make out the head of his penis straining against the silky, yellow fabric, and as I continued to stare at him, it was evident to me that he was becoming aroused. He wasn't the only one.

There was a part of me that liked the idea of seeing him becoming erect in front of me, but, there was a more compassionate part of me that felt sorry for him. Clearly, my intent of teaching my brother a lesson was just to embarrass him to the point where he'd have some respect for what women go through at the gynecologist. It was never my intent to do anything that would cause his masculinity to be questioned or threatened.

I was staring to worry about him as he stood in front of me. His breathing still hadn't changed and he was starting to pant now. I could see his abdomen moving at a rate of about 60 breaths a minute and that was way, way too fast. If he kept this up, I knew he'd keel over on me.

I reached out and put my hands lightly on his hips and looked up at him. "Calm down, Ted." I said softly and gently. "It's okay. There's no reason to be nervous."

I saw the look of shame and betrayal in his eyes as he looked down at me. I knew I had to do something to slow his respiration rate, and I knew I had to do it soon. I didn't think he had a history of panic attacks, but, I was starting to get worried that I'd done something terrible to Ted by forcing him to take off his jeans and reveal his secret to me.

"Ted!" I said my brother's name louder this time. "It's okay. Relax."

He opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was, "I..... uh..... uh...... uh."

I immediately recognized that he couldn't catch his breath and I knew I only had a matter of seconds to calm him down before he started feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

I got up from the bed and stood in front of him. Then reaching out and grasping his hands in mine, I stepped up close to him, and in my calmest and softest voice I said, "Ted, listen to me. It's okay. Really, it's okay."

I shook his hands as I held them to get his attention, and then I said, "Ted, you're going to hyperventilate and faint on me soon if you don't calm down. You don't have to worry about the panties, they're completely fine. But, I want you to breathe with me starting right now. Come on...... breathe with me."

It took me three or four minutes standing there in front of him, looking directly into his eyes and urging him to breathe with me before I could get him calmed down. I remained standing next to him for another couple of minutes to make sure his respiration was normal, and once it got down to 20 or so for a couple of minutes, I started to feel relieved.

I remained standing and continued to hold his hands in mine until his normal color returned. Once it appeared he was more or less back to normal, I finally spoke to him again.

"Ted, what happened there?" I inquired. "Do you get panic attacks?"

"No." My brother bashfully replied. "I..... uh...... you saw........ I mean..... the panties."

"Okay. I understand." I said.

I can't tell you how horrible I felt at that instant. I'd forced my brother into an emotionally confusing event and he didn't have the ability to deal with it. His intense desire to be Shannon's fantasy doctor, and the ultimatum I gave him forced him to make a decision he wasn't comfortable with. And once he was faced with the reality of being seen in his panties by none other than his little sister, and realizing that his secret was no longer a secret, it created a panic attack situation for him. It's as simple as that.

"Ted, I'm really sorry I forced you into this situation." I said, letting go of his hands and stepping around him to pick up his jeans.

"Here. Put these back on." I said as I handed him his jeans. "I promise I'll never mention this to anyone as long as I live and we'll pretend it never happened. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to explain. We'll just forget it and we'll go forward like you never came over here tonight."

Then, as he reached out to take his jeans from me, I added, "I'm really sorry, Ted. I was just trying to make a point, and it went all wrong. I feel horrible now."

We stood there for a good thirty seconds just looking at each other. I could hardly bring myself to look him in the eyes. I knew I'd hurt him deeply, and I knew it would change everything between us from now on.

Then, he did something really weird. He tossed his jeans back on the floor and said "No" quite sternly.

"What?" I asked, curiously.

"No." He said, again. "I'm not going to let you ruin this for me, Sally. I really want to do this doctor thing for that Shannon woman. You said that before I could be the doctor, I'd have to be the patient. Well, okay. I'm ready. You've already seen me in these panties, and I'm sure you recognize them from years ago. If you can accept it for the moment and get by it, then I want you to finish my punishment exam. If this Shannon thing is on the level, then it's worth it to me to learn my little lesson."

"Wow!" I thought. What caused all this to change? No more than ten minutes ago I thought I'd emotionally scarred him for life and was sure he was going to faint on the floor right in front of me. Now, he's almost begging me to carry out my threat of examining him in the most intimate ways possible for a man.

"Do you understand what you're saying, Ted?" I asked. "You know my goal was to completely embarrass and humiliate you, don't you? You almost hyperventilated on me. You almost fainted – and you hadn't even gotten all the way undressed yet. How are you ever going to survive the real thing?"

Ted turned to face me and put his hands on his hips. "Sally, the biggest fear I've ever had was you finding out I've been taking your underwear for all these years. Well, now you know. And, even if I tried, I could never erase that knowledge from your brain. So, I've already faced my worst fear. Maybe it wasn't pretty, but, I no longer have to fear it. I can easily handle any examination you can dish out, little sister. And, like I said, I'm not going to let you ruin this doctor thing for me. I'm ready to prove to you that I can change."

Damn. I was impressed. I was shocked that he voluntarily admitted he'd been taking my panties. For how long, I didn't know, but I think it's a safe to say it's been going on for a long time. And, he seemed to be resolved to take the punishment, endure the embarrassment and humiliation in order to win the opportunity to be Shannon's fantasy doctor.

"Ted, are you sure? You know what I'm going to do, right?" I asked.

"I know." He replied. "And yes, I'm sure."

As if he was taunting me, he reached down and pulled his socks off and then pulled his t-shirt over his head, leaving him dressed in just the yellow panties. Then, to my amazement, he turned back towards the bed – back in his original position, put his hands on his hips and said, "I'm ready when ever you are."

My eyes drifted down to his tight buns underneath my old, yellow panties. Gawd, he was hot. The two globes of his ass were prefect, and I instantly became self-conscious and jealous that he probably looked better in my panties than I did.

Slowly, I walked around him and sat on the bed, directly in front of him. There was no way I couldn't look at his crotch now. It was right in front of me. His half-erection had obviously faded and as he stood there, almost proudly, I had to admit that seeing my big brother in my panties was turning me on, and I fully intended to try to get him to talk about it with me.

I looked up and as our eyes met, I asked him if he was sure about going through with the examination and he said, "Absolutely."

"Alright, Ted." I answered. "If at anytime you change your mind, or, if you want to stop, all you have to do is say so."

"I won't change my mind." Ted said. "Get on with it."

I admired my brother's bravery and courage. But, I couldn't over how hot he looked in those panties. His tight little butt was to die for and I sat there for a minute looking directly at his crotch before I snapped out of it and finally spoke.

"I need you to lower you lower your panties for me, Ted. Just down to your knees is fine for now." I said calmly.

"This was it." I thought to myself. If he was serious about proving himself to me, my brother was about to expose himself knowing full well I was going to touch him in a way a sister probably shouldn't ever touch her own brother.

Then it happened. He moved his hands to the waistband of the yellow panties and slowly pushed them down until they came to rest just above his knees.

I started to feel warm and flushed as I looked at his penis. I tried hard to keep in character of being a nurse - a medical professional with years of training and experience, but I was looking at my brother's penis – his cock, for the first time ever and all I could do was stare at it. I was amazed at its perfection and beauty.

Ted's penis was flaccid, and as it hung there in front of me, I subconsciously compared his package with every other penis I'd ever had the pleasure of seeing. In the matter of moments, my mind compared the shape, size and appearance of every facet of his member with every cock I'd ever seen and in all truthfulness, his was the most magnificent specimen I had ever laid my eyes on.

The head of his penis was perfectly shaped in proportion to the size and thickness of his package. It wasn't huge by any means, but, it wasn't small, either – definitely bigger than average. The color was a rich, flesh color and as I looked at my brother's cock, I was moved beyond words at its physical structure.

His testicles hung evenly in his scrotum behind his penis, and I could easily make out each individual testicle as it bulged inside his sack. I must have stared at him for a couple of minutes before I realized I was gawking, but, honestly, I couldn't help it and I didn't care. He was perfect in every way, shape and form. But, my interest wasn't strictly professional in nature, that's for sure. As a woman, there was no way I couldn't be attracted to his penis. He was beautiful and I could feel myself getting wet as I enjoyed every second of seeing this perfect cock.

Finally, I slowly and cautiously reached between his legs with my gloved hand and gently cradled his balls in my palm. I couldn't help taking a moment to delicately feel the weight of them in my hand and I took great care not to cause him any anxiety. His penis, though, was getting in the way of the exam, so with my left hand, I carefully held his shaft to the side so I could see and feel his balls.

Without looking up at him I asked, "Any pain or discomfort down here, Ted."

"No." My brother answered softly.

Continuing my necessary questioning, I asked, "Have you noticed any change in the amount of seminal fluid when you ejaculate?"

"Huh?" He asked.

"I mean when you masturbate, Ted." I clarified. "Have you noticed any change in the volume or appearance of your ejaculations?"

I looked up at him as I said it. His face turned beet red once he fully understood what I was asking, and he shook his head from side to side and said, "No."

Slowly, I checked for masses and lumps all around his scrotum and carefully traced the spermatic cord up and down through the thin sack. I was completely engrossed in touching him, and by all rights I was openly fondling his balls when I felt his cock twitch in my left hand.

"And when was the last time you ejaculated?" I asked.

There was a short period of silence before he answered. I had to look up at him again in order solicit an answer, but he finally said, "Uh..... a couple of hours ago, I guess."

Pressing forward with questions that were necessary in order to make a judgment on his testicular health, I asked, "Was that your only ejaculation today?"

Over the next two minutes, he told me he'd masturbated twice today, once early this morning and once before he came over to visit me. I casually asked him if that was a normal daily rate for him and he embarrassingly told me he usually masturbated two or three times a day.

"Well, as long as you're not sensitive down here, or not in any discomfort, that shouldn't really be a problem, Ted." I explained. "Frequent ejaculation has been linked to good prostate health, so I don't see any reason for concern."

I spent another minute reassuring my brother there weren't any medical reasons to cut down on his masturbation, and I gave him the standard lecture on the importance of doing self checks on his testicles. Through all of this, I was trying to play the consummate professional and put up this front that I was just being a good nurse, but I was really trying to draw this out as long as I could so I could handle his balls longer.

But, my attention was pulled away from his balls by the firmness developing in my left hand.

My Gawd, he was becoming aroused at the way I was touching him and I could feel his penis becoming engorged with blood right in the palm of my hand. Without removing my right hand from his balls, I released his cock from where I pinned it against his abdomen, and it bounced freely in front of me, half-erect.

"Oh, Ted!" I moaned, louder than I intended. When I realized I'd moaned loud enough for him to hear me, I looked up to see him looking down at me, and both our eyes went to his cock to see that it was growing erect at a remarkable rate.

"I'm sorry about this, Sally." He said. "This is incredibly embarrassing, but, I can't help it."

I started to reply, but, I had a lump in my throat the size of Rhode Island. So, after clearing my throat, I looked up at him knowingly. "It's okay." I answered. "It's nothing to be worried or embarrassed about – purely a physical reaction to the exam. I guess I'd be surprised if you didn't get aroused from this. I'm almost done here, though...... just a minute more and this part will be over."

Of course, I lied. In truth, I'd completed the testicular exam long ago and I was just enjoying the opportunity of touching and holding his balls in my hand. I smiled to myself as I watched his cock grow to be abundantly erect, knowing full well I'd touched him much more than I needed to, and his erection was a direct result of the way I was handling him. On the outside, I was trying to be as professional as I could be, but on the inside I was happy and satisfied at the way I was exciting him.

Finally withdrawing my hand from between my brother's legs, I sat back on the bed and looked at his powerful, straining penis. It was much larger and thicker now that he was hard. It pointed out at an angle toward the ceiling and the proud glans at the end of his penis looked like the streamlined helmet of a warrior. Tentatively, I reached my right hand out and carefully wrapped it around his shaft and squeezed lightly to feel his fullness.

Admittedly, this surely wasn't the right method to examine a penis, but, what's a girl to do? I mean, my options were limited due to Ted's aroused state and his erected condition. So taking full advantage of this beautiful, hard cock right in front of me, I closed my eyes and tightened my fingers around his pole and felt him up.

The feel was a mixture of sponginess wrapped around a core of steel, and I couldn't stop myself from squeezing it just a little more to feel his firmness. I glanced up to gauge his reaction to what I was doing and I was surprised to see that his eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply through his open mouth.

"He's really aroused now." I said to myself. I was proud of myself for giving him an erection so easily just by the way I played with his balls, and I elated to see that I could keeping him hard by simply squeezing his beautiful cock. I knew all pretense of a medial oriented exam was completely gone now – I was holding my brother's extremely hard cock in my hand and I think we both knew there was nothing medical about the way I was holding it.

Still though, I went through the motions of a typical penile exam. I bent it up and to the sides to check for consistent color and skin tone and I held it directly in front of me to check the glans and around Ted's corona. Then in a bold move, I grasped his shaft tightly with my right hand and used the fingers of my left hand to spread the glans apart so I could look down inside him. I felt his magnificent tool lurch in my hand and when I looked up, he met my stare directly, and then he intentionally flexed his muscles, which caused his cock to throb in my hands as I held it captive.

I couldn't resist the urge to stroke my brother's cock, and although it wasn't my plan to masturbate him, I needed to check his shaft thoroughly for lumps and growths. I admit I got a little carried away as I enjoyed the feeling of his firmness as I moved his loose flesh up and down over that perfect erection. I intentionally went very slow and I varied my grip as I watched for any signs that he might be approaching orgasm. I was trying hard to avoid any pretense that I was giving him a hand job, but, when I heard him moan and felt his cock throb in my hand, I knew I was pushing him further than I should.

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