tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Doctor Was In

The Doctor Was In


I was just 19 at the time, Sherri was 18. We had dated off and on through high school, and I managed to snag a good job.

So it was time to choose a wife, and I was happy when she smiled and said yes.

Sherri is a tiny woman, just 4', 10" tall. I could almost encircle her waist with my hands. But her breasts are overly large for her 93 lb frame, with not a hint of sagging.

Sherri was very modest at the time, even though we had been dating off and on for several years, some mild petting was as far as we had ever gone. More than once I had had to jack off thinking of her allowing me to touch her breasts through her clothing.

That was the sum total of our sex life up to that point, and my own experience with others was limited to two fumbling attempts with one of the neighborhood girls that one just wasn't seen out in public with.

We began to make arrangements for our wedding, and went to the Court house for the license. One of the requirements was a Doctor's certificate to assure we were free of STD's.

I looked in the telephone book for one, since I had been to a Doctor maybe twice in my life at that point. One of the first names on the list was a Dr. Allen, family practice, it said.

So I called and explained our needs for a physical, and the receptionist told us we needed to come in together.

I drove over and got Sherri, and we went in to the Doctor's office.

After a brief wait, the Doctor came out. He was a large man about 40, with a no nonsense attitude about him. He spoke to us for a minute about the reason for our visit, then told us to come on back. He led us into one of the rooms in the back, and handed us each a little robe.

He then told us to get undressed completely, and put on the robes. Sherri and I looked at each other, embarrassed, we had not even seen each other nude at that point.

Doctor Allen left the room, Sherri and I turned our backs to each other and quickly undressed. I was sporting a raging hard-on, with no real way to hide it, here was Sherri in this tiny robe, her large breasts with the upturned nipples jutting out through the thin cloth.

Then Doctor Allen came back in, looked us up and down, and told me he would check me first. He pulled on a rubber glove, and reached up and lifted my balls, and had me cough. Then he had me sit on the table, and he reached down and started to pull my gown up! I grabbed at it in embarrassment, he gruffly told me to relax and stop that, he was just doing his job. Then he inspected my penis from all angles, rolled back my foreskin and inspected there, then he told me to "milk it out."

I looked at him oddly, he said it again. Sherri was sitting against the wall in a chair, I glanced at her, her eyes were as big as silver dollars, staring at my penis, now hard as a rock pointing straight up!

"Well, hell!" The Doctor said, and he reached down and grabbed me, and with his other hand milked the channel of my penis forward, producing a few drops of precum. He took a swab and wiped it up, and placed it in a shallow little dish, putting a glass lid on it.

"Good!," he said, "Nice and clear," then he told me to turn around and bend over. He inserted a gloved hand up my anus, and began stroking and pressing against me, milking my prostate. By this time, Sherri looked ready to cut and run!

The Doctor reached around and grabbed my penis again, milking me out while rubbing my prostate, I couldn't help it, I exploded all over the table. The Doctor gave me a few more strokes for good measure, then said, "Great! You are fine!"

With that he had me get up, he pulled a fresh sheet out of the drawer and put it on the table. Looking a Sherri with a grin, he told her she was next.

Sherri meekly got up on the table at his instruction, he just reached up and pulled her gown down to her waist. Then he pressed and pushed all over her breasts, made some comment about her being a fine specimen, and had her lay back.

She had her legs clamped as tightly as she could, her face was bright red, her nipples hard as a rock and sticking up! It was quite a sight, my first view of my wife-to-be's bare bosom.

Doctor Allen told her to open her legs, but she didn't move. He told her again more gruffly, still no response. Finally he said, "You have to do this or I can't sign your license!"

Resigning herself to her fate, she turned her head aside and opened her legs. The Doctor lifted the hem of the gown up to her midriff, and rubbed her abdomen lightly for a moment. Then he stepped to the foot of the table, and slipped first one finger, then two up inside her. He felt around for awhile, I noticed he didn't have gloves on this time. He squirted some oil from a tube on his thumb, and then slowly inserted his thumb into her anus. I could see his thumb and two index fingers completely inside her as she lay there gasping.

He withdrew his hand, and stepped to the sink and washed up, leaving her lying there with her legs spread wide.

Then he looked at me and said, "You two haven't even had sex yet, have you?."

I stammered "No" as a response, so he said "Come here, I will show you some things."

I got up and walked to the table, he reached down with one hand and slipped the hood of her clitoris back, and said, "See that? It is just like a little penis." Then he started to rub in tiny circles, and said, "Watch what happens."

In just a few seconds, Sherri let out a moan, and her hips came up off the table to meet his touch. Her stomach started to ripple as she erupted in an orgasm.

"You need to fuck her now" he said bluntly. "Just step up here and put it in!"

I hesitated for a second, Sherri turned her head and looked at me with glazed over eyes. "Hurry" the Doctor insisted!

So I stepped to the foot of the table, put my penis against her and pushed. It went right in easily. Then I felt her clamp down on me, so I started to stroke. In just a few seconds, I erupted inside her.

"Good job" Doctor Allen exclaimed, and started for the door. "Come on out when you are done, I will have your papers ready."

I reached up and stroked her breasts, my cock still hard as a rock. I knew we were going to be doing this a lot!

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