tagMind ControlThe Doll Collector Ch. 02

The Doll Collector Ch. 02


Authors Note: Thank you to RK Moreland for his wonderful editing style, I truly appreciate the tender care her treated my work with and explanations that will help me to improve my own structure and style. If you made it through the first chapter and enjoyed it enough to read the 2nd thank you very much for continuing to read this story. ~ellie


Jillian stared at herself in the full length mirror of the studio. Only it did not seem to be her. A life sized boudoir doll on a large shining metal doll stand and base stared back equally unbelieving at her. She wanted to scream but in opening her mouth no sound came out except a whispered croak.

"A nice little side effect of the medication you have been given," Joe's voice sounded from behind her and she searched the mirror before her for him. "You will regain the use of your voice when you have learned some manners little dolly. Your Master would like that be to be sooner rather than later." Joe stepped forward into her sight and lower his voice menacingly, "Personally I don't mind how long it takes you as I will be the one to deal with your punishments."

Joe wheeled a box trolley behind her and slid its edge beneath her stand. Tilting the trolley back onto its two wheels he began to walk her toward the door. Jillian began to struggle in fear and the trolley stopped as he growled, "If you insist we can start the punishments now."

Jillian shook her head with what little movement she had, terror filling her and subduing her urge to fight the restraints. Their slow journey began again as they travelled a well lit hallway to another door and entered what appeared to be a small theatre or poetry club. She was placed on the small stage and left alone. She tried to look out at the shadowy figures she could see but the bright lights made it impossible to make out anything substantial.

"Hello, I am Dean" a softly spoken voice said from beside her as a tall thin man came into her view. "She looks terrified," the voice spoke to someone other than Jillian.

"Her arrival may have been a little more unusual than our normal collectables," A harder, now familiar voice responded and Joe reappeared to stand beside her; she could just make out his form from the corner of her eye. "She has had no time to fully understand her new position. It was considered best to have the appraisal done immediately to impress upon the doll her station and deter any behaviour that may cause discolouration to her beautiful skin tone." Joe took a small syringe from his pocket and pressed it to her neck. The smaller dose had the effect of making her more relaxed without passing out.

Dean nodded his understanding and looking out at the small audience, Jillian could see a limping figure make his way to the front of the seats. Dean smiled at Jillian and said quietly, "Just follow my instructions and there will no need to be frightened of anything." Clearing his throat, Dean turned back to his audience and moved so that they could view the collectable properly.

"Once again the rare quality of dolls produced by the Jack and Jill Company can be seen in this newest collectable boudoir doll," he began, his voice once raised gained timbre and he sounded commanding to Jillian ears. She mused over the name Jack and Jill Company trying to place it in her knowledge of dolls in the antiques market before realising how stupid that was. A company that made women into dolls to be owned and collected would never be a public entity. The drug addled haze that clouded her brain made her smile at her own stupidity and Dean took his cue.

"This dolls face is exquisite and shows a wide variety of emotions, a rarity in dolls such as this. Her wide green eyes and beautifully sculptured brows add even more to the expressions as do the dimpled cheeks," Dean paused pulling her ringlet styled hair up at the back before continuing. "There is a fading henna tattoo of the maker's intention which will no doubt be changed to a more permanent J&J brand after today's appraisal."

All the pieces finally clicked into place as Jillian remembered the ache in the base of her skull she had woken up with when last she was with Jacques Millieu. He had done this to her. She cursed that she never checked it out thoroughly and been more vigilant, but how could she have known this would be her fate. Unable to hide the drug addled confusion that came with the realisation of whom her captor was from her expressive face, she half listened as Dean continued to speak about her facial features. "Her hair is the natural colour leading to no discolouration long term and has been styled to the period in ringlets that fall softly beyond her shoulders. A very nice example of a well informed creator and expert stylist," he smiled and nodded to the audience in acknowledgement.

"She is wearing an antique black dress which I believe to be silk with four groupings of felt appliquéd flowers, three in the front and one in the back. Her dress is very full. There is some fading to her dress in front probably due to sun exposure at some time. It is not particularly noticeable or distracting while on display and mentioned for accuracy only. Likewise the lace covering her breasts is fragile and should be treated with care. She is wearing two necklaces around her neck which may have been added at the time of her creation and her addition to the private collection." Ignoring the shock collar he continued on as if he had explained its presence, "The second holding the company insignia as well as that of the owner." Dean painstakingly slowly removed the outer dress as Joe released and rebound her hands. Jillian was left bare breasted as she stood on inspection for the room and Dean, whose soft voice continued in his appraisal of her.

"Her undergarments are antique organdie and consist of a slip with ruffled bottom and a stiff piece of fabric that serves almost as a hoop skirt to give volume to her dress. Just beautiful!" Dean slipped it down over her hips to puddle around her feet. His hand grazed over her thighs and ass, "She has four tiered ruffled pantaloons and is wearing black silk stockings and black leather high-heeled boots of the era. The stockings are of the same fragile black lace as the accents that held her breasts and adorn the short gloves she wears."

It took little time to divest her of the pantaloons, boots and stockings. Jillian shivered as she stood bound to the life sized doll stand totally naked to the critical eyes of those who watched her. She felt her skin crawl as Dean ran his hands over her body and carefully inspected every inch of her. "There are no scars or blemishes visible on a soft pale skin. A light smattering of freckles across her shoulders does not detract from her overall appeal." Dean moved in front of her blocking her view of the audience and lightly ran his finger tip from behind her ear to the base of her jaw and then down her neck. Jillian was unprepared for this soft touch after her morning with the sadist Joe who had abducted her. After several long minutes his hands moved down and stroked over her breasts, playing with her hardened nipples. Dean kept eye contact with Jillian as if daring her to look away as he stroked and manipulated her body, making her hate herself for the way she was responding to his tender soft touches.

His hands stroked down over her ribs and back to her breasts as her breath quickened in response and her mind blocked out everything around her except this man's eyes and the feel of his hands on her. His hands traced down over her hips and caressed her ass, following this trail several times before his hand dipped between her legs, parting her damp folds and finding her clit, making her gasp. He pushed two fingers slowly and carefully inside her while his thumb gently rolled circles over her clit until she was trembling with need and on edge. He stopped abruptly and turned back to the audience fishing a handkerchief from his pocket to clean his hand.

"All her erogenous zones are fully functioning and respond well to touch alone, while my inspection was of a softer mode Joe assures me she responds equally to the harsher forms of touch as well." He looked to Joe who nodded in confirmation.

"This is an exceptional boudoir doll of a quality rarely seen and in such pristine condition. She is like a little piece of history of days gone by. Collectors could only dream of owning such a perfect collectable." Dean smiled and stepped away from the girl down into the audience. Jillian tried to follow his movements to be sure her suspicions about her captor were correct.

"Take her to the doctor now, so I can write up the full appraisal to go with the photographs," Dean said to Joe as he returned to the stage area. Jillian felt rather than saw the trolley move behind her stand and slide under the base. Even though she had readied herself the jolt, the strange weightless feel of being wheeled to another room along with the heavy sedatives in her system, made her feel queasy.

The strong smell of antiseptic assaulted her nose as another door was opened and she was deposited in the white room. Joe busied himself checking her reactions and reflexes before beginning to undo the restraints that held her in place. Jillian wilted limply as the head rest style collar of the stand and metal rod were taken from her back and neck. It was as if her legs were made of rubber suddenly and Joe picked her up easily as any thoughts she had about fighting her situation were made inconsequential amid the unwillingness for her limbs to cooperate with her brain.

Turning, Joe placed her in an examination chair and began to buckle her limbs into the restraints. Jillian wondered why this would happen as she could barely move of her own volition and the thought made her laugh. It was a strange mirthless soundless laugh that turned to tears as she began to realise that there would be no hero out there looking for her, her own body had betrayed any chance she had of fighting what was happening to her and her only other weapon, her voice, had been taken away along with the use of her limbs.

A new voice sounded in the room and unable to bare the reality of her situation any longer Jillian closed her eyes tightly willing it to be a dream, a nightmare that she could perhaps wake up from. The physical examination was so thorough that she felt violated by the clinical detachment of the doctor and his intense scrutiny of every part of her. He had asked a myriad of questions requiring only a yes or no answer to which she answered by a shake or a nod. He had taken blood and had placed a bed pan below the chair and angled it sharply before ordering her to pee. Seeing no other choice she let go of the stream she had been holding for some time with a little relief once the humiliation of the act washed over her.

She lay there after he was done and the doctor had moved to a desk and sat at his computer, he had labelled the samples to be tested and stored them. Jillian heard murmuring and she was moved by Joe to a chaise where he held his remote control to the shock collar about her neck and left her unbound warning her silently what would happen should she move from where he had placed her. Jillian tried to stretch her limbs and rotate her ankles and wrists. She was beyond tired and try as she might now that she was in a comfortable place, she could not keep her eyes open, her mind vaguely considered the drugs coursing through her system as she fell asleep.

Her dreams were washed out and dull, images of Jacques Milieu as the kind attentive host he had been when she had visited him, were underpinned by the low murmuring voice of the doctor. Somehow she knew the voice was right, Jacque would never hurt her; he just wanted to make her happy and safe. He loved her and deserved to be loved despite his deformities. The longer she slept the stronger the images and words became until she stirred to wakefulness to see the doctor sitting beside her patting her hand.

"How are you feeling?" Doctor Gabriel inquired as she blinked, looking up at him.

"Can I go home now?" Jillian croaked, happy that her voice had partially returned and knowing that Jacques was a kind man who would not want her here if he knew she was so unhappy.

"You are home," The doctor said sadly shaking his head and standing to step aside and allow Joe closer to the girl. Jillian cowered back into the chair her eyes glued to the small remote in Joe's hand as he stood over her.

Joe smiled evilly down onto her as he said in a low growl, "You haven't been listening today have you little dolly? You have a new life now, with your Master. You are home."

"I just want to go home, please," she croaked, "Please let me go home. I won't say a word to anyone about all this, I promise."

"The doctor and I both just told you little dolly, you are home." Joe laughed, picked her up slinging her over his shoulder and walked to the stand. "You take your time adjusting though because until you accept that fact, you are my instruct and you will find I am not the soft sensitive type your new owner is." He slapped her ass hard to emphasise his point.

Tears filled Jillian's eyes as he strapped her into the doll stand once more; unable to move to fight him all she could do was croak a whispered plea which only made his smile wider. The queasiness that filled her whenever she was wheeled from room to room surfaced again as Joe took her into a lift and they ascended two flights. He wheeled her to a door marked with a small cameo in rose pink and cream tones and a brass nameplate labelled, "Lady Jane". Joe sat her before the door and opened it inward giving her a view of the room.

A woman dressed as a courtesan blinked at the doorway, a small smile crossing her shiny pink lips as she saw that Joe was standing in the doorway. She began to walk toward him but he held up his hand and shook his head. The smile turned to a pout which gave way to surprise when he stood to the side revealing Jillian behind him. The woman's eyes widened and she quickly turned away, hiding her heavily made up doll-like face. She moved to sit in a comfortable chair and picked up a book beginning to read where she had left off ignoring Joe and the girl. It wasn't until the girl's look of shock that Jillian remembered that she was naked within the straps that bound her to the stand and her humiliation coloured her body and face in several shades of pink.

"As you can see," Joe said quietly, "Your life here can be quite comfortable and you will actually be eager to have my attention, once you accept your place here. This will be your home Jillian, in a room just like this designed especially for you."

"I don't want to be here," her croaky voice whispered, "I just want to go home," and again tears fell marring the doll-like make up that caked her face.

"All the better for me," Joe smirked an evil look in his eyes, "That means you stay with me for now." He closed the door and moved with her back to the lift taking her back down to the basement floor. Walking her up a hallway he wheeled her into an austere room closing the door behind him. Jillian looked around the room. A small cot lined one wall, the windows had been barred and painted black. The ceiling and walls were decorated with a series of hooks and large eyelets and she cringed at the chains that looped between them. The only other deviation to the bleak grey walls was a small door on the left side of the small room and an armoire like the one in the room she had first been in.

Joe chuckled seeing her cringe and bent to undo her bonds freeing her from the stand. He pulled her forward and walked her on shaky legs to the middle of the room. Pulling her hands above her head he wrapped them in soft leather cuffs and stroked his hands back down over her shoulders cupping her breasts. Toying with her nipples he stepped away pinching them between thumb and finger making her body bow towards him and her feet shuffle uncomfortably on the slate floor. She cried out in a coarse whispered voice.

"Your new Master," he growled into her ear, "Wants to have you living like Lady Jane, a pampered and adored dolly in his private collection." Again he stepped back pulling on the tortured nipples watching her face as she grimaced and try to cry out. "I on the other hand am very happy to have a fuck dolly to play with down here in my own personal dungeon." He let go of her nipples letting her swing back into place in the middle of the room.

"It is a shame that he still believes you will come around and accept your place in his collection and more importantly at his side, I would dearly love to whip you and see how beautifully your skin marks," Joe said matter-of-factly opening the armoire and selecting a soft flogger. "But as your perfect skin must remain that way for now perhaps this will add a little of the rosy colour I like to see in a fuck dolly's cheeks."

"Please, no. I just want to go home. Please, I won't tell anyone I was here, just let me go home," There was an edge of hysteria in her croaking whisper as he walked back to stand behind her. She twisted and moved in the chains to put distance between them making Joe growl. His hand flicked out with a deft movement, the flogger catching her on her ass.

"You are still not listening little dolly," he said with frustration, "You are home and the sooner you realise that, the better off you shall be." Groaning as she began to beg again he returned to the armoire and retrieved a ball gag forcing it into her mouth, having difficulty buckling it in place without damaging her hair as she struggled. He reached into his pocket and tapped on the remote control hidden there. The jolt on the shock collar had the twin effect of stopping her struggling and silencing her but to make his point he continued to force the ball gag further into her mouth and buckle it in place. He watched in satisfaction as tears ran from her terrified eyes.

Joe took the time, as she recovered from the jolt, to cuff and chain her ankles to the floor spreading her legs to allow him access to all of her body. She did not resist anymore and the soft crying from behind the ball gag was further muted by the pain in her throat. It would be a shame that he would not be able to use that hole tonight but, he laughed to himself, it was just as well as she may have bitten him.

Having subdued the doll without resorting to more drugs which he had been warned against by the doctor after having given her so much today, Joe stepped back and surveyed her. Jacques had a good eye for beautiful women and the one before him was stunning. He felt his cock harden as he picked up the flogger once more and at a slow pace began to colour her ass and back. He moved slowly around to her front moving his arm in a figure eight movement and looking into her eyes as he coloured her tits and belly, landing the flogger several times between her legs.

Seeing Jillian begin to have trouble breathing, Joe released the ball gag and took a cloth to clean her face and nose from the evidence of her crying. She opened her mouth to speak once but he stopped her by placing a finger on her lips and shaking his head, showing her the remote once more to warn her properly of the consequences.

His hands ran down over her breasts feeling the heat in her pink skin and teasing the hard pebble like nipples between his thumb and forefinger again. Having received a satisfying grimace and soft whimper he let one hand dip down between her widened thighs. His fingers expertly rubbed and teased at her clit delving slightly inside her, feeling the heat and wetness that told him she was responding to both his constant attention to her pleasure zones albeit harshly and the aphrodisiac laced drugs that ran through her system. Pulling his fingers from her he held them before her face and painted her lips with her own scent.

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