The Doll House


It was a week at the beach without the kids and we were enjoying ourselves. We had just finished a late dinner and we were driving back to the beach house when I slowed the car and turned into a parking lot.

My wife gave me a quizzical look and asked, "Where are we going now?"

The signs outside clearly shouted The Doll's House, but she had no idea what was inside.

I turned to her and said, "I thought you might like a drink and some dance before we called it a night."

She smiled and said, "Yes, that would be nice."

I parked the car and we got out.

The building was well lit. There were no windows; though I am not sure Molly noticed that. We walked up to the front door and went in. We were greeted by the sound of loud music as our eyes adjusted to the darkness inside. A young man walked up to me, I took him to be a bouncer, and he asked me to pay an admissions fee of $20 and said the lady could come in free.

Molly still had not realized where she was until we made our way to the center bar.

There were lights, music and mirrors everywhere and as I moved her to the center of the large open room, she could see that inside the bar was a stage and on the stage was a naked woman dancing.

She turned to me, smiled, and said, "This looks to be something for you!"

I smiled back and said, "You had always wanted to see the inside of one of these places and now you have your chance."

She grabbed my hand as we made our way to the bar.

We found two stools empty and sat down. It did not take long for a cute young woman dressed in short-shorts and next to nothing blouse to come over. She asked us what we wanted to drink. Molly ordered a screwdriver, I ordered a beer.

We sat down and watched the dancer as she moved round the pole at one end of the stage. She had on 4 inch clear heels, a chain around her waist and nothing else. She was almost cleaning shaved, except for a small patch of hair just above her pussy lips. She was using the pole to her advantage as she swung her legs out, grabbing the pole with her hands and swinging herself around with legs spread.

It did not take her long to see the two of us and she made her way over to where Molly and I sat.

She started to dance first for me as I looked up and smiled. She smiled back.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a roll of dollar bills, reached up and she came over to me. She dropped down onto her knees and crawled over to where I sat. She threw her head from side-to-side letting her long blonde hair swing around her as she crawled over to me. She took the bill into her lips, snapping it from my fingers and then sat up. She spread her legs and her pussy on full view. I could clearly see the pink between her legs. She was wet. She took the bill from her mouth, slid it down over her breasts, and moved it further down, until it was between her legs. She wiped her pussy with the bill and then moved it slowly back up her naked body while she wiggled in place and made love to the money. The bill was now wet from her pussy. She moved it down her leg and tucked it into her garter. Then she moved back onto the stage, while keeping her eyes locked on me.

Molly moved over to me and whispered into my ear, "She has got one hot body."

I turned to Molly and said, "Do you want to see more of her?"

Molly answered, "Yes."

With that I pulled out another dollar, waved it in the air until she saw it and then handed it to Molly.

Molly at first did not want it and tried to pass it back to me. I moved away from her and pointed at the dancer who was making her way over to Molly.

Molly's attention turned from me to the naked woman that was walking on stage over to her. She reached out with one hand and with her finger motioned for Molly to come over to the edge of the stage.

Molly moved over to the stage, with the bill still in her hand.

The dancer met Molly at the edge, took the bill and placed it into Molly's blouse. She then moved back and started to dance seductively in front of Molly, while slowly moving towards Molly. Their eyes were locked on each other.

The dancer moved towards Molly and then down onto her knees. She made a movement like she was going to take the dollar bill with her teeth from Molly and then moved back. She motioned for Molly to come closer, which Molly did. Molly was pushing the bill out by pushing her breasts out over the stage. The dancer moved back towards Molly and again made a motion to take the bill but moved up and planted a kiss on Molly's lips.

This surprised Molly and she moved back. The dancer reached out and motioned for Molly to come back to the stage. Molly stood from a moment and then moved back to the stage. The dancers head moved down towards the bill and as she was taking the bill with her mouth, she reached around and wrapped both arms around Molly such that she could not move away. The dancer then wiggled her head into Molly's breasts, holding her there so Molly could not move away. After only a few seconds she let her go and moved away with the bill between her lips.

Molly turned to me and mouthed the words, "Wow, that was HOT!"

I smiled, walked over to Molly and handed her a large roll of bills and said, "not only was that HOT, but I would like to see more. Here, take this and let me watch."

A devilish looked appeared in Molly's eyes. She smiled, reached up and took the money.

I moved a few feet away and sat down.

The dancer was making her way back to Molly. She had seen the money.

I was now watching one of the most erotic shows I have ever witnessed. My wife Molly was being seduced by a naked dancer. Molly was taking out one bill at a time and letting the dancer work for it.

The dancer enjoyed the money but she appeared to be enjoying Molly as well.

She took one bill after unbuttoning Molly's blouse and sticking the bill down into Molly's lacey black bra. Other bill was taken while the dancer was sitting at the edge of the stage, with her legs spread. While she took the dollar with one hand the other hand had found its way into Molly's pants. Molly did not move away, she seemed to enjoy the fingers that were against her skin.

This continued for quite some time. Not only was I enjoying the show but others around me were doing the same.

Molly continued to peel the bills off the roll slowly, making the dancer work for each dollar. Molly was not drinking; she was enjoying making the dancer do what she wanted. I think Molly knew it was driving me crazy.

Finally the dancer stopped, reached out with her hand. Molly reached up and the dancer grabbed Molly's hand firmly. She stood up and pulled Molly towards her. The next thing I knew Molly was climbing on to the stool and walking onto the stage. The dancer moved Molly away from me to the pole at the center of the stage. She took both of Molly's hands and placed them on the pole and whispered something into Molly's ear. Molly closed her eyes as the dancer let go and started to dance around Molly.

Molly stood there; holding onto the pole with her eyes closed as the dancer moved around her and started to move her hands over Molly's body. She let her hands run up to Molly's face, letting her fingers run through Molly's hair. Molly let her head tilt slightly back as the dancer ran her fingers through the length of Molly's mane.

She danced away and then danced back to Molly. She was behind Molly as she let her hands slide around Molly, stopping at the top of Molly's skirt. She undid the button and pulled the zipper down, moving the material away from Molly's skin, showing first her belly button and then a whisk of hair. She whispered into Molly's ear and let the skirt fall to the floor. The skirt floated down Molly's legs and landed in a heap around Molly's heels. The black g-string that Molly wore was now clearly visible.

The dancer moved her hands back up Molly's body and grabbed an already open blouse. She pulled it back and away from Molly. Molly let go of the pole and let the dancer remove the blouse. The dancer threw the blouse off to the side while Molly stood on the stage, with eyes shut, a g-string, bra, and heels.

The dancer moved back behind Molly and reach up from behind. The bra snapped open and draped in front of Molly. She reached around and moved her hands to Molly's breasts and as she squeezed Molly's nipples the bra dropped from Molly's body and to the floor.

The dancer played with Molly's breasts and then slowly moved her hands down Molly's waist. Molly's breasts were clearly visible now and her nipples were erect. Clearly a sign that Molly was excited.

The dancer's hands moved down Molly's body, stopping at the g-string. She took a string in each hand and moved the g-string down. Molly's bush was now in clear view. She pushed the g-string down to Molly's knees, let go, and then moved one hand back to Molly's pussy and the other to Molly's ass. Molly's hips were starting to move to her touch.

The dancer played with Molly for a little while and then let go. She danced away from the pole and Molly.

Molly opened her eyes, found me in the audience and then started to dance herself. She moved around the pole. She danced around the pole as if she had been doing it for years. I could see the wetness between her legs as she danced, so I knew she was enjoying this.

The dancer moved back to Molly. Wrapped her arms around Molly's body and they moved together to the music, grinding, naked, and excited.

The music stopped, and so did Molly and the dancer. The dancer walked in front of Molly. Planted a kiss on her lips. Took Molly's hand and walked her off the stage, to the back of the bar and disappeared inside a side door.

I had lost track of the noise in the bar, when I heard the announcer shout, "Well that was an unexpected treat for us all. Let's give a round of applause for Tiffany and her newfound friend."

There was a round of applause and I found myself alone for the first time with only my beer in hand.

I figured that Molly knew how to take care of herself and if she needed me she would come back out.

I sat there as three more dancers came and went. I was starting to get nervous when the announcer came back on and shouted, "Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure please give a warm welcome to Tiffany and her slave.

Out came Tiffany with Molly in tow. Tiffany had on a long gown with a slit that ran up the side of her leg just under her hip with heels. Molly was in a g-string, vest, heels, a collar, and a leash that ran from Molly's collar to Tiffany's hand. Tiffany was followed by two other dancers, with long dresses on, similar to Tiffany's.

Tiffany yelled out, "Slave, you have been a bad, bad girl and you now need to be punished." She led Molly over to the pole and placed her back against the pole, took the leash off her collar, moved Molly's arms over her head, and using the leash, tied her arms to the pole.

The lust in Molly's eyes was unmistakable. She looked at the dancers and then looked at me and smiled. She blew a kiss and mouth, "I love this."

The dancers started to circle Molly, dancing and touching Molly. As they moved their hands were working on the little bit of material that covered Molly. The vest was opened and out sprang Molly's breasts.

Two of the three dancers were also peeling off their dresses. Shortly they were down to their g-strings.

One naked dancer moved behind Molly and grabbed Molly's nipples from behind. The second dancer moved in front of Molly, kneeled between Molly's legs, reached up and pulled the g-string down.

The pubic hair that Molly had earlier was now gone. Molly had been shaved and she was now bare as a little girl between her legs.

Molly spread her legs and you could see the wetness again appear. The dancer in front of Molly moved her head over to kiss Molly's leg and slowly moved her head up Molly's leg, stopping at Molly's cunt. She reached behind Molly and grabbed her ass. Molly spread her legs more and pushed into the dancer's face. It was clear that the dancer had found Molly's clit because her body was starting to jerk to the licking she was getting from one dancer and the breasts massage from the other.

The music had stopped. The only sound you could hear was the moans that were coming from Molly and the encouragement the ladies were giving her as they worked her body.

Molly's eyes opened and she looked out into the audience. Her moans were getting louder and her body was moving with more intensity. I had seen this many times before, she was starting to cum.

Molly's orgasms are long and intense. Her tummy muscles tighten up and she reacts to any touch to her pussy with loud, pleasurable cries. She was crying, smiling, jerking, and having a very large orgasm.

It seemed to last forever and then they stopped.

Molly was breathing hard, exhausted, hanging from the pole, resting.

The dancers moved away and then the third dancer came into view. She now was naked as the other two, but she wore a dildo between her legs.

She danced up and around Molly, letting the dildo rub up against Molly as she moved about.

Molly opened her eyes and watched.

The dancer moved in front of Molly and started to rub the dildo up into Molly's pussy. Molly was still sensitive to the orgasm she had just had, and jumped to its touch. The dancer faced Molly, moved her hands down between Molly's legs, grabbed the dildo, positioned it against Molly's cunt and started to force it into Molly.

It did not take long for the dildo to disappear into Molly. They both started to grind away at each other.

After a little more fucking, the other two dancers came up behind Molly and started to play with her and try to get her excited again.

They played with her breasts, hair, face, mouth and legs. Finally one untied Molly and the one with the dildo move away.

The two other dancers took Molly by the hand, moved her away from the pole and then forced her down onto her hands and knees. They spread her legs, which the third moved behind Molly with the dildo in hand.

She positioned the dildo between Molly's legs and pushed. The dildo slid into Molly's wet pussy.

Molly remained on her hands and knees while the third dancer grabbed her ass and started to fuck her in earnest. This continued for a little while until the dancer stopped fucking her, moved her hand down between her legs, and pulled the dildo out. She stood up and positioned the dildo higher, against Molly's ass. She started to push the dildo back against Molly.

Molly's eyes opened wide at first and then she pushed back. The dildo was starting to disappear again, slowly, and Molly was clearly enjoying what was happening to her.

The dildo disappeared again, the dance moved back down, and they started to fuck again. Molly was staring to cum again. This time it did not take as long for it to build and when it came, she was noisier than ever. Bucking and crying out in pleasure as she shook on her hands and knees.

Her orgasm ended in exhaustion. She fell to the floor and lay there for minutes while the dancer with the dildo slowly withdrew from Molly's ass.

The announcer came back on. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let us give a fine round of applause for that show. Thank you Tiffany, Kelly, Sara, and their slave."

The 3 dancers helped Molly to her feet. They all bowed and then started to move about to collect the money that now was being thrown at the stage. The four huddled to the side. They hugged and then three made their way backstage, while Molly made her way over to me with money in hand. Still naked and smiling.

Molly climbed down from the stage, moved over to where I was sitting and sat down, still naked, on the stool next to me.

She looked up and said, "Wow that was an incredible orgasm. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm as intense as that."

She made no effort to cover up.

Finally I handed her, her skirt and she put it on. She remained topless for the rest of the evening.

A number of men came up and complemented her on her body and the show. Most wanted to know how long she was doing this. They could not believe this was her first act, ever. They continued to complement her and give her money.

The three dancers came up later, now dressed and surrounded her. They wanted her to join their act. Molly stated that it was great, but she would not do it again. They appeared to be very disappointed.

It ended with all four of them exchanging hugs, kissed and running their hands over each other's body.

One dancer ran off to look for some clothing for Molly when I asked if any of them had seen Molly's blouse. One returned with a transparent blouse, sporting two buttons in front, and hiding very little. Given that Molly had nothing else to wear, she put it on.

We stayed a little longer and then we left.

On our way out of the bar the bouncer that we met on the way in asked if we could come back. Molly answered, "maybe."

It was very late now, as we made our way back to our car.

Molly slid down into the passenger chair as I started the engine. She looked up at me and said, "Did you enjoy my show?"

I turned to her and said, "Yes, very much. Did you enjoy exposing yourself to everyone?"

"Yes," was her only answer.

I put the car into reverse, backed up, and then moved the car gear into drive. We moved out of the parking lot and to the main drive. There were still many cars on the strip.

I waited and then moved into the traffic.

Molly sat moaning in her seat. "I think I need some more tonight."

I turned to her, moved my hand over to her skirt, down to her legs, up and under. I moved my hand up her leg and found her pussy and she spread her legs. She was still wet.

She moved her hands down to her skirt, opened the button, pushed the zipper down, and pushed the skirt off her, down to the floor. She was sitting bottomless.

Her hand moved between her legs and she started to play with her newly shaved pussy as my hands returned to the driving wheel.

I said, "Your pocket rocket is in the glove compartment if you want it."

She stopped, opened the compartment, pulled out the vibrator, turned it on and moved it to her pussy. As it found its mark, she moaned and spread her legs. It did not take long for the device to slip inside her. As it moved out of view she closed her legs, moving her hands up to her breasts. Her fingers found the two remaining buttons and they did not remain closed for long. The small material fell from her breast. She now sat naked next to me in the car.

I came up to a red traffic light to find us stopping next to a small truck. I looked to my side and found the driver smiling down at my naked and excited wife. I hit the button to lower her window to our peeping-tom.

"Molly, I think you have another audience if you look outside."

She opened her eyes, found the man watching her and smiled back. She removed the blouse, moved over to me and lay down on her back letting her head rest in my lap. She spread her legs and started to give the driver next to us a show he would soon not forget.

The light turned green and I started to move. The truck stayed with us, and Molly continued to play with herself.

She was getting more and more excited with each new red light. Finally at the forth light she had her orgasm. As she came she raised her hips off the seat and pushed her cunt out towards the truck driver. I am sure he enjoyed the sight as she came because I could hear her yelling, "Go lady, go lady."

Molly came and then lay down to enjoy her orgasm. The window was still down so I could hear the truck driver ask, "Can I fuck her, man?"

I smiled, hit the gas and took off. The truck driver tried to keep up but was no match for us. We soon were way ahead of him. As we came around a corner, I turned into a side street, turned off the lights and shut the engine down. I saw the truck drive by in my rear mirror. We sat there for 10 minutes while I played with my naked wife in the car.

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