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The Domino Clubs


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Jamaal and Leon hadn't seen Damon for a few months now, after that he had received all of that money.

Then one day when they were sitting at Jamaals place Damon dropped by.

"Hi Jamaal." Damon said as they shook hands.

"Hey Damon." Jamaal said.

"What have you been up to with all of that money." asked Leon as they shook hands.

"Well I've actually bought two abandoned clubs and I've also started up a small business through which I own the clubs. Damon told them.

"How much did that set you back." Jamaal asked.

"I got the club property very cheap, only $300 000 a piece." Damon told them.

"Yeah that's cheap all right." The guys laughed.

"So what are you going to call the clubs." Leon asked.

"They are both going to be called The Domino Club." Damon said.

"That's a cool name, how did you come up with that name." Leon then asked.

"Well except from the obvious, small black blocks with little white dots on them, you know the ones that falls after each other."

"But in prison I read a history book that two explorers had written about their journeys in the early 19th century. In their journeys they came across a small island just outside of Africa. On the Island there lived a lot of white couples, but there also lived a tribe of black males. The explorers were shocked at what they witnessed. The white women only slept with the black males and never with their husbands, their husbands in turn wore a kind of maid uniform and they did all the cleaning whilst their wives fucked these black men." Damon told The guys.

"The black tribe were called Domino." Damon then told them.

"Wow that name really had a story." Jamaal said.

"And my clubs are going to be all black on white. Black guys and white women." Damon told them.

"You are the Man, Damon." Leon said.

"You guys want to come and see my new office." Damon asked.

"Hell yeah." Both of them said.

The three of them walked outside from Jamaals place and when the got outside they saw a brand new 850 BMW.

"Is that your new car." Jamaal asked.

"It sure is." Damon said.

"That is one hell of a car." Leon said.

"Well get in and lets go." Damon told them.

All three of them got into Damons new car. Damon then started the car, but on some House music and drove of leaving black tire marks on the road behind him.

They drove around for a bit then Damon stopped outside a small office building.

"I've got a third of the entire second floor as my office." Damon told them as they got out of the car.

They then walked inside the building and up a couple of stairs to the second floor.

"Well here it is, Lord Ltd. my company." Damon said as the guys stopped outside two large doors.

Damon then opened the doors and showed the guys inside.

As Leon and Jamaal stepped inside through the doors the first thing the noticed was this gorgeous white woman sitting behind a desk.

"Oh hello Mr. Lord." The woman said.

"I've got those papers for you to sign." The woman told Damon.

"Well who's this." Jamaal asked.

"This is my personal assistant Erica." Damon introduced her.

Erica was 24 years old, she had just finished College. So she was smart, she had majored in business and Damon had hired her because she could handle a lot of the contracts that came through the office.

She was about 5 foot 5 tall and she had auburn hair. Her waist was thin and she had long smooth legs. She had a real nice tight ass and a pair of C sized breasts.

Erica was wearing a long light colored skirt that went down to her knees and a darker blouse.

"Erica meet the managers of my clubs."

Erica shook Leons and Jamaals hands.

"What did you say." Asked Jamaal.

"I thought that would get your attention. How would you two like to be the managers of each of my clubs." Damon asked.

Jamaal and Leon looked at each other and then at Damon.

"You bet your ass we would." Jamaal told him.

"Well go into my office and wait for me, I just have to sign some papers." Damon told them.

Jamaal and Leon opened the door to Damons office and walked in.

"Man would you look at this." Jamaal said.

"Yeah he's got one hell of an office." Leon said.

"Can you believe he made us managers of the clubs." Jamaal said.

"This is going to be great." Leon said.

Damon was outside at Ericas desk signing some papers.

"Was that all of them." Damon asked.

"Yes Mr. Lord." Erica said.

Damon then began to walk towards his office.

"By the way Erica, that is a real nice outfit you're wearing." Damon told her.

"Thanks Mr. Lord." Erica smiled.

Damon then walked into his office and closed the door.

"Well what do you think of my assistant." Damon asked.

"Nice ass." Jamaal said.

"It sure is." Damon said.

"Well about the clubs." Damon said.

"They have both been cleaned out and most of the equipment has been moved in, along with all the tables and other stuff. All that is left is to fill up the bar and to hire all the staff. And the strippers of course." Damon told them.

"Have I told you about the layout of the clubs." Damon asked.

"No." Leon said.

"Both clubs have a ground floor and a second floor. On the first floor there will be dancing and a large bar, like a normal club. The second floor on the other hand will be divided into two areas. Both areas will have a few stages for the strippers. In one area there will be white women stripping for black guys, and on the other area there will be black guys stripping for white women." Damon told them.

"I have already received all the photos and audition tapes with the black guys and a few of the white women." Damon told them.

"But the first thing I would like you two to do is to check out the audition for the women in an hour down at the west club." Damon told them with a smile.

"Great." Jamaal and Leon said smiling.

"I want you to tell me which ones you think we should hire." Damon said.

"Ok." The guys said.

"The girls will be bringing a photo of themselves, I'd like you to drop them of here tomorrow." Damon said.

"Sure." Leon said.

"Well we should get going down to the club." Jamaal said.

"You can take my car, I have another one here." Damon told them.

"Thanks." Jamaal said.

Then Jamaal and Leon stood up.

"And guys, have fun." Damon told them.

"We sure will." They said with a grin on their faces.

Jamaal and Leon said good-bye to Erica on the way out and then walked downstairs and out to the car.

They flipped a coin for who would get to drive the car. Leon won.

They got into the car and drove off towards the west club.

When they got down to the club they got out of the car and went inside. Inside there was a black guy in the bar filling up the wall with bottles.

"You must be Jamaal and Leon right." The guy said.


"Mr. Lord rang down and told me to tell you that the women are waiting upstairs."

"Thanks." They told him.

"Bye the way, I saw some of the girls and they are real hot." The guy said.

Jamaal and Leon smiled as they walked upstairs. When they got upstairs they saw about twenty white women standing against the bar. In front of them were a couple of tables and a large stage with a brass poll in the middle.

"Hello ladies." Jamaal said as they walked up to the front of the bar.

"Damn." Leon said as he looked at all the hot women.

"Which one should start." Leon asked Jamaal.

"Well we will just have to right down numbers on a piece of paper and who ever gets number 1 will start and so on." Jamaal said.

They then got a piece of paper and wrote down numbers 1 to 20.

"Ok girls pick a piece of paper here and who ever gets number 1 will start. And the rest of you can go behind the stage and change." Leon told the girls.

Back stage there were a few changing rooms with bathrooms. The girls picked a piece of paper and then went back stage.

Leon and Jamaal sat down on chairs in front of the main stage. They had gotten a picture from each of the girls, and they also had a paper on which they would write down what they thought about each girl.

They waited a couple of minutes then the first girl came out. She was a tall brunette with short cut hair. Her name was Shawna and she was 22 years old. Her name and everything else was written on the back of her photo.

The music system wasn't installed yet so they had to settle with a boom box, the girl had her own music that was now playing.

She started dancing on stage moving to the rhythm of the music. She was squeezing her breasts through her blouse which she then started to unbutton.

The girl then ripped of her blouse and exposed some real big tits. They had to be a size double D.

"Damn look at those tits." Jamaal said.

"Wouldn't mind getting some of that." Leon said.

The brunette then danced closer to the guys and then turned around and bent over whilst pulling down her skirt.

"Damn what an ass." Leon said.

The girl then started moving even more sexier than before. She was caressing her breasts and moving her other hand down to her thong. She pulled the thong down and quickly stepped out of it. She was touching herself whilst showing her trim pussy.

Both Leon and Jamaal felt their cocks starting to move, but the music stopped and the girl had done her number.

"Well this one gets 8 out of 10 from me." Jamaal told Leon.

A minute later the next girl came out.

She was a petite blonde. Her name was Lisa and she was 21.

She started to dance real sensual to the music, swaying her body. She was wearing a tight top which she slowly removed showing her bare breasts.

Her breasts were very perky and firm. She danced her way to the brass poll and then squeezed her breasts against it.

As she then quickly got her skirt and thong off she jumped up on the pole, and placed her legs around and then leaned back and looked at Jamaal and Leon while she squeezed her tits.

"Would you look at that." Jamaal said.

"And those legs of hers." Leon said.

A minute later the music ended and the guys graded the girl.

They then watched as girl after girl stripped in front of them. Needless to say Jamaal and Leon got real steamed up and their cocks had gotten rock hard.

There were now only two girls left to audition. And the girls who were done had already gone home.

Then 19th girl came out.

She was a blonde with short cut hair.

"Hi Leon." She said as she moved across the stage towards Leon.

"Is that you Kristy." Leon said.

"Don't you recognize me, its only been a month." Kristy said.

"You've cut your hair." Leon said.

"Yeah I have." Kristy said.

"You know Leon, I would do anything to work here." Kristy told Leon as she leaned over to Leon.

"Really." Leon said with a smile on his face.

"Yes anything." Kristy said as she reached down and laid her hand on Leons crotch.

"Well why don't we go to the back room and discuss the matter." Leon said with a grin on his face.

"I thought you would never ask." Kristy said smiling.

"Can you handle the last girl alone." Leon asked Jamaal.

"Sure." Jamaal said laughing.

Leon and Kristy then went backstage. On the way to a changing room they walked by the last girl.

"I think you can go up on the stage now." Leon told her.

The last girl looked at Kristy dragging Leon into a changing room.

"Slut." The girl said to herself.

"Well I'm going to get this dance job here as well." The girl told herself.

The girl then went out on the stage.

Tina was her name and she was a brunette with long hair and she was 23 years old.

She started her sexy dance for Jamaal.

Back at the changing room Kristy had stripped and she was on her knees in front of Leon holding his cock in her hand.

"Mmm Its almost been a week since I had some black cock." Kristy said.

She then held Leons cock straight up whilst she licked his balls. Then she took one of his black balls at a time and sucked on them.

"Now I definitely remember you." Leon told Kristy.

"I just love to suck your balls." Kristy said.

She then licked his cock all the way up to his cockhead, and then she sucked in his head into her mouth. Kristy had to open up her mouth wide to be able to get Leons fat cockhead into her mouth.

"Take the whole thing into your mouth." Leon said.

Kristy knew she would never be able to get that whole black cock into her mouth but she tried to get as much as she could. She soon gagged on it, only getting half of it in.

"That's a good slut." Leon said.

Kristy smiled as she catched her breath.

Back at the main stage Tina was now naked as she danced for Jamaal. She went over to the pole, grabbed it with her hands and then pushed out her ass as far as she could.

She then turned her head around towards Jamaal.

"Do you like my ass." Tina asked Jamaal.

"I love it." Jamaal said with a hardon in his pants.

"Well why don't you take it for a test run." Tina said with a smile on her face.

"Don't mind if I do." Jamaal said as he walked up on stage and got up behind her naked ass.

Jamaal pulled down his pants and underwear with one hand whilst having the other one between her legs rubbing her pussy.

"I've always wanted a black man." Tina said.

"Well you're about to get one." Jamaal told her.

Jamaal grabbed his cock, placed it up against her pussy and then just shoved the whole 12 inch shaft right in.

"Ahhh godddd." Tina screamed out.

Jamaal moved it out slowly.

"Damn, I didn't know you would be that big." Tina moaned out.

Tina held on hard to the pole as Jamaal started to fuck her real hard. Jamaal had gotten so steamed up watching all these girls strip so he showed her no mercy. He slammed his long cock fast in and out of her. He then took a hold of her hips and really started to pound her hard.

Back at the changing room Leon was about to cum. Kristy had been sucking his cock for quite some time now.

Jamaal grabbed his cock and held it up to Kristys face.

"Yes give me your cum." Kristy said.

It only took a few more strokes for Leon to cum.

"Ahh yeah." Leon grunted as he shot his load.

He spurted his cum right onto Kristy face, she had her mouth open and her tongue out. She took a little in her mouth but most of Leons sperm hit her face. When he then stopped cumming he pulled his cock a few times and a few more drops came out which Kristy quickly sucked up.

"I love your semen on my face." Kristy said.

"Well don't clean it off yet." Leon told her.

"Jamaal hasn't seen you naked yet and the cum on your face just makes you look even better." Leon told her.

"Ok." Kristy said.

Leon pulled up his pants and then he walked out with Kristy who was totally naked and with sperm on her face to show her to Jamaal.

Jamaal was just about to finish with Tina on the stage.

"Ah yesss." Jamaal grunted out as he pumped Tinas pussy full of sperm.

He gave her a few more thrusts before he had unloaded his entire batch.

"Oh god that was great." Tina said breathing heavy.

Right then Leon walked out with Kristy.

"Hey Jamaal I think we have a winner here." Leon told Jamaal who was just pulling out from Tina.

"Yeah man I've found one too." Jamaal said.

Then a half an hour later on the way out from the club.

"That was one good audition." Jamaal said.

"Tell me about it." Leon said.

They then took Damons car and drove off.

The next day Jamaal and Leon dropped off the photos with their comments on them to Damon at his office.

"Any one special." asked Damon.

"Yes, Kristy and Tina." Jamaal told Damon.

"They will do anything." Leon told Damon.

"Good." Damon said.

"I guess you want to know which of the clubs you are going to manage." Damon said.

"Yes, we do." Jamaal said.

"Well Jamaal you'll be managing the west club and Leon you'll have the east one." Damon told them.

"Here's a list of the things that needs to be done before they can open." Damon said as he handed Jamaal a list and then one to Leon.

"All the contacts and phone numbers is on there, so you'll have no trouble getting started." Damon said.

"Great." Leon said.

"Well I guess we'll be going then." Jamaal said.

"Just stop by if there's anything you need." Damon told them.

"Ok." Jamaal said.

Jamaal and Leon then left Damons office and drove to their separate clubs.

"Erica, can you come in here." Damon said to Erica on the intercom.

"Ok." Erica said back.

Erica came into Damons office.

"Close the door." Damon told her and she closed the door.

"I would like you to help me sort through all of these audition photos." Damon told her.

"Sure." She said.

"Have a seat here." Damon pulled out a chair next to him.

"Thanks." Erica said as she sat down.

Erica was wearing a tight white top along with a pair of tight pants.

"Why don't you do the guys and I'll do the women." Damon said.

"Ok, how should I sort them." Erica asked.

"Well look at the pictures and read the comments and then sort them after their review and their size." Damon told her.

"You mean their length." Erica asked.

"No, sort after the size of their tool." Damon said.

Erica thought about it for a minute.

"You mean their...you know between their legs." Erica said.

"Exactly." Damon told her.

"Well...ok." Erica said.

As Damon began to flick through the women’s photos Erica looked at the picture of the first guy in the pile.

The picture was of a tall and musclely black male. She knew that all the guys on the photos would be black.

And the man on the picture was very hung. Erica read the size on the file that came with the photo. His size were 11 inches. She the laid away that photo and continued with the next.

The next guy on the photo had a 12 inch. And the next after that 11 inches. She continued looking at the photos and sorting them.

Looking at these photos had made Erica very aroused. She was even beginning to get a little wet between her legs.

"Are these photos fakes." Erica then asked Damon.

"No they are all real, why do you ask." Damon asked.

"Well you know...all of the guys are very...well big." Erica said.

"Does that surprise you." Damon asked.

"Well, yes." Erica said.

"You haven't seen that many naked black guys before, have you." Damon asked.

"Well no, I've seen a few on TV but they only show their behinds." Erica said.

"Well now you know how a black man looks on the front." Damon told her.

"Well I don't know." Erica said.

"Then I will show you, I can't have you thinking that I'm a liar, can I." Damon said as he stood up.

Erica looked at him stunned. Damon began undoing his pants and then letting them fall to the ground.

"Oh no, you don't have to, I believe you Mr. Lord." Erica said.

Damon had now also pulled down his underwear and his black cock was hanging down between his legs. Erica was looking away. So Damon took one of her hands and then placed her fingers around his cock.

At first Erica was shocked that Damon had placed her hand on his cock. But she didn't remove it. She started to move her hand a little feeling the girth of the cock she held in her hand.

Erica felt his big cockhead and then moved her hand up. She was surprised that she could move her hand for as long as she did. She then decided to open her eyes and to take a look at it.

Erica nervously opened her eyes and turned her head around. When she saw it she knew that the photos wasn't fakes.

It was enormous.

Damons cock began to grow in her hands and soon it was rock hard and stood right out. Erica looked up at Damon.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you." She said as she removed her hand.

"Well you've made me hard now, so you'll have to make it soft again." Damon told her.

"You mean..." Erica said.

"Yes." Damon said.

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