tagGroup SexThe Dorm Life Ch. 01

The Dorm Life Ch. 01


Steve and I were assigned as roommates in our college dormitory. The dormitory was coed, with boys living on the first floor and girls on the upper floors. At first, Steve and I settled into a normal college life. Monday through Thursday, we were pretty good about going to class and taking care of business. We made our grades. On the weekends, we hit up parties.

A couple of months into our first semester, things changed. One Friday night after a diligent week of school, Steve and I hit up a house party together with some of the girls who lived upstairs in our dormitory. Julie, Karen, and Sara all went with us. We spent a few hours at the party, drinking beer out of red cups, dancing, and bullshitting with each other. During the party, Julie was getting all over me and Sara was hanging on Steve. Karen had disappeared. After downing one last beer and embracing a solid buzz, the girls ran off for a second to locate Karen. They found her making out with a random dude, pulled her away, and the five of us headed back to the dormitory.

Karen was pretty slammed, so she headed back to her bed. But Julie and Sara came to down to our room. We lowered the lights, but I could still see the girls' athletic bodies in the dimmed light. Julie was a redhead with shoulder length straight hair, about 5'6" with a nice, round ass and breasts that were properly sized for her body. Sara was a bit taller, at 5'8" or so. She had with long, dark hair with gentle curls. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Julie's, but I swear there wasn't an ounce of fat on Sara's slim body.

After a few minutes making out, Julie settled in next to me on the bottom bunk, and Sara climbed up on the top bunk with Steve. Lubricated by alcohol, things progressed quickly. I had Julie's top off in no time, and I could hear things seemingly moving along at a similar rate between Steve and Sara. Julie was kissing me ferociously, and before long our clothes were totally off. Her breasts were in my hands and tongue was in my mouth. She had my body pinned to the bottom bunk, straddling me and dipping her tongue aggressively into my mouth.

I could hear Steve and Sara screwing around on the top bunk. The bed frame was rocking a bit, I could hear Steve breathing heavily. I was betting that Sara was rubbing his cock. In the meantime Julie began to kiss down my stomach, and before I knew it, she took me into her mouth. Her mouth was soft and warm and wonderful.

As Julie lapped masterfully at my cock, Steve started making noise. "Oh shit, girl. Fuck. I'm coming! Oh fuck!" Steve had already come, just from Sara teasing his cock with her hand. As Julie continued to lick me, it seemed like the action on the upper bunk had finished up. I could hear whispering. It sounded like Sara was trying to prod Steve into action, but he grunted something at her that sounded like, "I wanna sleep."

Julie must have heard this, too, because she looked up at me and quietly said, "I hope we're not done yet." I shook my head at her, smiled and said, "We're nowhere near done." At that, without saying a word, she climbed up my body, positioned her pussy over my cock and impaled herself with a gentle moan. Julie's pussy was tight and buttery, and I slid easily inside. She pressed her hands on my chest began humping away at me, grunting gently with each insertion and reinsertion.

As she fucked my rock hard member in and out, she smiled down at me and commented, "That feels amazing, Mike." And she was starting to get carried away already. Julie quickened her pace and began to grind her pelvis back and forth over my cock and lower abdomen. "Fucking hell, Mike," she groaned. After grinding for a few minutes, she shifted onto her knees and bounced up and down on me. Julie was fucking me with aggression, going faster and faster and moaning louder and louder. I could feel her pussy shuddering over my cock. With amazement, I suddenly realized that it was about to come.

At that very same moment, my eyes caught sight of Sara. Her head was poking out from the upper bunk, where she was lying next to Steve, who was now snoring audibly. Sara stared down at Julie and me with unmitigated lust. As Sara ogled us, Julie ground her cunt more and more ferociously over me. Sara and I locked eyes and stared at each other just as Julie started to spasm on top of me. Julie announced, "I'm gonna. Mike---it's gonna. My pussy is gonna come. Mike. Mike! It's cumm-----! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuck." I pulled Julie's chest against mine while her spasming pussy pooled moisture on my belly, and the entire time Sara and I maintained eye contact. Julie shuddered and shook for what seemed like an eternity. And through every moment of the protracted orgasm Sara's face showed undisguised lust jealousy. There was no mistaking it. Sara wanted to fuck me, too. Her cunt wanted to feel the same massive orgasm Julie's was enjoying.

As the contractions roaring through Julie's pussy sputtered and died out, she managed to grunt out, "Oh my god, Mike. That was—that was incredible." I replied, "We're not done yet, girl" and lifted Julie up off my cock. Taking care not to bump her head on the upper bunk, I arranged her mostly limp body so that she was on her back and her opening was right on the edge of the lower bunk. Then I stepped off the bed, stood upright, and buried myself back deep into her.

I was pretty sure Julie had no idea that Sara was gawking at us, though I'm not sure Julie would have cared. Julie was making no effort to be quiet. But from my standing new vantage point, I could pump myself in and out of Julie, while my head was right up next to Sara.

As I thrust hungrily in and out of Julie, I looked onto the top bunk. Steve was fast asleep—passed out. He must have had more to drink than I noticed. Sara had her head perched over the side of the upper bunk. Her shirt had been removed earlier, and her pert, petite breasts were in clear view. She was naked except for a pair of skimpy, light blue panties. With her left hand she grasped the edge of the bed, supporting her body as she looked down at the horny, fucking couple beneath her. Sara's right hand, meanwhile, was stuffed inside her panties, and like a slut in mad heat she was furiously rubbing at her clit.

The sight of Sara masturbating turned me on, and so I doubled the pounding I was giving Julie. The bed was shaking loudly, and Julie moaned with every one of my thrusts. There was nothing quiet about our sex, and no doubt folks throughout the dorm could hear me drilling her cunt, banging the bed frame over and over into the wall.

Julie was in a trance. The pleasure radiating from her pussy had her in a semi-conscious state. Still, she -managed to babble, "I think—it's gonna—I think—it's gonna—come. My pussy!—is gonna!--come!" And with a low, guttural animal groan, a second orgasm raged in her cunt. I continued to hump her like a madman, burying myself to the bottom of her depths over and over as it came.

The moment was too intense for Sara. She wanted to get fucked, and she wanted it desperately. In a single smooth motion, Sara peeled her panties off, threw her legs over the bed, and lowered herself to the ground. Her feet touched the floor right next to mine, and she threw her arms up around my neck, pocking my neck with kisses.

I wanted to kiss her back, and so I slowed and then stopped pumping into Julie, as Julie's orgasm gently subsided. Julie opened her eyes, and looked up at us from her back on the bed.

"I want you to fuck me, Mike. I want you to make me come," Sara declared. She turned to her friend. "Julie, let me have a turn with him."

"No way," Julie replied. "This is the best cock I've ever had. I'm not sharing." Julie pointed at the corner of the room. "You can sit over there on the floor and watch him fuck me if you want, though. I don't care if you masturbate."

Sara was crestfallen, but obedient. She plopped her naked body in the corner of the dorm room to which Julie had banished her and resumed fingering at her clit. Julie pulled me out, and flipped over onto all-fours. She pointed her tight, wet pussy up at me. Wagging her cunt at me, she turned her head and commanded, "Fuck me more, Mike. I want to come more."

There was no hesitation on my part. My rock-hard member was deep inside instantly, and Julie's pussy immediately started oozing thick wetness over my cock. I grasped her hips firmly and thumped her hard and fast. Our flesh slapped together, the bed banged loudly against the wall, and Julie squealed with delight. We fucked with so much intensity that things were falling off shelves.

Julie's little pussy started to squeeze my cock, and I knew it was coming again. Julie moaned loudly and her cunt gushed as it came. "Three times already! Three---fucking---times!" She bellowed as another orgasm pulsed in her vagina.

And then, out of nowhere, while Julie's cunt throbbed through its third climax and I pumped away at it, Sara stood up, came over and intervened. Sara grabbed ahold of me from behind and pulled me back. My penis popped free from Julie's spurting pussy. Julie let out a desperate whimper at my exit and humped her ass desperately backwards in the air toward where I had been, trying to locate my dislodged cock. The shock and unexpectedness of Sara's violence startled me, and I stumbled backwards and fell on my back, my boner sticking directly up in the air like a flag pole.

Sara stepped over my shoulders and fell to her knees, impaling her cunt on my cock instantly. She immediately began riding me ferociously, reverse cowgirl. It felt amazing. Julie's orgasm was finished, but she was still recovering from it. She turned around weakly and rose from the bed to confront Sara.

"Don't fuck with me Julie," Sara warned. "I need to get off. I really, really need to get my shit off. So just stay the fuck away till I get my come. You might be my best friend, but I will fuck you up permanently if you mess with me right now."

Julie took Sara's advice, and simply stood over her sex-crazed friend, watching us copulate. Sara fucked me like a bitch in heat. She ground her cunt into me and wailed as her pussy was filled by my cock. And in less than a minute, she was indeed getting her desired come. "You're making it, Mike! You're making it! My!---pussy!---is!---coming!" She let out a loud moan as her cunt pulsated over my cock and squirted onto my thighs.

After riding out her orgasm for another 30 seconds, Sara crumpled onto me, pressing her breasts against my chest. Julie grabbed her friend by the scalp and commanded, "You got off, now get off of him so I can have another turn!" Sara protested Julie's order while she caught her breath, "No. No. Oh wow. No. Please. Please let me---have one more---orgasm." I was concerned that things were about to get violent, and so I took matters into my own hands.

"Stop fighting. I can satisfy you both. Julie, get back on the bed and bend over. Sara, get off of me and line up doggystyle next to your friend." Both girls followed my directives, bending over next to one another with their pussies sticking out at me.

I pressed my way into Julie first, and pumped her hard until she was bucking herself against me for her pussy's fourth climax of the night. Switching, I quickly dipped my cock in Sara and fucked her hard and fast. In less than a minute she was thrashing and moaning her way through her cunt's second orgasm of the evening.

This was finally too much for me. I had reached my boiling point. As Sara's twat came down from its orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her and aimed it at her gorgeous, athletic ass. I grunted, and semen sprayed out of me, painting Sara's gorgeous ass. It felt like I came for 15 minutes. An enormous quantity of come poured out me.

When my cock finally stopped pulsing, I pushed Sara and Julie's asses apart and collapsed on the bed between them. Their pussies were more than satisfied. Naked, the three of us drifted off to sleep in the bed together, spent.

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