tagNonHumanThe Dragon Slayer's Dilemma Ch. 02

The Dragon Slayer's Dilemma Ch. 02


To my dedicated readers,

My sincerest apologies for the long delay in posting chapter 2. Life has been pretty hectic for me lately having to look for a new job before May when my enlistment in the U.S. Army expires. But here it is finally and I do hope to be able to publish subsequent chapters in a more timely manner.

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Khelvan awoke feeling the light of the twin suns beaming down on him. Stretching he looked around himself noting that it was still mid-morning and he had slept longer then normally. Sitting up the human cleared his sleep fogged mind his mind wandering to the events of the previous day when he had met the dragon who named herself Onyx. Searching for his discarded clothing he looked around more for her not seeing her anywhere in the immediate area. "It seems she has left or gone hunting," Khelvan mused to himself, wondering why she had decided to let him live. Gathering up his belongings he prepared to break camp after breakfast.

The sound of splashing caught his attention seeing Onyx emerge from the clear water of the lake. She was nude again as the night before water running down her smooth scales giving them a soft sheen. Taking a seat on the edge of the water she looked over at him, "I was wondering if you ever were going to wake. You humans sleep more than any other creature I have known."

Khelvan shrugged slightly as he dared to steal a glance at the female dragon, catching at the glimpse of the swell of her breasts, "Perhaps but I usually am an early riser unless I stay up late or am otherwise exhausted."

Onyx laughed then her wings fanning her to make a cool breeze, "If that is what you wish to call it then so be it. I do hope you have more stamina then that though otherwise you will not be what I expected."

Khelvan couldn't help but to laugh at Onyx's witty retort, "I have yet to hear complaint about my stamina." He smirked at the female dragon taking another look at her nude body as she stretched out on the shore of the lake with her eyes closed. She was laying on her stomach, her wings pulled tight against her back as she rested her head on her arms, her long tail draping over her leg swaying slightly. It had been too long for him since he could remember the last time he felt this relaxed, an odd revelation for the dragonslayer, especially since he was in the presence of one he had sworn as his enemy so many years ago.

Onyx opened her eyes then looking directly at Khelvan, a slight smile on her face, "I could lay here for days doing nothing." He chuckled softly, "Why?" Rolling over, Onyx sat up, her firm breasts not losing any of their allure, "Because I can and who is going to tell me otherwise." Shrugging, Khelvan went about preparing his meal while Onyx sung softly, the smooth silkiness of her voice stirring his heart a little. Setting the small cooking pot to the fire, he brushed his hands off and looked up at her again, catching her watching him intently.

"Is there something you need, Onyx?" He looked at her quizzically, seeing the already familiar wry smile on the dragoness's face.

"Perhaps there is something you can do for me, Khelvan Wyrmslayer," she said approaching him slowly, "It seems that I am feeling the urge to mate but I have no male dragons around to fulfill the role."

Raising an eyebrow at her, Khelvan yelled in surprise when Onyx leapt on him, pushing him back to the ground easily, her strength far superior to his.Grinning at him, Onyx slid her hands over his chest, her claws scraping his skin. Closing his eyes, he gasped softly as he felt her licking his neck and down his chest. Her fingers fumbled with the laces of his breeches, growling softly as she pulled them down to free his cock. Onyx grasped his cock in her hand, slowly stroking him to hardness as she studied him. He moaned softly as she continued making her smile, the dragoness then shifted down and lowered her head, curling her long tongue around his hard flesh, licking it slowly.

Khelvan opened his eyes to see her staring at him, his thick cock in her hand as she gently stroked it, licking and kissing him. Meeting her eyes, he watched as she took him slowly into her mouth, the intense heat of her cavity searing his cock. "Ohh yessssss," he hissed softly as she sank her mouth down his cock nesting her jaw against his balls. Taking his plump orbs in her hand Onyx began caressing and squeezing them as she began moving her head almost imperceptibly.

Moaning around his cock, Onyx slowly picked up her pace, her eyes never leaving his as she watched him watching her suck on his cock. Fondling his balls, she continued bobbing her head quickly, her saliva coating his shaft causing her to slurp softly when she took him back into her mouth again and again. Breaking away from his cock, Onyx resumed licking his hard shaft, stroking him again intensely working her way down to suck and lick his balls.

Moving her tongue down, Onyx moved around his ass, her hand continuously sliding up and down his cock. Khelvan trembled as he felt her tongue moving over his body. "Oh fuck....damn that feels so good," panting as he watched her take him back into her mouth resuming her rhythm, fondling his balls. He could feel that familiar pressure building again, his hips moving quickly. Smiling around his cock, she tightened her throat around him sucking hard on his manhood while squeezing and caressing his balls. Feeling the plump orbs throbbing as she continued her assault on him, working her tongue around his cock as she slid her mouth over it waiting to taste his strong seed.

Trembling Khelvan felt his balls getting tighter, the precursor to his approaching orgasm from Onyx sucking his aching cock. Panting he looked her in the eyes, "Mmmaah, I'm going to....aahhh.....cum very soon." She nodded looking into his eyes before increasing the intensity of her sucking, moving her lips and tongue over his cock quickly to make him cum. Laying back, Khelvan gasped deeply his hands caressing Onyx's horns, "Oh fuckkkkk aaaahhhh," he cried out holding her head as his cock shot a thick stream of cum into the dragoness's mouth. Feeling him orgasm, Onyx moved her tongue around his cock, licking up the flavorful cream enjoying how it tasted in her mouth and throat. She swallowed his seed down easily, holding him in her mouth as he filled it. Panting, the human closed his eyes, spent for the moment, "By the gods, I've never had a woman suck my cock that well."

Onyx slid off his cock then, kissing the bulbous head as she laughed softly, cleaning one last dribble of cum from his cock. Crawling up she lay beside him, nestling her body close to his to feel his smooth skin against her scales. He smiled slightly, sliding his arm around Onyx to hold her close to his side, "How is it that we are here?" He lifted his head slightly to look at her, feeling her warm scales pressed against his skin.

She looked up at him, her mouth curling into a wry smile, "I do believe you tried to kill me and I overpowered you." Grinning, Onyx licked his cheek with her long tongue, "I saw how you looked at me while we were traveling and thought it might be fun to tease you."

Raising an eyebrow, he tilted his head curiously, "Oh so you intended to see if you could make a dragonslayer desire you?" "My plan seemed to work though, correct?" Onyx grinned at him, nuzzling into his neck. Chuckling he closed his eyes again, "I suppose that it did. I never imagined this would happen though." She laughed softly pressing against him, her hard nipples poking his side, "Nor did I."

Sliding her hand down to his cock, she began to stroke him again, bringing him to hardness quickly. "I still have the urge to mate and I want to feel your magnificent cock inside of me," Onyx whispered softly in his ear, her tongue circling the lobe. He shifted slightly rolling Onyx to her back as he crawled between her legs, spreading them to see her pink slit surrounded by her black scales. Gripping his cock he rubbed the leaking tip against her, making her moan softly before pushing in. He watched with rapt attention as he watched her open for his cock, gripping him tight as he sunk into her. Onyx wrapped her arms around the human, her talons lightly digging into his flesh pulling him closer. "Oh yes, your cock feels so good inside me," she moaned, wrapping her tail around his leg as she arches her back.

Looking at her face, Khelvan could see the pleasure etched into the female dragon's beautiful features. Her mouth was open slightly as she moaned in pleasure, feeling his thick and hard cock stretching her tight pussy. Caressing his back, Onyx grasped his ass, digging her talons into his cheeks as she looked straight into his eyes, "Fuck me, Khelvan. I want you to fuck my pussy hard with your perfect cock."

Looking into her eyes, Khelvan smiled slightly at her request. Drawing his hips back, he looked down to where his body connected with hers, seeing the pink lips of her sex stretched around him. He kept the head within her, slamming forward again until his full length was buried snugly inside of her. Arching her back again, Onyx moaned deeply, pushing her hips up against the human as he began fucking her with long, deep strokes.

Unfurling her wings, Onyx fanned their heated bodies as she began shaking in pleasure. She could not understand how this human made her feel so good with his cock. Grunting slightly, Khelvan grasped her thighs as he continued plunging into Onyx's hot pussy. Sweat rolled down his chest and back in streams, his breathing as rapid as the moving of his hips. She continued to rock against him, her back arching, meeting his every thrust into her quivering pussy. Sliding her tail from around his leg Onyx doubled it back on itself to rub against her tight sphincter. She moaned deeply as she pushed her tail into her ass, doubling the sensation of feeling herself being invaded.

Khelvan continued his relentless assault on her dripping sex, feeling her tail rubbing against his balls as she slid it into her ass. They moved together perfectly, matching each other's rhythm, he would slide his cock out of her as she pushed her tail in, then reversing the movement. He slid out of her, his cock glistening in the sunlight with her juices. "Roll over, Onyx," he told her, grasping her legs to guide her along.

She rolled to her belly, her tail popping out of her ass to curl around his waist and pull him to her as she lifted her hips, presenting herself to him again. Breathing heavily, the dragon turned her head to look at him, "I want to feel you in my ass, baby." Grasping his ridged cock, Onyx guided him toward her sphincter, letting out a soft moan as she felt the tip press against her hole. "Oh yes, baby, take me," Onyx pleaded with him.

Grunting softly, Khelvan pushed forward closing his eyes as he slid his thick cock into her ass. Pulling her against him, he slowly slid into her tight rear, groaning softly as he felt her muscles squeezing his cock. Growling in delight, Onyx lowered her chest down to the ground, feeling her hardened nipples being caressed by the grass. Resting on her forearms she began pushing back against him wincing slightly at the feel of him entering her.

Grasping her hips, Khelvan continued pushing into her slowly, giving her time to adjust to his cock being in her ass. After settling in he began taking slow, smooth strokes in and out of her, making her moan softly as he gently fucked her ass. He bit his lip feeling his cock throbbing in her rectum, his balls slapping against her pussy when he plunged into her. Sweat continued to run down his skin, small drops falling from him to land on her backside, glistening against her scales.

Shaking as he pumped his cock into her, Onyx felt herself rising to higher heights then she had experienced before. Each thrust of his cock into her sent shivers up her spine, each touch of his hands electrifying her scales as she rocked back against the human. She closed her eyes, her breathing becoming heavier when she felt the rising tide of pleasure roll over her. Onyx cried out then as she felt herself writhing, her juices flowing heavily from her already soaked pussy, "Ohhhhh yeesssss, Kh-Kheeellllvannn aaahhh!!!!"

His balls tightened against his body, foreshadowing another pending release of his sperm into Onyx. Feeling her writhe under him and scream out in her orgasm, her tight ass squeezed his cock harder, pushing him over the edge he joined her in the blissful release of climax. Groaning deeply, he felt his cock lurch inside of her, spraying thick strands of cum into the dragon's bowels.

Collapsing to the ground, Onyx purred deeply as she slid off his cock, feeling his pearly seed leaking out of her ass. Reaching for the human, she pulled him down to her, pulling him to her as she pressed her breasts against his side. "Mmm....by the gods, Khelvan, in all my years no one has been that good." She smiled at him, lightly nipping on his shoulder, her fangs scraping his skin playfully.

Grinning as he let out a satisfied sigh, Khelvan slid his arm around her, holding her close as he nodded, "The same for you, Onyx. It's hard to believe that just yesterday we were sworn enemies and now....." He fell back as she kissed him deeply, the sensation of her lips against his feeling unique and enticing.

Grinning as she broke the kiss, Onyx looked into his eyes, "Just shut up and stop thinking about that." She lay down again next to him, resting her head on his shoulder as she traced the lines of his muscles with a talon.

Lying back, Khelvan looked up at the sky, noticing that the twin suns had passed their zenith and begun the ascent toward the horizon. Chuckling he realized that they had spent the whole morning having sex, "It seems a bit late to start traveling now." Onyx looked up at him, stretching out her draconic body, "Why do you say that? I can travel for weeks without rest." She grinned at him, getting to her feet she studied Khelvan quietly.

He was a fine specimen of a human male, towering over 6 feet tall, his body was robust and deeply tanned from spending a great deal of time outdoors. His hair was the color of the yellow sun, Locaro, his eyes shimmering a deep rich blue, like twin sapphires. As she grazed her eyes over him, she wondered about the neatly trimmed hair surrounding his mouth. Thinking for a moment she recalled that humans called that styling of facial hair a goatee. His chest was large and well defined, his arms and legs also thick with muscle, with dark blonde hair covering his skin. Between his legs hung his cock, easily over 6 inches even flaccid, double that when erect.

Stretching her lithe body, Onyx flashed him a grin, "I am going to take a swim in the lake." Walking past him, she brushed her tail along his leg and over his cock, grinning when he moaned softly. Rolling over, Khelvan got to his feet and followed her into the lake, splashing thru it to submerge up to his neck in the cool water. He watched Onyx swimming gracefully thru the water before she dove beneath the crystalline surface. A moment later she popped up behind him, growling playfully while leaping onto his back. Though the water buoyed some of her weight Khelvan was unable to maintain his footing on the slippery bottom of the lake and went under the water.

Reemerging, Khelvan coughed out the water he had unintentionally swallowed from being dunked by Onyx. Wiping water from his eyes he looked around for her, seeing her out further in the water giggling as she swam away from him. Onyx knifed thru the water easily, a natural swimmer like most dragons, diving under the water again from sight. Shaking his head and laughing at her antics, Khelvan finished bathing and began to swim around lazily. The twin suns, Itmenisk and Jennumitne slowly descended in the western sky marking the passing of the afternoon. He chuckled softly as he remembered that the names of the twin suns were draconic in origin.

Settling down on the edge of the lake he let the warmth of the twin suns dry him off, dozing lazily as he felt a warm breeze caressing his skin. Waking some time later, Khelvan looked around him as he stretched and yawned. Seeing no sign of Onyx anywhere near by he dressed and sat by the low fire.

Finishing his dinner, he pulled a small tome from his pack, opening it to the marked page where his writing quill rested. Though the two items seemed quite mundane each possessed a small dweomer which made them more then what they appeared to be. The book was enchanted to have an infinite number of pages so that he could write in it continuously while the quill would never run out of ink. He chuckled because these were a precious commodity for wizards but he simply used it for his journal to keep track of events in his life.

Sinking into his thoughts Khelvan began cataloging the events of the past few days since he had met the dragon. Putting in his thoughts on the matter he wrote long into the night by the crackling fire. The only sounds around were those of creatures that dwelled at night. Finishing off his reconstruction of his time so far with Onyx he closed the tome, looking up in time to see her swooping down to land in front of him. "Where have you been all day?" he asked her. "I was out scouting the land around here to determine our best course," she answered him, stretching her lithe body as she tucked her wings to her back.

Khelvan nodded, accepting her response at face value. It made sense to him after all since she could travel faster in flight then he could on horse. Seeing the tome in his hand, Onyx arched her brow slightly, "I didn't think you would be one to study that archaic form of magic that the Wizard Cabal tries to force down everyone's throat."

He laughed softly shaking his head, "No, I do not. My magic comes from within much like yours." Tucking the tome into his pack, he looked up at her noticing that she had procured a new outfit. "I hope you didn't have to kill anyone to get that," he laughed softly. She laughed and shook her head, "No I bought it with coins at an elf settlement not far from here."

Looking at her again, he saw she had picked an outfit to compliment her dragon body. The craftsmanship was exquisite like all items of Elvin make are, it seemed that the bodice was specially designed to accommodate a dragon's wings, allowing them freedom of movement. A moment later she confirmed his speculations, "I have not been to that village in over a century but the seamstress is still there. She understands dragon anatomy very well." He simply nodded his response, stifling a yawn as he pulled out his bedroll.

Onyx slid down beside him keeping him between herself and the fire, the soft leather of her pants creaking quietly as she moved. Watching him as he drifted off to sleep she reached out to trace the line of his jaw with her talon, studying him again intently. As far as humans go he was a handsome specimen of one, his body having little imperfections. He would make a perfect mate for any female who he bedded. She snorted as she shook her head, trying to wipe away the trail where her thoughts were traveling. He was a dragon slayer and she a dragon, neither could enter the other's world without great effort to convince their two races of a better way. Sighing she laid against him then, resting her head on his shoulder as she extended her wing over him to provide it's warmth from the night's chill.

Feeling her leathery wing cover him, Khelvan shifted slightly so to not give away to her that he was still awake. He listened to the soft hissing of her steady breathing, feeling her chest rise and fall with each exchange of air into her lungs. Eventually fatigue overtook Khelvan, his eyes closing against his will as he slowly fell asleep.

He awoke the following morning feeling the light of the twin suns falling across the clearing as they began their slow passage thru the sky. Sitting up, Khelvan stretched feeling more than a few joints popping in protest. Onyx lay in the soft grass, her eyes closed as she seemingly slept until he moved closer. Cracking open an eyelid to reveal a shining green eye. She rolled to her back, letting out a soft rumbling yawn before getting to her feet. "I see you're finally awake. We need to get back on the road if we are to reach Var os Jhol before the end of the week," Onyx spoke to him as he gathered up his belongings. Arching and eyebrow, Khelvan looked at the dragoness, "What's in Var os Jhol?" Onyx shrugged slightly, "Aside from elves I don't know for certain but their sages take keeping histories accurate quite seriously."

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