The Dream


She slowly slides her tongue from between his lips and trails it down his chin, following the line of his throat. Between the wet of her tongue and the kisses she plants as she moves lower, his cock is rock hard! He is starting to awaken… He hears her giggling…that sexy little laugh she has when she is pleased, or being pleased!

She slid back into bed with him…he was fastened to the bed; how he got that way he does not know. Not one to sleep so soundly, though the evening of sex they had was enough to cause anyone to lose consciousness. "You need to let me loose!" He told her. His mind racing, remembering the past, flashbacks from decades ago! He strained at the bindings…too strong for him. "Let me go!"

But nothing but murmurs of caring and sweet shushes from her lips…He knew it was her. The instant her lips touched his, and her tongue drove into his mouth. It was her scent, her taste. Sweet, like honey. But his mind had the problem…racing, remembering. His body gave him away. His cock kept twitching; she was giggling now…her breath blowing on his nipples.

"Shhhhh," she whispered to him, "please trust me: as I have trusted you!" "You know I will never hurt you." And her lips wrapped around his nipple. He was trying to relax…difficult at best considering his past…tortured before, not an easy thing to forget! He tried his restraints again…her hand grasped his cock and slowly, rubbed it…Precum leaking out, betraying his arousal!

"Mmmm," she said, as she licked the fluids from him. Her tongue trailing down his cock and surrounding his sack, sucking first one then the other testicle in. Her hand: slowly stroking him, as she sucked on his balls.

"Unnnghh!" He groaned. Giving away his excitement…temporarily forgetting his predicament…her lips wrapped around him and she drove her mouth over and down…licking and sucking. The feeling tremendous! She was trying to take all of him…but her gag reflexes were fighting her. She wanted more…to taste him; All of him… Finally with a deep breath she pushed her mouth over him, he could feel the head slide deep in her mouth, and then it slid down her throat. He felt her nose against his pubic bone…she had succeeded.

She had taken all of him; she had been trying and finally did! She backed off and licked the tip, smiling at him, happy with her accomplishment, as he looked down at her. Amazed at this lovely woman…her eyes smiling at him…he could see the trust flowing from them to his.

His cocked lurched up at her as she backed away! Looking for the touch of those sweet lips! She smiled as she backed away…she did not blindfold him, she remembered. That was dangerous…the restraints she placed on him as he rested, were enough.

She was going to return the pleasure he gave her…She remembered her own excitement, he ravaged her as she was tied up…so much enjoyment…the blindfold on; not knowing what was next…She ducked down for a second and he leaned up to see where she went, smiling she moved back between his legs and engulfed him with her mouth again…he lurched.

"Ohhhhhh!" Cold…she had placed an ice cube in her mouth…the sensation; so wild. The cold water, her warm mouth, she sucked him harder as she swallowed the water melting in her mouth…he was close…she stopped!

"You will cum when I tell you," she said. "I am going to tease you as you teased me." And then she deposited the ice cube in my navel as she slowly slid herself up my body…her moistness: leaving a trail up my body. Her soft and silky lips, sliding up and down my cock, she was rubbing her clit against me…She was moaning and rubbing harder and harder…I waited a second and as she moved forward I humped up and she slid around me like a glove!

"Unnngghhh!" she moaned…and she started riding me hard and fast…I was close to cumming. She stopped moving and slid off me. "Not yet," she said and she continued moving up my body. Sliding across the melting ice cube she had left in my navel. She slid across the ice, and I saw the shock in her eyes as it brushed her clit. "Mmmm," she moaned as she continued her travels up my body, leaving a trail of cold water and her juices. She moved up and straddled my head, placing her moist flower over my mouth…I began to lick and suck on those wonderfully moist lips…her juices flowing.

She backed away and leaned down and kissed me again…she picked up another ice cube and placed it in her mouth. Leaning over she kisses me and lets the ice slide into my mouth…again she moves up and straddles my head, I take the cube and let it touch her clit as she settles near my face. She jumped a little, trying to get used to the cold on her tender clit…I let it slide back into my mouth as my tongue reaches out and licks her…sucking her lips into my mouth…then I push the ice inside her, and then suck it back. I do this several times as she rides my face, humping against me and moaning and grinding against me…alas the ice soon melts and I drink the juices, hers mixed with the melted ice.

As I began to probe her with my tongue she started to fuck my face, her body moving faster and faster…I could tell she was getting close, my cock twitched, wishing it could be deep inside her now…she was writhing and moaning now. Her pace quickened and I could tell she was close…her moans were getting louder and she was pressing tighter to my face. She was about to explode, and as she slid against my face I slid my tongue lower and licked her anus…

"Unnngghhh!" She was crashing over the edge, she pinched her nipples and threw her head back as she screamed out! Her juices flowing, dripping down and covering my face, as she slowly slid back down my body and lay beside me.

She kissed me and then licked her juices from my face, coming back to my lips and both of us tasting her together. Again she kissed her way down my body. Licking at each nipple in passing as she moves her lips lower, my body arching up…seeking release. She wraps her lips around my cock and slowly sucks on it. Smiling at me the whole time. She backs away and then picks up the feather. She slowly moves it up my legs…careful not to touch my cock as she slides it up my thighs. She giggles as my cock throbs and dances against my stomach.

"Somebody looks like he is excited," she says. "Maybe he needs some more attention." And she laughs all the while dragging the feather slowly up my body…teasing my nipples and moving it up towards my head. "I know I cannot blindfold you, but please close your eyes." "Trust me," she said with a smile…so I closed my eyes and listened. I trust her. She was quiet…I could feel movement on the bed.

Suddenly I felt a hand upon my cock. And I felt her slide herself down onto it. She was facing away from me. The velvety softness…the heat! The tight muscles: gripping and squeezing my cock. The angle her body forced on my cock. So wonderful to have her again mounted on me…she started moving slowly. I was moving up against her. Trying to match her stroke for stroke. I was getting closer…I could feel the tightening of my balls getting ready to explode. Wanting to fill her with my hot cum…

Suddenly I was ice cold! She had taken a hand, full of ice and cupped it around my balls. The feeling was intense…I thrust up against her…driving deep into her.

I exploded…my hot cum squirting into her with a force I did not know I had. She squealed with delight, feeling it's warmth in her and she forced her body tighter against me as she was grinding herself to another orgasm. I was breathing hard now; trying to recover from the intense orgasm she gave me, and suddenly she pulls up off of me. She slides back placing her moist pussy against my face both of our juices leaking out into my mouth…I devour her, lapping at her moist cave. She has wrapped her lips around my cock and is sucking our juices off of me. We are both savoring our combined juices, smiling as I nip at her clit and she drives her body into my face. She pulls away and turns to face me. Licking my chin and lips, savoring the taste of our juices.

She kisses me and I probe her mouth with my tongue. Tasting our sweet flavor, and driving my tongue as deep as I can…she sucks it and strokes my tongue with hers, we let our tongues dance and we hold a long lingering kiss. She slowly unties my hands and this allows me to wrap her up in a hug, my hands squeezing her flesh…kneading her soft ass as I fondle her tits and slide my hands all over her. "Mmmm," she moaned into my mouth.

"Quick untie my feet." She slides down and slowly licks my cock and sucks it into her mouth, it hardens again and she then kisses the tip, and unties my feet. I sit up and grab her, lifting her up and slowly letting her body slid down. I kiss her body as it passes my lips till my cock is against her opening.

"Mmmm," she moans as I let the tip enter…I hold her there just teasing her. Letting her slowly slide down and then letting her drop down the last few inches. "Oh!" She immediately goes into another orgasm…crashing over the edge and I roll us over so I can thrust deeply into her. Hammering her with my thrusts as she has several small orgasms. Then I slide out and slowly move down her body kissing and sucking on her nipples, biting them and stretching them, as she arches her body up and grabs my head and forces it against her breast tighter…I thrust two fingers into her as she humps against my hand.

"Ohhhh goddddd!" She screams out as wave after wave crashes over her. I slowly slide further down her body, and lick her sweet juices. Softly sucking on her swollen lips. Gently easing her back down. Her breathing returning to normal and then I probe her little rose bud with my tongue and she pushes back against me!

She rolls over and lays face down, raising her self up on her knees. "Fuck my ass," she moans…"Please!" So I use her juices and wet my fingers…sliding them in and out, one first: Letting her get used to the feeling, she is humping hard against my hand as I then add another finger…"MMMM," she moans as her rosebud stretches to accommodate the extra size. It will take at least one more finger to get her close.

"Ohhhhhh," she said as I add yet another finger…she is humping back against my hand. Trying to push further up my fingers…the strain telling on her face. Then I see it. Lying on the end of the bed. She did not try to use it on me, but I found it. I turned on her vibrator and she jumped, then she smiled, as I started to slowly slide it into her pussy, even more juices flowing as she fucks my hand and the vibrator.

Pulling the vibrator out; and at the same time pulling my fingers out, I then pushed the vibrator against her opened anus, and in it popped. She started shaking and humping hard against it. "Unnngggghhhh!" She humped back against it as I continued the slow movement. "Closeee," "Please!" "NOW!" I let my cock slide against her lips to moisten it, and I pulled on the vibrator as her anus tried to capture it and keep it inside…it slid out and she was open for me…I plunged into her with my cock…

"OHHHHHHHH!" as she pushed back even harder…trying to get all of me in. "Myyy Godddd!" She moaned out; as we continued our humping against each other. "I have never felt so full." Finally my balls were slapping against her and I could feel her reaching a hand down and rubbing her clit, and my sack, as I continued to pound into her.

"So tight!" I told her…and we continued our motion as she kept moving against me harder and faster, as she played with her clit. The feeling was so intense. She was clamped around me so tight and the warmth was tremendous.

"Ohhh," she said. "Play with mmmmyyyyyy nipples Pleeasse!" And I reached around her and pinched her nipples as she started to buck and moan and continued to play with her clit. This started me and sent me over the edge. And then the feel of my warm cum jetting into her set her off…she screamed into the pillow, over and over as she was just going wild, crashing over the edge, the electricity flowing through her body, straight to her clit.

We collapsed on the bed together and lay there for a few seconds, regaining our breath. As my breathing returned to normal and I slid out of her I rolled onto my back. What a night!

Reaching over to hold her I noticed she was not there…where did she go? I opened my eyes and looked around…It was dark, and I was alone…my hand was laying on my cock and I had cum all over it and my stomach…"A Dream?" I said to myself…Oh well it was a wonderful dream, even if I do have to clean the sheets and myself again.

So I just smiled and remembered as much of the dream as I could, and got up and started taking the sheets off the bed.

The End!

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