tagNonHumanThe Dream of the Fisherman's Daughter

The Dream of the Fisherman's Daughter


In the darkness at the back of the cave something twisted, something coiled, something writhed....

It was still early morning when Sayomi stepped from the trees beside the small, isolated lake and looked up at the dark mouth of the cave. A fine, white mist hung low over the water.

Sayomi was eighteen. She brushed her shoulder-length black hair away from her attractive face and her glasses flashed in the early morning sunlight as she paused to look around.

Out of place against the dark green backdrop of the forest Sayomi looked young and full-breasted in her school uniform of white blouse and short red, pleated skirt. The whiteness of her blouse stood out in stark contrast to the dark greens of the forest. Sayomi was a city girl, she knew nothing of the countryside. She looked young, very feminine and softly, voluptuously vulnerable.

She had parked her yellow open-top jeep at the side of the lonely road and left the keys in the ignition and her school-books in a bundle on the passenger seat. She'd hurried through the woods snapping the silver, dew-laden cobwebs that appeared across her path as the dense foliage brushed her long, bare legs. When she'd first glimpsed the still water of the lake through the thinning trees she'd recognised it from her dreams and her pace had slowed. She had known then that she was meant to be there. It was the right place.

A fish jumped in the lake and the sudden sound and flash of movement startled her, but even as she stared she recovered herself and smiled and caught her lower lip between her teeth. Looking up she saw a flock of large white birds fly high over the water and disappear slowly over the canopy of the trees. She giggled nervously and clapped a hand to her lips as nearby another smaller bird briefly alighted on a rock. Everything, all of it, every detail, was exactly like her dreams.

Her heart began to beat faster and a warm flush rose to her face. She'd brought one book with her and now she looked at it with excited, trembling hands. It fell open at the page she'd looked at again and again alone in the sun-washed school library after all the other students had left.

It was a picture of a woman, a reproduction of an ancient wood-carving. It showed the woman reclining in the embrace of a creature with tentacles. It was apparent that the creature was pleasuring the woman, that she had abandoned and surrendered herself to its intimate advances, and as she looked at the picture Sayomi felt a familiar sense of ache and longing stir deep inside her.

The picture had fascinated and bewitched Sayomi ever since she had first discovered it. She'd been drawn to look at it again and again. She hadn't shared it with anyone, she'd kept it a secret from her friends. How could she explain to anyone the way she felt when she looked at the picture when she couldn't understand or explain her reactions to herself? It was after she'd discovered the picture in the old book that the dreams had started.

The small bird on the grey rock chirped once and twitched. It looked around, its movements fast and jerky, and then with a rapid whirring of wings it flew away across the lake, and Sayomi watching it, found her gaze drawn across the wreaths of mist to the open mouth of the cave.

There was nothing remarkable about the opening in the smooth grey rock. The cave mouth was surrounded by greenery and overhanging shrubs, but Sayomi felt the quickening of her heartbeat as she gazed at it. She felt a sense of lightness and excitement in her chest. Lower, she felt a familiar stirring, a tingling, a feeling like butterflies but more intense, that she recognised. She'd felt it often when she'd awoken from her tormented dreams.

She knew the quickest way to the cave. There was a path, a rough trail of broken vegetation. A path made by the creature, she'd seen it in her dreams. She'd watched it lumber slowly down to the lake with the silver moonlight glistening on its tentacles. She'd seen its eyes by moonlight. In her dreams she'd seen the creature half submerged in the still, dark water, waiting through the long, lonely reaches of the night. Only recently had she come to realise that the creature had been waiting all this time for her.

Sayomi scrambled up the path to the mouth of the cave. In her excitement she let the book fall unnoticed from her hand. She was careless in her haste and her feet slipped. She went to her knees and looked up at the cave mouth, nervous and excited at the same time. Her short skirt flipped up at the back to briefly expose her tight, white panties, her blouse pulled out at the waist, and by the time she reached the cave she was breathing hard. Her large breasts rose and fell, her hair hung down about her face, and there were dirt and small pieces of leaves on her knees and hands.

Panting, and with her full lips parted, and her dark eyes shining behind her glasses, Sayomi paused to catch her breath. She was seized by the conviction that everything that was now happening had always been meant to happen. Finding the picture in the book and then the dreams she'd had night after restless night, it was somehow all meant to be. It was all true; the lake, the cave, the creature...

She stood before the inky darkness of the opening and absently brushed the palms of her hands over her slim hips. Glancing down at herself she saw that the top two buttons of her blouse had become unfastened and her deep cleavage and the large upper-swellings of her firm, young breasts were partially exposed.

Sayomi was a chaste young woman from a good home and the blood suddenly rushed to her face. Ashamed, she raised her hands to fasten her blouse and then she paused as she thought of the dreams, of the picture in the book, of the creature's intimate embrace. She was breathing hard and she had butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Her tongue touched her lips and a shiver ran through her.

She knew what was going to happen to her when she found the creature, her fate had been revealed in her dreams and slowly and with a sense of daring and a mixture of excitement and nervous apprehension she lowered her hands and left her blouse unfastened. In her mind she saw herself in the creature's embrace, submitting to its advances. In her dreams she was always naked.

"Hello? It's me, Sayomi." Her voice carried into the dark maw of the cave mouth. "I've come," she added. Sayomi listened but she heard nothing. She felt a sudden rush of anxiety but with it came a feeling of intoxicating anticipation. The result was a wave of excitement mixed with trepidation. She was excited but nervous. Her ripe young body trembled. She felt her nipples stiffen and tingle as they strained against the soft, caressing lace cups of her bra.

"I dreamed of you," Sayomi added, her voice soft and young and eager. She paused for a moment in the mouth of the cave and her fingers played nervously with the pleats of her skirt but at the same time a shy, excited smile touched her lips. She felt like a bride on her wedding night, a shy, unworldly virgin, a sacrifice, an offering. Somewhere ahead the creature was waiting. It squatted amid its many sinuously coiled tentacles waiting to despoil her.

In her dreams Sayomi came upon the creature in an underground cavern lit by pale sunlight that shone down through a natural opening in the high cave roof. It waited on a bed of rich green moss. There was a single, twisted tree. Shafts of sunlight touched the creature's long, slick tentacles that slowly squirmed over each other with an hypnotic erotic motion. In her dreams she saw herself held naked in its coils, caught in the creatures embrace, penetrated and used, her young body glistening with the creature's secreted oils. Her thighs spread wide, her back arched, her hips endlessly thrusting.

Darkness surrounded Sayomi as she advanced into the cave. The shadows thickened until they became impenetrable and the daylight slowly faded. She walked blind, slowly, with her hands outstretched even though she could no longer see them. The silence was complete but for the ragged sound of her own breathing and the soft whisper of her thighs.

Sayomi had never felt such a complete sense of isolation. She was totally alone, beyond help, and far from the world she knew, yet she was unafraid. She'd been called to the creature, summoned by it. It was waiting for her, she sensed its timeless patience, its insatiable hunger for her ripe, young body. The power of the dreams were such that it was impossible to resist the urge to go to it.

As she advanced deeper into the cave and closer to the creature's lair Sayomi became increasingly aware of her growing sexual arousal. Her stiff nipples chafed sensitively inside her bra. She felt a shameful but exciting tingle, a feeling of spreading wetness and warmth between her legs that she was familiar with from her dreams. She panted quietly as she advanced, her full lips slightly parted. Every nerve ending seemed alive and tingling with anticipation, but the feelings were strongest and most intense between her legs. She felt an aching sense of emptiness there, a stirring of desire, an increasingly desperate need awakened by her dreams that now demanded satiation.

"Please, where are you?" she whispered, and in the darkness her words sounded like a plea, a desperate call to the creature. A breathless appeal. She knew that it alone could satisfy her aching need.

Ever since she had first found the old book with the picture of the woman submitting to the creature's advances in a little-used part of the library Sayomi had been visited every night by the same, explicit dreams. They had awoken feelings and passions she had never known before. Each morning she'd awoken with her heart racing and her night clothes in disarray and a tingling, flooding wetness between her legs.

At first she'd been afraid of the explicit, obscene nature of the dreams. She'd been shocked. She had no explanation for them and she was too innocent of her own body to know how to satisfy the compelling, restless desires the dreams awoke in her. Every night was a torment. She saw herself in the embrace of a tentacled creature, she saw herself used and defiled, made its plaything. Day after day she awoke bathed in perspiration with her hands clutched between her legs. She'd felt ashamed but was helpless to resist the dreams that repeated themselves night after night.

In time her feelings about the dreams had changed. Where once she had dreaded the thought of night and the dreams it would bring, later, she had found herself looking forward to them. She'd even started to think of them during the day in class. She'd felt the now familiar sense of awakening and arousal stirring inside her. The book and the dreams were her secret, she'd told no one. Her days were spent in an agony of impatient anticipation while a warm, seeping wetness soaked the crotch of her white panties. Her nights were spent in the creature's embrace. It became an obsession.

"Are you here?" Sayomi whispered. There was nothing to see, nothing to hear. Impenetrable darkness. The light from the cave mouth had long since dwindled and faded behind her. She felt herself alone under the hillside but drawn inexorably, irresistibly, towards the creature's lair. Her nipples tingled and her breasts swayed heavily under the tight, restricting confines of her blouse. She was aware of a constant, urgent throbbing between her legs. A yearning need. She knew her body was ripe, youthful vitality coursed through her veins. Her flesh was young. She was virgin. Pure. She longed to feel the creature's touch, to submit. To writhe naked in its tentacles as she had in her dreams. To feel its tentacles slip gently about her thighs. To know its touch. To know it intimately.

She walked without fear, all she felt now was the yearning need to abandon herself to the creature. She felt no shame. She felt she could crawl to it naked on her hands and knees, nothing could stop her. She had been called. Up ahead she saw a faint glimmer of green-tinged light and her heart leapt in her chest. She was panting now, a slave to the demands of her body.

"I'm here, I'm coming."

The light grew stronger as she approached. She almost ran in her eagerness to give herself to the creature. The crotch of her panties was heavy with her warm, flooding wetness. She felt a sudden fear that it was all a mistake, a sudden dread of finding the chamber lit by shafts of sunlight from above, but of finding it empty.

"Please, I'm here," she sobbed, and there was a desperate, pitiful sound to her words as she stumbled into the dimly lighted chamber. Sayomi gasped as she pulled up short. Her hair hung down about her attractive, perspiring face. Her knees and hands were dirty. Her blouse was disheveled. She still held her hands before her and now she blinked against the light. She was breathing hard, her large breasts rose and fell, and there were streaks of dust on her slender thighs.

The chamber opened before her, a natural cavern formed deep within the hillside. Water dripped softly in dark, secret places. A shaft of sunlight angled down from an opening high above. The light had a green tinge as if it had passed through layers of summer foliage to reach there. In the centre of the chamber grew a twisted, deformed tree, with a few pale leaves, its ancient grey trunk green with moss. At the foot of the tree the moss spread out, a deep, dark, green and spreading, living carpet.

Sayomi saw it all at once, the tree, the moss, the shaft of dusty sunlight. She saw the creature. It was waiting, just as she had dreamed.

The creature might have been as old as the cave itself, as old as the stars, or as young in years as Sayomi herself. It squatted large beside the tree and the tree might have been a spindly twig beside it. The creature's tentacles were like a nest of sleeping snakes. Here and there one moved or coiled or slithered lazily over the other. There were too many to count, they were too tangled, too sinuous. Now and then a thick fleshy tip rose snake-like into the air and turned in Sayomi's direction as if the creature were scenting her presence. As if it was tasting her youth and moist ripeness borne in the air.

Sayomi saw its large eyes, dark and wet-looking, staring without blinking, benign and watchful. The creature's coils glistened softly in the green-tinged sunlight. Its great dome-like head shone while its eyes were in shadow.

She sensed its timeless patience, its power, its strength, its inherited intimate knowledge of her body as revealed in her dreams and a low, desperate moan escaped her. A moan of helpless desire. Her knees weakened and she almost stumbled. She caught herself and recovered and the flooding wetness of her juices trickled over her tender inner thighs. The ache between her legs had intensified and multiplied.

Inside, she felt as if she was on fire. Her breath came in deep, ragged gasps that echoed softly in the dark places of the great, high cavern.

Sayomi tried to speak but she couldn't, her attractive face revealed an expression of helpless desire and nervous apprehension. She raised a hand towards the creature, then let it fall. It was a helpless, inadequate gesture.

There were no words that she knew to convey her feelings. There was a mute appeal in her big, dark, almond-shaped eyes, eagerness revealed in the rapid rise and fall of her chest and the visible shape of her hard, distended nipples thrusting stiffly inside her blouse. In the way she stood, disheveled, her legs apart, her juices freely flowing.

"Please," she whispered, finally. It was all she could say. Her dark hair framed her face and an eager, feverish need consumed her youthful, shapely body. She trembled and swayed at the edge of the circle of warm green light where the creature squatted amid its coils and watched her.

A soft, low whimper escaped Sayomi. She frowned attractively as she gazed at the creature. Her body trembled. The heat between her legs intensified, she ached for release, her need was overwhelming, and she put a trembling, uncertain hand to the front of her skirt and began to rub herself.

She remembered her dreams, how she'd seen herself naked and writhing in the creature's coils. How its tentacles wound about her probing and caressing, all of its tentacles seeming to be moving at once, touching her everywhere. She remembered the fires the dreams had ignited inside her. She rubbed more urgently but her frown deepened, her pretty face twisted in an agony of frustration, and her lips trembled. "Please, oh please!" she begged.

Her plea echoed in the chamber. The touch of her hand wasn't enough, she needed more. Her desperate gaze passed over the tangled coils of the creature's tentacles. They shone where the pale sunlight touched them, thick and limber, and conveying a sense of power. They glistened wetly, they slithered like snakes. She saw the thick fleshy tips, more and more of them rose, cobra-like and wavering, to turn in her direction.

Now that she was there in the presence of the creature Sayomi's desperate need to feel its touch, its caresses, its intimate probing of her ripe, young body escalated to a degree that was almost impossible to endure. She felt that she might explode. She felt in awe of the creature, intimidated by its size, but she was helpless to resist the feelings that swept through her.

The creature bulked large before her, alien, impossible to comprehend, yet she knew it well from her dreams. She knew its hunger. Its appetites. Its insatiable lusts. Her heart pounded. She ached to lose herself in its coils, to give herself completely to the creature. To feel its touch all over her body. To bathe in its oils. To squirm naked and shining while the creature used her as its plaything. She ached to lose herself in its slithering, sensuous embrace.

Tears of frustration appeared in her eyes. They blurred her vision. Her blouse clung to her hot, perspiring body as Sayomi gazed at the creature with a desperate appeal in her big dark eyes. Then, slowly, her hand fell away from the front of her skirt. She struggled to control her breathing. She looked down at herself, at her disheveled school uniform, and she looked again at the creature and remembered that in her dreams she had always been naked.

Sayomi trembled, her fingers shook, but she understood now what she had to do. She had been called by the creature, summoned, visited nightly by explicit, tormenting, erotic dreams. She was an offering, the virgin bride on her wedding night. She swallowed with an effort. Her breathing was still ragged but more controlled.

Her black hair, no longer neat, hung down about her attractive face. Her fringe fell over her glasses. Her large breasts rose and fell.

Now that the moment had arrived Sayomi felt nervous before the creature's unwavering, watchful gaze. She felt a little shy, a little ashamed. She felt a thread of disquiet, a thrill of apprehension, steal into her thoughts as she looked again at the creature's numerous tentacles. Uncertainty about the fate that awaited her when she surrendered herself to the creatures insatiable animal passions, but the compulsion to continue, the fire that burned inside her, were impossible to fight. Her entire young body burned with desire.

Sayomi hung her head, she could no longer meet the creature's implacable, unreadable gaze. Her fingers trembled as she reached for the buttons at the front of her blouse. Her shoulders shook, her mouth was dry, and her heart was pounding, but she slowly unfastened her blouse.

She felt small and vulnerable as she stripped before the creature. She slipped off her blouse and let it fall, exposing the delicate white lace cups of her well-filled bra. Her face burned and a soft, plaintive whimper escaped her as she unfastened her bra and freed her large, firm breasts.

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