The Dreamer Awakens Pt. 02: Danielle

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Jack meets a dominatrix and regains his power as a sorceror.
6k words

Part 2 of the 3 part series

Updated 10/18/2023
Created 07/22/2023
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'Jack! Come back to the Manor! There's a party going on!'

The pallid woman clutched Jack's arm. Her smile was alarmingly wide, and her eyeliner was smudged. Her hair was long, dark and unkempt. He couldn't tell if she was high or crazy.

The busy 2pm traffic rushed past them on the main road, oblivious to them.

She wore an old black Guns 'n' Roses T-shirt, torn off at the shoulders with extremely low arm holes. She wasn't wearing a bra. Jack noticed that one of her breasts was poking out of the hole. He caught a glimpse of a nipple on one of her pale breasts.

Her black miniskirt and fishnets were partially torn. She was barefoot. Dried blood congealed around the cuts on her feet.

'Have we met?' asked Jack.

'Don't you remember me, Jack? You were in the Manor. I was there, Jack! You haven't forgotten?'

The rest of her pale breast seemed to be jiggling it's way out of that hole as she pulled tightly on his arm. She didn't seem to notice, even when Jack was blatantly staring at it.

'Yes, I was there,' Jack admitted. 'But I don't remember anything. Did we meet?'

Jack felt her long, chipped fingernails dig into his bicep, as her eyes widened. Jack started to regret engaging her.

'Come with me, Jack. Come with me back to the Manor. I can help you to remember.'

Jack pulled away from her. The smile left her face. She suddenly looked gaunt.

'I can't,' he replied. 'Not now. I have to go to work. Some other time though, yeah?'

'You've seen her haven't you, Jack? The one who dwells under the earth, beneath the forest?'

Jack walked off towards the office, looking behind him nervously. The woman stood hunched on the pavement, staring at him as the traffic went past. He didn't see her move.

Half an hour later, Jack was sat at his desk, logging into his PC. He was too busy processing his surreal experience to give a shit about the two assholes sat near him.

How the hell did that woman know his name? Did they really meet in the Manor house? They must have -- no one seemed to know about that place. Perhaps she was another captive, or one of the other prostitutes?

'Did you hear about Gareth?' said Norman, a skinny guy who looked like a meth addict. 'That dickhead went to the managers again, complaining that we were bullying him or some shit. Saying I'm homophobic, just because he overheard something I said about the gay agenda.'

'Fucking idiot. Why was he listening?' said Will, the middle-aged man in a Limp Bizkit T-shirt.

'I know! The managers pretended to listen to him, and just laughed at him as soon as he left.'

'Wankers like that never learn.'

Jack plugged his earphones in again. His mind went to Danielle, the dominatrix that Olivia told him to contact. She seemed polite and business-like over the phone. They had arranged a "session" for the following Saturday.

Amber walked into the office at her usual time. She looked over at Jack and flashed a smile at him as she walked over to her desk. Jack returned the smile. He pretended not to notice when the douchebag in the Limp Bizkit t-shirt raised his hand to wave at her and then put his hand down again, realizing it was Jack she was smiling at.

Jack wondered if Amber would approve of him visiting a dominatrix. She didn't need to know this. They weren't dating. Yet.

Saturday came. Jack found himself stood at the front door of a nice semi-detached house, in one of the more affluent neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the City Centre.

Normally he should be training with Olivia at this time, but she seemed to think this would be important. He wondered if being trained by a dominatrix was Olivia's idea of wax on wax off, like a hornier Mr Miyagi.

The door opened and a busty woman with wavy, dark hair stood in the doorway.

'Jack? Come in!'

For an escort, Danielle was dressed casually, her black T-shirt tucked into her faded black jeans.

And somehow it worked. Her T-shirt was tight around her ample breasts, the first thing that Jack noticed about her after her smile. Her slim figure was was accentuated by her wide hips. He checked out her ass as she led him into the lounge.

'Here, take a seat.'

Danielle directed him to a white leather sofa, and sat next to him. In front of him was a glass coffee table with a few copies of Playboy on it. A 40" flat screen TV was mounted on the wall in front of them.

'So Jack, I understand that Olivia sent you my way.'

'Apparently I need help in bringing out my dominant side,' said Jack.

'So I heard. What did she mean by that?'

'She told me I was too passive, not taking charge enough, that sort of thing.'

Danielle paused, a thoughtful look on her face.

'Hmm. I think I can help you with that. Normally I'm called to play dominatrix to submissive guys, but there have been times where I have been called to bring out a man's dominant side. Not often, but I've done it successfully enough.'


Danielle smiled.

'I have a thing for roleplay. Many of my clients do as well. It's my thing. I have a wardrobe full of bizarre costumes.'

'Is that what we're doing? Roleplay?'

'If you're okay with that.'

Jack shrugged.

'Hey, if it works.'

'Excellent!' Danielle beamed at him. 'I have an idea. I'll be right back.'

Danielle left the room, leaving Jack to sit on the sofa, flipping through an old copy of Playboy.

Danielle reemerged in what appeared to be a schoolgirl costume -- her white shirt pulled tight around her bust, creases around the buttons where it didn't quite fit her. Her top button was undone, and the knot of her tie was loose, hanging sloppily over her untucked shirt. She wore a very short, grey skirt, revealing her legs in white, knee-high socks.

Jack could make out a black bra beneath her shirt, and he felt a little nostalgic.

Danielle leaned against the door frame.

'Can you guess what kind of role play we're doing?' she smiled.

Jack smiled back.

'You want me to be the teacher? Or the janitor?'

'Teacher. We're bringing out your dominant side, not your creepy side. How does this sound?'

'I can work with that.'

'Good! Now, observe. I have entered your classroom in a state of disarray. My shirt is untucked and unbuttoned, and my tie is barely done up properly. You won't have this type of slovenliness in your classroom. What will you do?'

Jack paused. Teaching was on his list of professions to avoid, precisely for this kind of bullshit.

'Uh...well...look at your shirt. Tuck it in before I...'

'Before what?' replied Danielle. 'Who cares about my fucking shirt?'

'Well, young lady, I won't have that kind of language in my classroom.' Even Jack was unconvinced by his own words.

'Well, sir,' replied Danielle, 'What are you going to do about it? Just be a bitch as usual?'

'What the fuck is this?' blurted out Jack.

'I have called you a bitch in front of the whole classroom,' said Danielle, breaking character. 'You need to put me in my place, otherwise there'll be chaos, right? Perhaps you should make an example of me. Any ideas how?'

'You mean, old school corporal punishment?'

'You're on the right track.'

Everything suddenly clicked.

'Okay,' said Jack, standing up. 'That's enough from you, young lady. Bend over the chair.'

Jack pointed to the arm of the sofa.

'What are you talking about, sir?'

'I won't be spoken to like that in my own classroom. Bend over the chair, now.'

With a smirk on her face, Danielle bent over the chair. Her skirt rode up and revealed the lower part of her ass. Jack noticed a black thong.

'What are you going to do to me, sir?'

Jack pulled her skirt up, revealing the entirety of her pale ass. Danielle let out a mock gasp.

He slapped one of her ass cheeks. Her skin was smooth against his palm. She let out a grunt.

He slapped her ass again in the same place.

'Is that all you've got, sir?'

Jack slapped her ass even harder. She grunted even louder.



Jack slapped her ass again, relishing the feel of her reddening skin against his hand. The way her ass rippled each time was making him hard.

Danielle was breathing more heavily. Jack noticed that she started to arch her lower back, leaning her backside into his hand each time.

She looked behind at him.

'Jack,' she said, her voice lower. 'Do you want to take this further? Perhaps remove some clothing?'

'Good idea.' said Jack.

He reached his hand underneath the waistband of her thong, relishing the feel of her smooth skin as he slowly moved his hand down, pulling her thong down to the ground. Danielle kicked the thong away.

Jack lifted her shirt up even higher with one hand, revealing the curve of her lower back, and slapped her ass again with the other hand. Danielle let out a sharp intake of breath.


Jack's erection was now prominent in his jeans.

After a few more spanks, Danielle looked back at him and placed a hand on his crotch, stroking his penis through his jeans.

'Okay Jack, what do you want to do now?'

'I think you need to be taught how to dress yourself properly. We can't have you come into my classroom looking like that again.'


'Stand up.'

Danielle stood up, facing him.

'Let's get these things off first.'

Danielle watched him as he undid the shabby knot on her tie, pulling it off and placing it on the sofa.

Jack then started undoing the buttons on her shirt. The buttons were on so tightly around her bust that he thought they would pop off.

Her shirt open, he saw how big her breasts were, bulging underneath a sturdy black bra. Her cleavage was fantastic. She breathed heavily, unblinking as Jack studied her body with a frown, concealing his arousal.

'Take off your bra.'

'You think my bra isn't on correctly?'

'No idea, I just want you to take it off.'

Danielle smiled, and reached behind her back to undo her bra under the shirt, pulling off her bra and placing it on the sofa. Jack's heart raced at the sight of her breasts, firm and heavy, dropping beneath her shirt.

He reached forward and pulled her shirt open over her breasts, revealing her large, pink nipples. His cock was straining to come out of his jeans, he was so hard.

'What now, sir?'

Jack reached down and undid the fastener on her skirt, before kneeling down and pulling it to the ground. He was eye level with her well-trimmed triangle of public hair.

Jack paused to look up, seeing her face from beneath her huge breasts, watching them jiggle slightly as she kicked her skirt away with her heels. Jack thought he was going to explode.

He stood up and looked at her stood before him, naked except for her shirt open over her breasts, her heels, and a mischievous grin on her face.

'Are we done now, sir?'

'No,' said Jack, unbuckling his belt. 'Get down on your knees.'

Danielle did so, still smiling as Jack unzipped his jeans and got his fully erect cock out in front of her.

'Don't tell me you need further instruction,' said Jack.

Danielle grabbed the base of his cock and moved her hands slowly up and down. Seeing that Jack was tense already, Danielle went ahead and put his cock in her mouth. He felt the warmth of her mouth, and her tongue against his shaft, as she held his cock and ran her soft lips up and down it.

Jack was surprised at how long he lasted. Danielle didn't let go of his dick as he shot his load into her mouth. Jack let out a huge sigh.

Danielle released his dick and swallowed.

'Anything else, sir? I thought you were going to show me how get dressed properly.'

'I don't know,' Jack said. 'Do what the fuck you want.'

'Oh, so that's all it took to get the strict teacher off my back,' said Danielle, as Jack put his dick back in his pants.

Danielle sat back on the sofa, still only wearing the open shirt and her heels. She crossed her legs and patted the seat next to her.

'Okay, looks like we're done. Take a seat.'

Jack sat next to her and tried not to stare at her breasts.

'So, Jack, I think you did quite well there,' said Danielle, breaking out of the naughty schoolgirl persona. 'Was this a new experience for you - taking charge of the situation?'

'Yeah,' said Jack. 'I think sometimes I'm a little bit too cautious. Perhaps that's why my previous partners lost interest.'

'Do you feel differently now? Like you could bring that side out a little more in the future?'

'I do. It was...exhilarating.'

'You have the makings of a domme in the bedroom I think,' smiled Danielle.

'You make a good teacher.'

Without putting any clothes on, Danielle stood up and walked him to the front door.

'I have another client to get ready for, so I hope you don't mind.'

Jack didn't mind. He left the house in a post-ejaculatory stupor, hit by the glare of the mid-afternoon sunlight.

His phone buzzed. Olivia had sent him a message on Facebook.

"Jack, are you okay to train tomorrow? Same time? I have nothing else on."

Jack typed back an answer, still slightly dazed at what had just happened.

"Sure. See you tomorrow."

The next day, Jack found himself back in the gym on the estate of his wealthy benefactor. He was alone with Olivia in front of the wrestling ring again.

'So, Jack,' said Olivia, stretching her shoulders, reaching her left arm behind her back. 'How was your session with Danielle yesterday?'

Jack had to stop himself for gazing too long at her breasts in the tight purple top she wore, the way she arched her back. He wondered if she was doing this on purpose.

'Educational,' Jack replied.

'I bet it was,' Olivia smirked. 'Did she make a man out of you?'

'I don't know. But I do know that I'll have you submitting to me on the floor of that ring soon enough.'

'We shall see.' Olivia stopped stretching and walked towards the ring, bending forward to enter beneath the ropes.

Jack joined her. They practiced takedowns, same as always. This time Jack was less hesitant, not caring if he brushed against her massive breasts, as he would launch himself into her muscular torso.

'Okay Jack,' said Olivia, signalling the end of the session. 'Now we are going to have another go at a contest. Let's see if you can take me down this time, shall we?'

'Game on,' said Jack, as they circled each other, the air thick with anticipation and playful tension.

Their bodies met in a flurry of movement, limbs entwining as they grappled for dominance. Olivia displayed her agility, darting around Jack with grace and precision. But Jack surprised her, holding his ground and even catching her off guard a few times.

Jack felt an odd mixture of exhilaration and nervousness. The way Olivia's body pressed against his, the heat of their exertion, and the primal instinct of competition fueled his desire to prove himself, to come out on top.

In a swift manoeuvre, Jack caught Olivia off balance, driving into her torso shoulder first. On the ground, he wrapped his arm under her armpit and over her shoulder, pulling her upwards from the ground.

With his other arm, he reached over between her breasts, grabbed the hem of her training top and yanked it upwards. It was surprisingly difficult to pull her top over her huge breasts. After two attempts, they fell out, her erect pink nipples exposed to the fluorescent lights of the gym.

She let out a yelp.


'What is this?' Jack said, mimicking her accent, recalling their last match.

She expertly slipped out of the hold and stood up, walking away from Jack as he got up off the floor. Facing away from him, she pulled her top off over her head and flung it out of the ring.

Olivia turned around. Jack saw her large, pink nipples. Her tits were so big, yet so firm. He was mesmerized, as she jiggled her tits mockingly in front of him. She smirked.

'Is this what you want?' said Olivia, giving her tits a few playful squeezes. 'Come fucking get it.'

Jack saw what she was doing, and snapped out of it. He launched straight into her with a regular single-leg takedown, before she could finish taunting him with her tits.

With a skilled twist, Jack pinned Olivia to the floor. She looked up at him with shock in her eyes while he pinned her. The surprise turned into delight and exhilaration, as he counted down.


She breathed heavily as Jack held her shoulders to the floor, looking up at him with that same glint in her eye, that she had when he confronted Gabriela that time.

'Okay, you got me,' Olivia admitted, a playful glint in her eyes. 'I did not expect this from you.'

Jack grinned, offering her a hand, helping her up to her feet.

'And that was your mistake, wasn't it?'

Olivia got to her feet. Her hand moved up to his bicep and she leaned into him. Jack pretended not to be fazed by the feel of her firm breasts against his body.

'We should do this more often,' said Olivia, that playful glint in her eye. 'I really think you are getting better at this.'

'I'd like that,' said Jack. 'You'd better go now and change your underwear.'

She slapped him on the arm and giggled, before turning to leave the ring. He never heard her giggle before.

Jack left the martial arts gym and the estate, returning to his everyday routine in a haze. He could not stop thinking about Olivia and her tits. Going to the supermarket and taking the bus home felt surreal now, like something that should not be a part of his reality. Life had to be more interesting than this.

Going back to work was equally weird. After everything he had done, listening to his douchebag coworkers talk about the videogames they played, how they spent hours streaming the latest bullshit, was jarringly mundane.

Jack plugged his earphones in once they started talking shit about his coworkers again. Now, they were singling out a young woman who had special needs.

Jack knew her. Janice. Nice girl. Lived with her parents well into her forties. A bit simple, but not someone who deserved to be called a spaz by a pair of middle-aged men who still seemed to think they were fourteen years old.

Jack hated that no one in management would do anything about this school playground level bullshit.

They shut up mid-sentence when Amber walked into the room. Jack couldn't blame them. Her ass looked amazing in those jeans as she strode over to her desk.

Only Jack noticed when Sadie walked over to the desks nearer to their section of the office. Her blouse was a little looser, disguising the slender, sexy body that Jack knew was underneath.

That lunchtime, Jack was by the river again, watching the mid-afternoon sunlight glistening on the water. The river led his eye past yachts, reflecting the sunlight off their white hulls, towards the grey outlines of highrise apartments in the distance.

He didn't even intend on calling upon Bronefar, but he felt that cold, electric touch on his back once more. He turned, and saw her naked, glistening form, her sharp blue eyes and wide smile.



'What is it, Bronefar?'

'Are you still pleased with our work?'

Oh yeah, Jack thought. Amber. They had been talking more in the corridors. Just small talk.

'Yes. Thank you.'

She beamed at him.

'Is there anything else you want? What else could we do for you?'

'Well, there is,' Jack said. 'I want to take things further with Amber. And with another woman in that building. Sadie.'


'Dark-haired, slim woman, pale. Name's Sadie.'

'We can find her. What do you want with these women?'

'I want to date Amber. And fuck Sadie.'

A mischievous grin grew on Bronefar's face.

'You like playing dangerously, don't you Jack?'

'I guess I do,' he replied. 'And there's something else I want.'

'How many more women do you want?' said Bronefar.

'Amber and Sadie will do for now. But there's something else I want. Can you make people...disappear?'


'Disappear. As in, completely remove them from my life?'