tagErotic CouplingsThe Dreamer Ch. 02

The Dreamer Ch. 02


She had a terrible night. Tossing and turning, trying to arrange herself among the pillows and blankets, she simply could not get comfortable. He hadn't come to her. She yearned for his touch, his scent, his attention. Try as she might to be without him, her body betrayed her. Her body needed him; missed him. Her bed was cold and empty without him. Surrendering to the restlessness, she got out of bed and started her shower.

She stepped into the large tile stall and let the hot water run down her chilled body. The heat of the rushing water soothed her. She stood directly under the flow and let the water soak her hair, her face. It caressed her shoulders, the small of her back, and the back of her thighs. She braced her hands on the wall and let the water take her.

She reached for her sponge and poured a generous amount of pearly soap in the center of it. As she squeezed it, forming a rich lather, she languished in the scent of the earthy fragrance as it gushed between her fingers, slid down her arms. She held the sponge to her chest, just beneath her collarbone and squeezed some of the lather down her body. As her hands slid over her shoulders, arms, and then to her breasts, her skin tingled with the luxurious sensation. Her slippery hands cupped her smooth warm skin, gently brushing her stiff nipples. Her thumbs strummed the rigid peaks, and she felt a warm flush run through her body. It generated at her nipples and radiated to her pussy, making her thighs tremble.

Suddenly, her hands were not her own, but his. His warm smooth hands slid up her ribs and cupped her breasts, where hers once were. She tilted her head back, and it was his shoulder it rested on. She could feel his warm lips on her neck. She slid her hand over his neck, and caressed the back of his head. His thumbs and index fingers captured her stiff aching nipples and squeezed/rolled them firmly. She purred under his touch and she could feel him smile. She arched her back and pressed her soft rounded hips into his strong, rigid ones. In response, he pressed himself as well. His right hand teased and taunted her nipple while the other slid down, pressing her even tighter, and brushed over the soft curls of her mound.

She grabbed the soapy sponge and squeezed it again, over her belly. The rich pearly silk glided over his hand, and her throbbing mound. He rubbed his hands in it, soaked them. His fingers slid down to part her lips, and probe her aching clit. She was slick and throbbing under his touch. She stepped aside a bit, to broaden her stance, parting her legs farther. He pressed his hips forward once again, this time to slide his cock between her legs. It's hard pounding head pulsing against her throbbing lips. His fingers began to tease her tender bud, in circles. She reached down, her hand gliding over his, and found his throbbing head. She pressed it into her slick flesh relishing in the heat and hardness of it.

She moved forward a bit, and turned. There he was. She felt his need for her in the heat of his eyes; staring into hers. She placed her hands on his chest. Her fingers caressing the soft hair... She slid her hands up to his neck; and held his face in her hands. He smiled at her softly, warmly. She reached up to him and kissed him. Her lips tasted him gently at first, and then deeper. The intensity between the two lovers as they kissed seemed to stop time. At that moment, there was nothing else but them; together. When he looked at her again, she asked him to turn; she wanted to wash his back. She wanted desperately to touch him, arouse him; affirm that he was hers.

He turned and braced his hands against the wall, leaning forward slightly, letting the hot pulsing water rush over him. Her hands explored his shoulders and arms. She pressed her soft curls against his ass and kissed him between his shoulder blades. Her tongue tasted his wet skin. The sensation made them both groan. She again reached for her sponge and squeezed it. This time the rich lather bathed his shoulders in a silky curtain. Her warm smooth hands languished in the sensation of his skin beneath them. She pressed herself against his back; her aching nipples taunting him. Her hands slid around his torso, exploring his ribs. He wasn't chiseled, defined, sculptured. He was a man. A REAL man, and most importantly, she knew he was hers. She slid her soapy hands down further and sought his throbbing hardness for her. His cock pulsed when her hands wrapped around it; she felt him shift. She knew he wanted her so badly that his legs struggled to hold him. She massaged him gently, then more firmly. His sharp intake of breath and groan made her aching clit throb between her legs. GOD she wanted him so badly. He slid his hand behind his head, to capture hers, and turned his face slightly so she could hear him say, "I have to have you..."

She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "Take me to bed," she replied softly. With that, he turned and took her hand. Without turning off the water, he led her to the bed. He pushed her gently to the bed and was over her instantaneously. He braced himself at arms length and just looked into her eyes for a second. She was braced on her elbows. She reached out her arm and pulled him to kiss her once again. He was placed between hers legs. She wrapped her legs around his hips and lifted hers, to guide him into her. When he penetrated her, it only ignited the passion between them. She cried out, and squeezed her thighs tighter, so he would be deeper. He slid into her hot wetness, savoring the throbbing tightness that surrounded his aching cock.

From there, the passion took over. He buried himself in her deeper than any man could ever hope to penetrate a woman. No words were necessary. Their bodies fed from each other. The first few thrusts into her were shared by a deep kiss between their hungry mouths. As the thrusts got even deeper, and harder, he settled back a bit, to watch her. Their eyes locked, and he smiled at her, ever so slightly. Her legs were high on his back now. With every thrust, every little moan that escaped her; he drew closer. The passion/fucking/love between their bodies was electric. He fucked her/loved her with every cell of his body. Everything that he gave to her, offered her, she drew inside of her; drinking in the hunger. He watched her face change when her orgasm began and that made his explode. He pounded into her and cried out to her as he came for what seemed an eternity.

When their bodies came together at the end, he on top of her; listening to her pounding heart, she placed her trembling lips against his forehead. The sun was coming up and she knew that he had to go. He didn't want to see her eyes. He knew if he did, he would not be able to leave her; ever.

He kissed her tenderly, one last time. "Until next time, my love..."

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