tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Dress Ch. 02

The Dress Ch. 02


My ex wife Beth lay before me on my 50" high definition television, naked. I had just witnessed her most private and intimate time alone, massaging and oiling her pregnant belly and breasts. All because of a Skype call from my son that remained connected after he left to school. The internet was a wonderful thing.

Beth had suffered extreme itching when she was pregnant with our son. Her stretch marks eventually faded, but apparently, Beth was going to make sure that she didn't relive the painful ordeal with the baby she was expecting with her new husband. From what I witnessed, her skin was blemish free and as soft as her bottom. I had to commend her.

Her eyes stayed closed on the bed as she let the oil soak in. To me, it looked like she had just masturbated her breasts. It was more than I could handle, causing my own masturbations to come to an explosive end. My penis lay spent on my stomach, semen coating my own belly. It was time to clean up.

I leaned over and grabbed my t-shirt. It would have to do. The session with Beth was unexpected, and the usual towel was not around. I dried myself off, staring at the massive diamond shape bush that Beth was presenting to me. Her vagina was on display, loose and hormonal. Large breasts swelled above her pregnant belly, each decorated with dark anal nipples.

And to think, just a half hour earlier, Beth was chastising me at Tom's school. Lecturing me on how it was my responsibility to make sure he had everything he needed, even though it was his weekend with his mom. What was her responsibility? As I stared at her naked, in her locked bedroom, I figured out where I went wrong.

Beth's responsibility was simply to look good. That was it. And, frankly, that was all she was good at. She never had a job despite being almost 40. Sure, she spent a year helping a realtor friend. But, only because Beth had a friend with an expensive house that was trying to sell it. After Beth got her cut, the job was over.

I suppose if Beth had let me enjoy her beauty when we were married, then perhaps I would have tolerated the other aspects of her attitude. The condescending tone. The complaints. The spending of money while earning none. But, when it came to time in the bed, Beth was a lights off, on her back girl. The initial excitement and eagerness I experienced from her while dating quickly disappeared when we got married and had Tom.

And so, here I was, divorced from her and listening to the same bitchy person over the years with none of the benefits. When you have a child with someone, divorce doesn't end the relationship. It doesn't fix the relationship. It merely limits the time you spend together. But, when you are together, it generally is the same crappy back and forth that led to the divorce.

Still, in my post orgasmic bliss, I decided that I wouldn't have changed anything. The DVR is a wonderful thing, and I now had a visual from Beth that I would be reliving for the rest of my life. It was a pornographic show that could possibly land me in jail, but in my mind, I did nothing wrong. Perhaps recording it, but who was going to find out?

My eyes returned to her bush. I couldn't remember if it was that heavy when we were married. I certainly didn't remember it growing up towards her stomach, ending at a distinct point. It created an upside down triangle on triangle appearance. Like a diamond. A black, curly haired diamond. Matted from the oil she just recently applied.

Beth's body jerked. My eyes locked on the a brief movement to the right of her belly button. Beth opened her eyes and stared at her stomach, hands still on the bed.

"Are you moving again? Did my rubbing bother you honey?"

There it was again. A more distinct bulge against the pale skin, easy to detect with the light shining from the oil. Beth and I watched as her belly slowly distorted.

"Oooh....I felt that...is that your foot?"

Beth was using a mild version of baby talk, leaning on an elbow, breasts hanging to her left. Beth moved her right hand over her stomach, caressing herself. Returning the loving gesture from the uterus inside of her.

"Do you feel mommy?"

Beth poked her stomach, trying to spur more movement. Nothing came. Her baby had apparently made the adjustment required and was now in a comfortable position. The small side show was over.

I returned to the main feature. Beth, naked and unaware. Now showing in an ex-husbands bedroom. The incredible taboo, the invasive and private nature of Beth on her bed was more than I ever expected possible.

I had visualized Beth in so many degrading positions over the years, even while married. Hell, I visualized her mom in so many degrading positions over the years. Beth and her mom together. All three of us together. It's hard when beauty does not fall far from the tree.

I spoke to no one.

"Beth, you look so beautiful naked."

And no one answered.

My mind began to shake the orgasmic web that was holding it. I sat up, realizing that my little show was over. Letting my boxers drop to the floor, I stood in front of my tv, getting closer to Beth. Wanting the moment to last forever.

It was almost sad to see Beth grab the bottle of oil. Knowing that once she put it back in the basket, that our little time together would be coming to and end. I leaned forward and kissed her bottom, wishing it a friendly good bye. Closing my eyes. Imagining the taste and smell.

Leaning back, I opened my eyes. My heart raced. The show was going to continue. Beth had the bottle of oil and was turning onto her side. Beth's ass was bulging into view, presenting the round white glory of what she referred to as "the bunnies." Beth twisted her chest towards her side, bottle in hand, and began to squeeze liberal amounts on the side of her exposed ass.

I stared with wide eyes as Beth presented both of my favorite features. Her heavy nipples, bobbing up and down as she rubbed oil, and her swollen bottom. As she bent her knees slightly, Beth caused her vagina to mushroom out between her legs. Thousands of little black erections poked out from her creamy white thighs, like the quills of a porcupine trying to protect it from predators.

Beth had started on the sides and top of her right butt cheek. She pushed the oil onto the back of her hamstrings, getting the areas of her legs that she couldn't from the front. Silly me to think that Beth would only massage half of her body. Her ass and legs were just as susceptible to stretch marks as her stomach.

Grabbing the oil, Beth gave one more squirt to the side of her butt and put the bottle on the bed. This time, she pushed her fingers into her back dimple, towards her spine, and down the center of her bottom. Gripping the lower part of her cheek, Beth pulled open her ass, kneading the tender, inner flesh.

The result was, Beth's dark asshole was exposed brilliantly. The pulling open of her ass made what she called her "poop hole" open wide, like it was screaming at the unwanted exposure. A dark ring of anal hair surrounded it, the source of many embarrassing moments early in our relationship. They were the frequent carriers of poop, and Beth abhorred any touching by me in that area because of it.

"Look at your bunny hole Beth..."

As if on cue, Beth circled a finger over her butt hole just like she would in the privacy of a shower. As much as I wanted to watch her slip it into her ass, Beth was merely checking the surrounding areas. Inspecting the troops, so to speak. Her finger moved into the hair surrounding her asshole, pinching it with her thumb and finger. Feeling for stray matter. She found none and slipped out.

Beth may have found nothing, but I found plenty. Despite having orgasmed not 10 minutes ago, I was finding my erection starting to grow again. I moved back to the bed, gently stroking myself as Beth finished massaging her right upper leg. Satisfied she was done, Beth rolled onto her back and over to the other side.

The process repeated itself. Beth reached towards her back, tits wobbling in their free state. Legs bent, vagina bulging, hair springing, and ass showing, Beth squirted the top of her exposed hip with oil. Fingers rubbed into her upper thigh, down the back of her hamstring, and up towards her ass. Her red fingernails pushed into the soft center of her butt, circling it, spreading out the oil.

I scooched back onto my bed, wanting to return to the best possible position to enjoy the show. My hand fumbled across my phone and a devious thought popped into my mind. It seemed filled with them this morning.

I watched the screen as Beth squirted a final dose of oil to her ass. As she opened her butt, pulling on the lower portion of her flesh, I hit the call button. Beth's finger began rubbing her asshole again, repeating the cleaning motion, when her phone rang.


Beth was not happy to have her morning ritual interrupted. Especially when she was fingering and cleaning her most private opening. An opening that was probably seen by less than 10 people in the world, including her parents. Beth rolled over and grabbed her phone.

"What the fuck?"

Clearly I was not on her top 10 list of hopeful calls. I probably wasn't even on her bottom 10. Especially when she was in the middle of playing with her butt.

The problem though, when your divorced with kids, and the other parent calls, it is very difficult not to answer the call. Your mind imagines the worst, and once you've done that, you have to know what the call is about. So, she answered.

"Hello? What's the problem?"

Beth had returned to a lying on her back position, legs spread slightly and bent as she tried to sit up against the pillows. It was like I was watching her in the hospital, getting ready to give birth to Tom. But, more exposed. More naked. More erotic.

"Hi, it's me."

I really didn't have a plan other than to call. Now, staring at her spread vagina, listening to her talk to me, it was a struggle. I was having a one way phone sex conversation, rubbing my penis, with my ex wife oblivious to the situation.

"Yea. I know. Why did you call. Is something wrong with Tom?"

Beth was rubbing her oiled belly with her free hand, instinctively returning to her comforting movements while talking to someone that made her uncomfortable. It made me harder. It made talking harder. I figured I'd better break the ice quickly, or the conversation would be ending.

"I just wanted to...apologize...for today...I should have brought it over this weekend..."

I was referencing the band instrument that Tom forgot, leading to the never ending Skype call I was currently on. Thank God I didn't bring it over on the weekend. Otherwise, Beth would not be sitting before me, naked, legs spread, on the phone with me while she rubbed her belly.

"Yea...that would have saved both of us quite a bit of aggravation... Tom and me, that is..."

Man, her tone was icy. Perhaps I didn't break enough of the ice.

"And I shouldn't have said that about...about your..."

I could see Beth's face scrunch up in anger as I struggled through my mock apology. She was clearly not being melted in any way whatsoever.

"About my pregnant asshole? Seriously! How rude..."

I was beginning to regret making the call. The ice was impenetrable. Perhaps that explained the rock hard nipples I was staring at as Beth yelled at me. But, as her free hand moved into her bush, scratching it, I decided I had nothing to regret.

"You did call me an..."

Beth let her right knee drop to the side, causing her vagina to yawn at me. Hell, it looked like it was smiling at me. At least some part of her was treating me well.

"Forget it...that's not even what I'm mad about."

We sat silently, almost staring at each other in our naked beds. Beth's eyes were absent mindedly focussing on the tv, mine were absolutely focussing on the tv. When the pause became uncomfortable, with Beth clearly waiting for me to respond, I answered.

"I didn't mean to..."

Beth seemed to laugh at the absurdity of my statement, cutting it off. I had a pretty good idea that she knew I positively meant to.

"Didn't mean to? Seriously? You were staring. Practically shoving your face up my dress. How sick."

Her fingers moved through the vaginal hairs while she talked, twirling them without thought. I stared even harder between her legs than I did at school.

"I...I'm sorry. You just crouched and..."

Beth let her left leg fall to the side, now officially spreading her legs at a 90 degree angle. The fullness of her bush was on complete display, showing the length, width, and depth all in one view. I remembered her smell, closing my eyes, remembering the wetness she often spread on my nose while I licked her.

"I don't care what I'm doing. You don't tilt your head stare between my legs! Honestly!"

Fine, Beth. I'll keep my head perfectly straight as I stare right now. Right at the glistening, red vagina that seems to have grown to twice it's natural size during your pregnancy. It is hard not to stare at it when it is presented to me, especially while you pet it.

"I wasn't staring. I was just surprised to..."

Once again, I was cut off.

"Surprised!? Ha! What did you think, that I might have grown a penis? What did you expect to see?"

Her tone was now condescending and less hostile. That was part of the long, slow cool that Beth required when she was mad. Once you knew and understood the formula, you could perhaps tolerate it. I wasn't even bothered by it, watching as she moved her hands up to her left nipple, apparently not happy with the oil coverage. She slowly rubbed it with her fingers.

"No...it's not that...it's..."

I paused, wondering if it was worth the aggravation. I should just hang up and move on. Unfortunately, Beth couldn't control herself. She spoke while admiring her breast, twirling a finger around her hard nipple.

"Ha...You probably haven't' even seen one since I divorced you...that's more than likely the problem..."

Fuck her. A guy can only take so much. I didn't remember mocking coming into her cool down process. The unexpected jab forced the response from me. I stared right at her vagina and answered.

"No, more like I'm looking at it and I can't believe how hairy it is."

Beth froze, stopping her gentle massaging of her nipple. She was incredulous, practically yelling into the phone.

"What did you say?"

I figured all was lost, so I just piled on, staring at the massive bush before me.

"It rises up your stomach...your hair...it's so thick..."

Beth did her best to sit upright, wanting to hold the phone so she could talk directly into it. Her boobs looked at me with wide, smiling eyes. Her blue eyes, however, were not smiling at all.

"Jesus, Peter, what is your fucking problem..."

She was my problem. And my solution. I was frankly surprised Beth didn't hang up at that last statement. Perhaps she was too dismayed that I had the nerve to say it. I tried to respond nonchalantly.

"Hey...you're the one who is spreading your legs for me..."

God, was Beth spreading her legs. In the shape of a diamond, feet now together. I grabbed my bottle of lotion and squirted a healthy dose on my erection. Beth deserved it.

"Let me tell you something, that will be the last time I ever make that mistake again, your perverted ass."

I returned to stroking myself, now completely aroused by the naked ex-wife angrily chewing me out on the other side of the phone. Apparently she liked it more than I thought because she still hadn't hung up. It was perhaps a cathodic release for her. I was happy to help.

"Then maybe next time you can show me those oversized nipples of yours..."

Beth spoke quick, wanting to get in the last word.

"Why don't you go jerk yourself off!"

With that, Beth slammed down the phone. Or at least, pressed the button really hard. The conversation had served it's purpose. I was aroused and fully engaged with her naked body on the bed. Beth yelled out her go-to description of me.

"What a fucking asshole."

She lay on her bed, sighing heavily. It was a brief 5 minute conversation, but to both of us, it seemed like an hour. Beth looked down at her belly, sensing a movement. Perhaps the intense negative energy running through her body bothered the baby. She bent forward, no longer steaming.

"Oh...not you honey...Peter...he is..."

Beth put the oil back in her basket. I had taken her off course, but her baby put her right back on. As she withdrew her hand, Beth held a mirror in her hand. Sliding her body away from the pillows, Beth spread her legs and lifted her knees back towards her shoulders.

"It's ok honey...mommy's not mad..."

Wrapping her arms onto the back of her thighs, helping pull, Beth looked over her belly towards her wide open, stretched ass. Her butt cheeks stretched to the point that it looked like her ass was made up of one giant ball of flesh.

"Mommy's just coming to say hi...?"

Beth was folding herself in half. Her asshole was bulging out, almost volcanic, from the immense pressure her body was generating. The inner walls of her butt flared open, revealing the dark stained skin from years of passage. Beth's anal hairs lay matted from the oil along her walls. I doubt she spread herself open like this for her gynecologist.

As open as her asshole looked, her vagina was gaping. Beth slid her free hand over it, spreading her opening with her fingers. Beth's other hand positioned the mirror over her birth canal, looking deep into the pink walls of her vagina. I guessed Beth's opening was 3" in diameter in this spread position.

"Are you in there??"

Beth looked at mirror, adjusting the angle of her body for a clear vision of her cervix. Beth pushed her vaginal walls outwards, spreading herself, inspecting herself. Never had I imagined such a position for a woman. Beth was not concerned behind her locked door.

Bearing down, Beth pushed open her cervix as best she could. Looking at the small white opening. In the process, it looked like her asshole was about to explode.

"Oooo....there you are...just passed that little hole..."

Beth was looking at her uterus, or at least that was my impression. I'm not really sure what a woman can see when they're pregnant, but whatever it was, Beth was seeing it. I didn't care. I just wanted to watch Beth as she watched Beth. Ironically, despite all of our bitching, we both wanted the same thing.

"Almost one more month, and you'll be out of my tummy..."

With that, Beth released her legs and let them collapse beneath her. I was worrying that I lost my chance to orgasm to the most vulgar display that Beth would be offering, but then I remembered the DVR. I could relive it any time I wanted. So, I paused my rubbings and just watched. She leaned back towards the basked and replaced the mirror. Her hand returned empty. My heart sank.

Beth looked above her at the pillows and grabbed a large, cylindrical throw pillow. However, when she grabbed it, there seemed to be very little flex in it. Beth rolled onto her side, facing the basket, and lifted her left leg away from her right.

Her pussy and asshole once again showed their openings behind a heavy layer of black hair. With a one foot gap between her knees, about the size of the pillow, Beth inserted the cylindrical object between her knees and lowered her leg.

Beth had propped herself open. I had no idea as to the purpose, but the result was, I had a clear view at the bottom of a woman in the classic spoon position. I imagined myself, slipping into bed, fucking her from behind. Penetrating her anally, something strictly forbidden.

Once again, Beth was rummaging in her basket of toys. This time, her hand pulled out what looked like a jar of cream. Beth opened it and put a healthy amount of goop on her left hand. Then, reaching behind her bottom, like she was wiping herself clean, Beth moved her lubed fingers into her vagina. It seems I was wrong about the peak of vulgarity.

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