tagLesbian SexThe Dress Up

The Dress Up


Standing in the shower, Missy heard the phone ring. On the third ring, it stopped.

"Hmmm... must have been a wrong number." she thought.

Turning the shower off, she stepped out onto the fuzzy rug and began to dry off. Another ring and she bolted out of the bathroom, running down the hall, just getting to the phone on the table at the end of the hallway.

"Hey, Missy! Are you ready yet? It's time to shop!" Jenny's voice hit her ear before she could say hello.

Missy stood there, dripping wet in her towel. She held it with one hand tightly in front of her as the other pressed the phone against her ear. Shivering with goose bumps, drops of water hit the tops of her shoulders.

"I'm going as fast as I can! You crazy girl! Are you ready now?" Missy asked, laughing at her.

"Yeah, want me to come by and pick you up?" Jenny was eager to speed things up.

"Sure. Give me about half hour?" Missy replied.

"I'll just come over now and wait for you there." Jenny said in a rush, as Missy heard the dial tone of the phone.

Missy dropped the phone on the table and ran down the hall to her bedroom. Leaving the towel in a heap on the floor, she scooped up her tight-fitting jeans off the bed. Tugging and pulling them against her partly wet skin, a grunt and another wiggle, she finally got them on.

Walking over to the closet, she pulled a sexy, low-cut top off the hanger and then quickly pulled it over her head, trying not to get it wet from her freshly showered hair. Slipped into a pair of high heels, she walked toward the bathroom.

A knock at the door came. "Hey, you locked me out!" Jenny's voice was faintly heard, from down the hall.

"Pull up on the door knob, it sticks." Missy yelled from the edge of her bedroom door.

With a squeak to the door, Jenny's heels hit the floor and began walking down the hallway. "Ohh, you're still wet." Jenny noticed, looking at her in the mirror, as she approached her from behind.

"Yeah, I just got out of the shower when you called." Missy said with a smirk, turning the dryer on.

Missy bent down and ran her fingers through her wet hair, as the dryer blew her hair from side to side. With a watchful smile, Jenny backed up and then sat down at the edge of the bed.

With one last touch, Missy smeared glistening lip gloss on. Her make-up light in colors, she added a pair of dangling hoop earrings, as she turned to look at Jenny.

"Okay. I'm ready." She said with a sexy grin, checking out Jenny's similar outfit.

Jenny wore a short knitted top that dipped down between her breasts which revealed some of the lace from her bra. Her tight low-rise jeans didn't hide her sexy stomach. Her earring's shot straight down too a point as they dance above the dip at her shoulders.

Jenny leaned forward with a quick hug. "Mmm, you smell good too. I guess we don't need to buy any perfume today." Jenny snickered.

"Okay girlie, let's go have some fun!" Missy said, grasping her arm as she pulled her toward the door too leave.

Walking outside, Missy saw Jenny's jeep parked in the driveway. "Where too first?" Missy asked with curiosity, as she jumped into the jeep.

"Hmmm. well, let's just drive until we see something that grabs us!" with a wink, Jenny started the car.

Conversation went on about this and that while they raced down the road. The top was off to the jeep with the sun heating the inside, making the seats hot to the touch.

They pulled up to a street light. "Hey! That's new!" Jenny tapped Missy's arm.

There was a sign above the building at the corner of the street.

'The Dress Up'

It looked as though it has been newly remodeled. Big picture windows went down both sides of the building, starting at the double doors which lead into the inside. Shiny black and red fabric hung from the ceiling, forming a wall of color inside the store front window.

There was a table and chair placed in the center of the window. Only instead of a mannequin, it was a woman. She wore a black hat that almost completely covered her eyes and a black jacket that was open at the top. Her black stockings peeked out underneath her short skirt as she sat with her legs crossed, comfortably settled back into the chair.

Missy and Jenny sat in the jeep, glancing at her from afar. Suddenly the sound of a loud horn startled them. "Hey lady, you think you can move that thing?" A guy yelled from behind them.

"You better pull over and park." Missy said, as Jenny turned at the light, pulling off to the side, parking across the street.

"This looks like a great start." Missy said with an anxious tone.

Walking toward the building they were approaching the window. Jenny stood mesmerized. "Look at that! She's so still." Jenny said.

"Ohh look!" Missy bumped Jenny's arm.

Suddenly another woman appeared as the darkened fabric was pushed aside. Her arms were covered in long, black, satin gloves with a black velvety bra that cradled her breasts. Her neck was wrapped in a glamorous choker with her face slightly hidden by a black mask. Her eyes peered through it as she smiled at them both while walking in front of them, along the inside of window.

In high heels, the woman slowly walked along the wall of fabric. Her beautiful hips slid against the white string that held her panties tightly around them. With a quick backward glance, the woman disappeared and Jenny's grin became increasing heated.

"Come on!" Missy's grabbed Jenny's hand, dragging her along.

Red lights lit the way as they opened the double doors, entering inside. At the front desk a sexy woman stood in a long midnight blue dress.

"Welcome to The Dress Up. Have you been here before?" The woman spoke softly.

"No" Jenny and Missy spoke at once.

"Okay, we have a small book with stuff you can choose from." Extending her arm and held in her hand, a black book with a red bow around it.

"You're welcome to look and let us know what your interests are." The woman continued. Jenny held her hand out and reached for the book.

"Our prices vary on which selection you pick. You may also mix and match to your taste." the woman watched as Jenny untied the bow and began flipping through the pages.

"There are special theme packages for couples." The woman added, as Missy giggled, looking at Jenny with her eye's showing her excitement.

With a nudge, Jenny pointed at one. "What do you think? That would be fun!" her smile turned wicked, waiting for Missy's reaction.

"Oh yeah! Let's do it!" Missy quickly added with excitement.

"We'll take the Hollywood package." Jenny said, handing the book back to the woman behind the front desk.

"Okay. All set..." the woman came around, from behind the desk. "...Right this way." The woman began to stroll, taking them down a soft lit hallway.

There were doors on the right and left. The walls were filled with erotic art. Jenny squeezed Missy hand, looking on in awe, as they finally came to a door. A giant red star was hanging from the center of it.

"We give you about twenty minutes to make your choices and then you'll hear a knock at the door..." the woman said, waiting for them to walk in.

The woman stood just outside door, "...You'll find everything you need. There's a full bathroom with a full length mirror also. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ring us." she said, pointing to the phone on the small desk just inside the door.

"Thanks" Jenny said, as Missy looked around taking in the sights.

"Enjoy!" and with that said, the woman shut the door, closing them in.

"Come on, let's go check it out." Jenny grabbed Missy's hand with a quick pull.

Walking around the corner, a black covered bed was at the center of the room. Assorted pillows piled near the center with a few spilled onto the floor below. "Oh wow!" Jenny said, walking away from Missy, as she approached the rack of clothes, hanging on hangers.

Missy glanced up at the soft lights that were hanging from the ceiling as she walked toward the bed. "Check this out, Jenny." Missy sat down, stretching back onto the bed with her arms resting above her head. Missy felt her body sink down into the soft, padded mattress as she exhaled, making a soft purring sound.

"Come on silly, we have to pick something quick." Jenny giggled, watching Missy crawl around on the bed, rolling over the pillows, almost falling onto the floor.

Missy jumped down off the bed and walked over to Jenny. "Let's go with the leather." Missy snickered, grabbing for the two different outfits, holding one up for each of them.

They walked toward the back. Spotting full length mirror, they noticed that it went from the floor to ceiling. A walk in shower was to the right and double sinks were on the left. Hair dryers, curling irons, and little bags were filled with make-up that sat on top of the sink next to folded towels.

Jenny dropped her stuff in the chair next to the mirror. Missy left her clothes in a small pile at her feet. "Oh, this is cold." Missy shivered, zipping up the leather corset.

"Oh that looks hot!" Jenny's jaw dropped, looking at her in the mirror.

Missy stood completely dressed in front of Jenny. Her hands ran up and down the front of the cooled leather, as she gazed into the mirror. The sight of her body poured into it made her grab her breasts, and then squeeze them against it. One last zip and Jenny was now dressed, standing just beside her. The anticipation began to build, as they stood hip to hip gazing at the different look they were both sharing.

A sudden knock to the door, Jenny looked at Missy as her eye's became brighter and wider.

"Who's gonna get the door?" Missy said.

Jenny bit her lip and turned, leaving Missy a few steps behind. Another knock at the door and Missy reached for the door knob.

"Are you ready?" Jenny winked at Missy.

Missy stood clasping her hands tightly together behind her back, her teeth piercing her lip with a smile, full of anticipation. Without any response, Jenny opened the door.

"Well, looks like you girls are ready." A tall attractive man said, standing in the doorway.

He stood with a black, medium-size bag, hanging over his shoulder. His chest peaked from the white collared shirt he wore, buttoned only half way up.

Missy let out a faint sigh at the sight of him.

His hand hooked into the strap of his bag against his chest as other hand casually rested in the pocket of his jeans.

"Hi! I'm Shawn." he said, with heavenly smile.

Jenny and Missy stood there staring. "Ohh gezzz, come on in. I'm Jenny and this is Missy." Jenny backed up, finally letting him walk through the front door.

Missy moved a little to the side as Shawn walked by her. The fresh scent of showered skin and a light touch of gel, shined in his hair. He pasted by smiling with a lingering stare as a musky scent of cologne, trailed behind him.

"It's only going to take me a second and I'll be ready." he turned slightly, looking over his shoulder, as the two of them followed closely behind him.

Walking toward the bed, Shawn dropped his bag just a few feet away. "Would you two girls like to come over here and get comfortable?" Shawn's tone wasn't in the form a question.

Missy began to walk around him. She crawled onto the bed with hesitation, her body leaning against the pile of pillows. Jenny followed her lead, crawling onto the other side, as they glanced at one another, watching him pull a camera out of his bag. A flash at the top, Shawn's hand cradled the large lens, as he looped the strap over his head.

"You girl's can do anything you like. This is your photo shoot. I will suggest things and if that's not what you want in your pictures, I will move onto something else." Shawn smiled.

Taking the lens cap off the camera, Shawn knelt down on a bent knee. Missy sat up on her knees, winking at Jenny.

"Come here, Jenny." she said, with her arm stretched out, waiting for Jenny to grab her hand.

Jenny slid over on her knees, stopping only inches apart from her hips. A glance at Shawn, her smile was provocative as her hands reach out and start to roam over Missy's uncovered cheeks. Missy's hands slid up, placing her palms at Jenny's breasts, as she turned to look at Shawn.

"Hold it! ..." Shawn said, snapping a couple shots. "...You're both very beautiful." he said, another series of clicks were heard.

Pose after pose, Jenny and Missy changed positions while listening to Shawn's soft voice as he told them to move a leg, arm or tilt their face.

"Okay. Push all the pillows off the bed girls." he said, waiting for them to do so.

They pushed the pillows clear as they fell onto the floor below. "Okay Missy, lay on your back..." he instructed, "...Jenny, crawl on top of her and put your hands on each side of her." he continued, walking over to the edge of the bed.

His hand reached out, taking Jenny's hair, brushing it free from her shoulders as Missy looked up at her.

Jenny glanced down at Missy's body. "Missy, your breasts are red and flushed." she whispered.

"So are your cheeks." Missy purred, touching Jenny's face with the tips of her fingers.

"Yes, girls, right there." Shawn spoke up, backing away, snapping a few more shots.

Jenny lifted Missy's arms up, stretching them over her head, as she gazed up into her eyes.

"Jenny, lean down and softly lick at her lips." Shawn voice dropped too a sexy tone, his eye's dropped down below the camera, waiting for the perfect shot.

A long pause and Jenny studied Missy's reaction to Shawn's instructions. A sexy smile formed over her lips as Shawn's eye's popped up above the camera, just a few inches. Jenny looked at Shawn stance and his stare. Becoming intense, his eyes began to tell a story without words.

Missy parted her lips. Her eye's glazed with desire, she shut them slowly.

Jenny leaned down and delivered a long, slow, lick to her lips.

"Click, click, click."

Shawn's camera went off, one shot, seconds after another. He stood and then walked closer to the edge of the bed. The camera pointed toward them, full view of Jenny, as she looked up with her breasts tightly pressed against Missy. Cradling the camera in his hands, through the lens, her heated eyes showed him desire, boiling just beneath the surface.

Shawn moved to the side watching Jenny. She took the tip of her finger and traced it around the edge of Missy's corset. Jenny's breasts were pink and spilling from the tight leather as Jenny dipped her finger down just to the inside of it. Missy's hardened nipple, pressed tightly against her finger as she arched her back, feeling the sudden pleasure.

"Click click click. That's it girls, show me more." Shawn spoke, his voice stimulating with approval.

Missy turned her head gazing at Shawn, her smile had turned wicked. With a quick grab, she reached up grasping handfuls of Jenny's hair. Tightly held in both hands, she pulled Jenny down toward her lips. Barely touching, Missy started a series of soft and slow kisses. Each one began to build with more pressure, getting tighter and tighter until she had Jenny's tongue dancing against hers.

"Click, click, click." the kiss slowly stops and the girls turn to look at Shawn.

"Okay girls. Stand up. Place both your hands at the edge of the bed. Then turn and look at me." Shawn said, standing directly behind them, as he watched them both climb down off the bed.

They looked as though they stood in a line up, their shoulder's almost touching. They turned slightly, glancing back at Shawn from over a shoulder. Jenny broke her glance away from Shawn to look at Missy as her hand left the edge of the bed, softly rubbing over the back of Missy's exposed cheek.

"Click, click, click."

"Jenny, make it red for me." Shawn said, watching the excitement build in her eyes.


Missy jolted from the sudden contact of her hand. Seconds later, a red hand print appeared on her soft exposed cheek. Jenny slid her hand over the redden print, feeling the heat under her hand.

"You're so hot Jenny." Missy muffled, leaning into her, as she covered her lips, sucking them aggressively into her mouth.

"Slap, slap"

"And you're sucha bad girl Missy." Jenny's tone was sharp and wicked. Missy sighed, not able muffle her pleasure, as she felt the hot sting of her hand.

With each snap of the picture, Jenny's heat became more obvious as Missy begin to give in to each instruction. Shawn's watchful eye's set fire to her skin, boiling her from the inside out as Jenny listened for Shawn's erotic voice to begin again.

"Jenny. Strip her for me." he said.

Jenny turned toward Missy and began to kneel. Her hands held each ankle, freeing Missy from her high heels. She slid her hands up her thighs, dragging her finger nails down while pulling each stocking off one at a time. Rising in front of her, Jenny pulled the zipper on her corset, as it slowly went down while glancing at Shawn.

"Click, click, click."

Shawn's camera began again. Jenny turned back and watched Missy's erect nipples, as spilled from beyond the zipper of her corset. Slipping her finger tips under her straps, the corset hits the floor near her feet.

Jenny returns to her knee's, hooking her finger tips into her black leather g-string. "Wait!" Shawn suddenly stopped her.

"Click, click, click."

"This is what you'll do next..." Shawn paused, "...Missy, I want you too strip Jenny now." Shawn continued.

Jenny waits, still kneeled with her fingers hooked into Missy's leather g-string. "Leave them, Jenny." he said. She letting go of them and stood slowly.

Missy grabs Jenny's arm, pulling her in front of her. Missy leaned in behind her, pressing her breasts against Jenny's back. With slow movements, she looked over her shoulder, watching Shawn as she brushed Jenny's hair away from her shoulder.

Taking each strap, Missy pulled it off one shoulder and then the other.

"Click, click"

Missy danced her finger tips down the sides of her arms, her fingers appearing under her breasts, giving them a tight squeeze.

"Click, click, click."

Missy finds the zipper to Jenny's corset, slowly tugging it down, the teeth of the zipper making that ripping sound, releasing the tension. With very little effort her corset falls to the floor, as Jenny's breasts are so warm to the touch and yet the goose bumps covered every inch of them.

At the base of Jenny's neck, Missy left a trail of kisses down her spine. The sounds of her lips left Shawn at a stand still, forgetting about his camera. He could only see the reaction on Jenny's face. Missy touched her breasts, tickling at the tips of her erect nipples while she dropped slowly down behind her.

Jenny's eyes were deeply fixed on Shawn, shutting them now and then from the sensation of Missy's mouth touching her.

Her hands came to rest at Jenny's hips, as Shawn watched her arch backward, moving toward Missy's open mouth. Her hands moved again, now down the outside of her thighs, clawing at Jenny's stockings, pulling them down at the same time.

Jenny suddenly reached for her g-string, taking a quick breath. "Ohh!" she gasped, gripping it with her hands.

Missy turned Jenny's hips to the side, revealing her open mouth to Shawn. She pulls Jenny's g-string to the side as her tongue licks at the bottom of her tailbone. Dipping it gently and slowly into her crease as her other hand, cupping her warm cheek. Jenny's breath picked up. Missy's hot, wet, tongue felt dancing around, as it made her dizzy with desire. Jenny looked down over her shoulder, watching, as Missy's seduction continued.

"Don't stop, Missy!" Jenny cried, over her shoulder in a low heated breath.

"Let go." Missy purred, as Jenny released her g-string.

Pulling it down over her cheeks, Missy leaves a sharp bite, as she sank her teeth into Jenny's flexed and heated cheek.

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