tagGroup SexThe Drive Home

The Drive Home


I live in a very rural area about 30 miles from where I work. Consequently, I have to drive on a rural two lane highway for 25 of those miles. While driving home from work one day, I found myself following a fairly new pick-up truck. It was one of the kinds that have the sliding rear window, and that window was open.

At first, I thought there were only two guys in the truck, and maybe they were a little drunk. The truck was staying very close to the center line of the highway, and even crossed it a couple of times. As it turns out, there were more than two guys in the truck, and drink was not the reason for the driver's poor skills.

Just as I had decided to try to pass the truck, a brunette female head appeared from in the direction of the driver's lap. As she sat up, I could see that her arms and shoulders were bare. Her short brunette hair whipped in the breeze through the open window, and she shook her head to get the hair out of her eyes. She then turned her attention to the passenger, leaning toward him and, I assume, fishing his cock out of his pants.

She turned to look out the back window at me, then she disappeared again, this time in the direction of the passenger's lap. I watched the back of the man in the passenger's seat, and it appeared she was doing a good job on him. I saw the driver's arm leave the steering wheel, and move in the woman's direction. Soon her bare leg appeared out the back window. The driver had obviously gotten the woman to spread her legs so he could pet her pussy.

About a minute later, the leg went back into the window, and the girl's upper body appeared. Evidently standing on her knees, and facing the passenger, I could tell she was at least topless. Her perky breasts were quite visible to me just a few feet behind them. I soon discovered she was completely nude, as she got up and straddled the passenger.

My cock throbbed in my jeans as I watched her lower herself onto the passenger and start bouncing in his lap. She was very obviously fucking this guy, and didn't care who noticed it. Then she did something that completely blew me away; she leaned her head out the window and blew me a kiss! I almost crashed the car! She went back to work on the guy in the passenger seat, bouncing up and down on his cock. He either didn't last very long or they decided to wait to finish up, as she was soon hopping off of him and moving back into the center of the truck.

Just before she sat down, she turned back to me and waved at me as if to follow them. I pointed to myself then back to them, as if to signal that I understood she wanted me to follow them. She vigorously nodded her head yes. She then sat down and faced forward. The passenger leaned over and obviously began sucking on her breasts.

I followed them for another 15 miles, the woman and the passenger making out the entire way, and saw the truck's right turn signal come on at a cross street. I followed the truck through a small housing development, then out to a lone house out in the desert. I pulled in behind them as the passenger got out of the truck.

He was a tall, muscular looking guy, with a friendly face. His brunette escort bounced out of the truck behind him, stark naked. She waved for me to get out of my car and follow her into the house as she calmly strolled up the steps and into the house.

The driver got out of the truck and walked back to my car. "Hi," he said. "I'm John. The girl's name is Lisa. She's serious about the invitation if you're interested."

I sat there stunned for a few seconds, before slowly getting out of my car. John introduced the other guy as Bud, and the three of us headed inside.

Lisa was coming out of the bathroom of the rather clean house, stark naked, and heading straight for me. She was about 5'3" tall and had a very trim figure. Her C cup sized breasts bounced as she padded her way over to me.

"Hi, I'm Lisa," she said in a cheerful voice. "I know you probably got all hot and bothered watching me back there, so let me help take care of it."

With that she reached down and unzipped my pants, fishing for my cock. She was on her knees in front of me in an instant, engulfing my erection to the base in one swoop. I looked down at this stranger swallowing my cock to see her looking back up at me as she worked on my rigid shaft.

John dropped his pants and took a position behind her and lifted her ass up off the floor. Lisa took my cock out of her mouth long enough for her to get on her hands and knees. I quickly got onto my knees and slid my cock back into her mouth as John pushed himself into her pussy from behind.

We soon found a good rhythm, and see-sawed her back and forth between us, alternately driving into her and withdrawing from either end of her trim body. Lisa grunted and groaned around my cock as John pounded his thick cock into her from behind. She moaned and groaned before me as he fucked into her hard and fast. When John slowed down a bit, presumably to keep from cumming, she looked up at me and told me to lay down on my back.

I did as I was told, and she pulled away from John. "Follow me," she said over her shoulder. "I want a triple."

I looked up at her as she moved over me. Her breasts dangled in my face as she got into position and slid the tightest, hottest, wettest pussy my cock has ever felt onto me. Her cunt felt like a wet, velvet-lined vice as her muscles loosed up to accept my cock. Once she got me completely inside her, she sat still while John approached her from the rear.

Bud stepped forward and offered his cock to her mouth as John suddenly slid his cock into her ass in one very long, very slow stroke. I felt his cock push mine aside deep inside her as he filled her ass. Lisa groaned loudly around Bud's rigid cock as John started fucking her. For my part, all I could do was lay beneath her and let the power of John's thrusts force her onto my cock. I captured one swaying breast and sucked the nipple deep into my mouth. She groaned again and wriggled her hips, forcing her clit to rub against my pubic bone.

I suckled at her breast and fondled the other with my free hand. Bud continued to slip his cock in and out of her mouth as he and John filled her other two orifices. The friction of John's cock rubbing against mine through the thin membranes separating us made my cock harder than I had ever felt possible. It was obviously working on John too, because he suddenly let out a shout that he was going to cum and blasted his load deep inside her ass.

Lisa came as John filled her ass with his load of cum. She bucked and wailed above me, dropping Bud's cock in the process. Bud began to stroke his cock right in front of her face as she shivered and shook above me. He then backed away from her and moved toward John.

When John finished cumming, he pulled out of her slowly, leaving most of his load deep inside her. He fell back on the floor, obviously exhausted from his efforts. Bud took his place and slowly fed his huge cock into her ass.

Lisa, who hadn't quite finished cumming yet, screamed and orgasmed again as Bud's cock slowly drove into her. As much as John's cock had moved my cock around inside her, Bud's cock threatened to force me out of her pussy. Lisa continued to cum as Bud started to fuck her ass before he was completely inside her, giving her more of his cock with each thrust.

Suddenly, there was another cock above me trying to get into Lisa's mouth. I looked up and discovered another man I'd never met before. He looked down at me, smiled, and introduced himself as Matthew, Lisa's husband.

When Lisa finished cumming, she hungrily sucked her husband's cock into her mouth. Bud continued to pummel her poor ass with his massive cock, causing her to jump and shiver with each stroke. Sadly, I couldn't hold out any longer, and erupted deep inside her spasming pussy. I came so hard I felt like my shoes were going to come out of the tip of my cock. Bud kept up his assault on her ass, causing my orgasm to intensify. I sucked her nipple hard as I flooded her with my cum.

Bud suddenly buried himself completely inside her and came. With the deep plunge into her ass, she dropped her husband's cock and screamed again, bucking her hips up and down on my cock.

When I was finally able to get up, after Bud had withdrawn from her tortured ass, I was surprised to see at least a dozen men standing around in various stages of undress. Each guy was stroking a thick erection, and waiting for his turn with Lisa.

Matthew rolled her over onto her back and got between her legs. He plunged his cock into her cum-filled pussy as one of the other guys moved closer and filled her mouth with his cock. I watched, from behind them, as Matthew fucked his wife hard and fast, obviously attempting to cum quickly and let the next man in line fuck his wife.

As I sat back, leaning against the couch, I asked Bud if she did this often. Bud told me that she had been gang-banging like this once a month for as long as he'd known her, which was about three years. It seems that about once a month, about a week before her period, she got so horny she just had to fuck. Matt, her husband, was hard pressed to keep her satisfied. Basically, he gave up trying and got a few of his buddies to help.

As Matt came inside his wife, loudly, Bud went on to explain they had started out with just two or three guys, but that number had obviously grown. Originally they had planned these en-masse fucks to be a one-night affair, but Lisa was adamant about being fucked every night. The gang-bangs soon became a week long event, once a month, a week before her period.

Another guy buried himself to the hilt in Lisa's sloppy cunt and fucked her hard and fast as the guy in her mouth came. Lisa sucked and swallowed as his load burst forth into her mouth. Matt came over and handed me a Coke while we watched his wife fuck the man currently inside her cum-flooded cunt.

When the guy in her pussy came, the next guy got her up onto her hands and knees again and slid into her from behind. Lisa's pussy was a mess. Cum flowed out of her and onto the carpet.

For the next hour I watched her take on guy after guy. Some fucked her mouth, some her pussy, some her ass. She was never without a cock inside her, but she took them all on hungrily. I excused myself to the bathroom to discover a line of guys waiting to clean themselves up with a hand-held shower head.

After I had relieved myself, I re-entered the living room to find Lisa riding Bud's mammoth cock while she greedily sucked on another. I decided that if no one else was going to fuck her cute little ass, I might as well give it a try. Slipping into position behind her, I easily slid my now hard cock into her ass in one smooth stroke.

Lisa groaned around the cock in her mouth as Bud and I worked out a rhythm that let us plunge into her at the same time. She came loudly on our cocks as we pounded in and out of her body from above and below. Having both cum once already, Bud and I were able to fuck her hard and fast for quite a long time. The guy in her mouth wasn't so lucky, and soon Lisa was struggling to swallow his load as she came continuously.

To my surprise, Bud came inside her first. He grabbed her hips, forcing her down onto his cock, and unleashed his load inside her. She wailed and screamed as Bud pumped a flood of cum into her. Her frantic gyrations sent me over the edge, causing me to fill her ass with my load.

As I withdrew, I moved over to the couch and watched as another guy took my place in her ass. He fucked her hard, pounding her onto Bud's shrinking cock. He didn't last long, and was soon filling her with another load of hot cum.

Spent, I looked around for my clothes. Matt noticed this and asked if I was leaving before it was over. I told him I had to get home, and he invited me to drop in anytime. Lisa was always ready for a fuck; it just became a deep need during her "gang-bang week."

I told Matt I'd definitely be back and finished dressing. I turned for a last look as I headed out the door. Lisa was stretched out on the couch, face down, with a guy pounding his cock in and out of her ass. Several other men stood beside the couch stroking their erect cocks as they waited their turn to fill the little brunette with their loads. Lisa had her hands under her body and was furiously finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit, attempting to bring herself to yet another wild orgasm.

As I pulled my car out onto the highway to head home, I thought about Matt & Lisa's arrangement. I knew my own wife was incredibly horny a week before her period, and thought about recruiting a few of Matt's friends to help me take care of her. My wife and I had been pursuing extra-marital sex for a few years, with each other's knowledge, and it had been a while since she'd had a good gang-banging. I figured I'd discuss it with her when I got home and told her about my adventure that evening.

As we relaxed in a hot bath, I told my wife all about Matt & Lisa. Not only did she love the idea of a monthly gang-bang, the mere thought made her so horny she climbed onto me and rode my cock until we both came right there in the tub. Later, in bed, after fucking my extremely excited wife once again, I promised to drop by Matt & Lisa's house the next day on my way home from work. After I fucked Lisa myself, I promised to see if I could interest a few of the guys in following me home. We can't wait.

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