The Dutchess


It was a royal coach that appeared on the highway, the band of thieves lay in wait, weapons at the ready for its approach. The coachman and the servants holding on to the back were quickly done away with as the band approached the coach door. The door was torn open and the lady sat there, the fear in her eyes as these ruffians set about their looting. "Blimey, would you look at the ring on this one?" and they all gazed at her hand as she tried to hide it.

They grabbed her arm and pulled it from under her skirts as they pried the ring off, "No! Thou hast no right to mine ring," she exclaimed, "Take whatever thou whilst, but pray leave mine ring, it has much meaning to me," and Bertram saw the tears in her eyes, but the ring was gone now. Bertram studied her face for a great while, noting the youthful exuberance and the wisps of brown hair that protruded from under her hat. Her eyes were deep pools of emerald green and her lips were as luscious as ripe cherries, and he felt a stirring in his loins. Her tear-filled eyes gave way to terror as she realized his stare. She was the Duchess of Fenwick, her father was the owner of a great castle and she had but reached a mere 18 years old. Her life thus far had been filled with nannies and countless balls, never before had she given a commoner more than a glance.

Bertram grabbed her arm and forcefully dragged her from the coach as she landed on the ground with a thud. She looked to see her servants heaped where they had fallen, mortally wounded and her tears returned, not for them, but out of fear for her own life. They were, after all, mere servants and her station demanded that she be kept in servants, mere pawns to do her bidding. She felt Bertram grab her under her arm and draw her to her feet, pushing her towards the tree line; she made a terrible effort at escape, causing him to slap her angelic face.

She saw his horse as they approached the trees and he led her to stand beside of it, taking a length of rope from his bag and tying her hands behind her. After he had her secured, he paused to run a hand over her bodice, his hands grazing her exposed flesh as he did, causing shivers to emanate from deep within. He thrust her up over the horse, her legs dangling from one side, her head from the other and climbed up behind her. She could feel a hand rest on her buttocks as he began to ride off. Her tears were tenfold now, her thoughts of debauchery ran rampant.

Her father had told her of how maidens had been captured and sexually used, but she had feared not, for her servants were brave and their aim was true. Her fears had become a reality though, as she was now trussed up over the back of a horse, heading to who knows where. She could only see the ground as it rolled beneath her, the position becoming quite uncomfortable, but his hand on her buttocks seemed to cause unusual feelings to emerge. She felt her hat fly away as they rode, her long brown hair free at last and it cascaded over her face, causing her vision to be blocked at times, though what could she see, save the ground. Each gallop of the horse caused her to rise and fall, her stomach being pounded into the horses back and his hand roaming her firm buttocks.

She was relieved when they finally stopped and he drew her down and she gazed through wisps of long hair at the cottage before her. He pushed her towards the door; her footing quite unsteady and she practically fell into it as it opened from her weight, spilling her onto the dirt floor within. He pulled her to her feet and pushed her over to a chair and she was told to sit, her bound wrists causing her much discomfort and she leaned forward a bit to remove her weight from them.

"Pray sir, my father will give you great riches for my safe return," she said and he seemed to snicker, "Aye, that he will, but first I will have my way with what lies beneath those fine petticoats," and he laughed. "Please sir, I am but a virgin and thou art a commoner," and her tone made him angry as he backhanded her angelic face again, her head tossing to the side from his blow, "And thou art too good to be taken by a commoner?" he asked, fire in his eyes. Her cheek stung from the slap and she came to the realization that her position in society could not save her from this, he meant to have her virgin flesh and she could not stop that. She had chanced upon her parents as they made love once, and she had been awestruck by it, mesmerized in fact.

Her mother had been a beautiful woman and she had been quite taken with her beauty, her body lain naked before her father, her legs spread wide and the large instrument that her father pushed between her mother's legs and how she cried out at it's entrance, her body quivering as her father had pushed forward. Her mother's legs had surrounded his waist as he pushed and pulled at her body with his tool, her screams and moans increasing with each thrust until she froze and a large scream had escaped followed by panting and her father's screams as well.

Mother had died a year after that, making her the official Duchess of Fenwick. Her body shuddered at the thought of a tool being inserted into her and of this vile man being the one who did it, her body naked before him, a body that had never been lent to the sight of a man before. "What's your name, wench?" he asked and she replied, "Victoria, Duchess of Fenwick," and she saw a grin come to his face and he strode over in front of her, his hands once again exploring the ripe flesh presented by her bodice.

"Please sir, I beg of you, touch not this flesh before you, have some decency," but her pleas fell on deaf ears as his hands struggled at the bindings of her bodice and her tits were eventually exposed to him, her tears running down her cheeks as his hands cupped them. Once again, she felt the strange stirrings within her, a tingling sensation, as his hands worked to make her nipples hard.

"Not very big," he said as his hands continued to assault her bare chest, "But they'll do," he said, now pinching her erect nipples. He stopped and produced a large knife, "I'm going to untie you now wench, be sure not to offend me or your fate will be sealed," and he pointed at the knife. He released her wrists and the blood returned after a great absence, causing her wrists to tingle.

After she had regained her use of her wrists, he looked at her, knife in his hand, "Now, let's see what we have under all this window dressing," he said and she shivered at the thought of undressing before this man. Her hands nervously worked to release the dress from her body and it cascaded to the floor, her petticoats and her bloomers now all that stood between him and her nakedness. "Get them off wench, or I'll cut them off," he said and she released her petticoats and they joined her regal dress on the dirt floor. She stood there now only in her bloomers, her modesty causing her to freeze as she covered her ripe young tits with her hands. He saw her hesitancy and grabbed her by the arm, flinging her to the bed as he moved quickly and bound her hands to the headboard, her taut breasts bouncing under his movements on the bed.

Her tears returned, as his tying ended and she felt so utterly helpless, his hands now concentrating on her bloomers as he tugged them down, exposing her womanhood to his eyes. "Blimey!! That's bloomin' beautiful," he said, as his task of removing her bloomers was complete. "Duchess, you've got one hell of a body," he said as she watched in horror as his mouth moved to cover her virgin slit. She began to thrash, his hands grabbing her thighs to keep her still and the weight of his body on her legs insuring it. She felt his hot breath on her womanhood, her dread about to begin as his tongue flicked out over her tight pussy.

She cried, but could feel those feelings return as his tongue danced on her virgin pussy, her fires inside beginning to emerge as his tongue delved deeper. Her body betrayed her as his talented tongue made quick work of her virginal slit, and she felt her moisture begin. She looked out through squinted eyes, her breasts dancing on her chest as his head worked between her legs, her nipples quite erect now as they swayed to and fro in the air. Her breaths became shallower as his tongue did masterful things between her legs and she felt strange new urges, building deep within her. She shocked herself as she screamed out and felt herself become very wet, now she knew what her mother must have felt that night and her screams filled the cottage.

She felt his tongue licking all of the outside of her as she slowly returned to herself and he lifted his head and she saw his slickened chin, "Well, it seems that the Duchess likes her commoner after all, eh Duchess?" and he grinned. She had to admit that it did feel quite good and her body had responded in a way she had never felt before, but he was, after all still a commoner. She watched him as he crossed the room and returned with some more rope, binding her ankles to the corners of the bed, her body wide open for him and no chance of resistance, but did she really want to resist?

The feelings he had brought out of her had been quite wonderful and she stared as he removed his clothes. She marveled at his cock, she had only seen one in her life, and it had belonged to her father. This one was a little longer and had more width to it, from what she recalled. Her fear returned as she imagined it shoved inside of her tight hole, she had only recently been able to work her finger into it. He climbed on the bed between her legs, stoking his cock as he did, "Now Duchess, you will be properly broken," he said as he inched his large cock towards her tight entrance.

She struggled to close her legs and the bindings bit deep into her ankles, she could feel the blood running down them as his cock inched ever closer. With her first ever orgasm, she had left herself well lubricated inside and his cock head poked through with little effort, while he held it there, shifting closer before he began to push himself inside of her until he met resistance, "Blimey, you are a virgin," he said and then thrust all at once, her screams once again filling the cottage, but not in pleasure this time. She felt hot liquid flow down between her buttocks as his cock found it's depth and she whimpered as he began to move in and out of her, his pace quickening as he did until she felt the pain slowly subside and her feelings were back. He suckled on her grapefruit sized breasts as he pounded her and she felt her body begin to build towards something she had only felt once before, a matter of minutes ago.

She found herself fighting against her bindings again, only this time in an effort to spread her legs as he plunged to her inner depths, filling her pussy as well as her mind with each thrust. She felt her temperature rising with each thrust and could feel the mini explosions inside of herself; much like the fireworks she had seen when she was a child. She screamed out as her passions were once again released and he bit down on her tit as she felt his hot liquid erupt inside of her. He calmed now, much as she had and lay atop her, his cock she could feel growing smaller by the moment until it fell out altogether and his mouth drooled on her tit, it's nipple a bright red from his bite.

He got off of her and went outside and cleaned himself up before he came back in, his soft cock swaying between his legs, and stared at his royal prize laid out before him. "That was quite good Duchess, but I have one problem," and she dreaded to hear what was next, "I can't decide whether I want your mouth or your arse next," and she froze in fear, not wanting to experience either. He untied her and allowed her to wash up, but not to dress and he had her sit at the table, where some mutton stew was given to her. He was naked also, and it made her not want to eat in front of him, although he had shown her much pleasure with his forcefulness.

"Come on now, eat. Your daddy will not pay for a sick wench," he said and she ate, hoping that daddy would soon rescue her from this awful man. He sat next to her and broke her off a piece of stale bread, laying it on her plate as his hand grabbed her free hand and drew it to his lap and placed it on his soft cock. He closed her hand around it and began to move her hand up and down and she felt it grow in her hand, harder and harder until it was fully erect.

"Which will it be Duchess, your mouth or your arse?" he asked and she saw him grinning, "Of course, I could take them both," and he laughed and she cringed, the thought of neither being her choice. "Please sir, I beseech thee, grant me my freedom. Thou hast taken of my virginity and I beg mercy," he didn't seem too pleased with that, "Thou hast wanked me and now begs me to free thee? I think not Duchess, choose your next destiny!" and she could feel her tears well up in her eyes. She thought about it, his large cock had torn her pussy wide open and she shuddered to think what it would do to her arse, "Take my mouth sir," she said as her head hung low to her chest and she felt his cock jump in her hand, a small amount of fluid deposited in her palm.

He brought her palm to her lips and told her to lick it off, she was repulsed at the very idea, but he forced her to and the salty taste made her face pucker as though she had tasted of sour fruit, much to his glee.

"Shall I bind thee again?" he asked and she shook her head no as he led her back over and sat her on the bed, his cock now staring her in the face, "Take of this in your mouth wench, and be quick about it," he said and she slowly opened her mouth as he pushed it inside. She likened it to having several fingers at once shoved in her mouth and he instructed her to suck on it, as she had sucked on her mother's breast and she closed her mouth around it and began to suck it inside, her cheeks drawing inward at the suction.

Bertram grasped her by the head so that she could not withdraw as he began to push it in and out of her mouth and he watched her tits bounce as he made contact with her chin, a gag trying to surface as his cock struck her throat. A Duchess was sucking his cock, he could hardly believe it, and she was so tight lipped too, his balls began to ache with each thrust into her virgin mouth. His grip tightened on her head as his thrust became more rapid and she fought to release his grip as her gagging became more frequent, but his pace continued and she felt his cock expand in her mouth and the same salty fluid erupted, gushing down her throat as she was forced to swallow it.

She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and then begin to grow smaller and his grip was released on her head as his cock withdrew and puddles of cum dribbled down her chin, collecting on her long hair as they fell. He led her to a stream and allowed her to clean up and dress, then he took her to his root cellar and bound her, saying that he would go to secure her release and hoped that her father was a reasonable man. Her tears flowed, knowing that she would soon be reunited with her father and she fell asleep in the cellar, awakened many hours later by an approaching horse. He tossed a bag of gold coins at her feet, "Your father has paid me, but in order for your release to be secure, you too must pay me wench," and she looked at him quizzically, she had no money. "I want your arse for your freedom wench, your arse and that bag of gold," and she felt so used, he had gone back on his word.

"Please sir, you have your money and you have had my body, wouldest thou now let me go? Please I beseech thee," and he stared at her, his cock hungering for one last virgin hole, "After your arse," he said and she cried once more as he pulled her up and pulled her bloomers down and threw her over a sack of potatoes. He mushroomed her petticoats and dress onto her back as he released his cock and aimed at her tiny remaining virginity.

He spat on her to provide a degree of lubrication and she felt him poised at her arse, his pressure increasing and her tears flowing as he entered her, her screams rang out as he pushed forward. She prayed that she could lose consciousness, to be spared from this agony as his cock relentlessly pressed into her. She writhed under him, trying to unspear herself, but he grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her back onto himself, causing her to spear herself even deeper as his lust built. She prayed that it would end soon, prayed that he would unload his fluid into her and let her go free at last. His cock grew in her arse and she felt the familiar spurts erupt into her, as he collapsed over her back, spent. As he laid there, his cock still buried in her bowels, she noticed the potatoes now, pushing so hard into her tender breasts and her body was consumed in pain.

He withdrew and pulled her bloomers back up, his fluids running from her enlarged arse hole and pulled her to her feet, attaching a blindfold over her eyes, "NO, please sir, not that," and he kept working, "Can't have you telling daddy where I am, now can I? His cute little girl no longer having a virgin hole to speak of," and he laughed as he led her to the horse and pushed her up on it, climbing up behind her.

They rode for a while and she slowly began to hear noises of civilization, he stopped and took her down from the horse, removed her blindfold and her bindings and told her to go to the village. She turned to see him ride off before she reached the village and she cursed him, with all of her being and then she saw her daddy and ran to his arms, hers sobs soaking his cloak.

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