tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Echo of Fear

The Echo of Fear


I was trying to get out the mall and having a very difficult time. I knew I shouldn’t have come today. It was the Christmas rush after all. It seemed like everyone in North America had come shopping today, I found myself diving through narrow crack, slipping under arms, between couples, and dancing around to avoid small children, all while holding half a dozen bags of Christmas presents. I finally made it out into the parking garage and attempted to regain my composure.

As I searched for my car I thought about the upcoming holiday. I was twenty-five years old, single, and a virgin. Family gatherings for me were a form of torture. Six hours of nagging from everyone in my family to settle down, get married, and have a family. I could already hear what my aunt would say. She would tell me what an attractive girl I was, that I should easily be able to get a man.

Glancing at my reflection in a car window I wondered why I wasn’t married. It’s not like I was ugly. I was short yeah, but petite girls were a favorite of most men. I was short and slim with beautiful 34 C breasts, a delectable body, long legs, a face like an angel, sky blue eyes, and a tawny mane of dark blonde curls that fell nearly to my waist. I was every guy’s fantasy, and yet they never looked at me. My sister Rachel said it was because I scared them away with my looks. I was dressed warmly for winter so my body, no matter how lovely, was hard to see at the moment.

I wore an oversized blue sweater over denim jeans and hiking boots with a heavy wool scarf, gloves, and a trench coat. Underneath I was dressed sexy though. I loved sexy underwear. Today I was wearing a red sparkly bra and matching g-string panties that glittered in the dim light of my room. I anxiously sought the day when I would put them to good use. I had no idea that today was the day. From the shadows, a man was watching me. I didn’t know he was there until I saw the glow of his cigarette. I stopped because he was in front of me and took a step backward wondering what to do. The garage was empty, not another soul around.

Slowly he stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself. He was a tall muscular man with short brown hair and a cruel smile. I couldn’t see his eyes because he was wearing sunglasses. He had a goatee and was dressed warmly for the harsh winter weather. He took a step towards me and pulled off his sunglasses. His eyes were green, a vivid sparkling green and I inwardly thought that he was very handsome. He offered to help me with my bags.

Cautiously, I handed two of them over and led the way to my car. I was very aware of his presence behind me. Stop being paranoid! I chided myself. He’s just a nice man. But I would realize soon enough that my fear was warranted. I opened my trunk and gently set the bags inside, as did he. I smiled and offered my thanks and he asked for my phone number. I gave him one of my business cards and he studied it carefully. He said that Alicia was a very sexy name and I thanked him nervously.

Then he stepped closer, nearly pinning me against the car and asked if he could kiss me. Before I could respond he had his lips against mine and was holding me firmly against the car. I struggled for my freedom, overwhelmed by his boldness as he slipped a hand up to cup my breast. I drew back and slapped him hard. How dare he? Angry he slapped me back which sent me reeling against the car and he was on me fighting with the button on my jeans. I kicked at him but to no avail, I could taste my own blood. The man was at least twice my size and there was little I could do as he tore my jeans down around my knees. He smiled at my underwear and reached under my sweater to play with my breasts. I raked at his face and put a good scratch down the side, he swore and slapped me again, my vision swam. He was very strong.

Before I could think he had me twisted onto my belly across the trunk and was jerking my underwear down. I pleaded with him to stop but all I got in response was a hard slap to the ass and him hissing at me to be quiet or he would put his socks in my mouth. Well I really didn’t want to taste his feet so I just shut my mouth and tried to wriggle away across the trunk. He put a hand on each of my hips and dragged me back towards him, I could feel his engorged cock against my back and I turned onto my side, fighting him.

That’s when I saw his penis. It was a monster of a cock, nearly eleven inches long and at least two inches wide, it curled up wickedly against his belly and throbbed with life. Now on my side he caught my flailing feet and ripped off my jeans over my boots. He propped my leg over his shoulder and ran his fingers across my clit. I shuddered at his touch never having felt anything so powerful. He slipped a finger inside of me and seemed surprised at something. He laughed and said he was going to split my cherry wide open and that he was surprised that a pretty bitch like me was still a virgin.

He asked if I was a lesbian. Wide eyed I tried to escape again but he had a firm hold on me. He held my leg over his shoulder and pressed his huge cock against my pussy. I was too tight for him to get in and he swore pressing harder. I cried out from the burning pain begging him to stop and then with a tear he ripped inside me, expanding me in a way I had never imagined was possible. He stretched out my virgin cunt ripping through my cherry and slammed against my cervix. I cried out from the horrible pain and felt my tears on my cheeks. Holding me leg tight he pounded me with his massive cock sliding in and out very fast moaning about how tight I was. I wept and begged him to stop but he wasn’t listening.

He rolled me onto my back and withdrew from me rubbing his throbbing swollen head against my clit. I shivered and tried to back away but he had me held fast. He kneeled and started licking my pussy. I had never felt anything like it. Slowly he closed his mouth over my clit and sucked gently on it. I felt an involuntary moan rise to my lips as I shuddered, quivering beneath him. Again and again he brought me to earth shattering orgasm until I longed for the feel of thick cock in me. Taking each of my legs over his arms he entered me again and started fucking me, holding me tight against his hips so I felt every inch of his delectable manhood.

I started moaning and writhing against him, reaching down to rub my aching clitoris, I cried out as I came and he laughed as he pumped. Then he pulled out and ordered me to suck his cock. Horror washed over me. I had rarely even seen a penis, let alone put one in my mouth. He warned me that if I bit he would kill me. Slowly I dropped to my knees and took his cock tentatively into my mouth. It throbbed like a living thing and he moaned as I began to suck it.

Uncertainly, I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and began to jerk him off at the same time. He groaned and then ordered me onto me to bend over and hold onto the car. I did, uncertain what he was going to do. He reached under and lifted my thighs holding me open and slipped back into me.

Holding my hips he started slamming in and out then reached around and began rubbing my clit. I cried out as I came and he pumped harder and faster keeping tempo with how fast he was rubbing me. I shuddered under him and started slamming back to meet his thrusts. He reached up under my sweater clutching my breast as he fucked me and that made him fuck even harder. I cried out in ecstasy rubbing my own breast now with one hand and bracing myself with the other.

Suddenly he froze thrusting his cock deep inside of me and began cumming. He rocked gently back and forth as he came and I heard myself moaning as I trembled. We stayed that way for a long time and then gently he pulled out of me and I felt the liquid pouring down my legs. He redressed himself and then handed me his card. He said he would be sure to give me a call.

Watching him walk away, I numbly got dressed and drove home to wait for his phone call. I couldn’t wait to see him again.

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