tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Element of Fear

The Element of Fear


Authors' note: This is a piece of fiction. The authors do neither advocate nor condone any of the illegal activities depicted in this story. If graphic violence and non-consensual sex offends you, please do not read on. This is the first joint effort of Munachi and past_perfect, but hopefully not the last.


14.Feb.2007 – Valentine's Day

Sweet. So sweet it stung on her tongue, before it mingled with the taste of blood, which was there too. Yet, the taste of nougat and chocolate was familiar and reassuring. But she couldn't swallow; how was she supposed to ever get this thick, creamy mass of nougat out of her mouth? She felt a hand at her chin, squeezing it slightly, making her open her mouth, and another piece of chocolate found its way in between her lips. With effort she opened her eyes - they felt swollen and sore, the salt of tears still stuck to her eyelashes. Someone was crouching next to her; she couldn't make out more than the outline. He held a heart-shaped box from which he took piece after heart-shaped piece of chocolate and fed them to her.

She couldn't eat them any more, her stomach hurt, she felt dizzy; her whole body was in pain. She tried to keep her mouth shut.

"Eat them," his voice was soft, almost friendly, "They are your Valentine's Day present after all."

No, she couldn't eat any more. Her lips pressed against each other. His hand moved to her throat,

His voice was colder now.


She felt his hand move to her throat, pressing it harshly. Her mouth opened almost automatically, desperately trying to catch some breath, like a fish. Quickly he stuffed the last piece of chocolate in.

"It's good, isn't it?"

His voice was friendly again; his grip had loosened a bit.

"Concentrate on the sweetness."

She tried to. Then the grip on her throat became stronger again. Her mouth was full of the sticky mess, she felt some of it escaping her mouth again, running down at the side of her face.



sweetprey: Hello hunterskill! It's been a few days …

hunterskill:Hi my sweet prey … yes it has been mad lately … I missed you …

sweetprey: I even finally unpacked those boxes I had standing around for ages …

hunterskill:Ah, yes, the boxes … My day wasn't that exciting. Same old, same old. Well, it is picking up now that you are here …

sweetprey: Yes, I am also glad you are back online. Where were you in the last days, btw? Some kind of business trip? Vacation?

hunterskill:Nothing to write home about. Just busy. I thought of you a lot though. Brightened my day.

sweetprey: It's nice to know I have that effect.

hunterskill:Oh, you know what effect you have on me. I just can't resist sweetness.

sweetprey: So what does your girlfriend think of you talking to me?

hunterskill:My what? No shackles at present, don't worry. And your husband/boyfriend/lover?

sweetprey: None either … Last one ended over a year ago …

hunterskill:That is too long a time for such a sweet girl to be on her own. Well, I don't seem to be able to hang on to people for long. I try, but they never seem to last …

hunterskill:Guess I am more of the lone hunter type.

sweetprey: But quite skilled … or so I hear …

hunterskill:Skilled? What do you mean?

sweetprey: Well, your name …

hunterskill:Ah … I see, of course. He, he, one of us is a little dense tonight. Anyway, but that must be really frustrating being on your own for such a long time … not even the occasional fling?

sweetprey: No, not really. Well, there was one guy a few months ago. But somehow it just wasn't all that …

hunterskill:So, I suppose he didn't make the earth shake for you?

sweetprey: No … I guess I am a bit difficult … Dunno …

hunterskill:Oh, I can handle difficult. But difficult in what way? Not easy to please?

sweetprey: Maybe … I don't know … He was really nice and gentle … But that just wasn't what I wanted …

hunterskill:Ah, not a fan of the vanilla flavours. Good. That is something we have in common.

hunterskill:You like it rough?

sweetprey: I do … But … *blushes*

hunterskill:Well, sorry I am prying a bit too much into your private life. Didn't want to startle you there.

sweetprey: No, don't worry … I just never really talked about it with anyone …

hunterskill:Ok, well, that is the wonderful thing about the net. People can talk about things freely they wouldn't dare entrusting their best friends with. I do feel extremely comfy with you … You do too, don't you?

sweetprey: Yes … It's strange indeed. They always warn to be careful with people from the Internet … But somehow I feel I can tell you a lot more than I could tell people I know well …

hunterskill:Yes, one needs to be careful. But you can tell me anything you want. So you do fantasize about rough sex?

sweetprey: Hm, yes … I don't know if rough sex is the right word … Doesn't sound enough, somehow …

hunterskill:Oh, it goes further than that … brilliant, right up my alley, which would be a dark alley … would that be a place where we meet?

sweetprey: Um … Well, IF we would ever meet … but don't forget you are a stranger off the Internet …

hunterskill:Oh, don't worry. I meant in your fantasies? Is this the kind of thing that gets you going? The prey in your name stands there for a reason I suppose?

sweetprey: Well, yes … Does that make me weird?

hunterskill:No, not at all. You wouldn't believe how many people fantasize about that. It is perfectly normal. And, we are on the same page here.

sweetprey: Really?

sweetprey: Well I asked my ex once if he couldn't hold me down during sex … I think I actually scared him with that … He definitely thought I was weird.

hunterskill:A lot of women are like that. They are just too scared to ask, and confused … Sometimes all it takes is to give them what they want, let them know that they can be as they are. I have had wonderful experiences …

sweetprey: Details …?

hunterskill:Ah, you would like to hear details. Well, I like being in control, total control for that matter. I like to do things to them, break their fake resistance, tie them up; take them as I please. Does that sound like something you would enjoy?

sweetprey: It does … Why do I never meet guys like you?

hunterskill:Oh, that could be arranged. Let's start one step at a time though. What do you fantasize about? Do you like being hunted?

sweetprey: You mean like running away, and someone running after me and finally catching me, and …

sweetprey: Well I sometimes have dreams like that. Almost a shame I usually wake up too early.

hunterskill:Yes, those are sweet dreams, which should never end. Well, for as long as you are here with me, we can make your dreams come true. Tell me what turns you on. What you like best.

sweetprey: Oh, there is a lot. As I said, I haven't tried a whole lot yet. But I would like to be held down, or tied up, and forced to have sex. And hurt.

hunterskill:Oh, you like being hurt. Yes … Pain is a wonderful thing. It keeps you in the moment, purifies you. But it has to be the right mixture of pleasure and pain. I enjoy giving the utmost delight when women are at my mercy. In both directions.

sweetprey: Um … actually I like only one direction … Couldn't really imagine the other one … Or what do you mean?

hunterskill:Oh, you don't like it up the arse? Let's not mince words here, after all, it is just us here, no need to hide. I meant pleasure and pain with the directions though.

sweetprey: Oh, I see. He, he.

sweetprey: But yes, I don't like it up the arse.

sweetprey: Not that I ever tried … But just thinking about it … *shudders*

hunterskill:Yeah, not everyone is into that, at least not at first. So, you like being fucked until you scream? Until it hurts? Until you cannot say whether you want him to stop or go on?

sweetprey: Well … *blushes*

hunterskill:Has no one ever done that for you?

sweetprey: No … Told you, the one guy I asked to go a bit in that direction, was completely freaked out … So I kind of assumed I am strange and should rather shut up about my fantasies if I don't want to scare all guys off.

hunterskill:Now, I am someone whom you wouldn't be able to scare off with anything. And you are not weird. You are perfect. For me, in any case. Please, just be as you are. Tell me your fantasies, don't be afraid to say what you like.

sweetprey: Well … Sometimes I have these ideas about just being someone's … That he does all he wants with me, and I have no say in it at all …

hunterskill:I understand what you mean. Yes, but that all he does is because he wants you too, isn't it?

sweetprey: Well … Yes, I guess … There is something appealing to the idea that he wants me so … much he couldn't even control himself if he wanted.

hunterskill:Yes. That is what it is like for me. All there is, is this burning desire to possess her, use her; go over the edge with her. Ah, even talking about it makes me hot. We sound like a perfect match, don't you think?

sweetprey: Hm … I would almost be tempted to want to meet you … But … I guess that would be a bit too much.

hunterskill:Too much, no, on the contrary. I want you to want me. And if you want us to meet and experience all you ever dreamt about, and more, I will be there. Where do you live?

sweetprey: Wait … This is just our … Don't know … maybe fifth conversation? Don't you think this is a bit fast?

hunterskill:Ah, my sweet little prey needs some more hunting. Relax. I don't mean tomorrow. Let's get to know each other better. Don't worry about it, I am just saying that if that is what you want, that is what will happen. You tell me what you are comfortable with, and we take it from there. Okay?

sweetprey: Okay … And I guess meeting up isn't actually an idea I am comfortable with right now … But else, I really enjoy our conversations.

hunterskill:Yes, me too. It is a shame that I have to break this one off now though. There is still a lot of work to be done. Will you be here tomorrow?

sweetprey: I am pretty sure I will be … Wouldn't want to miss speaking to you.

hunterskill:Nor would I - you are a very special woman and I enjoy every minute we spend together … and will spend together. We can share our dreams … and make them come true. All right, the phone is ringing, that will be work … so I really have to run now … dream of me, as will I.

sweetprey: Bye …

hunterskill:Bye, till tomorrow …



hunterskill:Hi my sweet prey. Did you have a nice day?

sweetprey: Hi … Not so bad … And yourself?

hunterskill:I can't complain, as I was thinking about you a lot. I really enjoyed our conversation last night.

sweetprey: Well, I did too … It's strange, I can't imagine ever telling these things any of my friends, but with you it's different …

hunterskill:You are still holding back though. I can feel it. Or are you holding back in your fantasies even?

sweetprey: I don't know … might be … Well, sometimes I just scare myself with thinking these things …

hunterskill:Yes, but you like being scared, don't you … the element of fear … best aphrodisiac in the world …

sweetprey: True.

sweetprey: But it's sometimes difficult to find where one's own limits are, even in fantasies.

hunterskill:Yes, we can explore those limits together. I want to know all about you.

sweetprey: Hm … yes … But you have to help me, somehow …

sweetprey: Couldn't you tell me some of your own fantasies?

hunterskill:My fantasies … you want to know what I like?

sweetprey: Yes.

hunterskill:Oh, I could tell you a little story if you like … do you like the forest?

sweetprey: Forest sounds interesting …

hunterskill:Well, I am a very outdoorsy person. Ok sit back, relax, enjoy … you don't have to answer, let just me do the talking for once … ok?

sweetprey: So does that mean I am talking too much? Hehe. But okay.

hunterskill:Not too much, just enough to get me hot most of the time … but now it's my turn … let me do that for you … would you like that?

sweetprey: Yes.

hunterskill:I hear her calling her dog, but cannot see her from my vantage point yet. Nor can the dog for that matter, being knocked out by the meat with added tranquilliser I hid for it. Now she enters my field of vision, wearing a yellow skirt with red flowers, an almost matching top in the same colour and a jeans jacket for the chill. She looks confused, her calling for her dog becomes louder and has a hint of anxiety in it. She wears trainers, and I know she is a good runner, as she jogs with her dog in the evening after work. It is time to make my presence known. She approaches the underbrush and I make sure that there are enough noises from broken twigs and boughs to get her hopes up and crush them with my sight. She freezes on the spot when she sees me. I can see that she is torn by her desire to enquire about her dog and the sense of clear and immanent danger. I am but two metres away, when she opens her mouth to speak.

hunterskill:She manages to utter "pardon me" with a beautiful undercurrent of terror in her voice, before I reach her and grab hold of her top and rip it asunder with one swift movement. She isn't wearing any bra, and her medium sized tits swing free in the crisp autumn's morning. Even more delightful is the look on her face - that wonderful mixture of disbelief, fear and panic. I give her a few seconds to recover and start running. She is fast, but makes the elementary mistake to look over her shoulder too often, but at least that gives me a few spectacular vistas of her bouncing tits. It is easy to keep up with her, I follow her so close that she can hear my breath. She doesn't even scream yet and trips over a large root. She falls onto her face and I leisurely descend on her, pinning her down with my body weight before she can resume her flight. She squirms and desperately tries to get enough leverage with her arms to bounce me off and now she starts crying as she notices that this won't work. She bucks her arse a couple of times into my groin, presumably to hurt me, but all it does is turn me on and I am glad she can feel my hard on when I press her down even more.

hunterskill:She has beautiful long red hair, albeit henna red and after stroking it a bit I decide to cut off a few strands later for my collection. She smells really nice, of shower gel, sweat, fear and the first imprint of the dewy morning earth. She struggles when I tear her out of her jeans jacket and remove what is left of her top. She tries to kick me, but doesn't get enough momentum in this position to hurt me. Her body is hot and sweaty. She starts yelling for help, interspersed with "please … please … don't do this … please … let me go … " I decide that she needs more exercise and shift my body, so that I come to sit on her legs, quickly ripping her skirt to shreds and holding her panties at their elastic. I will let her get away now, but will take that memento for keeping when she exploits the freedom of movement to try and get away.

hunterskill:I give her about twenty metres to enjoy the sight of her naked body disappearing in the brushwood, and leisurely put the ripped panties in my jacket before running after her. She has stopped yelling now; maybe she knows that it is useless at this time of the morning, or she hopes to get enough distance between us to be able to hide somewhere. I catch up quickly, but follow her for a while to see twigs, thorns and the occasional contact with bark punish her naked body. She stops, and tries to figure out where we she is, as her customary route does not lead her into this part of the forest, panting heavily and still whimpering to herself. She turns her head and sees me, but it is too late for her to react. I tackle her and we both topple over. She crashes hard on a large dry bough, which cracks under our bodyweight and digs painfully into her backside. She screams, her face is distorted with pain and exhaustion, her cheeks wonderfully blushed, tears stream down her face. I grab her hair, get up and drag her after me. It takes her a while to get up to her feet, so she has to endure quite a bit of pain. Her hands clutch my arm in the futile attempt to loosen my grip of her, or maybe just to reduce the pull on her hair.

hunterskill:There is a large tree here, which is perfect for our purposes, so we are heading there. The trunk is wide and will do nicely to tie her up. Even sweeter than the birds' songs earlier are her high pitched shrieks, her sobs and protestations as I yank her to the tree. It is time to add a little emphasis on her inferior position, so I draw my bowie knife out of its sheath and quietly inflict a superficial cut to her right arm, then let her hair go. She loses her balance, falls right into me, screaming from the pain. Her eyes are widened with fear now, but not fear of pain, this is the fear for her life; a good hunter can distinguish the scents. The pain and the sight of the knife seems to have broken her resistance for now; she freezes as I slowly bring it up to her neck, caressing her with the cold razor-sharp blade.

hunterskill:I know she wants to say something along the lines of "please don't kill me" but apparently her voice fails her, so I start talking instead, ordering her politely to get up, lean against the tree trunk and move her arms together and above her head. She does what she is told, shivering and shaking in the first rays of the morning sun over the horizon. Blood drips down her arm, and she has several rips and tears from the chase all over her body. She is beautiful. I savour her scent whilst pressing her against the tree with my body and first tying up her wrists with a smaller piece of rope. I attach the longer one to this and manage to reach around the trunk, starting to tie her to the tree. I do my trademark three point fixture, one around her elevated wrists, one around her neck, so tight that she would actually strangle herself if she dared to move and third just below her beautiful titties, even propping them up a bit. I am pleased with the knots and tension of the rope, she even gargles a bit and struggles for breath, leaving her cheeks even redder than they were before.

hunterskill:It is time to appreciate my prey, so I plant a kiss on her heated forehead, eagerly licking a drop of blood trickling down from her arm mingling with the salt of her sweat. It is a wonderful taste, it tastes of more. Her nipples are hard, either it's the cold or her body betrays her already. She is a little quiet, which might have to do with the fact that breathing is difficult for her now, and I breathe heavily into her ear as recompense. My hands knead her tits softly at first, then a bit rougher, making her knowledgeable of the fine line between pleasurable and painful. She gasps a bit, and whimpers incoherent stuff, which doesn't really interest me at this point, as I am sinking down to my knees to explore what will be the main source of my pleasure for the next hour or so. Her pussy is shaven apart from a small landing strip and her original hair colour appears to be dark blonde.

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