tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Elf & the Blacksmith

The Elf & the Blacksmith


Deep in the forest, at the end of a long, twisting path stood a small white house. It was here that the elf and the blacksmith made their home. The small white house stood in a clearing in the woods, its thatched roof contrasting with the deep green leaves of the surrounding trees.

Behind the house stood a small shop building made of stone. It was here that the blacksmith practiced his ancient craft, moulding iron into new and useful shapes.

The elf, a tiny mischievous woman was at work in the garden behind the house. She tended all manner of vegetables and herbs there. As befitting an enchantress all the inhabitants of the garden were well behaved and prolific, the plants all growing and blooming in great display of leafy colour. Too soft hearted to pull the weeds she had reached an agreement with the plants and the weeds all grew neatly in the corner of the garden, never daring to invade the other plants.

She gathered a basket of fresh herbs then walked across the dooryard to the shop. She wore a white dress, with a tight bodice and a long flowing skirt. That was all she was wearing, and she was barefoot. She could feel the cool grass between her toes as she stepped across the lawn.

From the chimney of the shop a column of smoke rose, indicating that the smith was at work at his forge. Stepping through the door into the dim half-light she saw him at work, the flames from the fire illuminating him.

She stepped up onto a narrow walkway that went round the wall of the shop. Scurrying along it she took her place on a seat near the only window. Here, curled up, her chin on her knees, she could watch the smith at work. He had installed the walkway and the seat for her, so that she could watch him safely. One day, before her special place had been prepared, she had accidentally stepped on a piece of hot metal, a plug that had been punched from the work on the anvil. She had cried out and the smith had scooped her up in his mighty arms and carried her from the shop. Taking her to the spring he had allowed the cool water to run across the burn on her foot, taking the heat out of it. He held her as she cried with the pain, and kissed her on the head. Shortly afterwards the walkway and seat had been built and the little elf could watch him safely.

The smith lifted an arm to a lever overhead and pulled it down, setting in motion the great bellows that was positioned under the forge. It lifted up, inflating with air, then dropped down pushing its mighty blast into the fire. A roar of air could be heard and the flames of the fire leapt up. His arm moved up and down, and the clacking of the valves in the bellows could be heard as the fire heated the piece of iron in the fire.

The elf sat on her little ledge, entranced by the sparks that flew up from the fire. The smith gazed at the flames intently, watching the iron object there, and judging its colour critically. Suddenly he paused his pumping of the bellows, and a silence descended over the shop.

Tongs grasping the glowing metal he pulled the iron out of the fire and moved it quickly to the anvil. Raising his hammer above his head he brought it down swiftly in a series of ringing blows, the iron bending to his will. He shaped it, moulded it, and twisted it until it took on the form he desired.

Heat after heat he repeated the process. Using all four of the ancient elements; fire, air earth and water; he worked the stubborn iron and bent it to his wil

The elf watched silently. She could work magic with her plants and sometimes even with animals but this alchemy always amazed her. The smith worked hard, his sinewy arms rising and falling, his muscled hands swinging the hammer with a practiced rhythm

The sunlight coming through the window cast a square of light on the floor. The square of light travelled slowly across the floor as the morning wore on.

The blacksmith hammered one last blow. He set his hammer on the tool bench and shovelled coal on the fire, banking it. He looked up at the elf and smiled. Her face lit up at his gaze and she quickly rose from her seat, scampered along the wooden walk and met the blacksmith at the door to the shop.

He put his arm around her as they walked. He stood over a foot taller than she did, and outweighed her by a hundredweight. She put her small arm around his waist and pressed herself to his body. She loved his smell, especially after he had been working. So many aromas from the shop, the coal, the hot iron, and the linseed oil he used to finish his ironwork—all blended with the ripe scent of his body.

Together they strode across the yard and into the house, the smith sitting down at the table, the little one sitting across from him. Luncheon was a simple affair as always bread and cheese, which they had set out on the table earlier in the day. Pouring water from a large stone jug he drank thirstily, then sat there, leaning back in his chair.

The elf rose and moved behind him, putting her hands on his broad shoulders. She rubbed them, feeling the knots in the muscles of his neck and upper back. She leaned her head against his back, her long red hair trailing down over the back of the chair. She could feel the warmth of his body on her cheek and she felt a great longing.

The blacksmith turned in his chair and laughed, seeing the little elf behind him. He rose from his chair, and she stepped back, always a little amazed at how large he seemed when he stood up.

He grinned and pulled off his shirt, draping it over the chair. His muscles rippled and the hair on his chest was still damp with the sweat he had worked up that morning. He bent slightly and put his arms around the elf and picked her up, placing her on his shoulder and carrying her to the bedroom just a few feet away.

He spun around twice, and then lifted the small woman off his shoulders, and placed her down on the bed, gently. She sat up on the edge of the mattress as he lay down on the bed, his back to her. Reaching across to the night table she took a small bottle in her hand and poured a small amount of it out onto his back.

The massage oil was scented with herbs she grew herself. Rosemary was a key ingredient, with ginger for a bit of heat. She rubbed his broad back with the oil, pressing her fingers into the flesh. The giant man moaned contentedly as she squeezed the tension out of his muscles.

She climbed up and straddled him so that she could put her full weight behind her massage. Her skirt pulled up and she could feel the inside of her thighs against his body. The feel of his skin on her hands, the smell of him, all these things combined to excite her, and she could feel a growing dampness between her legs.

The elf was not the only one growing aroused. The smith was shifting uncomfortably now, his hips rising up off the bed as his erection began to build. Turning over onto his back she saw a thick bulge in his pants and she quickly resumed her straddling posture, grinding her cunny down onto the bulge.

He looked up at her, his eyes on fire. He reached for her and ran his hands along the sides of her body. Pulling at the fabric of her dress he lifted it, pulling it over her head. She helped him removed the garment and tossed it aside as soon as it came off. She shook her red hair, which cascaded down over her shoulders.

Her breasts were a pale white, freckled, like the rest of her body. Her nipples were hard and erect and her smile was that of a woman who knew that she would soon be satisfied.

She bent forward and kissed him on the lips, her breasts brushing across his chest. His arms came up and held her down to him as their tongues danced together. Their lips joined in a long wet kiss. His hands slid along her body, tickling the underside of her breasts.

She moved back into an upright position, her hands kneading his chest, her finger teasing his nipples. He closed his eyes and let his head roll back; enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. Her hand reached for the buttons on his trousers and she began to pull the rough material down his legs. He lifted his hips and pulled at them as well, kicking them off his legs.

His erection sprang to attention as he lay back down, a long thick cock stem. The little elf moved back on the bed and lowered her head to the throbbing member. She took it in her hand and stroked it several times, then, holding it by the base she ran her tongue up the length of it. The smith moaned at the touch of her lips as she kissed the head of it. She circled the head of his cock with her lips and then began to suck it in, opening her mouth wide to accommodate its girth.

His hands reached up and touched her red hair, gently holding her head as she sucked him. His cock grew firmer in her mouth and he felt an aching in his balls as her little mouth engulfed him. She looked up at him, her doe like eyes flaring with passion.

She lifted her mouth off him and gazed at him, licking her lips. She pulled herself upright, and still on her knees moved upwards along his body. He could feel her thighs against his own as she slid along him.

Very quickly she was straddling his hips, and she leaned forward slightly, putting her hands on his chest. She lifted her self up on her knees and began to push down on his cock. Sliding back and forward she teased his cock head as he groaned and tried to thrust into her. Finally she eased down, sliding onto the shaft.

He felt her surround him, the warm wetness of her cunt on his cock He thrust in driving his cock to the hilt. The tiny woman lifted up as his hips bucked and she moved to keep her balance while she rode him.

Her tiny cunt ringed his huge cock as it moved like a greased piston in and out of her. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure across them and slowly the pounding grew faster.

The elf came first, her orgasm gripping her body. She felt herself clenching around his cock, it firmness feeling so wonderful inside her. Her mouth opened slightly in a soft cry as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

His orgasm followed quickly. He could feel her cunt squeezing around him, milking his cock. From deep within his belly he could feel the sperm rising and in a great release he felt his seed shoot into her.

She collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside her. He put his arms around her and held her close to him. They kissed, a soft warm gently kiss.

Growing limp he slipped out of her and she slid down onto the bed beside him. He put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled up to him, her nose close to his armpit. She could smell him there, the great earthy smell of her man lying next to her.

The smith kissed her on the top of her head, loving the adorable creature that made his life complete.

As they lay there the rain began to fall, and they slept in the afternoon with the rain splashing against the windows, content in each other’s arms.

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