tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Enforcer Ch. 02

The Enforcer Ch. 02


It’s been an interesting week. Meeting Candy was my favourite part. But becoming the leader of a local biker gang was not bad either. Candy and I have been fucking like bunnies ever since we first made love. I have been in more fights this week than in the last four years. I missed it.

I was an enforcer for a biker gang before I decided to go to university. I was unfortunately in a rival gang’s city, so I had to lose my colours. But as irony would have it. I got into a fight in the local bar, where they hung. I crushed their leader and his boys. But to add to the fact, since I had done it in a fight for the attention of his woman, and he lost, I was now their boss. Candy was now mine.

I was happy to get a little attention from a cute girl, but when I learned of her sad story, well, I could not use her. However it did not take long before we fell in love. There was a little disagreement when I told the gang that Candy was now only mine. She had been their fuck toy for the last four months. Well after a quiet discussion, they came to agree with me. Of course the police and paramedics had to be called in to clean up.

More than half the gang is now in the hospital recovering from their fight with me. I am waiting for them to get out so I can call a meeting. But at least Candy is keeping me busy while I wait.

We had returned to the bar a few days after the brawl. The clean up was going well, but there was severe damage to the bar, and some of the bar staff. I talked with the owner. He told me he had enough money to clean up, but since most of his clientele was now in the hospital, he needed new customers, or he may have to close.

Normally I would not have cared, but under the circumstances, I had to save the dump. After all, how could I lead a gang if we had nowhere to meet? I learned from Candy that Snake had already wasted all the money the gang had, and since they no longer had a racket, they were broke. Then she mentioned an interesting tidbit. Snake had not told anybody, but the Outlaws had revoked the local membership.

In a serious tone I said: “Things just get better and better don’t they.” Candy was not looking at my face as I spoke and missed my smile.

She softly said: “I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.” She saw my smile. “Why are you smiling Vinny?”

I replied: “Are any of the guys going to get upset if I was to announce what we know to them?”

She replied affirmatively: “They’d fucking snap.” She thought for a second, “Mind you, since Snake was the one to get us to join the Outlaws, it may not be as bad. After all with the death of the drug trade, the Outlaws from upstate, and the guys that were loyal to them, also left.” She smiled: “But they would be pissed at Snake.”

I looked deeply into her soft eyes: “Do you think any of them would defy me if I was to disband the gang? Then offer membership into a new one.”

Candy was a little surprised, she replied with uncertainty: “They would be a little upset, but, if you put it right they may go for it.”

I smiled as I said: “Candy, how would you like to be the first member of my new biker gang?”

She giggled as she said: “I would have to see your benefit plan.” She took on a more serious expression as she said: “This is all nice, but where are we going to get the capital, and how are we going to get this to happen?”

I smiled, held her close and said: “I would not worry about the money. I have a little put aside. After all, you don’t get to be a respectable Enforcer if you’re broke.”

She smiled and said: “How much are we taking here?”

I looked at her and said: “I spent a sizable amount going to university, but my accountant told me I have about a half million left.” Candy smiled. “I did not like drugs, but I was an enforcer, so I had to have something. I ran guns for the Wheelers. Actually, I still do, or should I say, my boys do. I have let them keep the money, in a general trust fund. We were planning to go legit and start a company together after I was done here.”

Candy was surprised and said: “Are your guys loyal to the Wheelers, or are they loyal to you?”

I smiled and said: “They’re my boys; they will listen to me only. I can trust then.”

She looked at me and in a serious tone said: “We have the money; we have the guns; now how do we get the manpower?”

I hugged her close and said softly: “I am hoping to get a dozen boys here, but I can call in friends if need be. They could be here tomorrow night.”

Candy moved back a little and said: “I may be able to get you a dozen guys from here.” She sighed. “But I may need to fuck a few to seal the deal.” She looked at me with pleading eyes. I held her closer.

I replied sweetly: “That’s more than I want to pay. Let’s see how many we can get without using your body as a bargaining chip.”

We headed out on my Harley. We started with those who she thought may do it out of pride. We were lucky, we got the first six, no issues, just a promise of power in the new gang, and a warning that if I fucked them like Snake I was dead. The next four joined with a little palm greasing. Not ideal, but good enough for now. We had ten guys, not bad. But our luck ended there. The next nine would not do it for anything less than Candy.

Candy only had one guy left; he was ‘Special’ as Candy put it. She did not know what he’d want, but she told me he was strong, he may be able to get us a few more guys. His name was Max. He was nearly fifty, but he was still in shape. He was bald, with a medium build. I saw him; I thought to myself, he’s not going to be worth the effort. We followed him into his living room. Something about how he moved caught my eye. He was very graceful, fluid even.

The house did not fit the info I had on him from Candy. It was neat and tidy. Very open, and he had a dozen bonsai trees. I sat and motioned us to sit in front of him. I sat, Candy was about to speak, when Max motioned her to stop. He looked at me and said: “What is your name?”

I replied: “I am Vinny.”

He smiled and said: “You want my help, don’t you?”

I softly said: “No, I want your aide. I don’t want you to help me, I want you to pledge your loyalty to me, and I want you to be a part of something big.”

He sized me up and said: “That is a bold statement, what do you offer in return?”

Candy was about to speak, I stopped her and said: “You are not a normal biker. You don’t want power, you don’t want money. What do you want?”

Candy was a little surprised. Max replied: “You are perceptive. I want understanding, I want information, I want to learn, but most of all, I want a worthy leader. Do you think you can provide this?”

I smiled and said: “I believe I can. So you will join me?”

He smiled and said: “Yes, but may I ask a little favour?”

I sat back curious: “Yes, I suppose. What do you want?”

He looked a little ashamed as he said: “I am still weak, I have a weakness for sins of the flesh.” I thought I knew what he wanted, but waited. “I realize that you two are in love. And that you would most likely never let me have sex with Candy.” I nodded he was correct. “I have not seen a loving couple making love in a long time. I am a voyeur. Can I watch you two making love?” He waited expectantly.

I looked at Candy and asked: “I can’t make this decision, what do you say love?”

She smiled and said: “I am game.” She looked at Max: “So where do you want this to happen?”

He looked at her softly and said: “I have a room upstairs; it has not been used in a few months. It has a large bed. Would that be alright?”

Candy smiled and said: “Sounds good to me, but what do we get in return?”

Max looked at me, then said: “You get me, my boys and I will get you as many more guys as I can. Let’s say I promise no less than twenty men today, and another thirty if you are as noble as you seem.” He looked me squarely in the eyes. “Or if you are good.”

I replied back: “What if I am both old man?”

He smiled and said: “You’re confident; we will have to see where you take us.”

We headed upstairs. It was fairly bland, but again he has a few well trimmed bonsai. He showed us to the room. We both gasped as he opened the room. It was completely out of character. The walls were adorned with beautiful artwork. The bed in the middle was huge. It has lovely red silk sheets, white silk pillow cases covered large down pillows. A very ornate padded headboard was at the head of the bed. Soft flowing curtains hung from the ceiling. A pair of large mirrors were set on the side walls. The Soft smell of fragrant oils filled the air. It was beautiful, romantic and elegant.

Candy spoke first: “Wow, this room is beautiful. Did you design it?”

Max softly replied: “It was designed with the wrong reasons in mind. It is a relic of a past life I led. I only have it to satisfy my urges. But I have only showed it to a few couples.” He looked at both of us. “I only let true lovers use it. I believe yours is a true love.”

Candy turned red. I replied softly: “I thank you for your vote of confidence my friend.”

I gave him a solid hug. Candy then softly hugged him and placed a tender kiss on his cheek. Max smiled: “Thank you both for letting me see your love.” Max moved to a discreetly placed recliner in the deepest corner of the room. I was a little nervous; I mean I was not used to an audience. Candy looked happy; she even appeared to be having fun.

I smiled as I hugged her close. I kissed softly on the lips. As our kiss broke, I looked deep into her eyes and said: “You look happy. Are you enjoying this?”

Candy looked away from me and in a weak voice said: “I have always been an exhibitionist at heart. I am not a slut, but I get hot from having somebody watching.” She looked at me anxious, waiting to see what I would do.

I kissed her firmly and said: “I can live with that. Just keep me informed of what you want. I don’t mind doing a little extra for you.”

She smiled again, obviously happy with my reply, she moved closer to me. Then kissed me firmly, her hands moved rapidly to my shirt. She quickly started removing it. She broke our kiss just long enough for me to remove my shirt. She returned her mouth to mine. Lustfully she kissed me deeply as she rapidly undid my belt. I was a little surprised at her aggressiveness. Within moments she had my pants undone and in one fluid motion dropped to her knees, taking my pants and boxers to the floor with her.

I was still in shock as she gobbled up my hardening penis. I looked at Max unconsciously, he looked a little disappointed. But when our eyes met I realized he was in shock too. He mouthed: “Is she always like this?”

I smiled and mouthed back: “No. She is just a little excited.” His frown disappeared. I moved my hands softly to Candy’s shoulders. She looked up at me, half my now hard cock in her mouth. I motioned for her to stand. She let my rod escape her mouth slowly while she got up. I bent forward, placed a quick kiss on her lips. I then whispered softly into her ear: “Slow down, he wants to see tenderness, not just lust.”

Candy froze. She looked at me lovingly. I stroked her cheek softly, she melted in my hand. I slowly had her turn to face Max. A smiled filled his face. I bent forwards, licking her ear lobe softly as I lifted her t-shirt. A moan escaped her as I softly grazed her hard nipples. I finished removing her t-shirt, Max watched attentively. He looked at her naked breasts for only a second or before concentrating his gazes on Candy’s face.

Candy was caught up in the feelings. She let me guide her body. I turned her face softly to the side, placing a passionate kiss upon her lips. Her face flushed. She was in bliss. My powerful hands softly teased her soft breasts. Goosebumps covered her body. Candy’s body was relaxed. I felt the love passing between us. This was what Max wanted to see.

I reached to Candy’s waist; I slowly released her belt; undid the button at the top of her jeans; unzipped them, then slowly removed them revealing the soft pink panties she wore. I placed a kiss on her neck as her jeans slide down her legs. She was soft, sweet smelling and tenderness radiated from her. I loved how innocent she could be when she was relaxed.

I softly guided Candy’s mouth to mine again. We kissed deeply. She slowly turned to face me as we kissed. I moved my hands to her firm behind. I softly ran my finger tips along the edge of her cheeks. She sighed softly into my mouth. I finally caught the sides of her panties. I grabbed hold of them, and moved them down, breaking our kiss in the process. I moved to her feet, removing the last few pieces of her clothing. I also took the opportunity to remove my own shoes and to discard my jeans.

I got back up, her eyes never left mine. We both stood naked, passionately in love. We were both quite oblivious to Max’s presence at this point, we had to make love, we did not care who watched. I softly lifted and place Candy onto the bed behind her. She shivered at the feel of the soft, cool silk. I slowly moved my face to her legs. I spread them lightly, enjoying her unique aroma. I moved closer to her exposed sex.

My breath caused her to shiver as I moved closer and closer to her core. I gently permitted my tongue to touch her exposed flesh. Candy shivered as my tongue lapped at her outer labia. Revelling in her tangy flavour, I moved my left hand to her thigh. I slowly spread her soft lips, gradually her inner petals appeared. I moved my tongue back to her warm sex. I ran my tongue along her slit, savouring the unique feeling.

Candy moved her hands to my head and began softly stroking my hair. I used my tongue to expose Candy’s love button. I ran my tongue softly along it, avoiding friction, I just wanted to make it wet. When I was satisfied her exposed clit was covered in my saliva, I softly blew on it. Candy’s grip on my head tightened as her body tensed. She let out a soft cry as she came. I moved my tongue to her clit. I kept her cumming for several seconds.

As her orgasm finally subsided and her grip on my cranium released, I moved my tongue to her now dripping opening. I gave it a few quick licks, trying to get as much of her juices into my mouth as possible. As her hands started to stroke my hair again I lifted my face from Candy’s body. Looking her in the eyes I slowly moved my body over hers.

My rock hard cock made its was up between her legs. My face now level with hers I kissed her with love. She hugged me close. I felt my penis now resting at the entrance to her body. She looked at me deeply and said: “Make love to me.”

I kissed her again softly. I arched my back slightly, plugging myself into her body. In her relaxed state I was able to enter her effortlessly. I felt her body stop me. I was in as far as I could go. I stayed like that for several seconds, just kissing Candy, loving every second. Candy broke the kiss and softly whispered: “I want to feel your cum in my belly again.”

Not wanting to disappoint Candy, I began pistoning into her body, slowly increasing my tempo. Soon I was going at a fevered pace. Sweat covered my brow. Tiny rivulets made their way down my body, then dripped onto Candy’s exposed breasts. Candy’s hands just rubbed the droplets into her flesh. I smiled, happy to see Candy enjoying herself.

After several minutes of fevered fucking I finally felt my resolve waning. Candy and I came simultaneously. I filled her body with my hot semen. I kept pistoning myself into her body until her orgasm finally subsided. I was not tired, but felt like snuggling with the woman I loved, so I moved closer to her, grabbed her in my arms. With my penis still in her womanhood, I turned us both to the side and lay on the bed with her body cradled in my arms. For the first time in several minutes Max entered my thoughts again.

Candy’s small body cradled against my massive form, I kissed her softly then whispered into her ear: “I have to get up and talk to Max; I will be back as soon as I can.”

Candy hugged me close and said: “Hold me for a few minutes more, then you can go and talk to him.” I nodded and hugged her close. I was a little surprised when I felt a soft silk sheet being draped over Candy and me.

Max said in a gentle voice: “You two can spend as much time as you want together. Take your time, enjoy the feeling. When you are ready, come down I will be waiting for you.” With that Max walked out of the room, and closed the door on his way out.

Candy and I snuggled for over an hour. Eventually my flaccid member slipped from her body. Candy fell asleep in my arms. I softly removed myself from the bed. I covered her body with the soft silk sheet. I put on my boxers and headed downstairs.

Max saw me and said: “I take it Candy is still sleeping.”

I replied wistfully: “Like an angel.” I took on a more serious tone and said: “Now we need to talk.” Max looked at me seriously. “What is our deal, and for how long.”

Max thought for a few seconds, then replied: “I will follow you. I believe your gentle nature will be good for us. My boys will not have any issues either.”

I smiled reaching my hand out: “Good to have you aboard.” Max shook my hand firmly. “Do we have anymore business to discuss?” Max nodded no. I returned to my friendly demeanour and softly asked: “How long can Candy stay here?”

Max looked at me puzzled and said: “If you mean today, she can stay however long she wishes.” He paused, not seeing me stop him he continued: “But if you are actually asking what I think. Then she can stay as long as she needs to. Why?”

I replied: “I don’t know how well this little project of mine will work, and I would like to know Candy is safe.” I paused. “I mean when she is not with me.”

Max smiled as he replied: “Yeah, I figured you’d prefer her to be by your side, but you are only one man. If you want I can get you a couple guys to watch your back, and your girl.”

I looked him over and said: “What’s the catch?”

Max relented and looking down said: “I only ask that should something happen to you, that I may have your blessing to take care of Candy. I am starting to feel for her.”

I looked at him intensely and said: “You’re not trying to steal my girl are you?”

Max smiled and said: “No, I just want to protect her. She looks so innocent when she is with you.” He had a hurt face as he continued: “She was a monster when she was Snake’s toy; it really was not pretty to see. I feel ashamed for not having had the balls to help her then.” Max started to cry.

I replied nonchalantly: “Max, that’s in the past. I will have to think about what you have said. But I will tell you my answer soon.” Max stopped crying.

I got up and headed back upstairs. Max stopped me and said: “I must thank you again. Your love for her is truly beautiful.”

He hugged me. I gave him a pat on the back and said: “My pleasure Max.”

I headed upstairs. Candy and I spent the night at Max’s. The next day we met Max’s boys. We got all the new recruits together and went to the bar. I had a long talk with the owner; we worked out a plan to fix up the place. I bankrolled the remodel. It would take a week. We also started putting a plan of action together.

That’s where this one ends. I will no doubt have plenty to write about in a few days.



If you want to more of this story line or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

Please remember to vote.

Thank you.


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