The Envelope Please


"Perfect," a man said in a gruff voice. His hands were a worker's hands, course and rough and strong. He kneaded my tits deliciously hard, making them ache with need. I felt a heavy thigh on each side of my chest and realized he was straddling my body. Something hard, hot, and velvety brushed my lips. His cock.

"Lick," he ordered in a rumbling bass. I licked and swirled my tongue over this cock I could not see. He rubbed his cock over the exposed parts of my face, my neck, my tits. He crawled down my body, his heavy meat searing my skin through the lace of the teddy as it rubbed over my chest, stomach and thighs. My legs were spread wide, and as my pussy grew wetter, I was increasingly aware of how exposed I was. I gasped when his rough, foreign fingers probed into my wet snatch.

Man Number One murmured his approval as he rubbed the head of his cock in my juices. He lifted my ass with his rough hands and thrust his cock into me in one hard stroke. I screamed from the invasion, the pure ecstasy of it. He moved in long, deliberate strokes, holding my hips up so that I could feel each deep thrust in my core. I could feel the orgasm coming, I wanted to squeeze him closer to me and control him, but the velvet cuffs held firm and all I could do was scream with the sensitivity following the orgasm as he continued to control the rhythm of our movements. I came again, and he pulled out.

I felt him climb up my body again, his thighs straddling my ribs, his knees in my armpits.

"Taste yourself," he ordered, and I licked my own juices off of his cock. Sweet and salty. Warm and wet.

"Open your mouth," he said, and he pushed part of his shaft and head into my mouth. I suckled and licked, and he moved his cock in and out of my mouth with a gentle but determined rhythm. His cock jerked out of my mouth, and streams of cum poured over my lips and down my neck. Man Number One climbed off of me. I heard the rustle of fabric and the door opened and closed.

His cum was still warm on my neck when I heard Evie chuckling. I felt a warm, wet cloth pass over my neck and face and between my legs. Then Evie uncuffed me, and told me to lie on my stomach lengthwise on the bed. She recuffed me, one limb to each bedpost, and left the room.

Man Number Two entered the room, and I heard the familiar rustle of fabric. The room grew silent, and I felt nervous when I realized he was probably studying me from somewhere in the room. He must have been standing at the foot of the bed, because two large hands slipped under the back of my teddy and kneaded my ass.

"I have something special in mind for you," he said in a smooth, silky baritone. He pulled his hands away and I heard sounds I couldn't readily identify. Then I felt fingers prying the thin thong of the teddy away from my asshole. A cold, smooth and slippery object rubbed delicious circles over my puckered hole. My whole body coursed with excitement, my pussy wet, wondering what Man Number Two was going to do.

"Relax," he whispered. "I want to see your asshole swallow this butt plug."

I willed myself to open up to his toy, and was rewarded with the slurping sound of the smooth object being pulled into me. I sighed happily as my sphincter gripped the bottom around the base.

"Do you like it?" He asked me, and I moaned a yes.

He climbed off the bed, and then I heard him say from across the room, "Then you'll really like this."

The butt plug began to vibrate in my ass. I writhed against my cuffs as the pulsing moved through my body. My bare nipples ached and rubbed against the bedspread. I could tell that the crotch of my teddy was wet with pussy juice, and the vibrations pushed me closer and closer toward an orgasm. Suddenly, the vibrations stopped.

"No," I begged, "Please. More."

"Not yet," he said. "We're not finished." He stood quietly across the room, not moving, not making a sound. I lay on my stomach, my face turned to the side, feeling my pussy lips tingle and ache with need. I tried to grind against the bed but the restraints held me in place. I waited, and waited, feeling the near-orgasm subside. I jolted when the butt plug suddenly came to life. I moaned and screamed and nearly came, but just as the orgasm was in my grasp, Man Number Two killed the power again.

"NO!" I shouted, forcefully. "Please!"

More time passed, and tears of desperation streamed down my face. I heard Man Number Two approach the bed. He lifted my pelvis into the air a bit and thrust himself deep into my pussy -- just one, long thrust. He didn't move, he didn't grind. He just filled my pussy with his cock.

"Please," I sobbed. "I need to come."

He turned on the vibrations again, this time set to a steady pulse that moved along the length of the butt plug. He didn't move, but I felt his cock pulsing, and he moaned as the vibrations grew stronger and stronger.

I couldn't hold on anymore. I squeezed down hard on his cock and the butt plug in my ass and bucked like a colt as the orgasm ripped through me. Then he came just as forcefully. Leaving the butt plug vibrating gently, he pulled himself out, and walked out of the room as I writhed with the pulsation deep in my ass.

"Are you sure you're ready for round three?" Evie asked me. I was breathing hard, but I nodded. She had pulled out the butt plug and was cleaning me with another warm, wet washcloth. She unfastened my cuffs and helped me off of the bed.

"Stand here for a moment," she said, and the door opened and closed. I knew Evie was not alone, but I didn't understand why I was standing by the bed.

"This guy has different ideas," Evie said. The mask still covered my eyes, but I could still hear someone settling on the bed, and the now unmistakable sound of the cuffs being secured. Evie led me to the bed. "He's all yours," she said, and closed the door behind her.

I blindly reached out and felt the warm skin in front of me. I ran my fingers over the muscles in his chest, felt the pebbles of his nipples, the five o'clock shadow on his face. His cock was long and thick, velvety smooth, and pre-cum trickled from the tip.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked Man Number Three.

"Use me," he said. "Fuck me."

I started to remove the mask.

"No," Man Number Three said. "Leave the mask on."

His voice was familiar to me, but I couldn't place him. Did I know him? I felt a moment of terror at the idea of someone from my everyday life knowing my secret. I stood by the bed, unsure of what I wanted.

My tigress decided.

I climbed onto the bed, straddled his chest, and thrust my tits in his face.

"Suck on my tits," I ordered Man Number Three. He latched on to my right nipple and heat shot through me. "Oh, suck harder. Pull with your teeth." I held myself over him, relishing the pleasurable pain, squeezing and pinching my other nipple while he worked.

"God, that feels good," I said, and shifted so his mouth could latch on the left one. I caught myself grinding my crotch against his chest, and knew it was time for more. I crawled up us body, grasped the headboard with my hands, and lowered my pussy to his lips.

"Eat me," I commanded, and his tongue slipped into the open crotch of my teddy. I held myself still, barely breathing, as his tongue stroked my clit, my lips, then delved into my wet hole. He licked and sucked until my thighs started to shake and I convulsed around his face.

Gasping for air, I turned myself around. "I want to suck your cock," I told him, and he moaned. "But you can't stop eating me out," I said, positioning my pussy over his face. "If you stop, I stop."

I swirled my tongue over his head, spreading his salty pre-cum over the velvet tip and around the ridge. Man Number Three bucked his hips and pressed his tongue into my pussy.

"Good boy," I murmured, as I licked up and down the front of his shaft. I massaged his balls with my fingers and he gently sucked on my clit.

I could smell my spit mixing with the scent of his pre-cum. I licked my lips, relaxed my mouth and took his cock down my throat until my lips touched his body.

His hips jerked and he tore his mouth away from my snatch to shout. I pulled away from his cock.

Man Number Three whimpered. "Suck my clit," I said to him, "Make me come. And I'll give you the best head."

I leaned my pussy back into his face, and moaned when his tongue started stroking my clit. I took most of his cock back into my mouth, rubbing, stroking, massaging with my lips and tongue. The head oozed salty juice as his body came closer and closer to coming. His hips thrust upwards into my month. My own body crashed with the waves of an orgasm, and still I rode his cock with my mouth, bobbing up and down, stroking his balls. I felt the maddening ripple just before his head jerked and he came explosively in my mouth. I let it run out of my mouth as I stroked his shaft until he begged me to stop.

I felt so powerful. So sexy. So deliciously used. Before he could protest, I tore the mask away and discovered Nate, who helped me fulfill fantasy number one. I leaned over and kissed him, loving the way his cum and my pussy juice tasted together.


My friends at work commented on the "incredibly good mood" I had been in these past few days. I felt incredible. Powerful. Yet Jake and Derek had one piece of paper left in their possession, and I was more nervous about it than my either two fantasies.

I'd never even seen a naked woman in person before, much less had sex with one.

Two days went by, and I wondered how much longer Jake and Derek would keep me in suspense. Then, as I put away groceries that Friday evening, I received a text message from Jake.

Bonaventure. Suite 1725. 9PM.

Fantasy three was going to happen.


This time, Nate answered the door. I must have looked nervous because he stroked my hair away from my face and kissed me before whispering, "You will love her," into my ear.

"Are you going to dress me tonight?" I joked.

"She doesn't want you wearing anything," he said, and led me toward a giant marble tub in the master bathroom. Lighted candles surrounded the room, and scented water filled the tub. Nate pulled the t-shirt over my head and smiled at my cornflower blue demi bra. He unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down around my ankles.

He stroked my pussy through my cornflower blue boy shorts. "These are pretty sexy," he said, and he kneeled in front of me to push his tongue hard against the thin fabric covering my lips. Fire pumped through my body as he stroked me with his tongue and hot breath.

"Too bad it's not my turn tonight," he said. He unhooked the bra and tossed it on the counter. He slowly pulled the boy shorts down to my ankles and helped me step out of them.

I stepped into the hot, fragrant water and gloried in Nate gently rubbing a wash cloth all over my body. Then he offered me a hand out of the giant tub and dried me off.

My body hummed as Nate led me back to the bedroom.

Evie stood in front of the bed. "It's finally my turn," she murmured, and untied the single knot that held her robe in place. The silk robe fell to her feet.

I'd never unabashedly stared at a naked woman standing in front of me before. I'd never visually caressed her from her dark, shiny tresses down to her toes. I'd never really looked at another woman's tits, watched the nipples pucker, and traced the carefully maintained curls to her lips.

But I wanted to now.

"I want to watch you touch her," Nate said in my ear. Obediently, I stepped in front of Evie and looked into her blue eyes.

"I want to touch you," I said, and I stroked her face, her lips, her shoulders and arms. Evie guided my shaking hands to her tits, and for the first time in my life, I was relishing the heavy weight, the soft skin, the texture of another woman's body.

Evie moaned and leaned toward me for a kiss. There was no doubt I was kissing a woman. Her lips were so soft and gentle but no less demanding. Her tongue slipped into my mouth.

Tears burned my cheeks as I admitted to myself how wonderful it was to be kissing this woman.

She pulled away from me for a moment. "Tell me what you want, Emma," she said. I swallowed hard. Did I really want to do this? Yes, I did.

"I want to touch you," I said, "Everywhere. I want to suck on your tits. I want to feel your fingers spreading my pussy open. I want to taste your cunt. I want you to bury your face in mine." Tears streamed down my face as I realized how badly I wanted it all, and how scared I was to actually do it.

Evie stroked my face, silently reassuring me. She then looked over my shoulder to Nate, who silently moved to stand right behind me. "I want to watch you suck on her tits, Em," he said to me. I kneeled in front of Evie and cupped her right breast in my hand. Her nipple puckered into a pebble, the aureole around it tight with anticipation. I latched my mouth onto her breast and stroked her nipple with my tongue. Evie arched toward me and moaned. I suckled a little harder, and Evie grabbed my shoulders as she whimpered. I stroked her other breast with my fingers as I gently grazed my teeth over the nipple in my mouth.

"The other one now," she pleaded, and I moved my mouth and attached to her other nipple.

My own tits felt painfully heavy with the need to be touched. My nipples ached. I knew my lips were slick with pussy juice. I wondered if Evie's were, too. Without moving my mouth, I ran my hands down her sides, over her hips. Sensing what I wanted, Evie stepped her legs apart, and I stroked the insides of her thighs. My left hand moved up, up her soft skin, towards the radiant heat. I stroked the curls until my fingers found that extremely feminine slit. I traced her lips and then parted them.

My God.

So slick. So smooth. So wet. So hot.

I felt, for the first time, the nub of another woman's clit, and gently stroked it with my fingers. Over and over, I stroked the insides of her flesh, and, feeling brave, I slipped one finger deep inside her.

Evie gasped. "Bed," she panted, and stretched out on her back, her long legs bent at the knee.

I spread her legs apart with the palms of my hands and looked at her pussy. Her lips glimmered with wetness. I spread them with my fingers and watched the smooth, wet juice pool out of the very core of her. I slid two fingers inside of her and marveled at the texture, the strength of her muscles.

Leaving my fingers inside, I dipped my head forward and smelled her salty, earthy scent. I felt her eyes on me as I gently licked her clit. I thought about how I liked to be handled, and stroked her clit along the sides, gently up and down, building the intensity, and then pulled away for a moment. I focused on moving my fingers in and out, in and out. Just as she started to sink back down, I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked. I sucked and licked. Her thighs squeezed against my head, she panted, she begged. I pushed a third finger into her cunt and sucked harder.

She clenched around my fingers.

Her thighs tightened around my head.

She thrust her hips up off of the bed and into my face. I gentled my mouth on her, but didn't stop until she begged me to.

I pulled away, aware of her juice all over my face, her sweat on my skin.

I'd almost forgotten Nate was in the room until he said, "Your turn, Emma. On your back."

Evie sat up as I lay on my back. She smiled at me. "You were incredible for a first-timer," she said.

Evie straddled my hips and leaned forward so she could knead my tits. "Such a handful," she whispered, and tugged at my nipples. I bucked my hips and thrust my chest into her hands.

"You can be rough with them," I said, and cried out when she squeezed harder. She bent her head over my nipple. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she took it into her mouth and sucked hard.

Evie held herself up on her right forearm. Her left hand stroked my stomach, down my pelvis, and moved between my thighs. My heart fluttered when her fingers dipped into my snatch, stroking, rubbing, knowing just where and how to touch.

"Hold her open for me, Nate," Evie said. Nate leaned against the bed, holding my knees apart. I could hear the wet sound of my lips being spread open by her fingers. I watched her face dip towards my cunt.

She thrust her tongue inside me. I bucked against Nate's hands.

Evie's mouth moved to my clit, her tongue stroking, licking, bringing me closer and closer to a screaming orgasm. She pushed two fingers inside me a few times, and then traced them from my pussy towards the back. Evie stroked my clit while tracing circles around my other puckered hole.

My pussy grew wetter. My asshole quivered.

Evie pushed a finger inside. I moaned.

"Yes, I know how much you like this," she said. She pushed in a second finger and roughly tongued my clit.

My asshole impaled on her fingers, my clit in her mouth, I couldn't hold on anymore. I screamed, bucking my hips, trying to close my legs, only to be held down by Nate's strong hands. My clit grew more sensitive, but Evie wouldn't let go. Instead, she pushed a third finger deep into my ass and her thumb into my pussy. Real tears of sensitive pain and pleasure poured out of my eyes.

"Hold her down, Nate," Evie said. "There is something I really want to do." She pulled her fingers out of my body and stood. She picked up a bottle of lube from the side table and flipped open the cap. Nate and I watched as she spilled lube over the fingers, palm and knuckles of her right hand.

Excitement and fear swept through me.

Nate was so hard he was going to burst out of his pants.

Evie closed her mouth over my clit again. I moaned.

She slipped one finger into my puckered hole. Then a second. Then a third.

I felt hot and tight. Juice dripped out of my pussy towards her hand. Her fingers held tightly together, Evie pulled them out for a moment and then pushed in a fourth. One knuckle in. Then two. Then the knuckles of her hand. My asshole stretched wide open as her hand moved inside, all but the thumb, which imbedded into my pussy.

I screamed, writhing, bucking, burning with pain and heat and ecstasy. I could see in my mind the erotic image of her hand holding me open. I came hard, hard, hard, squeezing her hand, her thumb, my thigh muscles aching as they fought against Nate's firm grasp.

Evie licked me gently a few more times and lifted her face. Her eyes focused on mine as she pulled her hand away. The slick, wet sound of her fingers leaving my body filled the room. I panted, stunned by the intensity, yet frustrated by how incomplete it felt.

Evie gave me a knowing smile as she headed for the bathroom.

"I think she could use some cock, Nate," she said as she closed the door.

"Do you need some cock, Emma?" Nate asked.

"I need your cock, Nate," I said. "Please."


I opened the door for Jake and Derek, who came over that morning for breakfast. Nate was in the kitchen, making French toast. Jake gleefully opened up the business journal to show me an article about my ex-boyfriend, Stephen.

I choked on my coffee as I read the headline, "Exec arrested for fraud."

"That's just perfect," I said.

"You're looking well," Derek said, and Jake snickered into his coffee cup.

I patted Nate's hand, which was resting on my shoulder. "Life is good," I said.

And I let Nate bend me over the dining table right after Jake and Derek left.

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