tagLesbian SexThe Estate Agent Ch. 02

The Estate Agent Ch. 02


Part one, four and (hopefully) five of this story are to be found in the 'Exhibitionist and Voyeur' section. The whole story was meant to end up there; but these two parts just turned out to have a lot more girl-girl sex than I'd initially envisioned. Hey, sometimes the characters just take over... Anyway, I recommend reading them in order; but if you don't, I'm sure you'll pick up the story fairly quickly. The story contains lesbian sex, and light domination. I'm trying hard to write to appeal to women as well as men; so girls - let me know if I succeed; and don't forget to score!

I had been an estate agent for a few years now; but viewing a house completely naked was a new experience for me. Especially with the owners both fully dressed, watching my every step.

William and Jessica Keel had pretty thoroughly turned me inside out, taking me from a respectable professional (who had never done anything more than show a little leg to a prospective client) to the naked plaything of a married couple.

The two of them had clearly done this sort of thing many times before, with other estate agents, tutors, nannies and au pairs. They even had the pictures to prove it! The two of them had been totally direct; and gently ruthless about taking down my defences, and getting me to take off my clothes piece by piece.

Now, I was standing naked in their kitchen, saying positive things about their granite worktops; and all I could really think about was whether I might find myself lying down on them with my fingers between my legs...

Mrs Keel led me upstairs; her husband lagging a few steps behind so as to watch my arse as I walked. I imagined the muscles of my thighs tightening with each step; the flesh of my buttocks flexing, and giving tantalising glimpses of my pussy.

He had the camera now; and I heard soft clicks behind me as I climbed the stairs. He called my name, and I half turned, posing with one foot a step above the other.

I was shown several bedrooms before Mrs Keel led me into the shower 'wet room'. This was a separate room off the bathroom partitioned off with clear glass. It was just a square about eight feet wide; fully tiled and brightly lit. There was a power shower, with a broad head; and a narrow bench built against one wall.

"Right dear," Mrs Keel said briskly. "I think you could do with a wash."

I was pretty sweaty, it had to be said. My fingers and thighs were crusted with dried pussy-juices, and my make-up was probably ruined.

"Do you have any make-up remover?" I said meekly.

"Of course dear. Over here."

Two minutes later, I was in the shower, soaking my face under the warm torrent from the power shower; my cares washing away.

For all of ten seconds.

Two strong but gentle hands began to rub at my shoulders, and I jumped with a start.

"Don't worry dear, it's only me" said Mrs Keel softly. She turned me back round, and started to rub my back with long slow movements; soap suds falling around my feet.

I didn't dare look round, having just glimpsed her naked arms and the top of her chest. Two naked feet stepped next to mine. It seemed that she was nude also.

I glanced out of the wet-room and saw Mr Keel there; fully dressed and respectable. He held the camera in one hand; watching me being washed by his wife. I was in profile at the moment, and he smiled at me as he caught my eye.

I blushed furiously. Heaven knows why, as he'd seen me finger myself to a climax before I gave him one of my best blowjobs ever (if I'm any judge), but I still had it in me to be embarrassed. His wife's hands moved down to my bottom; washing the pert cheeks before one hand slid deep between them, cleaning the crack of my arse thoroughly.

Mrs Keel told me to turn round, and I did without thinking. She was naked; her large breasts sagging a little on her chest, nipples like fat pink raspberries. She had a little tummy on her, but was in pretty good condition for an older woman.

Her hands came up to my chest; first washing my shoulders, and then moving down to my breasts.

My nipples erected again instantly as she rubbed them; her slippery hands caressing my soft curves in all different directions.

"Very sweet," she murmured softly.

My boobs were so different to hers, I thought. Small, but firm and high on my chest. Her heavy breasts were three times their size; heavy-veined and full, with much darker and broader areolae and nipples. I felt like a little girl in the hands of a real woman. I also felt very aroused.

Mrs Keel's hands moved over my perfectly flat tummy quickly, and then dived down between my legs.

I gasped as her fingers ran across my pussy lips; sliding just superficially between them. I stumbled slightly, catching myself by putting my hand on Mrs Keel's shoulder. It was the first time I had touched her.

Mrs Keel rubbed my clitoris before moving back (not taking her hand away) and letting the water flow over me, washing the suds away.

When I was rinsed clean, she turned off the shower and came back to me. Her fingers ran through my pubic hair as she moved her hand down again; this time pushing two fingers deep inside of me

She pulled me closer as I moaned.

"Do you remember what we talked about downstairs, darling?" she said.

I shook my head.

"Well now. I've cleaned you; and now I want the favour returned. And there's another favour too, which you did for my husband. Do you remember that?"

"Y...Yes, Mrs Keel." I said nervously, suddenly remembering what she had said about 'doing the same for her'.

I'd never been with a woman before.

She walked backwards and her fingers curled up inside me, pulling me forwards as she led me out of the wet-room. Watched by her husband, both naked, we walked slowly to the master bedroom. She pulled gently on the fingers pressing against the front wall of my vagina; keeping my gaze fixed all the way, and neither of us said a word.

The bed now had a heavily towelled throw over it, and Mrs Keel sat down on the edge.

She watched me for a moment, before slowly pulling her fingers out of me.

She sat, and looked at the floor meaningfully. I swallowed nervously, hearing the soft click of the camera behind me. I'd never done this before. Never thought about another woman that way.

But, it's what they were expecting now.

And I'd already taken her husband's cock in my mouth; sucking him to orgasm with relish.

Her legs were open as I knelt down; and I gazed at the mature pussy in front of me. Actually, 'pussy' seemed the wrong word - more suited for my own neat little slit. This was open and wet; the lips turned out to meet me. I'd never liked the nasty word men sometimes used - what woman did? - but this... It wasn't neat and pretty like mine. 'Cunny' was a word I'd use sometimes when very aroused. Funny how close it was getting...

My mind was babbling nervously, thinking of anything but the fact I would shortly be tasting her for the first time.

I saw Mr Keel move round to watch closely as my lips approached his wife's open cunny. I closed my eyes, my nostrils filling with the scent of her arousal.

I hovered for a moment, sensing that I was just millimetres from my assigned goal. I gathered my nerve, and opened my mouth, letting my tongue out, probing ahead.

With just the tiniest movement, my tongue touched soft, moist, yielding flesh. The tiniest touch was enough for the taste of her to flood my mouth; a warm, spicy taste; slightly acrid on my tongue with both sweet and bitter notes together.

I slid my tongue up and down her wet slit before pressing deeper into her cunny; my tongue seeking into her depths willingly. In a few seconds, my lips were pressed against hers in this strange parody of a kiss; my tongue tasting her earthy perfume and seeking more.

I leaned into her, my hands coming up to rest on her thighs as I pressed my lips against her cunny; my tongue searching deeper and deeper. I heard her soft murmurs, and the soft click of the camera as I probed her depths; the bittersweet taste of her pulling me onwards inexorably.

She gently pulled my head back, and directed me to lick up and down her slit; not just pressing deeper into her as a man might. I began to kiss and lick her labia; remembering one partner who had turned my legs to jelly with this technique. She murmured sweetly to me, stroking my head.

I struggled to remember everything that had made this most pleasurable for me to receive; trailing my tongue in circles across her swollen clitoris.

With my hands, I stroked her inner thighs; stretching her labial lips and teasing them with my fingers. As I licked gently at her clitoris, I pushed two fingers into her wet slit, gently thrusting them in and out with a slow motion I remembered as being just a little too slow. I was pleased; and a little smug as she bucked her hips eagerly towards me, and soon afterwards her hand came down to catch my wrist and move it faster. I had done the same to Griff once, and felt the same way he had told me that he did - exultant; hugely pleased to arouse this woman to the point she would force me to do more.

She came soon after, collapsing back onto the bed as she did. Her sweet nectar oozed between her fat, juicy lips; and I licked it up like ambrosia.


As his wife caught her breath, Mr Keel led me off; taking me to the next room where he spent some time taking photos of me; once more masturbating for him. He had me kneel on the bed, pushing my bottom into the air with my head down on the duvet; enthusiastically complimenting me on my pretty rear.

After a good twenty minutes, Mrs Keel reappeared fully dressed, and led us downstairs back to the living room.

We sat and talked briefly as I gathered my papers. Aside from my slinky red underwear, my clothes were nowhere to be seen.

"Do pop your pretty underwear back on, Karen" said Mr Keel with a warm smile.

I did, feeling oddly even more exposed once my lacy red underwear was back on. The two of them were both fully dressed; and I felt very inferior and dominated in just my undies. At least in the nude, I felt... Well, different. Not so stared at, if you know what I mean.

"Now, you've worked very hard to persuade us to take you on. You must have some papers for us to sign, dear?" said Mrs Keel.

"Of course," I said stupidly, rifling through my briefcase for the papers I had filed away just moments earlier.

After signing them, we stood up. It was clear that our meeting was (finally) over as Mrs Keel gave me a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. Mr Keel put his hand out, and I shook it before he brought it to his lips to kiss the back of my hand.

"Truly a delight to get acquainted with you so intimately, my dear." he purred. "I do look forward to seeing you again."

I blushed, and let Mrs Keel lead me out into the hall. She opened the door to the porch, indicating to my clothes which were piled on the small table there.

"Here you go dear. You can just leave your things here next time."

She smiled warmly at me, and waited as I began to dress.

"Miss - uh, Mrs Keel? What do... What do you.. will I have to - next time..."

"Well, let's wait and see my dear. It's always good to make a good first impression, we realise that. But bear in mind that we'll be very grateful for continued willing...excellence in your service."

"Oh - okay. Thank you, Mrs Keel."

"A pleasure, dear."

She watched as I finished dressing and put on my shoes, before ushering me out with a final kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the bottom.


I spent the rest of that day in a daze; unable to focus on what had happened, not believing it somehow. I got drunk on gin & tonic early in the evening and went to bed.

The next day was grey and pouring with rain. Nervously, I contacted the Keels to arrange to go around for photos. Mrs Keel was sweetness and light, suggesting that we put it off for a couple of days until we got some sunshine.

She was so nice that I relaxed a lot, but still struggled to get my mind on the job. In my spare time - of which I had quite a lot, the property market being so quiet - I just struggled to understand what had happened. It had all made sense at the time... And my money situation was so tight, that my choice seemed sane, even now. But I couldn't deny that I had enjoyed it. All of it - stripping off; exhibiting myself; sucking off Mr Keel; being felt up in the shower... Even going down on Mrs Keel.

I had enjoyed it.


Thursday came, and the sun with it. Early in the afternoon, I travelled round to the Keel's house as planned.

I must have looked nervous, as my colleague David had been teasing me about my nervousness; and looking like I was going to my execution. I think he was a bit jealous really - this deal was potentially twice the size of any he had managed. But that's men for you; if you're doing better, they have to run you down.

Getting out of the car, I had brought my camera with me, and I relaxed myself by taking a number of shots of the exterior.

I considered going through to the back garden without going through the house first, but decided that they would inevitably see me, and might take offence.

Mrs Keel opened the door quickly after I rang the bell, and ushered me into the porch.

"Come in my dear" she said, giving me a welcoming kiss on the cheek. "I've been so looking forward to seeing you again."

With the door closed, she looked me up and down.

"What a pretty dress, my dear. I'll fetch you a hanger, so it doesn't crease" she said cheerfully, before going through the main door to the house.

Well, that seems fairly clear, I thought. My dress is hardly going to crease if I'm still wearing it. I took off my light jacket and hung it up. Next, my hands fluttered to the buttons along the top of my shoulder, but didn't start unfastening them straight away. Alone in the porch, barely eight feet square, I was, at least, completely private. I took a few deep breaths.

The Keels had made clear what they wanted, and clearly weren't going to change their minds now that they had signed up with me.

They had told me last time that I should enter in my underwear; at least to start with. That would be fairly easy to achieve.

Come on girl! I growled at myself. You were expecting this. Why else would you be wearing a brand-new matched set from La Senza? You knew that they'd be on show as soon as you arrived. And don't pretend you aren't already getting a bit turned on just thinking about it!

I shook myself, and quickly unbuttoned my dress before pulling it over my head. I draped it over one arm and waited, wearing a set of lacy lilac French knickers, and matching push-up bra. I had bought them just the day before, knowing that I needed something which would show me at my best. Not every woman could look good in lilac, I thought. But with my pale complexion, and flaming red hair, I could be the exception!

I saw Mrs Keel returning through the swirled glass of the inner door, and tried to stand casually in my three-inch heels and underwear.

"Oh, Karen! You look absolutely divine!" she cooed once she saw me in my new lingerie. "Let me look at you" she said, taking the dress and quickly hanging it up.

I stood on the spot for a moment, before she made a twirling motion with her hands. Obediently, I turned around, showing her my pert bottom; beautifully accentuated by my flimsy French-cut knickers.

"Very lovely" she said. "Those thongs girls wear these days do show off the bottom well, but there's something very pretty about having a nice pair of panties like yours. Especially when you have such a pert bottom."

Yeah, it was a nice arse. The high-heels didn't hurt there, I thought. She led me into the house, and I followed tamely with my camera and attaché case.

Mrs Keel made us a cup of tea, and we chatted inconsequentially. Occasionally, I had the urge to tackle the elephant in the room, by saying something like 'So, you obviously like to see other women naked' or 'Are you going to ask me to go down on you again?', but couldn't find a way of expressing myself.

Surprisingly, Mrs Keel took the lead.

"You've got a very familiar expression, my dear. Don't worry, I've been through this many times." she said easily, putting her hand on mine on the kitchen table. "The easiest thing is to remember that you're really here to do a job... So, why don't we get started; and then we can play later if there is time?"

I could have cried, I was so relieved; and nodded at her thankfully as I sipped my tea.

I got my voice recorder and laser-tape and we began to walk through the house, measuring it up. Surprisingly, once I was definitely working, I began to feel comfortable; and almost forgot that I was doing it half-naked.

I remembered when we ran into Mr Keel in his study though; lined with bookshelves full of varied tomes, and with a large solid desk that was oddly familiar. As he complimented me on my lingerie, I wondered on the desk before realising where I had seen it before. In the book of nude photos they had shown me previously, with one of several girls draped over or posing on it. My heart beat a little faster as we measured up and moved on.

In about forty minutes, we were done with measuring and dictating each room's particulars; and we went back to swap the Dictaphone and lasertape for my camera.

"Now, we need to go back around and take pictures dear, is that right?" said Mrs Keel.

"Yes, it's a lovely sunny day to show off how light your home is" I said confidently.

"Well good" she said smiling. "I'll take some too" she added, showing me her own camera; an expensive-looking prosumer far better than my little digital camera.

"I do like to get photos of our girls doing their everyday work" she said cheerily. "why don't you get ready?" she said unsubtly.

They didn't have very many pictures of girls in lingerie, as I recalled (they did have a few), and if she was going to take photos, it meant that it was time for me to take the rest of my things off. Actually, I felt surprisingly fine about it by now; and I hardly hesitated; feeling more confident doing this than I had stripping my dress off in the first place.

I unsnapped my bra, and shimmied it down off my arms, before reaching down to my waist and pushing the flimsy lilac panties down my slim hips, where they fell easily to the floor. I stepped out, and picked them up to pass to Mrs Keel, who was standing with her hand out. She took the underwear with a gracious 'Thank you' and placed it conspicuously in the centre of the granite worktop.

We worked our way back through the house with me now naked aside from my high heels. My red hair brushed against my back as I moved, tickling me slightly. Mrs Keel watched me, taking sly photographs of me doing the same; clearly enjoying the sight of me climbing up onto sofas and tables to get the best shot possible.

I knew that Mr Keel's study wouldn't shoot well - it was too small - but obediently went in, to his clear delight.

"Karen dear, how lovely! You're being very efficient today, my dear. And such a pretty sight for us."

I smiled at him, and said thank you.

"Do sit," he said softly, patting the desk next to his papers meaningfully.

A little nervous, I sat; crossing my long legs automatically. I half folded my arms before catching myself, and resting my hands in my lap.

"That's a good girl" he said. "Now Karen, how are you finding the job so far?"

"Um...fine?" I said, not sure what to say.

"Obviously we're aware that our requests go a little beyond the ordinary Karen, but we're most grateful when we're accommodated. And I can see that you're trying hard to do just that."

"Of course, Mr Keel" I said, trying to sound as happy as possible, given that I was sitting naked on the desk of a man whom I hardly knew. A man who had seen me masturbate, and whom I'd given a blowjob.

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