tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 04

The Evil Mirror Pt. 04


The bishop was disrobing as quickly as he could, so eager he was to molest my poor darling. She still crouched weeping on the bed. "My lord Bishop," She said aghast. "You would not use me so. I beg you did you not just perform the marriage service between the Baron and I."

"Indeed I did my sweet." Laughed the Bishop of Nydaman. "Now I will perform another kind of service all together on that lovely body of yours."

My darling stared in horrified disbelief at this corpulent bald man who now stood before her naked except for a breech cloth. She clutched the shift to her trying to cover her own nakedness and shrunk into the corner. It was bad enough to be forced into marrying the baron, to be taken by him on her wedding night with these other fiends watching, but now to have to give herself to the old Bishop and the cruel looking Knight Wulfstan and worst of all to have Lydia enjoying every moment of her debasement. It was too much too bear. "No, I beg of you. I implore." She whispered in a small voice. "Lydia, my Lady please, you are a woman, do not let them use me like a common strumpet."

Lydia smiled and with one hand gently stroked her cheek, but the mercy was feigned. She then struck Dee open handed across the face knocking her head back against the wooden headboard. While the blow stunned Dee, she tore the shift from Dee's grasp. Again my wife's naked body was on display for all to see. "You are a most uncommon strumpet my dear. Now turn on you belly and offer yourself to the good bishop or we will drag you downstairs and you can perform before the whole great hall." She hissed.

I could tell that Dee was so frightened at the idea of being raped in front of all those people. She bit her lower lip and fought back the tears and slowly got on her knees.

The bishop took one long look at her wonderful ass and quickly or as quickly as his ponderous weight would allow, climbed onto the bed behind her. She buried her head in the pillows as his hands roved over her body, grasping her tits, but focusing mainly on her shapely hindquarters. Then he pulled his cock from his breechcloth and began to fit it to that sweet softness between her thighs.

"Look at the high and mighty Lady Dee;" gloated Lydia "taken like a bitch in heat."

I had no choice but to look on in silent agony as the Bishop fucked my lady wife like a dog. He even had to lift his pendulous belly so it rested atop her buttocks so he could force himself more deeply in her. I could not see her face pressed as it was into the pillow, but I could hear the little sobs and cries that she made as this evil prelate used her body. On and on it went till it seemed as if the Bishop was nearing his climax. He was red in the face and breathing hard with the exertion of raping my wife, but he had another cruelty in store pulling out of her, he began to run his member between her ass cheeks. His fingers probed her anus, lubricating it with her own juices. Horrified by this turn of events Dee tried to struggle, but the massive weight of the bishop was too much. Slowly as she shrieked again and again he took her in the ass. Three thrusts and he was fully in. He grasped he by the wrists and pinned her to the bed and while grunting and wheezing sodomized my wife. After only a minute or two, all though it seemed like forever he came inside her and collapsed like a man dead.

Lydia and Wulfstan found this all very amusing, laughing they hoisted the exhausted bishop off of Dee's violated body. While the Bishop fumbled with his clothes, Sir Wulfstan grabbed a handful of my wife's chestnut tresses and pulled her to her knees. He gazed lustfully into her tear-streaked face and spoke. "Lady Dee, I believe it is my turn to sample your charms." He pulled her into his arms and savagely kissed her. His hands mauled her breasts. "The Baron had had your womanhood and the Good bishop here has had your shapely ass. I think I shall take my pleasure from that lovely mouth of yours lady." With that said, he stood and opened the codpiece of his armor and pulled out his stiffening cock. With both hands he held my darling wife's lovely face and guided her mouth to his member.

"Gently Lady, Gently." Lydia instructed. "First lick it. Ahh, yes very good. Now take Wufstan's manhood into your mouth. Yes, excellent. I do believe she has done this before... Now suck on it until he is fully pleasured."

I could see all this through the Demonic mirror helpless to rescue my darling wife, forced to watch as her head bobbed up and down on the knight's phallus.

I heard again Lydia's voice in my head. "See how she whores herself out to save her miserable skin. See how she is their willing plaything. Your 'wonderful' lady is without honor or courage she is nothing more than the most common of harlots."

"What else can she do?" I responded. "Women have always had to use whatever advantages their sex and beauty provide to survive in the harsh world of men. I love her still and always shall Lydia."

I could feel Lydia's anger strike me almost like a physical blow, as if a great hot wind and struck me and knocked the air from my lungs.

"You will not save her this time. Your love will be as NOTHING!"

Through the mirror I could see the Wulfstan moaning with pleasure, finally his whole body jerked spasmodically as my wife's ministrations brought him to orgasm. He ejaculated into her beautiful mouth and holding her tight to him forced her to swallow.

As he put himself away and refastened his codpiece my wife fell back to the bed coughing and chocking on what she had been forced to swallow.

"Well my lords, has the little harlot pleased you?" Lydia inquired

Both men smiled at her a secret wicked smile, but they responded that they had been well pleased indeed by Dee's lovely body. Lydia clapped her hands and two of Dee's Ladies-in-waiting entered the room, eyes downcast. "Make your mistress presentable, bathe her, coif her, dress in her finest gown. We have a marriage feast to celebrate. Be quick about it."

The mirror went black again and when it cleared I could see Dee once again clothed, this time in a beautiful black velvet gown, with green trim about the bosom and waist that matched her lovely eyes. She was led by Lydia on one hand the Bishop on the other to the great hall, where a crowd was already in attendance. There were the normal retainers of the manor numbering about twenty and the ten men at arms that the Baron Otto had brought. The Baron was nowhere in sight.

"Where is my Lord husband?" Dee asked. I could tell she was discomfited by his absence, no doubt she had hoped to use the Baron's desire for her to her own advantage. She had thought perhaps to win more mercy from him than from his cruel sister.

"Don't worry my dear." Lydia said soothingly "Your husband shall arrive quite shortly. Indeed his love for you is so great that he sends this fine token as a wedding present." She nodded to the Bishop who presented Dee with a box, which when opened revealed a jeweled necklace. It was wrought of gold and had a heavy almost barbaric workmanship, from a single gold chain hung down thirteen pentagram shaped settings all with a single blood-red ruby embedded in them.

I was alarmed by the appearance of this "gift" something in its workmanship reminded me horribly of the Evil mirror through which I watched my wife's fate; But again, I could offer no warning to her.

"Do you accept this token of your husband's devotion?" The Bishop asked slyly.

Dee hesitated for a moment, but then nodded and said, "I do accept it."

"Then you must wear it my dear." Lydia said. "It will look so lovely about your neck."

Indeed it did look lovely, complimenting my darling's ample bosom in a most attractive manner. But something about it was still most disquieting.

My fears were well founded when at a signal from Lydia, the Rug that covered the floor before the mirror was pulled away and with horror I saw a pentagram similar to the ones that adorned the necklace, that hung about Dee's neck newly-painted upon the stone floor.

Dee turned to Lydia in alarm. "Lydia please did I not do as you asked? Sir Wulfstan? My Lord Bishop, did I not please you?"

The Bishop leered at her and said. "Oh you pleased me lady, but I will derive great pleasure from seeing you ravished by every man in this hall."

"You see lady," said Wulftsan "Lydia and her brother already promised your body to my men. In fact two of your 'loyal' retainers needed very little persuasion to join in the ah... festivities."

"Oh god no!" She cried "Lydia you promised, please!"

"I lied, you stupid cow." Lydia laughed and signaled and four soldiers placed a table in the center of the pentagram.

Dee tried to back up the stairs, but her own servant girls grabbed her by the wrists, between them Lydia and the Bishop she was dragged to the table and forced down on her back. She lay there in profile to me as they began their ritual.

In some strange language that I didn't recognize Lydia began to chant walking in a circle around the pentagram. While the two girls held my struggling darling down on the wooden tabletop. The Bishop, his tongue hanging out, his face a mask of idiot lust clutched and tore at her gown, till finally it was rent open from top to bottom and her naked writhing form was revealed to everyone.

"Oh dear God no!" She pleaded "Not in front of all these people! I beg of you don't make me."

"You will be singing a different tune shortly lady Dee." Said Wulfstan cruelly. "Now men line up. You know your places." The men laughing, cued up, the ones in the front already fumbling with their cod-pieces, eager to have the beautiful lady, eager to rape her.

My darling struggled more fiercely seeing the line of group, dirty common soldiers each one waiting anxiously for his turn on her body. She screamed and tossed her beautiful head in anger, her chestnut hair spilling out over the table. It only made her more desirable.

Lydia now finished the last words of the incantation and a silence fell over the room. The necklace, which still lay around my darling's neck, began to emit a strange radiance. I could see her stiffen, gasp and arch her back as the glow swept over her whole body and then vanished. She did not struggle so much now, but almost writhed in anticipation as the first soldier approached the table.

"Take her!" Cried the Bishop. "Rape her! Defile her in the name of our dark master." He seemed in an almost hysterical state.

The first soldier pulled Dee's legs wide and climbed upon the table and knelt between them as his hands groped her wonderful breasts the glow seemed to rush up his hands and arms and he too gasped and for a moment went completely stiff. Then his with eyes wild with a demonic lust he fit himself to her, thrusted his member into her and began his ride.

A strange mood had come over the great hall. The men no longer laughed and made obscene jests at my wife's expense, but watched with rapt vision the first of their comrades rutting atop Dee's body. Dee too was changed; she no longer struggled but writhed with abandon under the fucking the man was giving her. Her lovely green eyes were filled with lust, her breathing was heavy and her wonderful bosom heaved, the low hung ruby necklace rising and falling with each breath. I could see the signs that she was coming to her climax, she wrapped her legs around the soldier and let out loud animal moan, such as I had never heard her utter in all our love-making. The soldier too had reached his moment, he grunted loudly like a beast as he finished inside her. He was seemed almost drunk with lust and so shaky on his feet that the Bishop and Lydia had to help him off the table. Even the maidservants who held my wife down seemed entranced, their eyes looked almost drugged as now they too overcome by desire for the woman they held down, began to caress and kiss her.

It was the next soldiers turn and he too mounted the table, mounted my wife who moaned and bucked up against his body as he took her. If anything this mating was more vigorous than the first and when he too had finished he seemed even more exhausted than his predecessor. Dee however had never seemed more beautiful or alluring, more full of life. The next man took her in very much the same way as the previous two and he too seemed completely spent when he was through. The fourth man turned her on her belly with the help of the two maidservants and wildly tore at the remnants of her gown till she was stark naked, his hands clutched her breasts and ass and legs. His lips ravished every inch of her skin, before he took her from behind with her legs dangling over the table, her toes not quite reaching the floor. I noticed how effortlessly she came to her own orgasm and that with each man they came more frequently; One with the first, two with the second, three with the third and so on. The whole atmosphere of the hall seemed drenched in lust. Besotted with the body of the beautiful woman at their disposal the men continued to take her one after another, some on her back some on her belly, and each one seemed to lose some of his essence, some of his energy in the process. They lay about the hall, those who had already tasted the pleasures of her body and listlessly watched their fellows take their turn.

When twelfth man took her she came twelve times. She cried out and writhed beneath him as he rode her to orgasm after orgasm each one more potent than the last. He had been one of her retainers, a stable-hand who had secretly lusted after her body for years, but also secretly loved her. Now he fucked her hard, his mind completely lost in primal animal lust. He cried out too as he came inside her his whole body shuddering in pleasure. But, it was more than a little death for him; he fell senseless from the table to rise no more.

Dee's whole body glowed with a strange warm light and she lay there naked on the table her body still eager for sex, even though some small part of her mind may have still resisted.

Lydia approached her smiling that thin cruel smile and spoke softly into her ear.

"You have been raped, defiled, debased all in the name of our dark master. Now lady Dee, Now, you will be seeded. You will be impregnated." She cut the throat of the last man who had taken Dee and with his blood traced runic letters on Dee's belly.

There must have been a little of Dee's mind that had not been overtaken with lust, for she begged Lydia again in a hoarse whisper. "Please not that. Please Lydia don't mate me to something inhuman."

But that had been of course, Lydia's plan all along.

Sir Wulfstan now stood before Dee naked; his scarred body still muscular, his eyes vacant, his cock already stiffening in anticipation of her body. Lydia drew on his chest and abdomen runic symbols in blood as well and gave him a mask, which he slowly fit over his head at her command. It was a horned mask with strange cruel looking antlers and a leering lecherous face. It's was a deep red in color, and had a jutting jaw filled with jagged teeth. As soon as Wulfstan had donned the mask he mounted the table and straddling my wife began to massage her breasts. The glow again rose from her body and enveloped him and it seemed as if each of the men who had taken part in Dee's rape were glowing as well but, their glows seemed to be drawn off sucked into the two who now were going to mate inside the pentagram.

I could saw Wulftstan's body begin to change, becoming larger and even more muscular. His skin began to take on the color of the mask and in fact I wasn't sure it was even a mask anymore but perhaps his true features. His cock now at its full hardness and quite impressive in size he laid it between her tits and crushing them together embraced it in them. He stroked it back and forth between them.

"Oh Asmodeus, Lord of Lust. Accept this offering. Rape her. Seed her. Let your spawn grow in her womb." Lydia intoned.

The figure, whom I now guessed was no longer Wulfstan, spoke in a deep baritone voice. "The offering is very pleasing. You have done well disciple. Let the final incantation be cast."

Lydia spoke again in that mysterious language and I could see now the effect on all the men in the chamber; they were literally shriveling up, their life force drained to feed this demonic ritual, leaving them dried up mummified husks. The Bishop too was affected and I could not help but feel some small satisfaction at the fate meted out to this cruel man who had sodomized my poor wife.

Dee seemed helpless in the grips of her lust. The maidservants who had released her danced around the pentagram and tore their own clothes off. Her hands now free Dee clutched desperately at the Demon's cock and showered it with kisses and licks from her tongue before taking into her mouth and going to work on it with great enthusiasm. The Demon seemed pleased, by the attention. After a few minute he spoke to her. "I am now going to give you the first of my dark benedictions. You will swallow every drop." He groaned and ground his teeth I could see the spasm pass through his hips as he let loose in my darlings mouth. She swallowed every drop and looked up adoringly at Asmodeus.

He pushed her down on her back against the wood of the table; being so tall he stood on the floor and pulled her close to him so her legs dangled off the table edge. His tongue and lips began then to explore every part of her finally coming to rest between her thighs where they worked her into an orgasmic frenzy.

"Oh god, Oh God, please take me, please!" I heard her desperately call to this Demonic fiend. But Asmodeus merely smiled and went to work on her tits again his tongue and hands expertly tweaking and caressing them. "Call to me. Not to your God not to your husband. Tell me you want me inside you."

"Yes! Yes, I want you inside me."

"Beg me;" His silky deep voice intoned; "beg me to rape you, beg me to impregnate you."

"I beg you. Oh, I beg you my lord rape me! Put your child in my belly Do it now! I beg you, rape me now."

"It will be my pleasure my beautiful Dee." He said and spreading my wife's flower he put himself inside her. She was so overcome by the sensation of his cock entering her body that he whole body spasmed violently, coming for the first time almost immediately. Slowly at first he began to take her with expert thrusts. She was so far in extremis, her body had never looked more gorgeous. She closed her eyes as she often did when we had sex, but the demon commanded her to keep them open.

"You will watch me take you. I want to see those beautiful green eyes when I take you." He said and leaned down to kiss her, his forked tongue exploring her mouth. She came again, shuddering.

He began to pick up the pace gripping the table with his clawed hands as he put it to her. He rode her with a moderate pace, a trot. She came again.

"Oh yes! Yes." She whimpered; "don't stop."

"Don't stop what?" He said pausing in his ministrations.

"Don't stop raping me. Please my Lord Asmodeus, don't stop."

He thrust deeply, forcefully into her and she let out an animal squeal of lust. She had come for the fourth time. Again he picked up the pace, now at a canter he rode her body, which now glistened with sweat beneath him.

"Tell me you love me." He commanded

"I love you my Lord." She gasped just before she orgasmed for the fifth time.

As she lay gasping he pulled out of her still hard and turned her on her belly.

"Beg me again." He commanded; "Beg me to take you like a beast."

She couldn't help herself. I could see the desperate lust in her eyes, but also the humiliation. "Please my lord! Please like a beast, like a dog...Anyway you desire. Please! I need to feel you inside me."

Chuckling evilly he complied and she came for the sixth and seventh time as he rode her thus. After the seventh time she came he again withdrew to her distress and lay back upon the table. "Now you on top." He commanded again. "Mount me."

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