tagNon-EroticThe Evolution of Emily Ch. 02

The Evolution of Emily Ch. 02


Special thanks to Le Gourmand for editing this story.


Doctor Hugh Williams was a very busy doctor. After studying hard all through high school and taking summer sessions all through college and med school, he opened his own clinic to practice psychiatry just outside of the downtown area. He treated all types of patients, from children to the elderly with equal measure and great zeal, causing his reputation to grow quickly amongst the sickly. It grew so fast in fact he had to turn people away at odd times - and that's with putting in 12- to 14-hour days - something he definitely did not enjoy. Luckily he had found a great space for his office, one that let him live right above it in a spacious 3 bedroom apartment negating the need for any kind of long and tiring commute to and from work.

The morning started like any other, stepping into his office and helping him self with the coffee maker, the day's patients' files already on his desk, and he began filing through the first one. He liked arriving early, before the receptionists, and getting a feel for what his day was going to be like. Looking over his office, he smiled to himself, pleased with the job he'd done. Modern décor gave the room a modern feel with sleek chairs, furniture and lamps, all dubbed in a monochrome color, but with the careful arranging of a few accessories, flowers, and some throw pillows, that achieved the comfortable feel he knew put patients at ease. It was still homey despite the modernistic theme. Just as he laid back in his chair to pat himself on the back, he heard a bit of a commotion outside, some muffled arguing, and sighed, getting up to see what the ruckus was about.

From halfway down the hall he could see out past the glass doors to what looked to be a very attractive middle-aged woman dragging what looked to be a malnourished, albeit more attractive teenager towards his doors by the elbow. This is going to be interesting, he thought to himself as he quickened his pace, seeing the older woman growing tired of the struggle. Just what I need, he thought, another anorexic princess taking up my valuable time when I already have a busy day.

Opening the doors he cleared his throat to get their attention, 'Ladies, how may I help you? Please come in lest you start drawing a crowd.' he ushered them in hurriedly, looking around warily just to see if anyone had seen, and he was relieved that no-one seemed to have noticed.

Both taken by surprise, Jessica used that to her advantage and quickly shoved Emily through the open door, closed it and stood in front of it and using her body to block the exit. Shoving her daughter to one side, she turned to face the doctor, 'Hello, my name is Jessica Johnston, and this is my daughter Emily. I heard you were the best of the best Doctor and came to ask you in person to please take Emily on as a patient. She's not been herself the last few months and her father and I decided it's time to take some action.' She paused, taking a deep breath, looking expectantly at the doctor.

The doc looked between the mother and Emily, who was still glancing around the room for a possible escape passage; he tried to give his most reassuring smile, 'Hello Mrs. Johnston, hello Emily. I take it Emily doesn't feel like she needs to be here Mrs. Johnston, or do you always wrestle in parking lots?'

His comment seemed to have an effect, and a small hint of a smirk looked just about ready to ruin Emily's scowl and he ushered them into the waiting room. It was important to him to engage Emily. She was the one who was to be his patient, and without her cooperation it was useless to try and treat her. Once they took their seats he sat near to Emily, and continues to speak to both of them.

Letting a joke slip in here and there, using his young age to make her feel he was on her side, it seemed like he had all the charms needed. Excusing himself for a moment, Dr. Williams went to get a pot of coffee as his secretary let herself into the office and came back into the break room to apologize profusely for being late. He waved her off, reassuring her that she wasn't late and, telling her what to bring out, he went back in front and after a brief exchange of words with Mrs. Johnston, he asked her to leave Emily and come back after an hour, to which she nodded and left after giving her daughter withering look that quickly quelled any rebelliousness in her eyes.

Ushering Emily into his office, he told her to make herself comfortable and showed her to a sofa, yes a sofa, so stereotypical but he found it really worked better than a chair. With the pretense of looking for a pen, he let himself really look her over, thinking he might have been rash in his initial assumptions. She was stunning. Something must have really happened to this girl to make her not care a wit about her appearance.

Long espresso colored hair framed her face and hung down past her waist but was diminished when you saw the split ends. Her outfit, looked like something tossed on just for the sake of wearing clothing. A once white, wife beater style shirt over pale blue jeans that once hugged her hips but now slide down with every few steps she took. He knew thin was in with the celebrities these days, but surely this was a bit much? She can't have weighed 100 lbs, and she had to be at least 5'7. Pale blue flip flops completed the outfit, her delicate feet looking thin and fragile. Her toes like her fingernails were unpolished, but still he could say they were cute and dainty like the rest of her.

Wondering again what she used to look like, and if he should ask for a photo next time her mother was here. 'No, Hugh that's not really needed' he chided himself. He couldn't explain it but something about her had gotten to him, and he wasn't used to feeling protective over his patients. 'How could you not want to protect her?' Looking more like a girl laying there then a woman, her lush undecorated lips slightly trembling he had to resist the urge to throw a blanket over her and warm her feet with his own hands. Instead he walked over and raised the thermostat, then took his seat opposite her, keeping a neutral expression on his face.

'Hello Emily, hopefully it warms up in here shortly. Let me be honest with you, I know you don't want to be here, and usually I won't take patients against their will,' Smiling at her he continued 'How about you come in for a few sessions, we just chit chat, and if you still don't want me to treat you then that will be that. I tell your mom you tried and she gets off your back, and you've got someone to talk to for what's left of the summer. How does that sound to you Emily?' Doc Williams leaned back into the couch, trying to appear relaxed for her benefit.

Somewhat surprised he's asked her for an opinion Emily thought his offer over for a second, somewhat suspicious, somewhat disturbed and for the most part relieved. Most of the adults she knew tended to tell her what she was going to do, rather than ask her. She looked him over quickly and she realized he couldn't be that much older than her, and in a certain light, Doc Williams reminder her of him. Same body structure, not to thick not too thin, tall yet built, and for lack of a better word, rugged. In a faint voice she asked him, 'Really sir, you'd do that? All I want is for them to leave me alone.'

'Yes, Emily I would. After all, even though they're footing the bill you're my patient. It's your best interest I have in mind, and it's my job to make sure you have someone to talk to. We can talk about anything you want to talk about no matter how big or small. Nothing we discuss ever leaves the room and that's your promise from me. You don't have to talk to them about what happens here either,' he paused, steepling his fingers together, 'One last thing, please Emily don't call me Sir. I don't look that old do I?' he concluded with a coy grin, feeling her to be more at ease now with the present situation.

'Oh no sir - I mean Doctor, you don't look old at all, I'm so sorry bout that', Emily added quickly, half blushing through her apology and she wrinkled her dainty nose, half smirking, to keep from laughing. Through the veiled expression and banter, the false facades of childhood rebellion and confusion, the astute Doc Williams thought he just caught a small glimpse of the old Emily, and that there just might be hope for her after all.

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