The Ex


I had to admit that I was surprised when my ex phoned me that afternoon to invite me over to her place -- our old place -- that evening. When Sonja and I split up 6 months earlier we didn't exactly part company on the best of terms. We had been together for almost seven years and I truly believe we were both certain that we had found our soul mates. For Sonja, it was her second go round at marriage and she brought two young kids into our relationship. I had also been married once, but thankfully had no baggage. Although Sonja's ex kept contact with his kids every other weekend, I readily accepted the role of father to them when they were in our house.

Sonja and I seemed to think alike on everything; raising her kids, our leisure activities, home renovations, sex... everything. It seemed almost too good to be true, and unfortunately it turned out that it was. We ended up having a big fight after Sonja found out that I was visiting some websites that were, in her opinion, a little too kinky. I tried to defend myself, but Sonja's mind was made up, and when that happens there's no going back. She began to worry that I was no longer sexually attracted to her and needed these 'lurid fantasies' in order to prime myself for sex. That, ultimately, was the beginning of the end. Two months later I was moving out of the house that I...that we... had put a lot of blood sweat and tears into, a house that I had hoped that we would grow old in together.

So there I was at the office on a Friday afternoon, intent on merely finishing out the day and then heading home. My big plans for the evening were to go out to my local pub to see if I could meet up with the cute blonde that I had been working on for a few weeks. That's when my cell phone rang. I was surprised to see Sonja's cell number on the call display since we hadn't talked at all since I had moved out. I had no idea what to expect, so I answered with a little trepidation.

"Hi there."

"Hi Dave. It's been a long time. How are you doing?"

"OK I guess. How about you?"

"Not bad. Staying busy. Listen, I know this is kind of awkward so I'll just get to the point. I don't know about you, but I've been thinking about you a lot since you left..."

"Me too. I've never been able to get you out of my head."

"Really?" Sonja sounded truly surprised...happily surprised. I was surprised myself to hear her speak like this and my heart skipped a beat as I thought that there might be a chance, even the slightest chance of a reconciliation.

"Sonja, I told you that I never stopped loving you, and that's still true today. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about you and wish that we had never split up."

"So how come you've never called?"

"I...I can't really say. I guess I thought you were so mad at me you never wanted to see me again."

"You should have at least tried. It would have showed me that you still cared."

"I'm sorry. I just felt really bad about what happened and didn't want to hurt you any more."

"Well, I've been waiting for your call and it never came. Finally I thought that if I felt strongly enough about what we had, maybe I shouldn't wait for you and make a move myself...and that's why I'm calling you today. To see if you'd like to stop by the house tonight...say around 8:00. The kids will be with their dad tonight for the weekend."

"Sounds great...can I bring anything?"

"No...the house is pretty well stocked. Just do me one favour."

" Sure, you name it."

"Well, I don't want the neighbours talking, so if you don't mind could you come in a cab? I don't want them to see your car out front. Eight should be dark enough that you can slip in without drawing any attention."

I thought it was kind of a weird request, but agreed. I didn't want to do anything that would mar the evening. I was completely useless the rest of the afternoon, watching the clock go by, counting the minutes 'til I could leave. I went home to my apartment and paced. I felt just like I did when I was 15, nervously preparing myself for my first date. I carefully picked out my clothes and laid them out on the bed. Sonja always liked the way they looked on me. Now all I needed was to shower, shave and get ready. Once I was showered I put on her favourite cologne, and as an afterthought dabbed some on my taint and just above my cock. I was hard as a rock in anticipation of what I had hoped would be a great evening. I hadn't had sex at all since Sonja and just assumed that she was in the same boat as me. While she was gorgeous and sexy, she also had a couple of kids at home that would hold her back from jumping into a new relationship.

I called a cab and twenty minutes later found myself pulling up to my old house for the first time in six months. It felt pretty strange ringing the doorbell to a house where I had always just walked in for six years. Sonja answered the door within seconds. She was as radiant as I remembered.

"Hi, you're right on time. Now what are you hiding behind there?" She smiled as she craned her neck to see what I was concealing behind my back. I presented her the flowers. They were her favourites, a mix of Bird of Paradise, white lilies and purple iris. "My sweet. They're beautiful. C'mon in."

Sonja led me into the kitchen. She was already halfway through a bottle of wine. Now that was a good sign. She always got very horny when she was drinking.

"Can I get you a drink?"


"Gin and tonic?" She knew me well.

"Sounds good." I watched as she pulled a bottle of Tanqueray from the cupboard and poured what looked like a triple over ice into a tall glass before topping it up with some tonic water and then a wedge of lime.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you're trying to get me drunk." I joked.

"What if I said I was?" she replied smiling. I hadn't expected flirting this early in the evening. This was looking good.

"I guess I'd say it's not necessary."

"You don't even know what I have in mind for tonight. Perhaps if you did you might want to drink up." Hmm, this was getting interesting. We made some small talk while we drank and flirted. The drink was definitely strong and I could feel a buzz from it already. Sonja took the opportunity to pour me a fresh drink as soon as I finished the first.

"Why don't we take these upstairs to finish them?" Sonja handed me my drink, picked up her wine and then headed for the stairway without even looking to see if I was following. I couldn't believe she was being this forward. She had obviously had a hard time going without sex for the past six months, and I was glad she did because she was about to unload all that energy on me.

I followed her perfect ass as it swayed back and forth up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom. Stopping me short she took my drink from me and placed it on the bedside table and then turned and sat on the edge of the bed crossing her legs.

"Take your clothes off." It was more of a command than anything. I was taken completely by surprise by her aggressiveness, but it was really turning me on. I had always fantasised about her becoming more assertive in the bedroom. As instructed I undressed until I was standing nude in front of my ex with a raging hard on.

"I see you like my new aggressiveness," Sonja stated as she stared hungrily at my hard cock. "I was pretty upset with you when you left. I truly believed we had something special that would last for our entire lives."

"Me too..."

"Let me finish. I thought a lot about us and what it was that made us so special. Then I had to think a lot about what you did to me. I saw a shrink and did my own research about your fantasies and the things you were looking at on the internet. It became obvious that you were looking for a take charge woman in the bedroom...and alpha female to your beta male. I realised that if you and me were to ever be, then I would have to learn to not only accept that, but embrace it. So I've learned to change the way I think about sex, and now it's time to see if you're ready to accept the new, dominant me. Ready?"

"Oh yeah."

"Good." Sonja reached into the bedside table drawer and retrieved something that I couldn't see and then walked towards me. Standing behind me, she reached around and pulled my right hand and then my left hand behind my back, securing them together with some kind of handcuffs with soft, wide bands that didn't cut into my wrists. I pulled against them and found that they were not toys. Assured that my hands were secure, she reached in front again and started stroking my cock.

"Mmmm, you do like this, don't you?"

"Oh yes. I like it a lot."

"You get turned on knowing that I can do anything I want and you can do nothing to stop me, don't you?"

"You know I do," I managed to answer.

"And does it excite you to know that you are going to have to do everything I tell you to do or there will be consequences?"

"I'm sure you can feel how excited I am."

"Yes, that's true, you're pretty hard. That's good; because tonight I'm going to push your limits and see if you're ready for the new me."

"Oh Sonja honey, I'm ready and waiting."

"Maybe you should wait until later before you decide you're ready for me. I'm not at all the same woman you walked out on six months ago. I've got urges and needs now that might scare you."

"Oh yeah? Well bring them on. But I'd better warn you that I'm going to cum soon if you don't watch out." It was true, between Sonja's hand and the things she was saying I knew that I wouldn't last much more than a minute. At that she gripped the base of my cock and squeezed hard, cutting off my impending release.

"Let's save that for sense wasting it on the floor."

"Good idea. At my age there's only so much gas in the tank."

"Don't worry about that...I slipped some viagra into your drink. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't short-changed tonight."

Sonja started to unbutton her blouse. Revealing a white lace bra, unlined. The dark nipples of her 36C's were clearly visible and sticking out proudly. I had always wanted her to wear sexy lingerie but she was never comfortable with it.

"You like?"

"God, you are so sexy."

"Yes, I finally realised I'm very sexy. And now you're about to find out how sexy I am." Sonja unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her shapely legs. She was wearing a white lace thong and matching stay up stockings. I couldn't believe what she was wearing. For a woman of 42 she was unbelievably sexy. Long blonde hair, about 5'6, 145 pounds with big tits, a nice rounded ass and beautiful curves. She looked much more toned that I remembered.

"So...what do you think?" Sonja asked as she stood before me.

" look even better than I remember. Have you been working out?"

"Like a fiend. I've been pumping iron 5 days a week at the gym, but I'm afraid that all the testosterone that comes with it has increased my sex drive in ways that I never imagined. Not only has it helped me with my new found sexual dominance, but I find that I'm horny all the time. Really horny." Sonja turned to go back to her night table and displayed her firm round ass with the floss of her thong reaching up between her cheeks. She was really toned now; you could see her muscles rippling subtly beneath her skin. God she looked fabulous!

She once again returned to me with something in her hand. Standing behind me again, I felt her put something around my neck. It wasn't tight, but it had tiny points in it that itched against my skin.

"Ouch...what the fuck is that?"

"'s just a restraining collar, and if you don't strain at it, it won't stick you. Now just do as you're told and you won't get hurt." Coming round to face me, Sonja hooked a short leash onto the collar. It fell to just below my knees.

"Wow, pretty kinky stuff. I think I like this new you."

"Thanks, but you may want to wait until later before you pass judgement."

"Don't worry...I can't see anything at all that I don't like."

"Not yet, anyway. I warned you that I've now got some large sexual needs that will take a special man to satisfy. Now follow me." Sonja picked up the loose end of my leash and led me, strangely enough, into the ensuite closet.

"What are we doing in here?" To say the least, I was more than a little confused.

"Get on your knees." Sonja's voice was stern... insistent. There was no room for debate so I dropped to my knees finding me staring right at her crotch. Mmmm, I could see through the lace that she was shaved bare, another thing that I had always wanted her to do. Sonja kneeled down, and fastened the ring at the other end of the leash to a clasp fastened to the floor at the doorway that I didn't notice before. With my hands behind my back, I was at her mercy.

Sonja stood up again, her crotch a mere few inches from my face.

"Still want to go on? After this there's no turning back." I had no idea what was coming, but she had me so excited I couldn't wait to find out.

"I couldn't stop now. You've got me so horny there's no way I would want to stop...not for anything."

"Good, just what I was hoping to hear. Now get ready for the ride of your life." Sonja turned and left me there then, but soon returned with her cell phone. Once again she stood right before me, only this time her thong was gone. God she had a beautiful pussy. I could see her lips were open, glistening with her excitement and her inner lips stuck out all plump and knotted. I tried to lean forward to taste her, but the collar dug into my skin. Sonja laughed at me.

"Poor baby wants a taste of my pussy. Don't worry, you'll get a taste." Sonja put her foot up on the chest that she kept in the closet and showed me her sex.

"Like it? Want to suck it baby?" Sonja taunted me as she reached between her legs and spread her lips apart, showing me the bump of her clitoris.

"Oh yes, please, let me suck your pussy." Slowly she came forward until my tongue was pushing her lips apart to delve up inside of her. I ignored the pain of the collar as she ground her hot cunt against my mouth while pulling my head into her with one hand. I looked up at her between her tits to see her dialling her cell phone with her free hand. She held it to her ear.

"Hey there baby, what are you doing?"

"Listen, why don't you drop that for a bit, get your ass over here and fuck me. I'm lying here in bed all horned up and I need me some cock. The front door's open, just c'mon over, fuck me and then you can go out with your friends. Now hurry up, I want you here in 5 minutes." Sonja hung up the phone, not waiting for him to respond. I was in shock. I couldn't believe what I had just heard, but couldn't say anything as my mouth was full of pussy.

"So, what do you think of me now? A little surprised? Your sweet little ex is not quite as innocent as she used to be, is she? I told you I was super horny and very aggressive. Ooo yeah, baby...suck that clit. Now you get to see me in action. Jim's alright, I guess. A little too young for me, but he's got a nice cock and he fucks like a mule!" Sonja humped my mouth for a few minutes before she pulled back.

"I better get in bed. Jim'll be here soon. Now you just stay quiet and everything will be alright. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Jim won't take long...he plays hockey tonight so he'll be out of here in twenty minutes." Sonja turned off the light in the closet and pulled the door within two inches of closing, leaving a gap that left me with an unobstructed view of the bed.

My mind was in turmoil. I wasn't sure what to think. Here I was hoping for a reconciliation, and here was my ex tying me up and leaving me in the closet so I could watch her fuck another man. I felt like a complete fool, but in spite of all the conflicting emotions I was experiencing, my cock was like steel. Well, it was painfully obvious that she hadn't been doing without. I watched her as she moved across her room and I realised that only a fool would think that a woman as sexy as Sonja would have to do without. Any normal guy would do anything he could to get between her legs.

"Sonja," I called out to her from my prison.

"Shut up, he'll be here any minute. Now just enjoy the'll be good. I promise you. If you say anything more I'll gag you." I knew she was serious, so I kept my mouth shut. Then I heard the front door. Sonja fell back on her bed and opened her legs. Seconds later I heard someone enter the room.

"Mmmm, just in time. I was going to get started without you." I couldn't see anyone from my vantage point. "Now strip down, get over here and fuck this pussy." Sonja's legs were spread wide for Jim while she played with her pussy.

"Oh baby, that's what I like about don't waste any time. It's always right to the fucking."

I could hear rustling as her lover undressed.

"No," she said matter of factly. "No condom tonight. I want to feel you cum inside of me."

"Cool. I'm all over that."

Then he came into view. He was young, perhaps 20 at the most, obviously athletic, and hung. His uncut cock must have been 7 inches long and very thick. He climbed onto the bed and right between Sonja's legs. She reached between them and I knew from experience that she was guiding him inside of her.

Jim's ass muscles tensed as he plunged into her, and I could hear my ex moan as he penetrated her completely.

"Ooo yeah...fuck me baby...fuck me with that big cock of yours...fuck this pussy hard." Sonja sounded like a cheap slut in some porn film, and I wondered if she was doing this for my benefit or if this was just part of the 'new' Sonja. Her strong legs wrapped around his hips and she used his body as leverage to fuck him hard, slamming her crotch up into him as she pulled him down into her. I couldn't believe my eyes...she was completely out of control. They kept up their torrid pace for a good ten minutes before Jim announced his impending orgasm. Sonja urged him on.

"Cum in my pussy...fill my hot pussy with your hot cum...I want it all in me...give it to me." Jim couldn't hold out against her and I saw his entire body tense up as he thrust into her and held, releasing his seed deep into her womb. He collapsed and lay on top of my ex while she continued to slowly grind her pussy against him. Sonja was the first to speak after a minute or two.

"You'd better get dressed and get out or you'll miss hockey."

"You sure you don't mind? I can come back later after hockey if you want."

"No thanks...I got what I needed. I'll call you if I need you. I tell you; sometime you'll have to get me into that locker room after a game so I can check out all your friends when they're all sweaty and naked."

"I told you...I'm working on it. There're a few guys that might get a little freaked out, but most of them would go for it for sure."

"Cool, well get it together then. Nothing would make me hornier than being in a room with 12 naked guys, just walking around feeling their cocks and doing whatever I want with them." Jim was dressed at this point. I noticed he didn't bother washing his cock, probably wanting to wear my ex's scent so he could brag to his buddies at hockey about the hot piece of ass he just had. Then he kissed Sonja goodbye and left. A minute later I heard the front door close.

That seemed to be the signal Sonja was waiting for. She slowly got out of bed and crossed the room towards me. I was surprised that she didn't go to the bathroom to clean herself up, as she always used to. She opened the door, turned on the light and stood right before me. I could smell the raw sex on her as she stood defiantly above me, feet slightly apart and her hands on her hips.

" did you like the show?"

I didn't know what to say because I wasn't really sure of what I thought, so I just kneeled there in silent shock.

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