The Face-Painter Ch. 10


"Mmmmmm, that's perfect. I love it," she cooed blissfully as I started into a smooth back and forth rhythm as I really started to tit-fuck her. I rocked back and forth on my knees as the intense friction between our slippery bodies got hotter and hotter, the soft undersides of her slick globes pressing warmly against my midsection with every hard long stroke. She was moaning continuously now as I thrust my engorged lance back and forth between those soft slick mounds.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum all over your face this time.....and there's gonna be a lot of it." I could see my words sent a tingling shiver of fiery lust through her as I kept thrusting back and forth. There was no place I'd rather shoot my cum than all over my mother's face. I remembered she'd mentioned earlier that she wanted me to cum on her face, and I'd been incredibly excited when she'd said it, but that was nothing compared to the rush of incestuous desire I felt for her as I looked down at her pretty waiting face right now. She looked so beautiful, her frosty blonde hair framing her attractive features, her warm blue eyes alive with desire, her full red lips parted and waiting eagerly for attention, her smooth creamy skin glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. It was a perfect canvas for my lust-driven desires.

"Oh fuck," I growled under my breath as I pushed her voluminous tits even tighter around my pistoning cock, the hot slippery flesh providing the perfect amount of friction to bring on my much needed release. I was moaning and she was gasping as I vigorously rocked back and forth, my thrusting erection sliding hotly inside that slick soft corridor formed by her incredible breasts. I felt my balls start to draw up close to my body and knew I was close. I'd been so turned on by both her wickedly lurid story and from sucking on her soft full 34Fs that I was all primed, and I could feel that this was going to be a big one. With a last deep hard thrust between those hot slick pillows, I felt the exquisite sensation as the boiling semen started to speed up the shaft of my pulsing cock. I released her breasts and wrapped my hand around it as I quickly leaned forwards, my jacking hand stroking my throbbing manhood towards her waiting face.

"OH FUCK........I'M GONNA CUM," I warned as I directed my pulsating prick down. Her eyes were fixed on the gaping red eye as a milky gob pulsed to the surface for a split second before a long white strand shot forth. It hit her on the left cheek and raced forwards onto her forehead and right into her hair. I kept stroking and moved the engorged head over to the other side just as a second thick rope jettisoned forth. It hit her other cheek forcefully and spread out in a massive wad to cover a huge portion of that side of her face.

"OH GOD," she moaned wantonly as her eyes closed and I saw her hand shoot down between her legs as she started to shake once more. I kept pumping away at my cock as I totally flooded her face, wad after gooey wad spurting forth to land all over her soft smooth skin. We were both groaning as our mutual orgasms swept through us. She was twitching beneath me, her hands rubbing furiously between her legs as I continued to unload all over her. Through half-closed eyes, I watched my pearly semen rain down upon her beautiful feminine features, the silvery seed covering her like an erotic mask. I don't know how many shots I pumped out, but I knew it was one of the biggest loads I'd ever shot, and I'm sure that knowing it was my mother who I was doing it to made helped to make it as big as it was. I kept stroking, and my pulsating cock just kept twitching and spitting as I basted her face like a Christmas turkey. My stroking hand continued to pump vigorously back and forth, gob after gob of milky cream spewing forth all over her until I was totally drained. Finally, the last shivering twinges went through me and I looked down to see what I had done.

"Oh fuck!" I said under my breath as I looked at my sexy stacked mother lying beneath me. What a sight! I looked at her face and gasped, fuck....was it ever a absolutely beautiful mess of cloudy swirling cum. It covered her from one side of her face to the other, with long strands trailing off into her lustrous hair while other big gobs clung tenaciously to her jawline and chin. Both cheeks were covered in a bizarre mosaic of crisscrossed ribbons, the same as her forehead and nose. One eye socket had been almost totally filled, but the other eye had escaped unscathed, except for a massive wad clinging to her eyebrow. A huge long thick strand covered her nose from one cheek to the other, while a thick creamy gob ran across her upper lip and disappeared down between her soft red lips. Silvery rivulets ran down the sides of her face into her hairline and down the soft skin of her neck. There was even one creamy wad dangling from her ear like an earring. I looked down at the broad flared head of my spent cock, the shining tip mere inches from her face. A silvery web of cum bridged a small gap between the seeping red eye and her chin, where the bottom of the glistening strand formed a sizable creamy gob. I flicked my spent prick and watched as the strand parted, the shimmering strand falling right into her open mouth.

I sat back slightly and as I surveyed the whole scene, I was happy to see that there wasn't one square inch of her face that didn't have some pearly clump or milky ribbon of my precious semen covering it. As I looked down at the swirling cloudy mess, a smile came over my incestuous lust for my mother had resulted in my best face-painting effort yet.

I swung my leg off my mother's reclined body and sat back on my heels beside her, my heaving chest slowing as my breathing slowly returned to normal. I watched her withdraw her hand from between her legs, her lithe fingers coated with her own warm juices. She brought both her hands to her face and scooped the big thick gob out of her eye with her fingers. Her eye flicked open, a slender web snapping from between her long eyelashes. I watched mesmerized as she moved her cum-covered fingers over her open mouth, her hand deftly moving slightly from side to side as the heavy wad of semen started to drip from her hand towards her waiting mouth. The tear-drop shaped tip of the white gob grew in size as it distended downwards. Her pouty red lips were parted and she extended her tongue longingly as the copious wad of my milky cream got closer and closer. The dangling drop distended further and further towards her hot wet tongue before the thinning strand finally broke, the viscous gob falling wantonly onto her waiting tongue.

"Mmmmmm," she mewed like a cat and her lips closed as she savored the manly flavor of my potent seed. I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed, my milky semen finding a nice warm home in the pit of my mother's stomach. She brought her hands back to her face, and I watched as she started to run her fingertips all around her face, smoothing the pearly semen into her soft mature skin.

"Oh my God, Connor," she said as she looked at me through half-closed eyes, "when I asked you on the way home if you always came that much, I was just messin' with you. I'd seen you cum those times when I'd watched you in your room, so I knew how much you could cum. But this.....this is unbelievable."

"I know. Even for me, that's a lot."

"It feels so heavy on my face," she whispered softly as she continued to push the silvery puddles of cum all around her face. "So much.....I......I love it."

"I know somewhere else you'd like it too," I said provocatively as I lay on my side next her, brought my hand to her face and teasingly traced my index finger slowly around her open red lips. "I think it's time for me to feed you." She had a blissful smile of contentment on her face as she snuggled in next to me while I slid my fingers all around her cum-covered face. Her skin felt so smooth and alive under my touch; I felt like I could have slowly rubbed my semen into it for hours, but her open mouth told me what she was waiting for. I took my thick index finger and drew it like a razor across her cheek, the pearly seed gathering along the front edge. I flicked up my finger slowly, taking the sticky fluid with it.

"Open wide," I said as I teasingly wagged my finger over her mouth. She pursed her lips into an inviting "O" and it looked so hot that I let out a little groan as I inserted my finger between her soft red lips. I had a close-up view as her warm pouty lips closed salaciously around my finger. I remembered how wonderful it had felt when she'd had them tightly adhered to my rigid prick earlier.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed contently as she sucked on my cum-covered digit. I slid it back and forth teasingly a couple of times, enjoying the soft friction of her warm lips. She reluctantly let me pull it out as I went hunting for more of the creamy nectar that she was craving. I slid my fingers over her forehead and brought another sizable gob to her waiting mouth. She happily sucked my finger deep into her mouth, her lips and tongue licking up every tasty morsel. My mother's insatiable appetite for my cum seared into my brain as I watched her. If I wasn't so fucking drained, I'm sure that as I looked at her lying before me and listened to the damp sucking sounds of her beautiful mouth as she devoured my semen, I would have sprung another hard-on right there, if I was able. But after that last climax, even I needed some time to recharge.

For the next few minutes, I ran my fingers all over her face, down her neck, into her hair, virtually everywhere where I could find traces of my huge ejaculation. She eagerly swallowed every finger-full that I slipped between her parted lips, savoring the warm morsels of my creamy discharge on her tongue before allowing the silky fluid to slide luxuriously down her throat. Finally, I had fed her as much as I could. All that was left was a filmy residue of my semen, the translucent fluid slowly drying on her smooth skin.

The whole room smelled like sex, and I loved it. The sheets were disheveled and spotted with cum and baby oil. But I had the feeling we weren't finished yet.

"Mom, let's take a shower and get this baby oil off of us," I suggested as I trailed a fingertip over one of her pert pink nipples.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so nice. Can't we just stay here?" she said with a doe-like pout on her glistening face.

"I thought you were the one who thought I couldn't keep up with you?" I teased as I stroked her other stiff nipple.

"Oh, I'm not done with you yet, Buster," she replied challengingly as she rolled over on me and nipped at my bottom lip. She pulled her face back and put that petulant child look on her face again before rolling back off me. "Okay. You go get the shower started and I'll be in once it's nice and hot."

"I know something I like to be in that's nice and hot." I reached over and slid my middle down over the warm groove of her slippery pussy-lips. I gave her precious clit a little rub before slipping off the bed and heading to the en-suite.

"YOU LITTLE TEASE!" she playfully yelled at me.

"Really, Mom? Little?" I replied questioningly as I turned and hefted my slumbering heavy dick towards her.

"Well, okay.....YOU BIG TEASE!"

"That's better." I disappeared into the bathroom and turned the water on in the big glass shower stall. The shower was huge as it had been made for at least two people, the surrounding walls littered with multiple shower heads. The stall was beautifully lined with Italian marble and had an immense glass door going from the floor all the way up. The glass panel ended a few inches below the ceiling to allow the steam to escape. When I lived at home, I used their shower every chance I had when my parents were away; often dreaming of being in there with my mother.

As the water was heating up, I grabbed a couple of big fluffy towels off the rack and put them on hooks placed just outside the stall. I stepped in and let the steaming water beat down upon me. Oh fuck, did that ever feel good. I put my hands up against the wall and let the cascading water pound down over my head and body before sluicing away into the drain.

I heard the stall door open and close and then felt my mother's warm body against mine as she slipped her arms around me. Her large breasts felt deliciously soft as she pressed them into my back. I turned and looked at her, a soft smile of contentment spreading across both our faces. I brought my mouth down to hers and we shared a warm loving kiss, not as intense as some others, but just as meaningful.

"Mmmmmm, you've got such a beautiful mouth," she said as she stood on tip-toes and let her soft sensual lips kiss along my jawline and neck.

"I'm not the only one with a beautiful mouth......and I intend to put yours to good use once we're done here."

"Oh, so what did you have in mind?" she asked coyly as she grabbed a big bar of soap off the built-in ledge and lathered up her hands.

"Your voice sounded a little raspy when you said that. I think I better do a thorough examination to make sure you're not getting a sore throat." I took the soap out of her hands and lathered up my own hands as she started to wash me.

"Oh dear, we wouldn't want that now, would we?" she replied playfully. "What would that examination involve?"

I set the soap down and reached for her breasts, filling my soapy hands with the oil-covered orbs. "Well, I have a special probe for this kind of thing. I'll start with an examination of your lips and tongue to see if there's any problem there."

"Have you noticed any problem there so far?" she asked as her foamy hands found my hanging member and started to wash it, her magical slippery hands sliding teasingly back and forth.

"No, everything there seems to be perfect, so far." I re-lathered my hands and continued washing her body as we moved in and out of the hot steaming spray, our slick bodies pressing softly against each other. "But you can't be too careful. I want to make this a nice long thorough examination. We have to make sure we check everything closely and not rush."

"I'm glad you're going to be thorough, so we'll take as much time as you think we need." Her soapy hands slid around my back and I saw her smile as her foamy fingers rubbed my firm behind.

"If everything's okay there, then I'll have to use my probe to check your throat. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it's safest if I check it as deep as I can." My slippery hands found her own bum and I pulled her to me as she turned her face up towards mine, a child-like look of innocence on her face. She was just loving this playful repartee.

"I'll do whatever you ask me to do, doctor," she said innocently as she turned her pouty soft lips up and gave me another warm lingering kiss. She finally pulled back, that lustful look of wanton desire in her eyes once more. "Mmmmmmmm......when do we get started?"

"As soon as we finish up in here." She followed my lead and we both turned to an individual shower head and washed our own face, hair, etc. I finished first and stepped out, drying myself with one of the big fluffy towels. I wrapped my mother in the other one when she joined me, her lips searching out mine for another tender kiss.

"I'll be along in a minute," she said as I slid my fingers through my hair and placed my towel on the drying rack. "You just make yourself comfortable." The sensual look in her smoldering eyes seemed to be saying, "because I'm really gonna make it worth your while".

I stepped back into the bedroom and straightened up the bed a bit, tucking in the sheets where they'd become pulled out during out playful exertions, fluffing up the pillows and stacking a bunch of them back up against the headboard. Satisfied with the job I'd done, I climbed into the middle of the bed and leaned back against the stacked up pillows, eagerly waiting for her. She had stepped into the large walk-in closet adjoining the en-suite and I heard her moving around in there. I wondered what she was doing and then a minute or two later, she appeared and leaned against the door opening; my question of what she'd been doing wonderfully answered; my eyes opening wide as I saw what she was wearing.

"Well doctor, what do you think of my nurse's uniform?" she asked coquettishly, still carrying on the playful banter we'd started in the shower. As she spoke, she leaned against the door frame, one nicely-flared hip thrust provocatively to the side.

"Oh fuck," I thought to myself, did she ever look hot! She was wearing a brilliant white singlet, a man's undershirt, what some people refer to as a 'wife-beater'. Only on her, it looked like a tight minidress, ending just a couple of inches below her sumptuous pussy. It was made of a stretchy fabric which hugged every one of her delicious curves flatteringly. The material was comprised of narrow vertical ribs that accentuated those large round breasts of hers, the ribs flowing in and out spectacularly as the fabric was stretched and pulled tight by her full 34Fs. The straps over the shoulders drew your eyes to the deep scooped neckline, the upper swells and deep line of her cleavage enticingly on display. Her pert nipples thrust provocatively at the tight fabric, the stiff buds causing stimulating shadows to fall teasingly on the bright white top.

I looked down further as the stretchy singlet adhered luxuriously to her slim waist and wide motherly hips before ending high on her thighs. There was an alluring gap of about two or three inches below that which showed her nicely tanned upper thighs, before the top of her thigh-high stockings came into view. They were a brilliant white as well, with an intricate lacy band at the top which hugged her creamy thighs sensually. My eyes followed her toned legs down to where the smooth alabaster columns ended at a pair of shy-high white sling-backs, the slim heel and pointy toe sending an erotic jolt right through me.

I looked back up at her pretty face, her damp blonde hair swirling wildly about her attractive features, her smooth skin looking pink and alive from her recent scrubbing. She was smiling, watching me look at her, knowing from the surprised yet delighted look on my face that I loved what she was wearing. Man, could my mother ever look sexy. It didn't take much, she seemed to know what to do with anything; in this case, what appeared to be a man's t-shirt. I'd never seen one look so good in my life.

"Does anything look familiar?" she asked coyly as she drew one blood-red fingernail along the inside of the shoulder strap of the t-shirt. I looked closer.

"Is that one of my singlets?"

"Yep. You're not the only one who had a thing for somebody else's clothes." Holy fuck! While I'd been making use of my mother's bikinis, bras and panties, it looked she had helped herself to some of my things as well. "I figured I'd save it for the right time." She started to slowly walk towards the bed, her wide matronly hips swaying seductively from side to side. She gave me another smolderingly sensual look as she spoke slowly, " you think this is the right time?"

"Oh my God, yes, this is definitely the right time," I replied, my heart racing already as I looked at her voluptuous mature body, gorgeously displayed in her 'nurse's uniform'. "That is the best nurse's uniform I've ever seen. I think it should be standard issue from now on. Yes, the doctor definitely approves. Now nurse, I'll need you to help me get my probe ready in order to perform that oral examination I was talking about."

"Yes, doctor," she said with a smile as she stepped forward. When she reached the foot of the bed, she put her hands together and I saw her pull a white band off her wrist that I hadn't noticed before. "What's that?"

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