tagBDSMThe Facility Ch. 04

The Facility Ch. 04


Laura was a 23year old British Nurse working in the USA as part of a nursing exchange program. She was in the USA to observe innovative nursing techniques in an effort to improve the efficiency of helping patients back in the UK. She had long blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Laura liked to wear bright red lipstick which made her blue eyes stand out even more. Furthermore, given her pale complexion, the red lipstick made her lips more full and added certain brilliance to her already attractive face. She had long legs and large breasts.

She was the sexy visiting nurse from the UK. It seemed everyone stared and stammered around her. This lead to problems for Laura, it made her into a brat and disobedient. She had the notion since she was very attractive she could get away with pranks and not following orders the doctors would give her. There was another reason she was a disobedient brat. What she really hoped someone would tell her she needed a spanking and take her over their knee and spank her long and hard. She thought about spanking all the time, she considered herself addicted to the notion of getting spanked.

So when Laura was assigned to work at County Hospital she was less than excited. That is, until Laura learned the town had a very popular business. The name of the business was The Facility. Laura briefly heard some nurses taking about it in the women's locker room of the hospital. The one nurse was telling her friend how The Facility has helped her husband become a better man through his discipline sessions with Carol. Laura felt her pussy tingle with delight as she eavesdropped on the conversation. She made a mental note of the name of the business to research it after her shift.

After her 12 hour shift, Laura was back in her sparsely furnished apartment. She quickly turned on her computer and Googled 'The Facility.' She anxiously clicked on the website for the business. She read through the FAQ's and the testimonials and watched the 'Meet the Spankers' videos. Essentially, she could make an appointment with one of the three spankers for a session of her choosing. Laura was excited about the idea of being spanked, but also scared. She had never been spanked before, despite her many fantasies and attempts to get spanked.

The following morning Laura was back in the locker room changing into her scrubs for her day shift. She looked over and saw another nurse who had a bruised bottom.

"Excuse me, may I ask you a question," Laura asked. She was really laying on the British accent as she found strangers were more receptive to it.

"Laura? Right? The nurse from the UK?" responded the red bottomed nurse.

"That's right. What's your name?"

"Beth. What's your question?"

"Did you get spanked at The Facility? I don't mean to intrude, but I couldn't help but notice your red bottom," Laura said looking down.

"Why yes I did. Robert spanks me roughly once a month. It is a great stress reliever for this job," Beth said.

"I have never been spanked and I am obsessed with it," said Laura

"Well, call and make an appointment!" said Beth as she walked out of the locker room.

"Yes, I want to make an appointment, but I want it for real misdeeds," thought Laura.

Laura decided she would start to disobey her fellow nurses and doctors and see what happens as she walked out of the locker room.

"Nurse Laura. I need your help over her with this patient, please. I need your help in removing his cast,' said Beth from exam room 1.

"I don't think so you bloody wanker!" called out Laura

"Bloody wanker? Dr. Jones, can you speak with Laura, she is acting like a little child" said Beth.

Laura was grabbed by her arm and led into Dr. Jones' office.

"Laura, you are a visiting nurse. You cannot use such language in front of the patients. If you keep this up, I will have to refer you for discipline. Do you understand?" Dr. Jones said.

"Discipline? Does that mean he will spank me? I hope so!" thought Laura.

"Yes, Dr. Jones. I am just a little home sick that is all," Laura replied.

"Understandable, don't let it happen again. Now get back to work," he said sternly.

As Laura left Dr. Jones' office, she couldn't help but notice Beth was bending over a bed trying to untangle an IV line. Some inner brat had been unleashed from Laura's conversation with Beth in the locker room, and the brat was making up for lost time. Laura ran up behind Beth and swatted her bottom hard. Beth jumped from the surprise swat and turned in anger. Her eyes burned with fury.

"What the hell Laura?" said Beth with a cold voice that could make the strongest willed weak in the knees.

"I...er....um..." stammered Laura.

"Come with me," said Beth, leading Laura by the arm to the Nurses' Lounge.

Beth pushed the door open and sat at one of the empty tables. Laura sat across from her. Beth just glared at Laura for the first several minutes. Finally, Beth spoke.

"I know what you are doing you little tart. You aren't as clever as you think you are."

"And what is that?" Laura said trying to sound innocent.

"You think you are the first nurse to see my bottom after one of my visits to The Facility? They all act the same after you see my spanked bottom. You act out with the docs then you swat my bottom because you so desperately want to get spanked, but you are afraid to act on it for some reason."

Beth took her cell phone out of her pocket and slid it across the table to Laura.

"The Facility's number is on speed dial. Press 5. We will sit here until you call and make your appointment," Beth said firmly.

Laura took the phone in her shaking hands and pressed 5. She could hear the phone ring on the other end.

"The Facility, this is Cassandra. How may I help you?"

"Hi....er...um...I have been naughty," said Laura, her face full of embarrassment.

"Well, that happens dear. Would you like to get spanked so you are no longer a naughty little girl?" asked Cassandra.

Laura couldn't believe her ears. The receptionist was basically scolding her over the phone. She loved it and her pussy felt warm and wet from the sound of Cassandra's voice.

"Yes, please," Laura said in a tiny voice.

"As it happens, we have had a cancellation with one of our afternoon appointments. How does 4:30 PM today with Robert sound?"

"I get off work at 4PM, so that works," said Laura.

"Very well. Please bring ID," said Cassandra.

"I understand," said Laura hanging up.

"4:30PM today?" Inquired Beth.

Laura nodded. Her head was spinning with everything that was happening. It was all so fast.

"One more thing. You need to have a trimmed, shaved or waxed pussy. So drop your scrubs so I can see how you keep your pussy and I don't report you swatting my bottom to the higher ups," said Beth

Laura rolled her eyes, knowing she had no choice, as she stood and lowered her scrubs. She wasn't wearing any panties. She didn't like how they left panty-lines in the scrubs. Beth smiled as she admired Laura's bare pussy.

"No panties? Are you a slut? And I can see you are turned on. Don't worry, that can be taken care of at The Facility," Beth said.

Laura was in shock. All she could do was nod to what Beth was saying. Beth helped Laura get her scrubs back up and they both went back to work.

The rest of the shift was long and boring. Laura stared at the clock waiting for 4PM to come. Her daydreaming caused her to be even more disobedient to the doctors because she wasn't even paying attention. At long last 4PM came. She rushed into the locker room and changed back into her short skirt and a blouse that really showed off her large breasts. She got in her car and drove to The Facility. She parked and walked in the main entrance.

She glanced around the bland looking waiting room. She saw two women and two men waiting. It appeared they were couples, perhaps getting spanked together? Laura shook her ahead and approached the receptionist's desk.

"Hi, I have an appointment at 4:30PM," said Laura.

"Very well. ID please," said Cassandra.

Laura handed over her ID. Cassandra scanned it through the ID Checker. The light flashed green and Cassandra handed the ID back to Laura.

"Beth told me what you did to her today at the hospital. She is a good friend of mine. I must say you most certainly have earned this spanking," said Cassandra as she handed Laura the legal paperwork and the spanking questionnaire to Laura.

Laura stuck her tongue out at Cassandra as she took the paperwork.

"Robert will have a challenge with this one, but like all the rest, they will learn their lesson," thought Cassandra.

Laura sat in an empty chair and crossed her long legs. She found that if she sat with her legs crossed just the right way, she could stimulate her pussy and get herself super horny. The paperwork was mundane; it reminded her of the paperwork from the hospital. The spanking questionnaire was must more interesting to her. She wrote out how she had never been spanked, but was always looking for ways to get into trouble. She checked off the various boxes for the implements she wanted to be used on her. Although she was British, Laura had no desire to be caned, so she left that box unmarked. At the very bottom of the last page in bold and italic letters said the following statement: THE FACILITY BELIEVES IN SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL EXPLORATION. IF FOR ANY REASON YOUR SESSION BECOMES TOO MUCH FOR YOU, THE AUTOMATIC SAFE WORD TO END ANY SESSION IS RED.

Laura walked defiantly back to the Cassandra's desk and handed the signed paperwork back. Before Laura could get back to her chair, the door opened and a lady with long brown hair appeared in the doorway.

"Laura, come this way please," she said. There was a tone disappointment in her voice.

Laura walked toward the lady with long brown hair, who grabbed her by the arm.

"I am going to lead you to the Changing Room," the lady with brown hair said.

"Changing Room? What am I changing into? I didn't bring any outfits," said Laura.

"You are changing out of your clothes and getting naked. You will be spanked naked, just like everyone who visits us."

"Naked?" said Laura her voice trailing off.

They arrived at the Changing Room door.

"Like I said, take off all your clothes and put them in a locker. Then walk through the door labeled Spanking Waiting Room," said the lady with brown hair as she opened the door for Laura.

Laura walked in and saw what appeared to be a gym locker room. She quickly found an empty locker and slipped off her short skirt. Next she pulled her blouse over her head and unhooked her black lace bra. She was slightly disappointed she was the only one in the Changing Room as she enjoyed seeing naked men and women, especially if they had just been spanked. Laura walked to the door labeled Spanking Waiting Room and opened it and walked through.

The first thing Laura noticed was a man and a woman standing on a small scaffold with signs hung around their necks. One sign read, "Happy engagement Little Timmy!" The other read, "Happy engagement Naughty Vanessa!" It was clear these two were deeply in love as their eyes were fixated on each other, as they stood naked with their well spanked bottoms on display.

"Would you believe those two? Good friends who happened to run into each other here one day. They got spanked together by Miss Kate and started dating. Now, they are getting married!" said a blonde with brown eyes as she took Laura by the hand.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Laura.

"To be tied to a chair. So you can't touch yourself, or anyone else. Furthermore, it puts you on display to put you in the appropriate frame of mind for your spanking," the blonde continued.

Laura was tied to a chair with a perfect view of both Vanessa and Tim. She could see both of their fronts and just enough of their bottoms for her to know they had both had received a thorough spanking.

Laura loved being tied to the chair. Her long legs were spread wide so her bare pussy on was display. Her nipples stood erect and she could feel a puddle of her pussy juice start to gather on the chair. There was no clock in the room so she had no idea how long she had been tied to the chair or for long much longer she had to be on display like this.

After what seemed like an eternity, Robert walked through the Spanking Rooms door and walked over to Laura.

"Hello Laura. I'm Robert and I am going to spank you today," he said as he untied her bonds.

Laura gulped hard. Although Robert had some strands of gray hair, but that didn't detracted from his stern looks. He was muscular but not muscular enough to be a meathead. He took Laura by her hand and led her to the Spanking Rooms door.

"NO! I haven't done anything wrong! You can't spank me! I'm 23 not some little kid!" shouted Laura.

Robert didn't say anything in response. He was expecting Laura to be difficult. Although he enjoyed spanking his regular clients, breaking a new client always gave him a rush. He continued to lead her down the hall of the spanking rooms. The sound of a belt hitting a naked bottom and the sobs of a man filled the hall.

"I can't believe you aren't even talking to me, you jerk! Who do you think you are? You just go around spanking naked girls?" Laura said insolently.

Robert opened the door to his room, it looked like an office. There was a wooden desk, 2 wooden chairs, a computer chair and bookshelf. He calmly sat in his chair.

"Stand in front of the desk. Have your hands at your side," he said.

Laura covered her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other.

"You will only make your spanking worse if you don't comply," he stated matter of factly.


"Oh really? You didn't swat Beth's bottom? You didn't ignore the doctors at the hospital? You didn't stick your tongue out at Cassandra? I see girls like you all the time. You think because you are very attractive, you can treat the rest of the world like shit. You think because you have nice tits and long legs you are better than everyone else. Well, I am here to teach you a lesson. The only way for girls like you to learn this lesson is to be put over my knee and given a long and thorough spanking. So I will ask you one more time, place your hands at your sides."

Laura didn't move.

"You just earned yourself the paddle in addition to the brush," said Robert as he stood up.

Robert opened the desk drawer and pulled out a wooden brush and a wooden paddle with holes in it.

Laura glared at Robert, as if she was trying to make him burst into flames with her eyes. Robert was expecting this, after all, Laura's file said she had never been spanked before and she had a disobedient streak in her that ran a mile deep. Robert calmly moved one of the wooden chairs and sat it in. He pulled Laura over his knee. She tried to fight back, but she was no match for the stronger Robert.

He shifted her on his lap. She was very attractive. Her long legs were extended. Robert reached for the brush and tapped it on Laura's bottom.

"Anything to say before you have your spanking," asked Robert.


Robert raised the brush and firmly but not too harshly started to spank Laura. He needed Laura's bottom nice and pink, she needed to have a good warm up before her paddling, otherwise her spanking would not be effective.

At first, Laura bit her tongue and refused to cry out or even breathe any different. She didn't want Robert to know she was enjoying her spanking or that it was making her rethink her actions.

"Just because you have nice tits doesn't mean you get to treat people with disrespect," said Robert as he continued to spank Laura with the brush.

The sound of the spanking filled the room and before Laura realized it she was gasping with each swat. She reached back with her right arm and tried to block the brush. Robert knew this was going to happen and quickly pinned her arm against her back.






"You need to learn to do as you are told. You need to learn to act appropriately," said Robert.







"Are you starting to get the message?" asked Robert.

"Yes! My bottom hurts!" said Laura

"A spanking is supposed to hurt otherwise the naughty girl won't learn anything. Stand up and put your hands at your side," said Robert.

This time, Laura complied. She felt so exposed, humiliated. Her bottom was burning and her pussy was aching. She was hoping Robert hadn't notice how turned on she was.

"I see this is a turn on for you as well, right Laura?" asked Robert.

"Yes, Sir," she said eyes down.

"Sir? Where did that come from? He didn't tell me to call him Sir?" she thought.

"Good. Now bend over the desk with your legs spread wide," Robert said picking up the paddle.

Laure bent over the desk. She could feel her nipples graze the desk. She spread her legs. She felt her pussy lips open like a slut. She loved every minute of it, she wanted more.

"Tell me why you need a spanking and then I will paddle your naughty bottom," said Robert.

"I'm addicted to trying to get spanked. I act out in an attempt to get spanked. I ignore people and disobey people in the hopes they will spank me. I spanked Beth because I know she was here," confessed Laura.

"So what does this mean?"

"It means I need you to spank my naughty bottom, please."





Robert brought the paddle down on Laura's exposed bottom four times. She could hear the paddle whistle as the air passed through the holes in it. Each blow nearly catapulted Laura over the desk. She groaned with each blow.

"Are you learning, Laura?" asked Robert.





"YES!" yelled Laura.





"What are you learning Laura?" asked Robert.

"I have learned to keep my hands to myself. To do as I am told and to treat people with respect!" yelled Laura.






"And tell me what happens when you are disobedient and a brat?" inquired Robert.

"I get spanked naked!" yelled Laura.

Robert walked around to the other side of the desk and placed the paddle on the desk. Robert sat in the chair and looked into Laura's eyes which were full of tears.

"I need to make sure you are sincere and have really learned your lesson. So I am going to slipper your bottom now," said Robert.

"Please no. I promise I will be a good girl," pleaded Laura.

"This will make sure you stay a good girl," Robert replied.

Robert opened a desk drawer and pulled out a rubber slipper. Laura burst into tears, making promises to be a good girl. Robert smiled. He put the slipper away.

"Stand up," he said.

Laura stood, with her hands at her side. Robert got up from the desk and walked to Laura. He hugged her.

"You took your punishment very well. You have learned your lesson, haven't you?" he asked.

Laura just sobbed more into his shoulder. Never before had she been spanked. Never before had she been treated so harshly and held so accountable for her actions. She loved every minute of it and she pussy was begging to be touched.

"Now, about you being all turned on. In the desk there are vibes, dildo and a magic wand. You have five minutes to masturbate and then I will take you to do your scaffold time," said Robert as he left the room.

Laura quickly ran around to the desk and ripped open the drawers. She quickly found her favorite type of vibrator, the jack rabbit style. She turned it on, not only could it vibrate, but it rotated and had a special attachment to make sure the clit was stimulated. In the past it gave her mind blowing orgasms, she couldn't wait to experience an orgasm after a spanking.

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