tagGay MaleThe Fallen Ch. 04

The Fallen Ch. 04


Author's note: I will try to explain everything and stuff, and hopefully it will make this part longer. If you've been reading thank you, and sorry for the lack of details in the previous chapters. I hope you enjoy this chapter. All characters are 18 or older.


The ride home was pretty quiet. Tenshi felt an uncomfortable tension from Seiji and his friends. Looking down at his hands in his lap, Tenshi spoke up, "Issac is Seiji's brother, right. So why was he acting like that?"

"Because he abandoned his family to be the demons' pet" Seiji growled, his emerald eyes looking out the truck's window. He took a deep breath and sighed, "The lord of that castle and his followers are all demons. From vampires to my idiot brother. That's why the town is called Hell's Keep. Ever since the vampires had control of the town they do as they please and convert other creatures to join them. Those who defy them disappear..." Seiji looked into Tenshi's sky blue eyes. "Creatures of light, like angels rarely come here because, they say the demons in the castle devour them for power. That's why I've tried to keep you hidden."

Tenshi laid his head on Seiji's chest. "I still don't know who I am. Sometimes I wonder if I do have a family out there. And how I ended up here. But for now I'm happy to stay by your side, Seiji." He nuzzled and kissed Seiji's chest, through his black t-shirt. He felt Seiji's arms around him in a warm embrace, and his lips touched the top of Tenshi's white hair.

The next day was busy, Saki got Tenshi and Seiji to help her bake pastries for the Full Moon later that night. Tenshi looked at himself, covered in flower he decided to take a shower. He set the water to warm and peeled the dirty clothes off his body. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, apart from the flour he looked pretty good. He was still pale and thin since Seiji had found him. But from swimming in gym class his body was in shape, very slender yet toned. Satisfied he went inside the shower, sighing happily at the warmth of the water over his body.

Pouring shampoo into his hands he washed his hair, unaware that someone entered the bathroom. Tenshi felt hands moving down his sides, he froze. "Seiji? What are you doing?" No reply came, he moved his hands over the silver lines on Tenshi's back. He shivered lightly in pleasure. Tenshi looked back at Seiji, the wolf boy was still wearing his clothes now drenched. "Seiji?"

Seiji only pulled his black t-shirt off and tossed it out of the shower. He seemed to be in a trance Tenshi thought and back up against the wall. The shower was fairly large, enough room for two people, with a sliding glass door close to where Seiji was.

Tenshi watched as Seiji advanced on him. Seiji held onto his jaw and brought his lips to Tenshi's. Seiji kissed him hard but passionately, biting at the angel's lips possessively. Tenshi felt his blood move to his loins and he moaned softly into the heated kiss.

A growl rumbled in his chest. Seiji knew this was wrong but his inner wolf pushed him to keep going. Driven by instinct he pushed his jeans and boxers off.

Tenshi felt nervous seeing Seiji's 9" canine-like cock. It was thick and red with need. Tenshi got on his knees and licked Seiji's pulsing member. Seiji was growling and gripped Tenshi's hair to hold him still. Tenshi had coated the cock in his saliva and held the tip in his mouth, sucking it. Seiji pushed his head forward and thrust the member further into his warm mouth. Tenshi slid his tongue on the vain on the underside of Seiji's cock as he was pulling out almost all the way, and pushed himself back in.

Seiji growled in pleasure all he felt was his mate's warm mouth on his dick, he hardly noticed the shower was still on spraying hot water over their bodies. He pulled out of Tenshi's mouth and helped him stand. Seiji smiled at Tenshi, the angel looked a little frustrated that he had stopped him. He leaned forward with his face close to Tenshi's, he held up two fingers to his mouth. "Suck on them."

Tenshi was confused but did as Seiji said. When the fingers were coated in spit Seiji pulled them away and kissed him. Tenshi felt something wet touch his ass and he tensed up.

Seiji growled, "Calm. It's OK, I won't hurt you." And he kissed down Tenshi's neck. At the base of his neck where the neck and shoulder meet, Seiji and his inner wolf knew that's where the mating bite would go. His wolf wanted to mark Tenshi now but now wasn't the time, instead he sucked hard on the spot. Tenshi moaned and held onto Seiji's shoulders tightly. He continued to rub his slick fingers on Tenshi's back entrance, and whispered words of encouragement in his ears.

Tenshi gasped when Seiji's fingers slipped inside him. He tried to relax like Seiji was telling him. But it did hurt a little. Tenshi's skin flushed as pain turned into pleasure. He couldn't help but moan, he tried to muffle the sound with his hand and put his other hand against the shower wall to balance himself.

Seiji growled, pleased that his mate was loving what he was doing. He removed his fingers from Tenshi, which earned him a whimper of disappointment from the angel. He turned the angel around and licked his neck and purred in his ear, "So sexy. Do you want it, pup?" And pressed his 9" cock at Tenshi's entrance for emphasis.

Tenshi looked back at Seiji, his eyes full of wanton desire. His body was trembling in anticipation and he tried to form words. "Yes... Please. I want it."

Seiji tried his best to hold back and slide his cock gently into his pup. He put his hands around Tenshi's hip and abdomen, helping him ease onto his thick cock.

Tenshi made a whimpering noise when Seiji pulled back almost all the way out. He didn't want Seiji to stop when it was starting to feel good. With both hands on the shower wall Tenshi pushed back and made Seiji's dick slide inside him again. He could feel his ass against his mate's thighs and he knew Seiji was completely inside his ass. He moaned and pressed his back into Seiji's strong chest.

A growl of triumph rumbled in his chest. His pup was definitely ready. He gently bent Tenshi forward and placed his hands on the wall, and spread his legs a bit. He licked Tenshi's marks on his back and moved his hips so his dick moved inside his little angel.

Tenshi shuddered in pleasure, he blushed red when he felt his own organ responding to what Seiji was doing. He could feel Seiji's hands move, the one on his hip moved to grip his cock, which made him groan. Seiji's other hand moved up his chest and over his nipples, he tweaked them both and they hardened instantly.

Tenshi's moans only aroused him more. Seiji moved his hips back and forth, pounding his cock into his pup. He gripped Tenshi's cock and pumped it in his fist.

Tenshi couldn't help but pant and moan, he felt so good all over, especially when Seiji would hit a certain spot inside him. His cock was pulsing in Seiji's fist and his whole body begged for release. "Ohh.. Seiji. Ah... I love you, Seiji!" He felt his balls tighten and release in Seiji's hand.

"I love you too!" Seiji felt the base of his cock swell and he tried to pull out of Tenshi, but it was too late. His knot moved inside Tenshi and locked them together as his cum poured into his mate.

Tenshi's ass felt full, and he could feel the hard lump inside himself. He looked back at Seiji almost panicking.

"It's OK" Seiji wrapped his arms around Tenshi. "I'm sorry I didn't want that to happen. Until it goes soft we're stuck." Seiji made a whimpering sound and pouted.

Tenshi turn his body as far as he could and kissed Seiji's lips. "I love you."

"I love you too, pup." Seiji reached over and turned the hot water up and with some soap he washed his mate clean.

Later that evening, Saki left early to set up her booth at the festival. Kat and Alex arrived at the house so they could all go together. Tenshi finished putting on the light blue kimono, that he got from the witch a the mall. It was more of a girls style, but he liked the way the silky fabric felt on his skin.

He finished putting a silver wing hair clip in his hair, and went to go see how Seiji was doing. He walked into the bedroom, "You ok, Seiji?" The wolf teen was dressed in black dress pants, a white long sleeve button up shirt, and a emerald green vest. Tenshi smiled watching Seiji struggle with tying a matching bow around his collar.

"Don't laugh. Saki makes me dress up every year."

Tenshi held back a giggle and helped tie the bow. "You look very handsome, Seiji."

"So do you, pup" he said with a soft growl. Seiji wrapped his arms around him and held him close. Tenshi blushed, Seiji's hard member was pressed against his stomach.

"Looks like someone got laid earlier." Seiji and Tenshi jumped apart when they heard Kat in the door way. She looked great, Seiji thought. Her gold dress hugged her curves, with black pumps on her feet, that accented her tanned skin nicely. Her dark hair was full of curls that framed her smiling face.

Alex appeared beside her, "Well, he does have your scent, Seiji. It should last until tomorrow, at least."

Seiji nodded, a slight blush on his cheeks. He wrapped his arm around Tenshi's shoulder gently. "I'll mark him when he is ready, I did not want to ruin this night. I'll tell you later, pup." He said to Tenshis and kissed his white hair. Seiji lead the way outside and to Alex's truck.

Tenshi couldn't believe his eyes when they entered town. He knew Hell's Keep was full of different citizens, but now his senses were nearly overwhelmed. There were hundreds of demons, witches, animals and faries. Though they all looked like they were enjoying the moonlit night, he sensed some of their dark intentions. With that he held onto Seiji's hand, he felt safer with his boyfriend there.

Never letting go of Tenshi's hand Seiji and the others made their way through the crowd. Throughout the night they played games, ate great food, and even danced some. Seiji was loving that Tenshi was having fun. He himself was having fun but he stayed on high alert, watching over Tenshi. He heard several whispers of demons wanting to "have their way with him". But no one made any advances on him so that was good.

Tenshi held a recently won stuffed animal in his arm, it was a brown furred teddy bear that Seiji won for him at one of the games. He smiled staying close to Seiji. A voice boomed on a intercom somewhere, "Everyone gather in front of town hall for the closing ceremony!"

Tenshi looked at Seiji, "What do they mean?"

"Its just a couple of shows and then the lord will give a speech, that's what usually happens." He smiled and gave his pup a quick kiss on his lips.

Tenshi wished they could've kissed longer but he saw some people giving them the stink eye. They approached the castle at the center of Hell's Keep, made of large grey bricks and how it loomed over them gave him an ominous feeling. Then he noticed a large wooden stage in front of the castle where everyone gathered. On the platform stood Isaac, in black suit and red tie, he stood casually with other people Tenshi did not recognize. At center stage, a tall man with short dark red hair and a matching goatee, he wore a dark suit with a black fur cape draped down his left side and a red jewel hung around his neck. His demeanor seemed imposing, Tenshi guessed he was the vampire lord.

A young man with crimson hair walked onto stage. Tenshi guessed he was related to the vampire. He dressed similar to his father but had longer hair. He had his arm around a girl that Tenshi knew.

Dressed in a very short black dress and long blonde hair was Akira. Though she had a pair of gray, curved horns coming out from above her ears, which were pointed. He could see from her backless dress, that she had a pair of small bat-like wings. A black tail swayed around behind her as well. Akira looked to the crowd and gave a dazzling smile, all the attention seemed to go to her head.

Tenshi felt the hand holding his own tighten, he looked at Seiji by his side. As he was about to say something the crowd quieted and looked to the vampire lord.

"Thank you, everyone for joining us for our age old tradition. Celebrating the rise of equality and peace, and the fall of the old kingdom." The crowd cheered accept for Seiji, Kat and Alex. The vampire waited for the crowd to silence and then continued speaking. "Tonight is a special night, as my adviser had decided to retire early" some people in the crowd laughed quietly as though there was something amusing about that. "With a unanimous agreement, my loyal servant Isaac has been promoted to be my adviser. Why don't your family come join us on stage." The crowd clapped but not Seiji, he stared at Isaac coldly.

Saki grabbed Seiji's hand and half dragged him up stage, with Tenshi close behind. Tenshi could hear whispers, he guessed that was to be expected since he wasn't family. They stood beside Isaac and faced the crowd. Saki gave her older brother a hug and stood beside him. While Seiji stared blankly at something off stage, but still held tightly to Tenshi's hand.

The vampire began to speak again, he looked bigger up close like this, Tenshi thought. He felt an odd sensation like he was being watch, though as far as he could tell everyone had their eyes on the vampire lord. Tenshi looked around the stage casually. That's when his eyes locked with a pair of blood red ones. He froze staring back at the eyes of the older vampire's son. He turned his gaze to the floor, maybe it just a coincidence.

The lord continued on with his speech, "And with my only son, Dominic, coming of age soon he will chose a mate soon. And other news-"

"I want that one, father." Dominic interrupted his father, his arm straight out pointing to someone. Everyone's eyes fell on Tenshi.

To the next chapter...

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