tagLoving WivesThe Fallout Ch. 03

The Fallout Ch. 03


I hated working Sundays, especially after what had happened over the past five days, ever since I walked into the bar to be confronted by a distraught Adele.

Yet again, I envied Jade, as she innocently slept that extra couple of hours, but I also enjoyed the fact that her tits were poking just over the top of the duvet. I thought about treating myself to another snapshot, but it wasn't that type of picture that I had on my mind.

Last night, both Paul and I had returned the favour to our respective partners by separately posing for nude shots, and Jade, after an amazing blow job before bed last night, casually dropped in that she had not told me about her final picture, one that Adele had agreed to in exchange for having one herself, leaning just inches from my cock without, obviously, touching it.

My delicious minx had teased that she would email it to me at the office, but by noon I had not received a thing and had a client meeting to prepare for, so I texted her a question mark, and two minutes later an email dropped.

''Luke, please open attachment.''

As if I needed to be told twice! I clicked on it and up it opened, revealing not what I had anticipated. Instead, it was a smiling, fully clothed picture of Jade, with the words typed on it, ''would you like to see that final picture from last night?''

Jade never ceased to cock-tease, even after being together for years. I emailed her back, although it was more of a plea than a reply, as I explained I needed to concentrate, but hadn't been able to all day. Her response was almost cruel.

''You better go to lunch then, as I am not sending it until one! x''

I grabbed my phone and jacket and headed to a local coffee shop for something to eat and drink, taking as much time as possible, and managing to stay out of the office until five minutes before one o'clock, and sure enough, just as the clock struck, the email appeared. Good girl, kind of.

Now, first of all, I was not expecting anything over the line of what we had all agreed, or at least the girls had, but I knew after the last picture Adele made me take, it would not be a straight forward solo shot of my lover. I hovered over the attachment. Here I was, begging for it to be sent, and now I hesitated. Click, click...

I will describe the picture to you from the top to the bottom.

The top ten per cent was the crumpled up lower half of Jade's black dress, which was now residing somewhere between the bottom of her bra and her belly button. The next third was her waist and her burlesque-shaped hips, although to either side were her legs, pulled up and bent at the knees, with her hands holding her thighs in place. Moving down the picture, her black panties now stretched over her pussy and, with her legs raised, she was showing the majority of her ass, that was eating the material of her underwear as it sat just off the edge of the bed.. The rest of the picture was not of Jade, but of Paul, who had been ordered - as if he needed to be - into position, not hanging over Jade's covered cunt, but instead standing between her legs, with his cock exactly level with what would be her opening if it wasn't for one, tight piece of material. He was an inch away, and as if to emphasise the point, Jade had made him take the picture with one hand and hold his dick at the base with the other, exactly as you would do before guiding a cock into a pussy.

That's the best way I can describe it to you, although it took me around five minutes before I even blinked! Adele had asked for a fake blow job picture and Jade had decided to go one step further with a suggestive pre-fuck shot. Not only that, but she'd raised her skirt and legs above her waist for my best friend, and showed him as much as she could without removing her clothes.

I emailed her back.

''Wow. Thats quite a last picture. Seems to me you took it a little further than Adele.''

Her reply was instant.

''Of course! They are our playthings! It was quite funny. From the moment I told Paul to stand at the end of the bed to the moment I pulled my dress back down was about fifteen seconds, and the poor sod had the camera to his eye for ten of those. I think he left more frustrated than ever!''

I responded, but had to cut our little dirty email exchange short as I had work to do, a meeting to go to and a hard cock to get rid of!

That night we went straight to the bedroom, and Jade let me recreate the picture, only this time I proceeded to slip her panties down to reveal everything, and even got one snap of me two inches inside her, before she ordered me to toss the camera aside and take care of her. Yet again, our naughty escapades had translated into some of the best sex we had ever had.

Over the coming weeks we saw our favourite couple a few times, once during the day, once with other friends and once over dinner, but Paul had to leave early the next morning for another trip so it was less than drunken, and you may have noticed that most of our fun has been fuelled by red wine!

I suppose, all things being said, that should have been it, story over, accept for one thing, or should I say one word... guilt.

Things had worked out for the best, and everyone had gotten off on our various photo-shoots, but every time Paul and I talked about it, I had a nagging voice in the back of my head, reminding me that Jade and I had been responsible for the phone swap that led to all of this in the first place. I felt like I was constantly lying to him, even though he was buzzing about what had gone on, although he often moaned, as Jade said, about not being given enough time to soak in that final picture with my lover.

I thought about the consequences of telling him. He would be a little upset, maybe, but it would be balanced out by the sex life he was now relishing with Adele, and the night he briefly got to see Jade spread in her panties. Still, he would want something in return. Ah, yes, the picture of Jade and Adele. Pleased with myself that I had worked out the next few moves in this sexual game of chess, I made the decision to confess all, knowing that the result would not be the end of our friendship, but an awkward moment and a surrendered picture. Striking while the iron was hot, I texted him and asked him to meet me after work at the same bar that Adele asked me to meet her.

I arrived first, and thought it fitting to sit at the same corner table. Paul arrived within minutes, and greeted me with a smile and small talk, assuming that this was just a usual after-work beer.

''Paul, I need to talk to you, but you must promise to think about what I say for thirty seconds before saying a word, okay?''

''Sure dude, what is it? You don't think I am fucking Jade do you?'' he joked, before laughing at his own crude humour.

I took a deep breath and told him all about Jade's inventive swapping of the phones, based on my order to reveal as much of Adele to me as possible, and how I had then twisted the story to suit when Adele confronted me with the pictures of Jade on his phone. I explained how the naked photo shoot with Adele was all her idea, and how I had calmed Adele down and pleaded his case. I then mentioned the guilt of it all and how I didn't want us to have any secrets. I apologised about ten times.

I stopped, and there was a stony silence, before he stood up and headed for the bathroom. I waited, slightly worried by this gap in his response, but five minutes later he was striding back to his seat opposite me, ready to deliver his reaction.

''Look, everything that's happened because of this is good. No, it's great. Adele is a different person and we have grown so close as four friends, so that's not the problem. What hurts me, is all the conversations we have had since, just the two of us, and all the grovelling I did, when you knew all along you were as bad as me, if not worse.''

I told him that I was telling him now because of that very reason, and that I didn't want this to be a hidden secret between us. I couldn't justify that, in any way.

''Look, I stole those pictures of Jade and didn't tell you, so I suppose we are even on that front, and just like you couldn't blame me, I can't blame you, and from what you are telling me it was Jade who swapped the phones, albeit under your general orders. But you owe me Luke. You benefitted more than I did since, especially the night you had with both Jade and Adele naked in front of you.''

I had judged this one to perfection, and immediately I took my phone out and sent a pre-prepared email to Paul, and simply told him to check his inbox. His phone bleeped as he pulled it out, clicking quickly and raising an eyebrow as the shot of our partners naked together on my bed obviously popped into view. He didn't smile, but stared at the shot for a good thirty seconds. I told him it would look better blown up on his laptop.

''That's pretty special, but thats not enough Luke. No way.''

''Okay,'' I said, thinking on my feet about what else I could offer him up as a peace meal. ''That picture you took of Jade, standing between her legs with your cock out, I have the same shot at home only with her panties removed. I will send it to you, as long as you can put up with seeing my penis.''

''No, Luke, think about it. Jade and Adele have seen each other and both of us naked. You have seen both of them naked, and all I have managed, in the flesh, is my own partner. If you are really sorry then you will sort it so I get to photograph Jade. Simple.''

''Paul, it would be totally fine by me, I owe you that, but how the fuck am I going to swing that?''

''Well, you managed to get naked pictures of Adele off her own phone, cover this fact up when she found the photos of Jade on mine, ended up with Adele naked on your bed and spent a few weeks ago with my lover between your legs with your cock a couple of inches from her face. I think you can manage it.''

I had no response. I guess I wasn't quite the chess player I thought I was.

''Listen, I am not blackmailing you, and I forgive you. It's not that big a thing and I am glad you eventually told me. It shows how strong our friendship is, but try your best. You can come up with something. And by the way, Adele is not to know. We said its not good to keep secrets but at the risk of our friendship as couples, I don't think she would take it quite the same way as me. After all, your bending of the truth saw her bent over your bed within 24 hours.''

I agreed, and also promised to give it my best shot. We drank our beer, with Paul's inquisitive nature getting the better of him as he actually wanted more details of the day Jade swapped the phones. It was then he realised that I had in my possession a picture of Adele with his cum on her face, which was a slightly awkward moment, but he felt quite proud that Jade had kept the pictures he had sent to Adele of his erection. All in all, I felt in debt to him, and even told him the story about our risky visit to the park. He loved every minute of it, and by the time we left we were on normal terms, with him reminding me of my task as we left the bar.

To be honest, he did deserve to be in charge for once, and I would try my hardest to even things up, but for the next week or so, I drew a blank. Then, a text from Paul handed me my eureka moment.

''Dude, birthday in a fortnight don't forget. Shall we get a few guys together?''

I had forgotten, and I had a better idea.

''Yeah, maybe, but what about an early dinner to celebrate next week as I think Jade is busy the week of your birthday.''

''Cool. Can we say monday or is that too short notice? Crazy week.''

''No, that's fine. Come to ours for a change. Sorry I haven't came up good for you pal on our plan. I will keep trying.''

''Dude, don't worry. No time limit. Enjoy your weekend with her parents! Ha ha! Unlucky.''

In truth, I actually enjoyed seeing her family, but it would make it difficult to formulate my plan to get Paul what he deserved, so I had to do it this evening, before our saturday and sunday trip. I returned home and, being the cook in our coupling, I prepared a prawn spaghetti dish that Jade loved so much and poured some wine, with both waiting for her on her return from after-work gym.

''Ah! You are a darling. I was going to shower but what the heck, let's eat!''

After swapping tales of our day, I told her about monday's dinner plans, and announced that I had a great idea for Paul's present from the two of us. She enquired innocently for more details.

''Well, remembering the fact that you stole Adele's phone in the first place, I think he should get to photograph you naked.''

Jade laughed heartily!

''Why? Everything is cool now and it's all over with. He doesn't know a thing.''

''But we do, and apart from that one moment in the bedroom, he has been a little hard done by, given all the facts that only you and I know. And anyway, it's not like it won't be another fun night for us both. All four of us will be there, relaxed as always, and the trust never changes. ''

''Luke, it doesn't matter. Even if I agreed, Adele would never go for it. She is not quite as daring as me, you know.''

''Not so. Paul tells me this whole experience has changed her and that she is fucking him every which way but loose, every night.''

''Yeah, I know. Adele gives me the details too. Are you sure you want to give him such a big birthday present? I mean, you have seen Adele in many positions, so it won't be that big a deal for us, but it's quite a thing to give your friend for a normal birthday.''

''Yes, I know, but it's the guilt Jade. We stitched him up and in return I have a picture of you and his girl naked together. Not quite fair.''

She thought for a little bit, and I knew she was wavering.

''Okay, but leave Adele to me. I will call her this evening, but I am not going to push her. Fucking hell. You and Paul never stop do you?''

She smiled as she said this. While Paul and I may be a little more open with our perversion, both Jade and Adele had loved photographing our cocks just as much. I know this because Jade would openly tell me that she was popping into our home office to look through the photos she took of Paul and that she wasn't to be disturbed! She did it to tease me, as always, but I also was able to do the same to her with my stockpile of Adele!

After dinner Jade offered to stack the dishwasher and let me shower first, and when I returned fifteen minutes later she was on the phone to Adele, although to conversation was not on topic!

''Yeah... yeah... I know but I told her not to date him in the first place...'' And so on, and so on.

Eventually, she hung up.

''You didn't ask her, did you?''

''Of course I did. She agreed within seconds. She thought it was a great idea, and was sick of Paul pointing out that he was still being punished! Fancy watching a movie?''

Jade was so matter-of-fact about things, so we settled in for a lazy night of TV and fondling, before heading away for the weekend, which was as good as a sex ban!

We returned Sunday night, and an exhausted Jade headed to bed immediately. I made an excuse that I wasn't quite ready for sleep, and bided my time downstairs until I knew she was unconscious, before texting Paul, asking him to ring me if he was alone. Immediately, the phone rang.

''Hey, what's up? Everything okay?'' Paul said in quietened tones.

''We are on for Monday. It's your birthday present. Everyone knows except you. Act surprised.''

''Awesome, good work. Was it hard to get Adele to agree?''

''No, not at all. Jade did that for us. Everything has worked out, so I hope that is us squared up.''

''Luke, even if you hadn't have sorted this, it was still all good. Glad you did though,'' he whispered. ''Gotta go. Adele is coming down the stairs.''

I enjoyed a cold beer before bed, pleased that I had managed to deliver my side of the bargain, and I decided in my head that I would wrap up our camera, fitted with an empty memory card, and an empty photo album for Paul.

The next morning I was feeling the plus side of a relaxed family weekend, breezing into work refreshed and into the morning meeting. Paul texted before midday.

''Before we come tonight, make sure Jade has a few drinks'.'

''She will be fine, don't worry.''

''It's not that. Jade is controlling. I want her doing as she is told, so get her drunk. Thats the last thing I will ask of you pal.''

''Okay, I will see what I can do.''

The day went very, very slowly...

Adele had arranged to meet Paul at home, then arrive at our house by eight o'clock, so given that Jade didn't get home from work until after six, I had a lot of work to do. I threw my bag at the front door and headed to the kitchen, slicing limes and pulling out bottles of spirits, before filling a punchbowl with a potent mix of gin, vodka and rum, hiding the strength with the right amount of squeezed fresh fruit, sugar syrup and mixer. It wasn't all that far from a long island iced tea I suppose, which is perfect for disguising a powerful alcohol content! I had one waiting for Jade on her arrival, and it was gratefully received, as she whizzed past me with a kiss and headed upstairs to change.

''No time to waste baby. They are here soon. Anything in particular you want me to wear? '' she said as he ass wiggled into the distance.

''Your choice. Just holler if you need any help.''

With that she was gone and within a minute I could hear the shower running and her footsteps whizzing around above me. After half an hour, I got the shout I was waiting for.

''Honey?! Can you bring me up another one of those cocktails?!''

With pleasure. I thought about adding more alcohol but I was only trying to get her on her way, not knock her out! So, I poured another tall glass and headed upstairs, to be greeted in the bedroom by an already underwear clad Jade.

''You like my choice?''

She had went for a sheer pair of white panties, maybe one of the few thongs she owned, and at the front you almost didn't need to take them off to uncover her hidden pleasures. Her bra was wired but see through also, showing her nipples in all their glory.

''Perfect,'' was the only word I could muster as I scanned the bed, spotting her strapped, thin white dress that fell perfectly onto her breasts and flopped to a finish about three inches above her knee. More suitable for a summer house than a dinner party.

''Quiet tonight, aren't we? You need help with dinner?''

I told her to take her time and I was fine, having an hour to get my creation prepared and ready to go. I deliberately went for a tuna steak dish with stir fry that took minutes to rustle up.

Jade finally emerged form upstairs, heading straight for the punchbowl again for a third helping, swaying over to the food to have a sniff and heap praise on me for my culinary ability. I headed to get ready for myself and, right on cue, as I walked back down to the living room, the doorbell sounded, and Jade rushed to welcome our guests.

''Hi!!'' she exclaimed a little too loudly, throwing her hands around Adele, then turning to Paul, giving him a long embrace and a big kiss on the cheek, marking it with a, ''Happy birthday! Cocktail?''

They both accepted her offer and, as Jade strutted off to fetch our drinks... and her fourth... Paul shot me a grateful smile, as it was obvious to all that Jade was already borderline drunk.

Dinner past with little to report. It was fun and laid back, but everyone was steering away from any risqué chat, given that we actually all knew what lay ahead, although Jade seemed a little impatient to get the eating over with.

After dinner we moved to the living room, Jade throwing an arm around me for a little support, but she was fine, albeit more than a little drunk. The punchbowl was dry as we opened wine and, after we raised our glasses to Paul's birthday, Jade simply sprung up and said, ''Right, present!''

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