tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 44

The Family Ritual Ch. 44


©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy's please refer to chapters 1 -- 36.

Lacy Alexis -- Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw -- Pregnant stalker and supermodel

The Cassidy Kennedy's

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy -- Suitor to Lacy Alexis

Amber Cassidy Kennedy -- Mother to Derrick

Senator Alan Cassidy Kennedy -- Father to Derrick

Jackson Cassidy Kennedy -- Brother to Derrick married to Pedro

Pedro Cassidy Kennedy -- Husband to Jackson, changed his name to Cassidy Kennedy after their marriage

Janice Cassidy Kennedy McGarrett -- Sister to Derrick

Bronson McGarrett -- Husband to Janice


Margaret Jones -- Assistant to Hayley

Brian West -- Assistant to Jake

Marvina -- New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


Derrick carried Lacy up to her room and dressed her in a black negligee and tucked her into bed. It was five thirty in the morning.

He went into his own room. On the way he heard his mother arguing with his father, "You loved it when she called you daddy, you sick fuck!"

"You can't wait to fuck your son, you bitch!" Alan screamed.

"Go to bed, you just wait I'll take care of you." Amber yelled back.

"You won't do anything, not until you've had your son's dick in your cunt."

"Well at least he has a big cock. It must have come from my side of the family because that peanut size dick of yours can't do the job." Amber smirked.

Alan screamed back, "Well I did the job with Lacy, she loved it."

Derrick walked past his parent's bedroom. He couldn't' stand to hear anymore. He was tired and just wanted to go to bed.

Derrick lay in bed thinking for quite some time. He was beginning to realize that it wasn't just the formula but real feelings and real thoughts that had gone unsaid were coming out to reveal the truth. The truth for him was that he loved Lacy, but he also loved his mother more than he wanted to admit.

As he drifted off to sleep, Derrick wondered what tomorrow would bring and what it would feel like to put his cock into the pussy that bore him.


Jake and Hayley spent some time with Mary and Stephen. They had a double date; dinner, theater and drinks. It seemed to Jake they had grown much closer and Jake was very concerned. "Hayley you know I like Stephen but I want to make sure they aren't rushing into anything." Jake said as he lay in bed with Hayley.

Hayley lay in his chest, "Sir you're just worried about the ritual and fucking your sister."

Jake nodded admitting the truth, "I would rather it be me than Dent. I don't want that pig touching her."

"You know he has the right to fuck her, but it would be easier after you've done it. The formula will protect Mary. Please honey, those two are obviously in love and if you push too hard, it will happen sooner." Hayley said as she began to kiss his chest.

Jake, who was naked in bed, opened his legs and grabbing Hayley by her ponytail pushed her down to his dick, "Suck me and stop being so damn smart."

Hayley smiled, "Yes Sir." She said as she went down on her husband capturing his dick with her mouth.


Amber got up the next morning and went into Derrick's bedroom. Derrick was fast asleep. Silently she moved the covers from his body. His muscular back and buttocks were in her line of vision. All Amber could think of was how much she wanted to wrap her legs around his back. She couldn't touch him until six tonight, but more than anything she wanted him to understand that he would always belong to her.

Amber covered her son and bent down to kiss his cheek. Derrick didn't even stir. She closed the door and smiled. Lacy would learn who was boss.

Jackson wanted to suck Blake's cock again. He wanted to suck it hard and take it deep in his mouth. Just the thought of having Blake's dick in his mouth caused him to salivate.

Pedro was in a piss poor mood. He slept on the sofa in the outer room. He didn't want to be around Jackson. His thoughts were on the pussy he had eaten and how much he had enjoyed it.

He was also annoyed with Jackson who couldn't contain himself with telling Pedro how very much he had enjoyed the fucking Blake had given him.

Jackson got out of bed. He went into the outer room and knelt down, "I know I've been an ass and I'll probably be an ass later today, but I love you and you know that. Please let's get out of here and enjoy our time together until we come back into the lion's den."

Pedro looked up at Jackson and realized just how much he loved him. Pedro pulled Jackson towards him and kissed his lips. "I think that's a good idea. Let's drive up the coast and have brunch. I want to get out of this mad house."


Bronson was fucking his wife. He was fucking her ass and spanking her hard. "I bet you enjoyed the gay boy eating that cunt of yours. I'm sure you also enjoyed sucking your old man's cock."

Janice moaned, "I certainly did. I plan to fuck Derrick today after he's through with my mother."

"You little tramp. I order you not to cum." Bronson said as he fucked deeper inside her.

Janice laughed, "Fuck you! Today I'm going to do as I damn well please. Tomorrow you can punish me, but I'm sure you can't wait to get your cock into my brother's fiancée."

Bronson pinched Janice's ass making her wince. "You are just like your mother, one horny bitch." He said as he came deep inside her bowels.


Alan peaked in on Lacy; to him she looked like sleeping beauty. She was stunning. He didn't want to interrupt her but he went in and closed the door. Gently he stroked her face. He was about to take off the covers when the door opened, Blake was standing there, his eyebrow raised. "I think we need to let her sleep. She's had a long night."

Sheepishly Alan nodded and they both left the room. "I was just checking to make sure she was all right."

"I bet you were. She needs all her strength for tonight when she has to deal with your wife, so let her rest and rejuvenate herself." Blake got close to Alan; too close and said, "If I see you near her before six, I will fuck your ass right here in the hallway, comprender?

Alan blushed at the thought, thinking he'd probably enjoy that. Blake stared at him and said, "Let's go have some breakfast, six will come soon enough."


After brunch, Blake went out to the garden to phone his wife. He wanted to make sure he didn't call her too early. "Hello baby."

"Hello Sir, how is your trip? Are the Cassidy-Kennedy's behaving?" Valentina asked as she drank her tea.

"The Ritual is bringing out all kinds of behavior in these folks. There's a lot of jealousy, but I think they'll be fine. I'm very proud of Lacy; she seems to be holding her own. Tonight will tell how she and Amber get along. I think it's going to be a knockdown, drag out. My money is on Lacy. I also think that Derrick is learning that he has to take charge of his mother. We shall see." Blake said earnestly.

Valentina breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm glad my sister is doing well."

Blake paused before he asked the next question, "My love, are you jealous or upset that Lacy is a submissive while you are a slave?"

Valentina laughed, she knew this was coming. "Sir, I love you and I love being your slave. I feel honored, so please don't worry and...by the way, your child was kicking me all night long."

Blake smiled. "I love you my little slave and when I cum home I'll take good care of you. Have you been going out?"

"Yes Sir, I spent time with Jake and Hayley and Daniela and the twins. Mason was busy at the restaurant. I'm fine. No worries. Have a safe trip and get home to me soon. I miss you." Valentina said.

"I'll speak with you tomorrow. Have a good day my dear." Blake said and smiled. He truly loved her.

"You too my love" Valentina said and they both hung up.


Derrick woke up. He stretched his tired body and looked over at the alarm clock by his bed. It was three o'clock in the afternoon. Calling downstairs he ordered some grapefruit juice, an egg white vegetable omelet and toast from the kitchen.

In the shower he washed. His dick was getting harder by the minute as he thought about what would happen that evening. The maid brought up the tray and was startled as Derrick walked naked out of the bathroom. She blushed. Derrick grinned and waved his dick at her. "Get over here and suck me." He said.

She blushed further and ran from the room. Derrick chuckled. He dressed, brushed his teeth, combed his hair and sat down to eat his food.


Lacy woke up at 4 pm. She was starving. Blake knocked on the door and she opened it to find him carrying a tray with soup and half a sandwich. "Dinner in this joint is at 6, but I want you to have something beforehand."

"Thanks Blake, I'm starving." She said eyeing him up and down. Blake set the tray on the table and as soon as he had done this, Lacy ran her hands up his crotch and grabbed his dick. "I want your cock inside me before the night is over."

Blake grabbed her hand pulling it behind her back and kissed Lacy hard on the lips. "Behave girl, you'll have plenty of dick tonight, but if after all your fun you want mine, then I'll gladly fuck you. I've waited a long time."

Blake released her, "Sit down and eat. Then get dressed in that sexy red number. There will be someone to do your hair and make-up. I want you to look so hot that Amber will turn as red as your dress."

Lacy sat down and ate some of her soup, "Why do you want to make her jealous?"

Blake sat a little ways away from Lacy, "If you want Derrick to put you first, then you have to knock the queen bitch down a peg or two. You have to take control. I think once things get started, your natural nature will take over. This family has been so tightly strung that they need to let all this go and I think you're the right person to do it."

Lacy grinned at Blake, "How's my sister and my little niece or nephew?"

"I spoke with Valentina today. She's fine and my child is doing a tap dance inside her." Blake said with a look Lacy had never seen before; one of love and pride.

Lacy looked up at Blake through her lashes, "You really love my sister, don't you?"

Blake nodded, "I loved your sister from the first moment I saw her. She is everything to me."

Lacy continued eating, thinking about this, "I hope that Derrick will love me just as much."

"He does. He just needs to learn. He's young. I've lived a long life and I know what it's like to love and lose that love. Derrick is just finding out who he is and how he should treat you. I think he'll be fine once he cuts those apron strings." Blake said and stood up. "I'll see you downstairs at 6. I know your pussy and your emotions will be intense. Just hang on for a little while and you'll be able to release all that tension."

Blake left Lacy to her own devices. He went downstairs and ran into Janice. Janice was a bit afraid of him and Blake knew it. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. "I'm going to fuck you my little mouse and you will enjoy it." Blake said and saw the look of fear, want, need, and anxiety in her eyes.

He released her and with a laugh walked outside to enjoy the air.


Lacy could feel her body heating up. She moved her hand down to her sex as she finished eating and played with her pussy. She took off the nightgown and admired herself in the full length mirror. She was giddy with the thought that she was no longer a virgin. Lacy thought about how Derrick had fucked her and how very much she wanted Blake to put his big cock in her ass and pussy.

The same maid that had brought Derrick his brunch knocked on the door to pick up the tray. "Come in." said Lacy still staring at her naked body.

The maid entered, "I'm sorry miss. I came to get the tray."

"You may come in and take it away. I'm finished." Lacy said.

The maid averted her eyes and went to pick up the tray when Lacy grabbed her arm, "Do you think I'm pretty?" she said seductively.

The girl nodded, "Very pretty miss."

"Would you like me to kiss you?" Lacy asked.

The girl nodded and then said, "Miss, I'd like you too, but I would get fired. I have to go to the kitchen, please let me go."

Reluctantly, Lacy let her go but not before she kissed the girl softly on the lips. The girl blushed and took the tray and left. Lacy laughed and walked into the shower. She masturbated until she came. She felt much better. The heat subsided just a little and the thought of fucking Derrick, Blake and anyone else made her smile broadly. She would push down her desire until then.


Blake made sure that the people making up Lacy were gay men that had absolutely no interest in women other than to make them look beautiful.

When Lacy walked out of the bedroom with the sexist dress since Halle Berry at the Oscar's when she won walked out of the room she did indeed look like a movie star on the way to receiving the award of her career. Lacy was in a red dress that made everyone stop and look at her including Derrick who's dick did a big jump. She looked hot, sexy and ready for trouble.


Amber came into the room trying to make a grand entrance, but as was becoming usual Lacy had taken away her glory and Amber was not happy, not happy at all.

Alan gripped his wife's arm as he led her to the dinner table. She glared at Lacy who smiled sweetly. Bronson who was sitting on one side of Lacy while Blake was on the other was quietly laughing at Amber.

Derrick was looking at his mother as if he couldn't wait to strip her of the black lace gown she was wearing, but every once in a while, he would glance over at Lacy.

Amber narrowed her eyes as she watched her son's eyes go back and forth between him and his intended.

Dinner over. They all moved into the living room where music was playing. Blake stayed close to Lacy and kept his eyes on Amber. He knew the formula was working through them and things were about to get very interesting.

"The Boy is Mine" came on the stereo and Amber glared at Alan who she knew had programmed the music. The song about two woman both claiming one man set the tone for the evening.

Amber stalked up to Lacy, "He is mine." She said adjusting herself. Privately Amber had to admit that Lacy was beautiful and that bothered her even more. She felt like the evil step-mother in Snow White asking the mirror; 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all" and the mirror would answer back, "Sorry rich bitch you were one hot shit, but now Miss Lacy that's one fine bitch."

Lacy laughed in Amber's face. "I know you can't wait to fuck him. Enjoy it, because you only get two times to do it and then he'll never fuck you again. He'll be in my bed, his lips on my lips, his cock getting hard at the sight of me, his tongue licking my lips and my very young sweet pussy."

"You cunt!" Amber said and went after Lacy...

Derrick went to intercede, but Blake and Alan stopped him. "They have to get this out."

Amber slapped Lacy hard and Lacy slapped her back, "You are one old bitch, who thinks that going to the plastic surgeon will stave off old age, well honey you need to forget that shit, you're an old bitch. I will give him children."

"Let's take this downstairs." Blake said as Amber turned on him.

"I know you want to fuck her too. I've heard you took her ass and fucked that. Her asshole must be like the Holland tunnel." Amber said.

Blake sauntered up to Amber, "You don't want to fuck with me or I will fuck your ass and you won't enjoy it."

Alan grabbed Lacy's hand and opened the door downstairs to the playroom. Derrick took his mother's hand, "Mother come on downstairs." He said stroking her arm which sent shivers through both their bodies.

"Yes son, I will." She said conciliatorily.

Everyone went downstairs. Lacy stood in front of the bedroom door. "You are not taking her in there. If you want to fuck your mother, do it here where we all can see it."

Blake was the only one who was not surprised that the submissive Lacy had turned into the dominant Lacy. Derrick's eyes grew sad. "Lacy, I uhm" he didn't know what to say.

Lacy stepped out the way, "Go ahead, get it out of your system and then..." She looked pointedly at Amber, "You and I can move on."

Derrick turned beet red and led Amber into the bedroom. Amber smiled at Lacy. Her face victorious as the door closed and she locked it.

Lacy stared at the monitor while everyone else watched her not moving.

Amber kissed Derrick. She felt his chest and felt down to his cock. Amber wrapped her arms around her son's neck and Derrick pulled her in close.

Lacy watched, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Blake put his arm around her shoulder.

Amber kissed Derrick then dropped to her knees. Hurriedly, she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His cock was hard and throbbing and she took him into her mouth. She began to suck. Derrick was thinking about the argument and his mother and Lacy and he grabbed his mother's head and pulled her off his cock.

Amber looked up expectantly. Derrick stroked his mother's hair and helped her up. He sat with her on the bed, "Mother, I'm not going to do this. I realize that I truly, truly love Lacy and I want to be with her."

Amber looked with horror at her son, "but, but, she fucked your father and you belong to me. Please Derrick I've been waiting so long." Amber begged.

Derrick stood up, went to the door and unlocked it. Lacy was standing watching him as he came up to her, "I'm sorry Lacy. I'm sorry I hurt you."

Lacy looked over at Amber still sitting on the bed shocked and now crying. She kissed Derrick lightly on the lips, "Go to her, it's your duty and I know you want to. You have my permission."

Derrick kissed Lacy hard on the lips. "I love you very much and I'll make it up to you." He said and he returned into the bedroom.

As the door closed, Amber looked with gratitude at Lacy and mouthed, "Thank you."

Lacy looked at Blake who said to her, "I'm proud of you. For the ritual's sake it had to be done."

Alan walked over to Lacy and knelt at her feet, "Welcome to the family my daughter; anything you ask of me I will give you."

Lacy took charge, "Then daddy, get under my dress and eat my pussy, let's get this party started."

Blake laughed, "You heard the lady, what is your wish for us Lacy."

Lacy grinned, "I want you to fuck Janice. I think she's dying to feel your big dick in her pussy."

Janice shyly looked up at Blake who took her over to the bed. Lacy crooked a finger at Jackson, "Come on brother-in-law, it's time you had some pussy."

Lacy asked Alan to get up and undue her dress. Alan slowly pulled the zipper down as he kissed her back. "Daddy, if you behave I'll let you fuck my ass while your son takes my pussy."

Alan nodded as Pedro glared at Lacy. Lacy walked over to him, "You'll get your turn. Right now I want you to go over to Bronson and Bronson I want you to suck Pedro's dick."

Bronson turned red and grabbed Pedro. "I'll suck your cock, but not before I spank your ass."

Pedro tried to fight Bronson, but in the end Bronson won. He pulled down Pedro's pants and began to spank.

Pedro was watching Lacy. She walked over to him as Bronson was slapping his ass and she bent down, "Don't worry, I won't turn him straight, but I want to feel his dick in my pussy." She said kissing his lips.

Pedro growled at her, "Ouch! Please don't fuck my husband."

"Shut the fuck up!" Brandon said as he turned Pedro's ass pink.

Lacy laughed and went over to the bed where Blake was between her legs eating Janice's pussy. "Let me have a taste" Lacy said as she got on the bed.

Lacy turned back to Jackson, "Get undressed and have a taste of my very nice pussy."

Jackson looked at Pedro who was crying from the hard spanking he was getting. Bronson turned to Jackson and smiled. Jackson smiled back, Pedro deserved to have his ass whipped.

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