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The Fantasy Game


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Ever since I can remember, Charlie -- my husband, has been pestering me to tell him my fantasies. I don't know why, but even though I'm open-minded and willing to help him realise his fantasies I've always been very reserved about revealing my own. I don't really know why that is, I just have a block when it comes to revealing my inner thoughts I guess. Maybe I think it will be embarrassing or I think Charlie will judge me, which is ridiculous really, considering the fantasies he's shared with me...

So one day I thought, maybe I should tell him. But to make it a little more fun, I decided that if he really wanted to know he'd have to 'pay' for it somehow, and so I devised a little game for him.

Charlie had been locked up for nearly six weeks, with only a few brief teasing sessions in between. Of course he'd licked my pussy and made me cum countless times, but I thought it was probably time I let him out and maybe allowed him to cum.

He was lying back on the bed, naked save for his cage when I settled down between his legs and leaned down to kiss his stomach and let the key on my necklace drag along his inner thigh.

"Do you want out?" I asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Oh yes Mistress, please..." he gasped.

"Mmmm, let me think," I teased, allowing my fingers to gently stroke and squeeze his aching balls.

"Okay, well, I think I'm going to let you out, and I might even let you cum, but...." I paused for dramatic effect.

"...that's up to you."

Charlie lifted his head and looked at me curiously, while I slid the key into the lock and turned it, then pulled the hasp of the padlock out of the cage fixture. He moaned as he felt the cage pull away and his cock slowly start to harden. I decided to leave the back ring on as it was too much trouble to get off and anyway, if anything it would keep his cock rock solid and make the game harder for him.

"So, I want to know how badly you want to cum..." I said, teasing his cock with just the tips of my fingers.

Charlie babbled about how bad he needed it, but I wasn't really listening. I picked up the bottle of lube that sat next to me on the bed and tipped it up, squeezing out a thick river of glistening goo which drizzled down his cock.

I put the bottle down and wrapped my fingers around his cock, slowly teasing it and allowing my hand to come right up to the very top, until his cock slipped out of my fist altogether. I waited a moment and then grabbed his cock again and used my other hand to cradle his full and heavy balls.

"So, what if I wanted you to wait another two weeks, would you do that for me?"

Charlie groaned.

"Please Mistress, no... I can't take any more, I need to cum so bad."

There was a note of suffering in Charlie's voice that almost made me feel bad, but as I felt myself getting wet I quickly put that aside.

"Hmm, you have been a very good husband lately... I almost feel bad, but on the other hand, what if you were willing to trade something for another two weeks of chastity, something you've wanted for a long time?"

Charlie looked at me expectantly...

"Haha, no... you're not getting your cock inside my ass Charlie. Not this time... my ass is worth way more than two weeks."

Charlie's face turned to disappointment then confusion.

"But, what else...?" he asked.

"Well, you're always asking me to tell you my fantasies aren't you?"

Charlie perked up at this and I felt his cock swell slightly.

"Oh... you like that idea?"

"Yes Mistress, please..."

"Mmmm.... Well, how about I tell you the rules first and then you can decide?"

Charlie nodded his agreement and waited expectantly.

"If I tell you my fantasy, then I will tease you throughout and if you don't cum then I will lock your cock up for another two weeks, after which I will let you cum, though I'm not saying how or where, but it will be a full orgasm. If on the other hand you cum while I'm telling you my fantasy, then I will let go and it will be ruined. Afterwards I will lock you up for two weeks and then I will give you a chance to cum, but that's all -- a chance. I'm thinking I might have another game in mind for you by then... so, how bad do you want it Charlie?"

I continued stroking him slowly, watching as he thought it over. If he'd decided not to go for it I would have let him cum, but he'd pestered me so many times I was pretty sure he would take me up on my offer... and truthfully I would have been a little disappointed if he hadn't.

"I HAVE to know..." whispered Charlie.

"Are you sure?" I said. "You're really willing to give up a certain orgasm now, just to hear my dirty little fantasy?"

"Yes," he croaked.

I smiled and gave his cock a little squeeze.

"Oh... and just one more thing, if you cum, then the fantasy stops right there, understand?"

Charlie sighed loudly, I'm sure he knew he was making a terrible decision, but he was so desperate to know what went on in my head, I think I could've added all kinds of rules and he would have agreed to everything and anything. But I didn't want to take advantage too much... maybe next time though.

I gently pulled on his balls as I stroked his cock, not too fast, just fast enough to keep his attention.

"Well, I'd want you there to start with... naked, but locked. Definitely locked. And frustrated, very, very frustrated... I think I'd have to edge you three or four times a day for a couple of weeks, so that you were nice and desperate for me, nice and pliable..."

I smiled at him then and he let out a small whimper.

"Yes, pliable and willing to do whatever I wanted..."

I let go of his cock for a moment and pulled my T-shirt off over my head and unfastened my bra, then slid the straps down my arms and dropped it on the floor, then I bent down and rubbed my soft tits against his cock bringing more moans of pleasure from his trembling mouth.

"You'd be between my legs, where you belong, licking my beautiful pussy. You love to do that I know, and I know you'd get me nice and wet for what was coming next. I'd want to cum at least twice, so that I was really soaked and then while you licked and worshipped my pussy I'd have three well hung guys standing by the bed, stroking their cocks, showing them off for me."

Charlie's cock bucked in my hand at that and I slowed my stroking down a touch, I think I could have made him cum then if I'd really wanted to, but I wanted to play fair, at least for now.

"As you licked me I'd motion for them to come nearer and I'd suck them each in turn, until eventually I'd lift my leg and press my foot into your shoulder and shove you back. You'd move off the bed and come and kneel up by my head where I could see you, and where you could watch me and see every expression on my face as I got the fucking of my life."

"What sort of guys would they be?" asked Charlie, trying to visualize my fantasy men. I thought about it for a moment, trying to focus on the men in my fantasy.

"A little rough, big guys... guys who work outside, builders maybe, or something like that..."

"Are they all white or are any of them black?"

I stopped to think for a moment.

"No I don't think so, I've never really thought about it... I don't focus on them too much, just their cocks, so no, now I come to think about it, they're all white. Big white cocks for my tight white pussy."

I thought I heard a slight grunt of disappointment but decided to ignore it and speeded up my strokes a little, using my thumb to tease the head of his slippery cock.

"The first one gets on the bed and rubs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy until I plead with him to slide it in. Even though I'm soaking wet he goes really slow, teasing me with his thick stalk, stretching my tight little pussy out. I look over at you and watch your expression as another man fucks me for the first time... knowing you can never fill me up like he can."

Charlie's cock bucked in my hand again.

"It feels so good having his thick cock filling me up and knowing there are two more guys who want to take me. The first guy gets into his stride and pushes my legs back up against my chest, squashing my tits as he pounds his meat into me. I pull you close and kiss you while he slams his cock into me, and I can see in your eyes you can taste their cocks on my lips."

I let go of Charlie's cock for a moment, playing with his head...

"You're not getting close are you baby, I'd hate for you to miss out on the story?"

"No, please don't stop..."

I took hold of his cock again and squeezed it three or four times before I started stroking again.

"Okay... well, the first guy really drills me and finishes up dumping his load in my pussy. He pulls out and lets my legs down and then squeezes the rest of his cum out of his cock and wipes his hand on my tits. I look over at you and without even saying anything you know what you have to do. You lean forward and suck and lick at my soft tits until they are clean and then you kiss me again, so I can taste his cum on your lips."

Charlie's hips bucked forward at this and I loosened my grip, but still kept slowly stroking.

"It's getting hard to hold back isn't it baby, I know... but you said you wanted to hear this.."

I let go of Charlie's cock for a moment and used both hands to play with and squeeze his aching balls, I love doing that.

"Do you want to hear the rest?"

"Yes Mistress... please, tell me everything," Charlie's voice was husky and cracking as he spoke.

"Are you sure, maybe I could stop now and still offer you the two week deal?"

"No, please Mistress, please tell me..."

I slid my right hand up his shaft and started stroking again, but my left hand continued to work on his balls.

"Okay, so the first guy moves out of the way and then the second guy gets on the bed. He has the middle sized cock, and he grabs my legs and pulls me down the bed towards him -- which I really love, and then he pushes the head of his cock in and slams it all the way in. He's not that much bigger than the first guy, and I'm so wet and sloppy that it goes in easy, but I can still really feel it. He tells me to play with my tits for him and I reach up squeeze and knead my tits like a real slut, I even try and suck my own nipples but I can't quite reach, so I tell you to do it instead."

I let go of his balls now and started squeezing my tits instead, which only made me wetter still.

"The guy tells you to bite my tits and you don't want to at first, but then the he shouts at you to bite me and you sink your teeth into me..."

I stopped talking for a moment as I remembered how many times that part of the fantasy signalled the start of my orgasm.

"He keeps on fucking me for a while, then pulls out and spins me over onto my front. He orders me up onto my knees and then slams it back into me, deeper now as I push back against him, wanting every last inch of his cock as deep as it will go."

I looked down at Charlie, this must be killing him, I couldn't even remember the last time I'd allowed him to fuck me from behind like that.

"Soon it gets the better of him and he drives into me hard, until I'm begging him to stop. But he doesn't, he just keeps pounding me until he drops his load into my slutty cunt as well. He pulls out and I can feel the cum just oozing out of me, dripping onto the bed and down my thighs, but I've still got one more big, hard cock to go."

I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head for a few moments.

"The last guy takes his place and turns me back over, his cock is quite a bit bigger than the other two and I really feel it as he slides it in, even with some of the other two guys' cum still inside me. I grab your hand and look over at you as he forces every last inch of his throbbing meat inside me and..."

Charlie's cock bucked once and I let go, watching intently as he moaned for me to continue my story. I was just about to slide my fingers back around his glistening shaft and finish telling him my fantasy when I saw the first bead of white appear at the very tip of his cock. It stopped there, frozen in time until I leaned forward and gently slapped his swollen, desperate balls.

That was all it took, and Charlie moaned in frustration as the cum started to really flow, dripping down his aching length and pooling at the base of his cock. I sighed loudly and pulled away, trying not to laugh and actually feeling just a little bit sorry for him. I'm sure he knew where the rest of my fantasy was going, but it doesn't hurt to keep him guessing...

"Please Mistress..." he whined, "please finish the story!"

Despite his ruined orgasm, Charlie's cock was still rock hard and the temptation to stroke it again was enormous... but rules are rules, he came and that was the end of it.

"No. But I might tell you in two weeks time, if you keep me sweet."

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5! Su=imnce the death of his ex-wife

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Hoping for a sequel

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nice imagination.

Great story. Nice devious game. And as for the person that is who wrote this.
"The author did a very poor job on this pathetic story. It seems the author has some serious mental illness mixedmore...

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